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File: hakuisei.png -(68175 B, 480x272) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
68175 No.1589  

I'm not finished cracking this game yet, but I decided I might as well share my results.

To all interested translators:
The full text is here in UTF-8.

To all other people interested in helping:
Since patching to a PSP ISO doesn't seem to be a viable option, the only option is to reverse-engineer this game and port it to a PC engine. I've managed to disassemble the assembly-like language into a series of numbered functions, but I'd like to request help in figuring out what the functions do. If you're a masochist like me and want to go for it, refer to readme.txt for the full details. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/14481569/hakuisei_tools.zip

Also, once we finish reverse-engineering the scripts, which visual novel engine should we use? I'm personally leaning towards Ren'Py, but I'm open to other suggestions.

>> No.1590  

These are script translations from an 4chan anon:


They mentioned some of the medical terminology is probably wrong. But it's a start if people want to work with it.

>> No.1593  

Anyone have a link to the actual game? Might try my hand at helping to translate, but I'd like to play through the game first.

>> No.1595  


>> No.1601  

For anyone unfamiliar with the game, more info's here in this review: http://visualnovelaer.wordpress.com/2011/09/14/hospital-yuri-love-action/

Some things to note:
-The whole thing is pure yuri. Not an eroge.
-The staff for Solfege created this game.
-Seiyuu for it include some very well-known names popular to yuri fans: Kana Asumi (Yuno from Hidamari Sketch), Eri Kitamura (Sayaka from Madoka Magica), Youko Hikasa (Mio from K-ON), Asami Imai (Kurisu from Steins;Gate and Chihaya from Idolm@ster).

>> No.1657  

I supposed the scripts can be added to the wiki now. But why do all the > have a repeated Japanese line on them?

>> No.1658  

I messed up during Sapphism, where I realized too late that leaving the > lines blank means untranslated lines will show up blank after patching. The duplicate line above the > lines serves as a reference for TLC.

I'll change it if the translators have problems with it, though.


>I'd like to request help in figuring out what the functions do.

............I have to do this myself, don't I?
Does anyone here know which emulator and configuration runs this game, then?
Alternatively, it'll help if people can link me to footage of the game (the actual gameplay, not trailers).

>> No.1661  


>Does anyone here know which emulator and configuration runs this game, then?

JPCSP (http://jpcsp.org/) can run it, but the sound won't work properly. You need to download some Japanese PSP font for the kanji to show up. I think there's a little more detail about that near the top of the /u/ thread.

>> No.1712  

Project page: http://wiki.yuriproject.org/white_robe_love_syndrome. Did a simple proofread for >>1590 scripts and added to the wiki. Need translation check, as well as confirming some medical terms.

I like the story so far a lot.

>> No.2051  


Game script transliteration+translation, courtesy of Google-san.
(read: poor quality, overly literal translation. May be of use to people like me who are struggling even w/ basics of japanese...)

>> No.3593  

I'm going to try translating script 00104 I'll probably be done with it in a few weeks to a few months...

>> No.3599  


Before starting, please note that I'm currently waiting for a PC rip of RE:Therapy, which has script changes that you may need to look over should you decide to get a head start.

>> No.3648  

I'll make note of that, and I'll try to change whatever needs to be changed since I've already started.

>> No.3706  

Here's a PC rip but I can't download from that file hosting site. It'd be helpful if someone could upload it on a different file hosting.


>> No.3710  

What you have to do is click on 普通下载 (the green one).


>> No.3711  

Though I supposed someone should put it on torrent, my internet can't handle 115's super speed.

>> No.3739  

RE:Therapy scripts, 69134 lines. All the time in the world?


>> No.3747  


I get a "NetLocalGroupGetMembersのエラーです" when I try to install it.
Does anyone know how to fix this? Running Windows 7 64Bit

>> No.3750  


This post might help:


>> No.3756  

Since I'm lazy to check myself... Is there any change in script 00001, 00101, 00102, and 00103 before I update the wiki with the new ones?

>> No.3771  


Sorry, I forgot to merge the translations in.

Someone will have to look over 00001 (I left it untouched), but other than that, the only difference is a slight change in Head Nurse Tokiwa's kanji (常磐師長 to 常盤師長)


>> No.3783  

Okay thanks, I've checked script 00001 and there's no change in the translated portion. Replaced everything in the wiki with the new scripts.

