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Raws: http://www.mediafire.com/?lf93johsmup34
Roughs: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B7gsMBpi4CU9eG0yM25hQTZhTVU&usp=sharing
Final Scripts: https://www.mediafire.com/?9wm17w74s7hrn


>> No.16153  

Isn't N scans doing this? Aside from that private scan person on tumblr?

>> No.16164  

it seems the raws quality in chapters 9 and 11 is notably worse than ch. 7, 13, 15, etc.
I haven't checked the even chapters as I'm not working on them atm, but wanted to clarify again if they really are the best raws we have for those chapters.
I'll post some illustrations tonight as I need some feedback on my cleaning process anyway.

>> No.16166  

Moving here?

>> No.16175  

takachi, are you editing chapters 7 and 8?

>> No.16176  

I'm doing 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25
By the end of the week all these chapters will be cleaned and ready for the actual typesetting

>> No.16177  

But if Ryo's busy, I can as well take the chapter 8 as long as we have the final script.

>> No.16178  

by the way, Ryo doesn't know that we're working here now. Is there a way to contact her somehow without explaining on /u/ what YP is. Otherwise there's a high chance of annoying brats coming here too.

>> No.16179  


>without explaining on /u/ what YP is.

sorry, but a bit late for that. Halmoni answered my question there lol.
Typesetting ch 6 right now. I'll do cleaning for other chapters this weekend.

>> No.16180  

23 &25 are done already:

Btw, I'm only cleaning them, I won't edit or anything.

>> No.16181  

I mean, I'll edit chapters 1-5 because I'm the one who said "yeaah, let's redo everything!1" {Ryo, again, you did a great job and I didn't mean to offend you, it's just because we have better raws now} but I like to clean, I'm not a big fan of typesetting.

Everything's ok with chapter 6?

>> No.16192  

Sorry about that. It was mentioned in the current thread so I thought you might have noticed.

Ugh you're right. I've messed up on those two. Replaced them now.

>> No.16199  

Chapter 1
I've got lecture at 9:30
Class is at 9:30ㅠㅠ

Man, my gums...
Man, my gums ㅠㅠ

My quick reflexes...
...like I have one!
My awesome reflexes..
...like I have any!

Have I seen her somewhere?
Where have I seen her?

Is it over 9:30 already?
Is it past 9:30 already?

I'm gonna be late!
I'm gonna be late! ㅜㅜ

Running like that she'll fall again...
Running like that, she'll fall again...

Being late on your first day of re-enrollment?
Late on the first day of your re-enrollment?

Thank you, Gyeong!
Thank you, Kkyeong!

Suitable for the Queen of Business Admin major.
Suitable for the Queen of Business Admin dept.


I'm going to listen to some music.
I'm gonna listen to some music~

I mean, it's the first day of semester.
It's just the first day of the semester.

But I took 2 months traveling around there.
Since I spent 2 months traveling around there.

I'm sure there's no one in Business Admin Major who has not heard of Baek Seol-a.
I'm sure there's no one in the College of Business who has not heard of Baek Seol-a.

But it would be a little awkward to say something like that in front of her face.
But it would be a little awkward to say something like that to her face.

Didn't know she was kinda like this..
Was she always like this...

Yeah, Baek Seol-a, right?
Yeah, Baek Seol-a.

Oh.. I don't really know your name though.
Oh.. I don't know your name though.

Though, this is a little awkward to admit it myself.
Though I hate to admit it myself..

Tell me, your name.
Your name, tell me.

So pretty~
How pretty~

It's not really a common name at all.
It's not a common name at all.

But how come I didn't notice her?
She should've stood out since she is cute.
But why haven't I noticed?
She should've stood out with that cuteness of hers.

It's nice to know better now at least.
I'm glad we could sort that out.

Chapter 2
Hyeon-soo seonbae
Hyeon-soo sunbae

Wasn't she going out with Ji-hwan seonbae?
Ji-hwan sunbae

Chapter 4

>interior design
>in chapter 21, it says architecture

This is more like for chapter 21 but I'll bring it up now. I'd like to follow the original and just add a tl note. Maybe the author hasn't decided what Hee-jin's course is, lol.

>> No.16200  

Let's add the author note/comment now.
Cut it however you want.

Changes I made:
The real beginning's NOW!
It's really starting NOW!

It's now November but why are there so many mosquitoes??ㅠㅠ
It's November now but why are there so many mosquitoes??ㅠㅠ

There's not too much time left of 2014. This year has been a meaningful year in many respects.
There's not much time left of 2014. This year has been a meaningful year in many ways.

>> No.16206  
File: 16.png -(510371 B, 690x1894) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Uhm, hi. I'm just wondering if I can help with the cleaning of raws. I also clean the pictures.
I tried to clean one of the pages of ch25 so I'm thinking if I could clean one or two chapters.

>> No.16207  

Hello I'm interested as well in helping you all knock as many chapters as you can have out of the way to update at the speed of light. I want this manga to built up. We have fans reading just the text. » I'm one of them. I'm an editor. Up for it. :) please let me know the fonts. Thanks anonymous too has agreed to help. Just a little something to do before The trap and citrus 15

>> No.16208  

jrdp_18, what do you think?
I'm sorry about the ㅠㅠ but my old PC doesn't recognize it.

Hi, anon, I already cleaned ch. 25, 24, 23, 20, 06, 02 & 01.
takachi is doing chapters 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23 and 25, but I don't know about Ryo.

Ryo, the first editor, uses:

Title: Berlin bold
Speech & thought bubbles: Anime Ace 2.0 BB
thought/muttering (outside bubbles, handwritten): Augie
soft SFX: Another
sharp SFX: TrashHand
phone message: Felt thin
Name on phone message: Arial

PS: Great job with Citrus and a belated Happy Birthday, kari!!!

>> No.16210  

I just noticed that Anonymous cleaned the raw neatly. What IF Ano senpai cleaned some of the remaining raws? It would be nice if all the raws were neatly cleaned like that.

>> No.16211  

There are visible artifacts here and there. And if a filter is to be applied, that should be done before the typesetting so as not to affect the text. I'm not proficient with editing so please ask the other editors.
The ㅠㅠ are Hangul. You might have to install support for East Asian languages.

Thank you for your interest!
And I also wish Kari a belated happy birthday. Thanks for all the hard work you've done!

It's the nearly the end of the semester for me right now so there are quite a bit of school work. I'm slowly chugging along, slowly but surely. Please bear with me for now.

>> No.16212  

Ah you're right. I didn't check it before since I let the editors sort it out themselves.

Wow, excellent work! How did you do it?

>> No.16213  

I remembered you wanted to redo chapter 1-5 so I want to help with the cleaning. It'll take some time though since I also clean the drawing. And..I already started cleaning ch4 since I have lots of time to do this kind of stuff.

I'm a big fan of this manhwa so I wanted to help even though I'm only good at cleaning. ^^"
I use Paint Tool SAI since I don't have Photoshop. I erase all of the dirt that affects the drawing by blending them in the original color. I'm also using customized brush and pen to recolor some parts. I can clean one page every 2-3hrs depending on how complicated the drawing.

Sorry for my bad english ^^"

>> No.16214  

English? It's quite spot on :D

>> No.16215  

Anon, where are you from? and yes, yes, thank you so much!!! Can you also check chapters 01 & 02?


>> No.16216  

I'm from the Philippines.
Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. Sure, I'll start immediately after I finish cleaning ch4. ^^

>> No.16217  

>>16208 I'll do 8,10,12,14, & 18 but wait have you all seen that most have been edited on https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B7gsMBpi4CU9eG0yM25hQTZhTVU&usp=sharing#grid and I've seen the translations hanging elsewhere.

>> No.16218  

Look at the OP and compare the google link labeled "Roughs" with yours and the mystery will be solved.

>> No.16219  

>>16218 LOL Ogod will you look at that. I feel like an idiot now lol. Thanks Phyis didn't look at the google link up there.

>> No.16220  

Ill edit or look over at everything if you all need me too. What chapter's are left need cleaning and typesetting or even redraws? cause I see You all mostly finish with all. Thanks for the the hard work. >>16208>>16211

>> No.16221  

I almost forgot to ask these questions.
Which of the two should I check, the one you edited or the raw?
And..should I prioritize ch1 and 2 since these needs to be edited as soon as possible?

>> No.16223  

wow, we get a lot of help now. I don't mind if someone would clean the even chapters. That will reduce my workload.

good job there, kubrick!

Question for ch 6:

>That easygoing** kid..
>**The author actually writes 허허실실 (虛虛實實) = take things as they come

Cannot read the hangul there. Is the TL note necessary or we can change "easygoing" with another word with similiar interpretation?

>> No.16224  

all even chapters from 8 to 18, if you please.
Thanks a lot!

>> No.16225  

Mediafire doesn't recognize the characters but if you download the text file, it's shows correctly. Want me to post the other chapters to pastebin from now on?

>That easygoing** kid..
>**The author actually writes 허허실실 (虛虛實實) = take things as they come

The TLC was "carefree" but I thought that "easygoing" would fit the idiom much better. I think its similar to "let nature take its course".
halmoni, could you verify this.

I think the roughs were just made for quick reading while they wait for proper release (like some people do with Citrus). Comic Sans is used for everything and chapters before 21 uses LQ raws.
Please use the raws from MF for cleaning.

>> No.16226  


>Mediafire doesn't recognize the characters but if you download the text file, it's shows correctly.

ah, yes! I didn't download the file and just copy the text from the viewing modus.

>Want me to post the other chapters to pastebin from now on?

It'll be nice if you could do that.

>> No.16227  

Yay, as promised here are the stitched and cleaned chapters 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25:

Should've been more attentive to the comments above to reduce the double-work for the last chapters, but.. well.. it kinda happened.

One chapter takes me 50-90 minutes to clean.
Please, let me know if this looks good or need some kind of refinement/fixes.

Also, if the scripts are ready for any of those, let me know and I'll proceed with typesetting. Otherwise, I could clean more chapters.

>> No.16232  

finished typesetting ch6:
Tell me if there are things to be fixed.

>> No.16233  

Yep, I think "easygoing" would be appropriate.

Thank you everyone for your hard work! :)

>> No.16237  

Ryo, this looks awesome!
What about the chapter title? It looks bold and black as in Chapter 1, but different to chapters 2-5. Which one should we use for consistency? Also there's the 'page 35' that should be removed.

There's one more thing. I uploaded some tools I use for cleaning:

Feel free to use. My current process is as follows (using Adobe Photoshop CC and Topaz Labs plug-ins):

  1. "File/Script/Load Files into Stack..." to load all JPGs as layers into one document.
  2. "File/Script/Browse.../FF StitchChapter.jsx" (script attached) to stitch all layers into a single chapter image for streamlined processing.
  3. Duplicate the series title from "Title - For Use.psd" and fix the chapter title. Adjust position if needed.
  4. Select the Background layer and use "Duplicate Backgrounds" action to do some automated backups.
  5. Mop-Mop-Mop the dialogues.
  6. Mop-Mop-Mop the simple FX.
  7. Redraw for complex FX.
  8. Topaz Labs DeJPEG (preset attached) on a duplicated clean layer - to reduce JPEG artifacts.
  9. Topaz Labs Clean (preset attached) on a duplicated clean layer - to further smoothen the image while keeping the edges sharp.
  10. Camera Raw Filter: Clarity +7, to restore some lost darks after Topaz Cleaning.

Perhaps we could use the manhwa title from the PSD also for consistency. It has shadows, cleaner 'i' dots, and cookies ^__^

>> No.16238  

Hmm? I was pretty sure I used the same font for each chapter, because I basically reused the edits from previous chapter for the title.
Ah, that's right! I didn't mention which font I used. It's Wild Words Bold.

>> No.16239  

bubble 4 is missing "With a grudge!" below it

it's missing a large panel above, the text would be "That rumor, it's complete nonsense."
remove "very" in "been very seriously injured"

bubbles 1 & 2 have switched dialog
in panel 6, change No-rae's gasp to "wah" or something like that

regardless of truth
regardless of the truth

choice between two
choice between the two

halmoni, what is 쯔쯔... above Seol-a?

change gaze to stare

so she just eats well
so she eats well

last panel is missing a line below it "'sall good as long as there is pork cutlet, isn't it?"

didn't go to australia last semester
never went to australia

my dong-hwa
sob my dong-hwa

pat pat

change the kekeke... to hahaha...
no-rae's the one with the long laugh

make the second water a different font (cause it's originally english)

>> No.16240  

Ah, it's only Chapter 2 that uses Anime Ace. But due-to different page sizes I confused it on Dynasty for other chapters too! Sorry, my bad.

So, I updated my title template with Wild Words Bold now too. ty!

can't wait for the next chapter...

>> No.16242  

Please add the author note/comment.
Thank you so much, everyone! The real beginning's NOW!

Add "http://comico.toast.com/titles/85" in the credits. Or replace raw provider with that.

>> No.16243  

I finally finished cleaning Chapter 2...


>> No.16244  

I'm not 100% sure, but I think it's the sound you make when you click your tongue against your front teeth. Like a "tsk, tsk" kind of?

Also done with Ch. 26 rough translation!

I'll fix it as I find mistakes unless someone wants to TLC it.

>> No.16245  

Sorry for the double post, but here's a translation for the author's comment
"Thank you everyone! Now it's really starting~!"