>> No.3931  


Strawberry, are these scripts part of the PC version as well?

>> No.3932  


These scripts came from the PC version.

>> No.4488  

Torrent for PC version (白衣性恋愛症候群リセラピー Hakuisei Renai Shoukougun:ReTherapy): http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=torrentinfo&tid=333045

CG pack of PC version: http://www.mediafire.com/?lvx7d1vpm7tijjq

Manga booklet by Hijiki (camera photo): http://www.mediafire.com/?bpxj4v0byz7edht

If anyone is willing to scan Hijiki's manga booklet, I'll translate and edit.

>> No.4493  


Were you able to get it to work properly? I have the same problem (7 64 bit, too) but no matter what I pick for the compatibility mode (tried all the options, literally) it still refuses to cooperate with me.

>> No.4509  


No I'm still getting the error and it refuses to run in win 95 compatibility mode.

>> No.4510  


Do you guys have your system locales set to Japanese? Also, this is a bit of a wild guess, but do your account names have any foreign/non-ASCII characters in them?

>> No.4511  


>do your account names

The account names you use for Windows, that is

>> No.4514  

I don't know how much this'll help, but Shirokoi definitely works on Windows 7 64-bit OS since I'm on the same. At first, I got an error message (it was different from "NetLocalGroupGetMembersのエラーです" though) when I tried to install it -- turns out the file was corrupted when I downloaded it.

Maybe you could try the trial version (you can download it at http://www.kogado.com/html/shimarisu/shirokoi/download/ ) to see whether it's something incompatible with Kogado software and your computer's current settings, or whether your copy of the game is corrupted?

If it's the latter, downloading the whole game again from 115.com without making any parallel downloads worked for me.

>> No.4516  

i have the NetLocalGroupGetMembers problem too. setting my system to japanese did not help.
maybe someone who was able to install the game could upload the whole game in a torrent

>> No.4519  
File: re_therapy_iso_test.png -(885716 B, 1024x576) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I and one other friend had tested the .iso torrent from >>4488, installation + game play went fine on 7 64bit. It doesn't matter if you mount or extract the .iso.

>> No.4520  

Hey all
im editing the exe start-up file to English and i have ripped the Japanese so it needs to be translated so i can replace it i have also changed the small startup logo so it is in english and i have translated half but i dont have the time to try and translate

here are the scripts that need translating


>> No.4526  


>i have translated half

Half of the first script you mean... Can you post the Japanese script of 4087.txt? I'll check the translation for it after I'm done translating the rest.

>> No.4527  

hi i just ripped all the files from the .pak files and found one txt file that needs to be translated
and also i have gone through all the images and picked out the ones that need translation.

link for those files all in a zip file

>> No.4529  

i uploaded the original script from the exe file and also the other original ones in japanese to mediafire

>> No.4532  

>>4520 >>4529
All right, here we go: http://www.mediafire.com/?60b9v25blk5raxk.

>> No.4533  

Hi i just put the rest of the japanese is the startup exe bit there is still some japanese but i cant find it
and i have ripped the script files from the uninstall exe

here is the link

>> No.4618  

Some kind soul from /u/ found a solution to the 'NetLocalGroupGetMembersのエラーです' problem, if you still can't figure out what to do about it you should try this:

'Yes, as I said before your account should have admin priviledges. And this shitty installer is checking it - but not the way you'd expect it, as the only thing it's checking is if your user belongs to ADMINISTRATORS group.

And if you don't have genuine english windows, then your admin account belongs to group called ADMINISTRATOREN or ADMINISTRADORES or, don't know, WATENDAJI (google'd in swahili). And you're fucked, cause installer didn't find you in ADMINISTRATORS group - hence you got no rights to install, k thx bye.


  1. create ADMINISTRATORS group
  2. add your user (with admin rights) to it
  3. ???
  4. PROFIT!!!

BTW, obviously a genuine japanese system is fine too. As I never had genuine jp OS in my hands, I can only suspect they don't use runes with group/user names, so it's ADMINISTRATORS here too.'

It worked for me at least.

>> No.8838  

Not sure if anyone checks here anymore, but howdy I'm ClaymoreSmiley and I'll be picking up the translation. I'll be posting status updates on twitter @ClaymoreSmiley

Just wanted to post here in case anyone else joins in, I have some medical terminology we should get straight:

For the inpatient types the proper English terms (according to a nurse) are:

護送 = 'Assisted'
独歩 = 'Ambulatory'

There is no official term for the patients who need to be pushed around on a gurney, so 'litter' is fine for now unless we want to change it to 'gurney' to make it sound less archaic.