>> No.16246  

Replace There there with tsk tsk

Thank you, much appreciated.
It's alright. Your translation sounds better.

>> No.16251  

>>16224 will do all even chapters 8-18 will have them out soon thanks.

>> No.16257  

Chapter 26, cleaned:

All chapters I cleaned and the cleaning tools I use:

>> No.16258  

do you guys need help with cleaning/typesetting chapters 3-5?

>> No.16260  

ch 6 fixed: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9dqkskyaxtrucb6/AACPcPqyNFQij308YJs1RgDBa?dl=0

I put the author note on the last page. Is that alright?
And now that we are on YP, should I change the "/u/ scanlation" to "Yuri Project"?

>> No.16261  

Sorry for the question, anon, I don't speak english so I thought you were from south america (like me), anyway, thanks for your help!

Anon, takachi, you guys are way better cleaners than me, I'll upload ch. 03 (unfinished) so could you check everything I have done so far and finish them? jrdp_18 said there are visible artifacts in chapter 01, I believe you will find the same artifacts in the other chapters.

And yes, 01-05 are priority rn.


>And now that we are on YP, should I change the "/u/ scanlation" to "Yuri Project"?

I was about to say that. We're YP now, aren't we?

I have a suggestion, I mean, it's more like a question, don't you guys think it would be better if we let the title in korean? And below it put the english title?

>> No.16262  


>> No.16263  

Just want to say, I loved your work in 2001 A Space Odyssey

>> No.16264  

ch. 03 [unfinished]

Oh, thank you, Gulf Standard. Good to know!

No, seriously, I didn't even think about being credited... now IDK what to do, although it's funny to see the name "kubrick" in the credits of a manhwa.

>> No.16265  

I will always do my best to help. ^^

I'm slower than takachi because I don't have Photoshop so I don't know if I can still clean other chapters but I'm currently cleaning Chapter 4. By this week, it will be done.

>> No.16266  

Ch 1 (uncleaned drawings/unfinished)

Decided to post it here because I'm still not done with Ch4. :( I'm halfway through. The drawings are not yet cleaned. Please finish this one, takachi.

>> No.16268  

I'm a little lost as to what to do.

Shall I finish cleaning ch.3 and ch.1?
I can't get the ch.1 - the link looks broken. I'll finish the chapter 3 now, then.

>> No.16269  

added chapter 3, cleaned


if nothing else pops up tomorrow, I might start typesetting it myself, unless someone else starts doing it ^_^

>> No.16270  

Thanks, takachi! Just one thing, you forgot this one:

Link doesn't work, anon.

ch. 01:

ch. 02:

>> No.16271  

Also change Hye-gyeong's kekeke to hahaha


>/u/ scans to yp

I guess you're right. (I always end up thinking of the usual people though.)

>leave the title in Korean

I don't really have any preference for it. And the title art doesn't have much astounding value so I don't mind replacing it fully with English. If others feel otherwise, please post your opinions.

Ryo, could you reclean the hearts on the title? Or could someone else redo it so it wouldn't look 3D.
In the credits, please add this above the URL.
설레는 기분
by 쌈바



While the folder is selected, click "Get link" on the options above or at right-click.

>> No.16274  

Oh. I'm sorry.

Here's my Ch 2 (it is already cleaned)

>> No.16280  

Ch4 done

>> No.16285  

CH. 03 [incomplete]
What do you guys think? I'm not sure about the t/ns (I'm using Myriad Pro bold), stroke (1px or 2px) and the phone messages... I'm using ARIAL but it looks so ugly.

Thank you, anon!

takachi, can you edit chapters 04 & 05?

>> No.16286  

No problem. I was the one who offered to help anyway.

If /u/ needs someone to help with the cleaning, I'm just here (because I'm always checking the thread). ^^

>> No.16288  

Does anyone know who uploaded QCO's quick English edits to mangafox? I feel a bit iffy about having un-QCed work just uploaded without our permission...

>> No.16289  

Ch. 27 rough translation


>> No.16291  


>Ryo, could you reclean the hearts on the title? Or could someone else redo it so it wouldn't look 3D.

like this?

>> No.16292  

sorry guys,
due-to RL was mostly away this week from FF
have to admit the manual cleaners did a really great job with chapter 3 and 4. I did update hem a bit with a slightly modified processing to further reduce the presence of the JPEGs artifacts. I know it adds a bit of saturation, but also smoothens the lines and gradients in a way I like. So let me know what you think. And please use if you like it for editing.
I'll try to do the editing for chapter 4&5.

>> No.16293  

Regarding fonts and styles, I'd suggest to follow Ryo's choices - she's the main editor, so let's stick to her preferences.

Regarding the title specifically you may try to use mine from here:
as I did it for chuseok special. But I have to admit that it's slightly different from Ryo's - it has shadows, uses slightly different font, manually drawn highlights naturally differ a little from the original, but the ♥ dots for 'i's are cleaner. Whether it's better or not - it's all subjective. I know we all want to make things better, but we should definitely strive for consistency in the first case. So let's choose one option and all stick to it.

>> No.16294  

I would suggest normalizing the sound effects; at present they're a mix between the infinitive ("toss", pg. 9) and the third-person singular ("turns", pg. 18). My recommendation would be to standardize these as the infinitive form whenever possible.

[ch. 1]



->maybe "stab" here?

buttons buttons
button button

sits in


shakes shakes
shake shake

loses balance




chair moving


door opens


bending low
->what's the idea here? They seemed abashed; was the teacher calling them out for talking?


->not sure what to do with this one, just "notice" is a bit weak

->not sure about this either

tap tap



...something like that. I can't read the text, so my proposals will have to be pretty tentative.

Additionally, some of the effect translations in the most recent script appear to have been changed to descriptions rather than onomatopoeia (e.g. "bird sounds" for "chirp chirp", or "battle cry" on 12). Is that shorthand or how they're meant to actually appear in the release?

>> No.16295  

I thingk takachi's template is good.
What do you think, jrdp_18? Should we use the template from now on?

>> No.16296  

Thanks for pointing this out! I never really took a close look at the earlier chapters, and now that I have, I think we need to go over some of the sfx's. I'll have a lot more free time after this week and I can help look over sfx's to make sure they're consistent with the Korean and are in standardized infinitive form.

>> No.16297  

May also wish to split the project into multiple threads so it doesn't get too confused, so maybe this could be the thread for ch. 1-5, there can be another for 6-10, one for 11-15, etc. Or you could go by threes, or have one for each individual chapter. Whichever's easiest to work with

>> No.16299  

I don't know about Lina26 but Uryuu is an MF bot. They have bots that get stuff from other manga sites, like MangaHere.

Oh, those are good. I actually wanted to say to use what was used in the Chuseok special but remembered it was an anon who did that. Thanks takachi.

Thanks for the suggestion. I did notice that the sfx kind of keeps changing.

Hmmm, I'm not confused yet though I don't know about others. We'll keep this as chapters 1-6 since those are being worked on right now.

>> No.16315  

changed the title and credit page:

>> No.16318  


move the "설레는 기분
by 쌈바" to the credits page (below yuriproject, above comico link)

I think the sfx are already good in this one. halmoni, any changes need to be made (TLC x2)?

>> No.16319  


>"Uhhh-I have another one in the afternoon"

Should be "Uhhh-After this class I have one more in the afternoon" or "Uhhh-I have this and another one in the afternoon" if we need to keep it short.

>"Do you have a timetable?"

I would change timetable to schedule.

>"This is from second year."

"This is the class we took during second year."

>"Do you want to borrow it?"

Do you want to borrow them?


I think we're missing 2-3 panels...the part where No-rae talks about her promise of graduating with Hye-kyeong bursting like a bubble.

>"Not because what I cooked last night was..."

I thought we agreed to take out the "last night"?


"Water is WATER~"
I feel like this might be confusing, since No-rae says water in English. We could change it to something like "Water is H2O" or "Water is W.A.T.E.R", to give a similar feel.
Or add a t/n that notes how No-rae says water in English.

>> No.16320  


..Why should I?
...Why should I?


talk about it..!
talk about it...!

How was the court?
How'd it go at court?


last semester
last semester.

really close..
really close...

>> No.16323  

Hi there! A fellow fan offering Photoshop cleaning services if needed. I can do a sample page, and if you like the quality more. Else if cleaners are plenty, let me know if there are other ways I can help.

>> No.16324  

remove last night
Yes, yes we did. I don't know why it's still in my final script.

"Water is WATER~"
I asked it to be different fonts. Just add t/n below the panel: Second water is in English.

About those double periods, we're preserving how it was punctuated in the original.

>> No.16326  

Hiii. I'm back. I'm the anon who cleaned Ch2 and 4. :)

This folder contains all of the chapters that I've cleaned so far and it's up to date whenever I clean a chapter. Ch1 is updated so it's all clean now.
Feel free to use my cleaned chapters for typesetting and enhance them if needed. ^^

>> No.16327  


>About those double periods, we're preserving how it was punctuated in the original.

While there's nothing inherently wrong with this, is this a convention that exists in English?


What precisely is being said in the Korean version of the "water" line? Is she just chanting the Korean and English terms for "water"?

>> No.16328  

Wow! That's really clean whooo.... Don't think I can do something of that quality haha ...

>> No.16329  


Previous comment meant for 16326. Excuse the noobness with this chat system.

>> No.16330  

At first, it took me several days to clean one chapter because I don't have Photoshop. haha
I use SAI, GIMP and Topaz plug-ins now to lessen the time spent for cleaning and I followed some takachi's process, also.

>> No.16331  


>While there's nothing inherently wrong with this, is this a convention that exists in English?

English definitely uses the 3 period ellipsis most of the time, but for consistency we just want to keep the same number of periods as the author.


What precisely is being said in the Korean version of the "water" line? Is she just chanting the Korean and English terms for "water"?

She literally says, "물은 water~". 물 = "water" in Korean, 은 = "is" in Korean, and water is simply written in English. So she's saying "Water is water~", but the second water is said in English.

>> No.16332  

My concern would be readers taking it for lack of proofreading rather than subtle differentiation, but I'm a fan of creative punctuation so maybe I'm on the wrong side. Very minor issue in any case.


Much as she might read off a flashcard?

One option would be to pick an arbitary third language as stand-in for English, like "Water, water, /agua/!" or "Water, Wasser, eau!", something along those lines. (If there's a subplot of her studying English specifically, this doesn't work.) Your h20/W.A.T.E.R. suggestions were good too.

Or, assuming it is just a throwaway line, you could ditch the original construction entirely and just write whatever nuts thing pertaining to water you like. If the point of the line is to be funny, not that she's specifically speaking English, you would be perfectly justified in doing this. Basically, what I'm recommending against is forcing translation notes for jokes that aren't being conveyed in the first place.

>> No.16337  

I mean, most Koreans know basic English since it's a mandatory requirement in the education system, so it's not really strange for No-rae to know English. She was just making a lighthearted comment towards Hye-kyeong telling her to get them some water, and I don't think we have to make it all complicated by changing the translation. I think if we just add a small t/n saying how the second water is in English, readers will understand.

>> No.16341  

Ch. 2 sfx check (I'm using jrdp_18's final scripts)





>pat pat

I think tap tap would be more representative of the Korean sfx.



>Ch. 3 sfx check


>spacing out

spaced out



>phone rings

riiiing, or ring ring



>fast footsteps


>tik tik

I feel like "tap tap" is better for conveying text messaging actions, although it literally says tik tik.

>such a killjoy

what a killjoy

>peeking out




>elevator closing


>footstep footstep

step step

>crowd talking


>부스럭 left untranslated

Literally "rustle" but I think "peel" would fit better.


















"Well up"? or "tears well up"? Not sure what would be a good replacement.

>rises quickly






>hugs tightly


>> No.16342  

Ch. 4 sfx check

>bat hitting a ball





worn out



>yelling yelling

rage rage

>laid back laugh


>shaking head

shake shake





>looking around

looks around







>closes eyes


>Ch. 5 sfx check

No mistakes, from what I saw.

>> No.16343  

Well, considering a tl note would definitely explain better, I put one for the second water.

Suggested changes are applied, except the dots.

>> No.16346  

Awesome job Ryo! Everything looks good.

>> No.16347  
File: 25z.png -(38113 B, 690x599) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

On the credits, add Gulf Standard to QC.
About p25, could you clean the author's contact? (Sorry, I only noticed it now.) I was just gonna go with cutting one in the Chuseok Special/cleaned versions and pasting it there but the background color was different. And I don't know how to fix it. Or you could just cover it, I don't know the font though. And please fix the spacing on the author's note (I edited the the uploaded picture).

>> No.16348  

About the author's contact, I'm also having a problem regarding that part when I'm cleaning. Since I just downloaded Photoshop, I made one. And I think, I got the font's name.

>> No.16350  


>the spacing on the author's note

I'm not really sure which spacing you meant.

Yup, I think that's it. I'll use yours. Thanks!

>> No.16352  
File: 25.png -(42325 B, 690x599) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This one, the author's comment got moved to the right.

>> No.16355  

Finally finished something
Chapter 7

>> No.16357  

Ok. Fixed version:

>> No.16358  
File: what font.PNG -(103908 B, 261x394) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm finish cleaning chp 6 a while back but I was wondering were can I find this font?