Anyway I look forward to working on this project, and hopefully this discussion will liven up again once the updates start flowing.

>> No.8839  

Also regarding the position titles.

Hatsumi's title should be 'Charge Nurse' while her superior should be 'Nurse Manager'. This is following the correct English hospital terminology.

The exception is that Yasuko uses 'Chief' which I left in to better reflect her laid-back personality. I'm trying to put a lot of effort into making the dialogue feel very natural and full of personality, like it is in the Japanese. Hopefully I succeed.

>> No.8862  


Yay, thanks for picking this up! Good luck, and hope you don't burn out from having to translate seventy thousand lines.

>> No.8916  

Glad to hear someone's doing this! I'd follow your twitter if I had one, guess I'll have to keep an eye on the thread instead.

>> No.8999  

Another script or two done, with a total lines translated up to 1541. One of the scripts I've seen had 0 lines in it... but there's nothing missing from the scenes so I assume it's just meant to be a null script.

When all is said and done all the names of patients will need to be checked because I don't have the voices to confirm the pronunciation and it's impossible to tell sometimes from just the kanji.

Also whoever goes back and edits this will need to make sure I'm keeping my terms straight. Sometimes I used 'nurse' when I mean 'caregiver'. The terms used in Japanese can both be translated as 'nurse', but I need a way to differentiate between Kaori and her group of nurses and the 'caregiver' type nurses that do some of the cleaning and other duties.

>> No.9124  

6 scripts and 2000+ lines done. Slow and steady, steady and slow. I'm getting about 300-ish lines per day on the days I work on it. Still a long way to go but maybe some helpers will show up along the way. I do need a proofreader to fix any minor grammar errors or simple typos I might leave behind.

>> No.9205  

Rather than caregiver, from your description it sounds more like a nursing assistant, orderly or nurse aide if they're paid to assist a nurse but do lesser duties and aren't trained or certified at that level. Or if it's a volunteer, candy striper would work.

>> No.9210  


I like the sound of 'orderly', so I'll use that from now on. Eventually when it's all done we can go back and fix the previous instances of it, but for now I want to focus on just moving forward.

>> No.9362  

I just want to say that there is a PC version.

>> No.9841  
>>I just want to say that there is a PC version.

Yup, the translations ClaymoreSmiley and any Anonymous are doing are for the PC version.

I've downloaded the entire White Robe Love Syndrome PC game sometime ago and ready to install. Tested and works perfectly fine (you need to make sure you have east asian languages installed on your computer). Later, after the translations are done, if anyone needs it, I can always upload.

Just throwing it out there, since I'm not sure if the thread starters are still around for the project.

>> No.12213  

Any update?

>> No.15869  

Hey all, I was wondering if this was still alive. It would be awful if all this work went to waste, so I was wondering if I could help in any way. Can't read or program, but I can do some grunt work such as proof-reading.

>> No.16382  

I've started up translating again now that I have some more free time. I'm trying to go at a steady 150-ish lines a day on days when I can work on it. You can follow me on @ClaymoreSmiley for updates... I basically only use my twitter to update on translation progress now.

>> No.16423  

Wanted to add, that I still have the full PC ISO of White Robe Love Syndrome. If anyone needs it I shall upload it when the time comes again! So no worries, if you don't own the game.

>> No.16424  

Wanted to add that I still have the full PC ISO of White Robe Love Syndrome. So no worries, if you don't own it. I shall upload it, if it's needed.

>> No.17681  

In scr00112, I found some extra words that shouldn't be there. "We're going to need" is there twice.

>> No.17687  

just a minor thing in scr00103. In line 246, receive is spelt as "recieve."

>> No.17694  
File: shirokoi.jpg -(97029 B, 1024x576) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I think we should start with the
"Special Words List".
This list in game is very important since we can make lookup ingame or when translating.

>> No.17697  

translated & posted scr00119.

>> No.17701  

Dict.txt in game.pak file must be it.
But I need to figure out how to extract it.

>> No.17702  

Ok,I got it.
I'll translate some later.

>> No.17716  

scr00116 translation completed

>> No.17719  

scr00414 translation completed

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