>> No.16360  

Here is a list of Ryo's fonts:

Title: Berlin bold
Speech & thought bubbles: Anime Ace 2.0 BB
thought/muttering (outside bubbles, handwritten): Augie
soft SFX: Another
sharp SFX: TrashHand
phone message: Felt thin
Name on phone message: Arial

>> No.16361  

QCO's edit.
It's comic sans.

>> No.16362  

>>16361 thank you!

>> No.16364  

I'm checking the previously released chapters and found out that we weren't really following the author's punctuations. (I only strictly checked the English and difference in translations. I let Ryo do the changes he wants (that's why the sfx changes), unless they're wrong.)
The double periods look okay with Comics Sans (QCO's roughs) but with the actual release's fonts, I don't know...
What now? halmoni, Gulf Standard, and everyone.

>> No.16365  

After (calming down and) thinking about it, I've decided to use ellipsis; double (or triple) exclamation and question marks for comical effect.

So Ryo, please correct as >>16320 Sorry and thank you.

bending low -> bends low
->what's the idea here? They seemed abashed; was the teacher calling them out for talking?
Not only them, I think. The professor cleared his throat.

watching/stare -> observe
I don't feel that "stare" fits it since No-rae looks like she's watching/observing Seol-a from afar. halmoni, what does the text there say?

->not sure what to do with this one, just "notice" is a bit weak
I've changed that to "conspicuous" in the previous release.

->not sure about this either
Seol-a was approaching No-rae from behind.

Who's gonna work on the previously released chapters?
Here's ch.1-3 edited with the latest changes.
Use raw and previous releases (https://www.mediafire.com/?juaqwbyq7aqoo) for reference.

>> No.16367  


>bending low

The Korean literally says something like "shrivel". The teacher said "Now let's call attendance, shall we", so it's kinda like class is starting and they were abashed about talking so freely before. If that makes sense.

>watching/stare -> observe

It says something like "staring blankly". So maybe "gaze" would fit better?

>> No.16369  


>Who's gonna work on the previously released chapters?

I'm so sorry for the delay!
College and stuff... Sorry!
I'm working on them, I'll finish everything next week.

>> No.16370  

What about "Mul is WATER!", with the note "No-rae here uses the Korean and English terms for 'water', respectively."? This at least avoids the tautology of "water is water".

>> No.16371  
  • updated clean raws (chapters 01,02, and 04)--edited the author's contact part and cleaned the raws with my recent cleaning process
  • added clean chapters (05,20,22,24 and 27)


Let me know if there are chapters need to clean or cleaned chapters that needs to be fixed.
I'm sorry if I can't help with editing/typesetting. I'm lacking experience in that field. :(

>> No.16373  

I'm going to try editing Chapter 1.

>> No.16374  

"Gaze" doesn't sit well with me here since it means the person looking has a lot of emotion in it, like looking at a beautiful scenery or looking at your lover fondly. If someone told me the person I just talked to was famous, I'd just watch them to know what kind of person they are, etc. Just simple curiosity.
Going back to "watch", I guess that works. Since "observe" is with more intent.

No rush, was just wondering who wants to work on it.

Will do that.

winter, thanks for all the help! Good luck on that editing.

>> No.16375  

bending low

>> No.16377  

No problem. I like to help in any way I can. ^^

Here's the Chapter 1 I edited.
About the credits...I don't know who I should put in the credits so I did not edit it.

>> No.16379  

Fixed the ellipsis and tl note for water:

Take the names from previous release. For editor, you can put your name and take mine out since I didn't do anything this time. Kubrick, was it you who did the cleaning?

>> No.16380  

OK. Will edit it later (It's 3am here lol). By the way, what is the font used in "JAB" and in the credits page? I also need the YP logo.

>> No.16381  

I noticed that Ch1 p7 and Ch6 p24 have different font used in phone message. What font should I follow now for Ch1?
I'm sorry if I'm asking a lot of questions..

>> No.16383  


>the font used in "JAB"

I think it was blamblam. I was looking for a font wiht big impact and wasn't sure what I should use. After googling, I found that and thought it was somewhat suitable.
I never used it again after that.
If you have any other font feel free to use it.

> YP logo

I don't think we have one. I just used the font Berlin bold and took the heart out of the title. Any better idea?

oops, sorry, my mistake. It should be felt thin instead arial.
Okay, now fixed.

>> No.16385  

What a weird name for a font. Haha. I'm strictly following the whole format from previous release so I won't use any font that is not used there. ^^

The logo is already good. I'll create a separate .psd or png for the logo so it won't be a hassle.

Uhh...What is the font used in author's comment (for Chapter 1) and in credits page?

>> No.16387  

It's mcgannahan for author's comment: http://www.dafont.com/de/mcgannahan.font
And SF Arch Rival for credits. Of course, you are free to use your own creativity for credits page.

I'll list the fonts again:

Title: Berlin bold
chapter title: Wild Words Bold
Speech & thought bubbles: Anime Ace 2.0 BB
thought/muttering (outside bubbles, handwritten): Augie
soft SFX: Another
sharp SFX: TrashHand
loud SFX (for impact): Blamblam
phone message: Felt thin
Name on phone message: Arial
Author note: mcgannahan
YP logo: Berlin bold
Credits: SF Arch Rival

>> No.16389  

sorry everyone, RL happened to me in the last two weeks T__T
but I'm back in action since tomorrow/friday.

>> No.16390  

shall I start editing ch.7? or shall I help with ch.4? Could also meanwhile clean the last chapters (28 and special)

>> No.16391  

Thanks a lot. ^^ I'll take note of that list from now on.

I've finished editing Chapter 1.
Let me know if there are errors and I'll fix it. :)

Help us with editing ch4, please. I honestly don't know what chapter I should edit next since I feel bad if I took all of the work. But feel free to clean the latest chapters or edit ch7 if you want to. ^^

>> No.16392  

pl, then I'll clean the last chapters today, just to get myself running back in photoshop smoothly. And tomorrow I'll pick up the chapter 4 for editing.

>> No.16393  

btw, any suggestions on the default font size for dialogues? Just curious what you guys tend to use. 11, 12, 14?

>> No.16394  

Thank you veryyy much ^^

I don't have fixed font size. I change the size depending on the size of the bubbles.

I will now proceed editing Chapter 2..

>> No.16395  

15. And depends on bubble size I reduce or increase the font size. I tried not to make the fonts smaller than 12 since it would be difficult to read.

I'm also rather free now. If there is still chapters to be done, I can do it. Any of the redo chapters still need some working?

>> No.16396  

Chapters 3 and 5 aren't done yet.

>> No.16397  

Is there a ch4v2 script anywhere? There are a couple of lines that don't fit the bubbles and are replaced with different phrases in the release. Should I rely on those? Or are there more script updates to consider?

>> No.16398  

I think relying on the version posted on dynasty is fine. If I recall, those were the shortenings we agreed to use. I made a list of sfx edits for chapter 4 here >>16342.

>> No.16399  

Is it a little risky?
Might be cutting it a bit close...

sits in

00 University
XX University
[or something similar, I think 00 is a little unclear and could be misconstrued]

loses balance

Running like that, she's gonna fall again...
She's going to fall again if she doesn't slow down...

>> No.16400  
  • Chapter 1 (edited) fixed
  • Chapter 2 (edited) added
  • YP logo for credits page added


Please check if there are errors. I'll fix it as soon as poosible. :)

>> No.16401  

I'm so sorry guys! I was going to edit the first chapters this weekend but if you're already doing it, I'm out. I'm sorry, it's just... College is killing me. Anyway, I'll be around if you guys need any help.

Sorry again and great job, winter!

>> No.16402  

I'm contractually obligated to endorse the spelling all right in all instances. The form alright has become rather common in semiformal writing, but to the segment of readers who had it drilled into them at school that this spelling is incorrect (as I did) it will always stick out a bit. Ultimately it's up to the preference of the translator.

rightful "Queen"
undisputed "Queen"

...and not to mention her indisputable beauty.
...not to mention her undeniable beauty.

->I would do whatever's necessary to get the TL notes horizontal; while some of them (like "sunbae") probably belong on the same page, others (like the "department rep") seem like they can be shunted off to a separate page at the end, if they're necessary at all.

Wherever she went,
Wherever she's gone,

noticeable ones
conspicuous ones

And so to speak for myself...
As for myself...

So different that not even a slightest bit of curiosity arises.
So different I've never felt the least curiosity about her.

Such as that she is a crazy club girl or a terrible flirt.
That she's a crazy club girl, or she's a terrible flirt.

"the building right in front of my place"
->What does this mean exactly? Adjacent, or across the street?

(Although it's bothersome...)
(It's a pain in the neck, but...)

You're the one who said nobody in our major would not know of her...
You're the one who said nobody in our major /wouldn't/ know about her.

No, no that...
No, that's not what I mean.

I mean, since when did you two look after each other's welcome party attendances?
Since when do you two keep tabs on each other's social appearances?

>> No.16403  

Thank you for letting me do this kind of work. I really enjoy editing this manhwa. ^v^

What about the tl note for "noona" (page 5) and "hyung" (page 15)? Should I leave it there or put them with "department rep" to a separate page?

>> No.16404  

Those I would leave as is. The Department Rep note could perhaps be shortened to simply "*Student position, typically held by a sophomore." so it can fit beneath.

>> No.16408  

[chapter 6]

How'd it go at the court?
How'd it go at court?

p20, panel 4

[chapter 1]
My awesome reflexes..
My awesome reflexes...

Ha ha; I've been too concentrated on what the scene is portraying when I can just let it do its work. Sorry for the trouble.

In regards to alright:
"All right" means everything is correct, right in order.
"Alright", something like okay, acceptable.

[chapter 2]
So different I've never felt the least curiosity about her.
So different I've never felt a bit curious about her.
I felt awkward reading that, and I could interpret it differently.

It's across the street.

Since when do you two keep tabs on each other's social appearances?
Since when do you two keep tabs on each other's welcome party attendances?
Considering Koreans are pretty uptight on reputation, using "social appearance" has a particular image to it. And from what I've read, Koreans have a lot more/different parties besides this.

Sorry, got internet problems.

>> No.16409  

I would use "right across the street" instead of "right in front of", then.

>> No.16411  

I'm confused. Sorry.
Is it "now living right across the street" or "now living in the building right across the street"?

>> No.16412  

[ch 2]
That girl, Baek Seol-a, is now living in the building right in front of my place.
That girl, Baek Seol-a, is now living right across the street from my apartment.

[ch 6]
About Baek Seol-a! You said she lives right in front of you!
About Baek Seol-a! You said she lives right across from you!

I heard you two live close to each other. Like, right in front of each others' places?
I heard you two live really close to each other. Like, right across the street?

>> No.16413  

[ch 2]
Like a distanced viewer...

'저런게얼굴값이라는건가' 하는정도의감상이전부였을뿐.
my impression of her was nothing more than, "Is she really worth her pretty face?"

Is this translation correct?

>> No.16414  


>그저 가끔 관객의 입장으로
>'저런 게 얼굴값이라는 건가' 하는 정도의 감상이 전부였을 뿐.

-As an occasional distanced viewer,
-my impression of her was nothing more than "Is that what it means to be more than just a pretty face?"

"얼굴값" means something like you behave and act like the way you look. So if you're pretty, you look great and you have a kind heart/you're a hard worker. If you're ugly, you're the opposite lol.

>> No.16416  

Chapter 1 and 2 (edited) fixed.

Uhhmm...If these two chapters are ready to release, I'll start editing ch.5...

>> No.16418  

Chapters 1 & 2 updated/uploaded in the release folder. Ditched the version number.

>> No.16419  

ch06 fixed.

I'll pick up ch3 now.

>> No.16420  

If you want this series released through the site instead of just dumping it on /u/ or whatever, mail me at phyis at yuriproject.net so I can give you access.

>> No.16422  

I'm so sorry I didn't get to it. Continue to do your thing guys. Unfortunately don't have time to do much. Great work.

>> No.16426  

Chapter 5 done.

>> No.16427  

I sent you an email.

Chapter 7 is here >>16353

>> No.16428  

[ch 5]

made some soup with it.
made soup with them.

It couldn't be helped...
I didn't have a choice...

only spices there were are
only spices she had were

somewhat wrong...
somehow wrong...

I'll return your clothes after having them washed first.
I'll have these clothes washed and get them back to you.

You don't have to...
Oh, you don't need to do that.

Still, though...

OK then.
Well, OK then.


But I'm thinking of going to court later
But I'm thinking of going to the courthouse later.

Court? Why?
The courthouse? Why?

I've troubled you enough
I troubled you enough

at the military?
in the military?

>> No.16429  

[ch6, p15]
How'd it go at court?
How'd it go at the courthouse?

>> No.16430  

Chapter 5 fixed.

>> No.16431  

I'm very likely to finish chapter 4 today (took me a while, sorry)
there's a missing FX at the bottom of page 3 (under No-rae's "That's right").
I also wanted to cross-check, do we translate the FX verbs in infinitive or 3rd person form (e.g. turn vs turns, smile vs smiles, look around vs looks around, etc)?

>> No.16432  

halmoni changed the FX verbs in infinitive form >>16342

>> No.16433  

yes, but it still suggests "looks around" for p16

"smiles" on p14 hasn't been fixed?

also, p13, I assume, it should be "I have no friends...", instead of "I have no friend..."

btw, do I need to typeset "Ssamba" in the artist comments?

>> No.16434  

Uhhh...All I did was put the script that was written in the final script and check the previous release. I just let the QC fix the errors.

No need to typeset.

>> No.16435  
File: 17_1412783809346.jpeg -(78947 B, 400x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Gulf Standard mostly does the sfx changes.

"looks around" for p16
I don't know what to suggest

"smiles" on p14

p13, "I have no friends..."

Sure. winter and Ryo, please add it in yours too. (Though I'm still asking whether it's capitalized or not.)
Here's a big one if you need it.

>> No.16436  

Okay~ author's comment fixed.


>> No.16437  

all rightie, here comes the ch.04


I'm afraid I accidentally messed up all the double ellipses, let me know if I need to restore it... and of course if any other fixes are needed :)

>> No.16438  

ch6 fixed: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9dqkskyaxtrucb6/AACPcPqyNFQij308YJs1RgDBa?dl=0
I used Felt Thin for author's name. To better distinguish the name and the actual message.

ch3 is done, too: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yfikn1g1zy63jxp/AABCGgTKAhGqVu-SBSP_5ddaa?dl=0

>> No.16440  

updated artist comments for ch.4 with Ryo's styling


>> No.16441  

I thought "look around" sounded kinda weird compared to "looks around", but idk maybe that's just me. If we don't want to use "looks around", we could just go with "look" or "peer". Or if you guys think "look around" is fine, then go with that.

The sfx below No-rae says "pat".

"Smiles" should be "smile".

>> No.16443  

Sorry for spamming links. (._. )

I updated all of the author's note/comment in case you wanted to re-upload those pages on dynasty-scans.

>> No.16444  

[ch 4]
You can leave now.
You're free to go.

Choo Shin-soo
->Note is inaccurate, Choo is not a power hitter and has never hit more than 22 home runs in a season.
If you feel a note is necessary, something concise like "*Major League Baseball outfielder from South Korea." should do.


*TL note: Most door locks
*Most door locks

They say 'inscrutable are the ways of Heaven.'
Heaven works in mysterious ways, as they say.
->No-rae's line or Seol-a's?
->I don't think an on-page note is necessary for this, since this is a fairly common cross-cultural theme. I was interested to see that the story linked to is the same one Gust Avrakotos tells in 'Charlie Wilson's War' though.

Publication speed...
->What exactly is the joke here? A play on "delaying"?

who to let inside
who you let inside

look around


She sure beat the hell out of him even with that fragile body of...?!
She sure packs a wallop with that skinny frame of hers...

What Kim No-rae swung was a /baseball bat/, not her fists...
She hit him with a /baseball bat/, not her fists!

I only saw them on TV
I've only seen them on TV

>> No.16445  

[ch 3]
TL Note: 'Oppa' is
*'Oppa' is

->Any way we can avoid No-rae transforming into an entirely different character midway through a phone conversation?


*TL note: Direkt pronunciation
*Direct pronunciation

'loser' 루저 in Korea also means
'loser' (루저) in Korea can also mean

180 cm 5'11"
180 cm (5'11")

peeking out



Baek Seol-a
Baek Seol-a.

Never say you
Never saw you


That's because you're embarassing me in front of the whole neighborhood. Does 'shame' mean anything to you?
Because you were embarrassing me in front of the whole neighborhood. Does the word 'shame' mean nothing to you?

That doesn't change my mind.
It won't change my mind.




>> No.16446  


fixes applied:

> Publication speed...
> ->What exactly is the joke here? A play on "delaying"?

I wonder, most likely you're right, although I don't know if the chapter's been delayed back then. But one thing's clear - No-rae's complaining to Ssamba (?) that the scenario with the auto/manual lock and a bat is a forced one. So she's probably also complaining about how slow Ssamba draws? That was my interpretation at least. Hopefully halmoni can clarify.

>> No.16447  
> I updated all of the author's note/comment in case you wanted to re-upload those pages on dynasty-scans.

btw, whoever has the access to DR, could you also remove two pages from chapter 1?

They have nothing to do with FF. And considering the drama we already had with L comics, I certainly don't want DR to be accused.

>> No.16448  


thanks for the hard work :)

>> No.16449  

ok, so while I'm sick this week and have nothing to do, I'll go edit ch.7

>> No.16450  

I have a question... Do you guys have any tips or something to consider when the pages should be cut?

>> No.16451  

the tip from Ryo is to follow the white rabbit, I mean QCO roughs :)

>> No.16454  

Okay. Thanks. I'll take note of that. :)

>> No.16461  

Another update for ch.4 - forgot myself to add the missing SFX to p3. Now it's fixed.

>> No.16463  

[ch 4]
reduce white space above title

'I'm fine.' 'So don't get upset.'
"I'm fine." "So don't get upset."

>Publication speed...

Checking the timestamps on Naver, it may have been a few days late. (It was biweekly back then too.)

Out of curiosity, what was there?

>> No.16464  


> reduce white space above title

see Chapter 04p01-title.png

but I think a better way is to split it in two:
Chapter 04p00-title.png
Chapter 04p01.png

both are in the same folder

> Out of curiosity, what was there?

korean scans of a chapter of a lezhin comic and a screenshot of untranslated comments for an FF chapter from Comico

btw, guys, please check >>16353 - need your feedback on ch.7

>> No.16469  

Yeah No-rae's just being mean to Ssamba lol. She's complaining abouth how the situation seems forced, and adds in the publication comment for an extra kick.

>> No.16471  

Hey gents, I just found this webcomic and am looking to pitch in to help people experience it.

Are any chapters raw that need rough translations added to them? Should be within my realm of skills.

>> No.16474  

I'll clean ch 8-18 (even chapters) since I don't have anything else to do.

>> No.16475  

Chapters 29-31 need rough typesets to be done.

>> No.16478  

ch3 fixed:

>->Any way we can avoid No-rae transforming into an entirely different character midway through a phone conversation?

Halmoni, jrdp_18?

>> No.16479  

Well she's using a dialect, and I would say Gyeongsang dialect is pretty strong compared to other dialects. It's almost like they're speaking another language. It would be equivalent to someone speaking with a strong southern or other type of accent.

Most of the time I've seen stuff like Kyoto-ben being translated to a southern accent, and Gyeongsang dialect is similar in a way. Many Koreans who speak a dialect will learn Seoul speech (modern Korean), because everyone speaks it, and talking in a dialect in Seoul would make you look like a country bumpkin. I don't feel like she suddenly changes character just by changing accents, since we include a t/n about it.

>> No.16482  

The issue as I see it is that the reader has already had access to No-rae's inner thoughts and private dialogue, so when she suddenly goes into this rodeo twang, it comes across less as her lapsing into her natural element and more as her acting like somebody new entirely. I would tone it down a bit so it reads closer to the same girl speaking a slightly different language.

>> No.16483  

Ch. 3 (p.5-6) No-rae phone conversation edit

>"I don't need any extra allowance..."
>"I still got 'nuff left in my bank account"
>"I'll just tell you when I need more."
>"You know I always end up wastin' money when I have too much.."
>"You sure do spoil your daughter plenty, ma.
>"Anyway, I'll call you back soon."
>"Mm'kay. Bye~"

Feel free to edit these changes.

>> No.16499  

changes applied.

>> No.16502  


>Ch. 3

This might be minor, but I feel like "shudder" is used more in situations where someone's grossed out/scared, rather than just physically shaking. So I think "shake", "quiver", or "tremble" would be better replacements. I personally like "tremble". And it's "바들바들", so the sfx would repeat twice, like "shake shake" or "tremble tremble".

>"Not sure..."

Change to "Well..."

>"It's all about the signals"

This sentence is a bit ambiguous, so I'd change it to "It's all about giving off the right signals."


"I see you like candies?"
"I see you like candy?"


I know we had a lengthy discussion on the "Oh, my god.." part, but I feel like something like "Holy crap..." would fit better, simply because "Oh my god" is already a phrase we have in Korean (오마이갓). They both convey similar meanings though.

>> No.16512  

Hello. I just read this webcomic and I'm looking if I can help with the cleaning or typesetting..

>> No.16514  

I opted to use the split ones.

"Holy" is alright, it's just a neutral divine adjective. It's the Jesus Mary Joseph thing we're raising eyebrows with.

>> No.16543  


> "Holy crap..."

no objection there.
Changes applied: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yfikn1g1zy63jxp/AABCGgTKAhGqVu-SBSP_5ddaa?dl=0

>> No.16546  
  • added clean chapter 8,10,12,14,16,18
  • double-checked chapter 5 (anyone can double-check this also)


I will also clean other raw chapters if you guys wouldn't mind.

>> No.16552  


>"I sort of just eat them whenever I have one."

Wow for shame I missed this grammar mistake. Change to "I sort of just eat them whenever I have some."

Everything else looks great.

>> No.16553  

Chapter 4 edits

>"I'm sorry."

Change to "I'm sorry..."


I don't know if "crack" is the best sfx for an impact sound. I feel like "thwack" would fit better.

>"Wow he must be able to foresee the future."

Awkward phrasing, change to "Wow, he must be able to see into the future."

>"I'll never let him get you."

Ambiguous wording, change to "I'll never let him get to you."

>"Get whoever the hell blah blah blah"

Change to "Bring whoever the hell blah blah blah".

>"What an impudent person"

Change to "What a cocky jerk"

>"I will never ever"

Change to "I could never..."

>"Ha hahh"

Change to "Ha hah"

>"I can sleep on the futon."

Change to "I could sleep on the floor..."

>> No.16554  

The crack of a baseball bat is proverbial.

>> No.16555  



"She's saying it's tasty, but it feels somehow wrong..."
Change to "She's saying it's tasty, but it feels wrong somehow..."


Change to "clack"

>"Take some rest now"

Change to "Get some rest."


Change to "Fwaaa"

>> No.16557  

Chapter 5 fixed

>> No.16564  

[ch 3]
Color the background white.

for younger female
for younger females

Panel 2 are missing some dialogues. Bubbles on the left side (1&2) empty.
Aren't they, No-rae?

tik tik
tap tap

I was just making a phone call
I just had a phone call

Why is she even asking me this.
Why is she even asking me this?

Man, she really left-
Man, she really left~


can also means
can also mean

from home, Seol-a
from home, Seol-a~


14, panel 3


You're the one who made me talk like this.
You're the one who's making me talk like this.

well up

hug tightly

[ch 2]
winter, please split the first page so it follows the other chapters' format. Thanks.

>> No.16565  

I hope I got everything now.

>> No.16566  

>>16553 >>16554
changes applied
if you need me to revert thwack to crack or do more edits, just ask :)

>> No.16568  

Okay~ ch.2 title fixed~


>> No.16570  

[ch 1]
Add a bit of space below.

Please add some white space on either side. To make it look spacious.

Do we have other sfx for light footsteps? I'm used to associating "tap" with hand movements. (Though this is the first chapter... You could say it's alright, maybe it's just me.)

whirl makes me thinks she's spinning her head.

No less expected
Nothing less expected

[ch 2]
Reduce space above or center the main piece.

Reduce space below.

A term younger male speakers use to address slightly older female speakers in an intimate manner, whether or not they are of the same family.
A term younger males use to address slightly older females.

Add space above & reduce a bit below/move the comic in the center.

Just right in front of the building I moved into recently.
Gulf Standard, was this purposely left as is or was this missed? (p11 was the only one changed in this chapter)

A term younger male speakers use to address slightly older male speakers in an intimate manner, whether or not they are of the same family.
A term younger males use to address slightly older males.

[ch 3]
Put "lol" on the second line

Do something with the "squeeze" sfx. It kinda blends with the panel. I mean it looks unnoticeable.

Please update the picture in the credits page. Thanks!

[ch 4]
not really..
not really...

I haven't sorted out my stuff just yet...
I haven't sorted out my stuff yet...

If you want it, then of course.
If you want it, sure.

Do you seriously believe that?
halmoni, do you/did you ?

Very skilled, indeed.
Very skilled indeed.

[ch 6]

*TL Note: 'Mul'

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updates applied

>> No.16580  



just tell if there's still errors. :)

>> No.16581  

"Do you" is correct.

All of your edits are on point.

>> No.16583  


> All of your edits are on point.

ty ^///^ I also made a very minor and should-not-be-noticeable update to all pages, as well as re-cropped the last page (with author comments) to get rid of too much white space.
So I guess the chapter 04 is now ready for release.

I also fixed the non-white backgrounds in all my cleaned chappies (updates are starting from ch.9):
The chapters 27, 28, and the 2nd Special were also added there as I forgot to do it after I'd actually cleaned them.

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Just right in front of the building I moved into recently.
Just right across the street from the building I moved into recently.


Please raise the position of the tbc area to be near the top of the page. Refer to tbc from other chapters. Thank you.



>> No.16599  

Just right across the street from the building I moved into recently.
Right across the street from the building I moved into recently.
[n.b. this is pg. 14]

>> No.16604  

Chapter 2, fixed~

>> No.16606  

now that these chapters are basically done, are you going to start a new thread for chapter 8, jrdp_18? Or do you prefer to focus on ch 7 first?

I can type-set other chapters. Or are there chapters that still need some cleaning?

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ch.4 fixed

>> No.16612  

I'm re-cleaning ch 8-24(even chapters). I don't know if the latest chapters starting from ch29 are cleaned.

>> No.16620  

I'm going to post for ch8, and 9. I just have some stuff going on so I haven't finished checking yet.

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