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File: sougou_tovarisch_vol02_ch08_069.png -(305777 B, 1253x1800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
305777 No.16160  

TL: http://www.mediafire.com/download/qdkvovspxorf9uj/COMPC08TL.ZIP

>> No.16303  
File: sougou-tovarisch-08.txt -(28864 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Apparently in Japanese schools there are two levels of suspension and Kanna got the lesser one, so I changed the harsher one to expulsion.

>> No.17758  

Hi, I'm sorry if this isn't the right place (or if it isn't at all appropriate) to comment, but the forum layout is confusing me. Feel free to delete this if you want.

Anyways, I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to help production of this scanlation? CompTov is one of my favorite manga I've ever read, scanlated or officially licensed, and I'd love to be able to read the rest of the series in English. I understand that everyone involved here is a volunteer, and may understandably be too busy or just more interested in other projects, so I'm not blaming anyone, I'm just looking for a way to help. I've thought it over several times and I just don't have enough hours in the day to take on the full cleaning/lettering job myself, but I could pitch in by taking care of redraw portions, or bribing team members with free art commissions or small paypal donations. I can be contacted at treetop92ro@yahoo.com for further discussion.

Thank you for doing such great work!

>> No.17759  

Phyis, the editor for this series, is out of scanlation for the foreseeable future. If you would like to take over as editor, you're welcome to do so, though you would be expected to maintain her standards and conventions. Short of that, however, scanlation of this series will not progress.

>> No.18224  

I dunno how important it is to post here about it but, as Gulf Standard is already aware, I'll be at least cleaning this for now to try and help get it finished up.

>> No.18459  

Does anyone still have raws for this?

>> No.18465  

So it looks like you're typesetting this now? I can take over doing that or if you're almost done I can start cleaning chapter 9 if raws are available.

>> No.18466  

The series does need a typesetter. Alice is doing it for now but an additional one would be great. The rest of volume 2 is already scanned.

>> No.18467  

I prefer cleaning/redrawing over typesetting so I'd like to do those as well if I'm going to typeset.

>> No.18470  


We've actually got two people cleaning at the moment as it is. The Tov-Anon poster above has cleaned one extra already while I've been working on cleaning this chapter and I'll be typesetting the both of them pretty soon.

>> No.18471  

so do you want me to typeset one of them then?

>> No.18472  

I was talking to Gulf Standard earlier and he brought up a good point actually. Even if we have others helping right now we'd still be limited in how quickly we can work because he's a rather active translator outside of just this series.

If you're up for it you might have a look at one of the other series that currently need editors though. I know Kase-san needs one right now. I was planning on having a look at it myself after Comprehensive Tovarisch is finished if nobody else picks it up in the mean time but it'd be better if someone else with the right skills could do it instead since it'd get done quicker that way.

>> No.18473  

so i just make a new thread asking for raws and a TL?

>> No.18474  

You'd be better off waiting for Gulf Standard on that one. This is actually my first project for Yuri Project so I'm still not certain how it works. Once that part of the site is back up though you should check the "project status" link at the top of the page. There may already be a thread for whatever the next chapter of Kase-san is.

>> No.18475  

Current Kase chapter is >>17494.

I think you may have misinterpreted my point, as I've mostly retired from translating.

>> No.18476  

Oh, did I? My mistake then. Sorry about that!

>> No.18477  

I'll start with that chapter of kase-san then.

>> No.18485  

Gulf Standard recommended I ask for some feedback here. This is my first time really doing any typesetting so I'd like to get some feedback early on to try and save time redoing anything I did incorrectly later on.

If anyone's got some feedback or criticism on what I've already done I'd appreciate it.

>> No.18486  

Ah, I'm not really used to how imageboards work. That didn't link how I was expecting, lol.


>> No.18497  


Hello, can I have the PSD?

>> No.18503  


Sure. You can download it here: http://alice-cheshire.rocks/test/CT/sougou_tovarisch_vol02_ch08_069.psd

>> No.18504  
File: sougou_tovarisch_vol02_ch08_069qced.png -(815149 B, 2000x2986) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

something like this but you can check the previous chapter if you want to compare

sfx: clench
type horizontally then rotate

always have a copy of your background layer

-don't change the leading, tracking, kerning, vertical scale, horizontal scale, baseline shift unless you really need to

Do not make the text too large just to fill up the bubble, but not too small either.

fonts: will be using your own fonts or Phyis'?
remember to change/shift your fonts when the raw changes (that page used 6 fonts)

image - 2000px
“PNG-8”, “Adaptive”, “Diffusion”, type in 32 for “Colors”, “Dithers” 100%, uncheck “Transparency”, “Image Size” type in 2000 for Height 11), “Quality” Bicubic, click Save

>> No.18506  


Thanks for the feedback.

One question though: What's the purpose of duplicating the background layer if I'm not modifying it in any way anyways?

I don't know how I failed to notice that the vertical spacing (leading I think it is according to the diagram you linked) got that screwy in spots. That would be due to my version of Photoshop being weird if you change text's font size after having typed it out. For some reason it actually doesn't change the vertical spacing with it.

The lack of padding seems to be the biggest complaint I've had from people who have given me feedback so I'll definitely keep that in mind in the future.

The fonts I'm using should be the same ones Phyis was using I think. Gulf Standard sent me a list of fonts for this series and I went and tried to hunt all of them down, though I had to guess on a few and couldn't track one down at all. (It's in the list I was given as "typecanoo".) And yep, I definitely need to remember to do that. I know there's at least one instance I missed where I needed to change things. (Bottom right panel has bold text in one bubble while it's not bold in the other.)

And those are the settings I'm supposed to use when I go to upload the chapter, right? I hadn't bothered with this upload since I was specifically looking for feedback. I should write down those settings in my notes though so I don't have to go searching for them later.

Thanks again for your feedback!

>> No.18508  


> What's the purpose of duplicating the background layer if I'm not modifying it in any way anyways?

it's your backup copy and you can use it when you want to compare/check the raw vs the edited version

> For some reason it actually doesn't change the vertical spacing with it.



maybe typeecanoe?

>And those are the settings I'm supposed to use when I go to upload the chapter,


you're welcome~

>> No.18510  

Oh, okay. That's a bit of a moot point in my case then. I always make a copy of each page before I do any editing on it so I can quickly switch between them through Irfanview.

On the text spacing thing: For example I had one bubble at 128px font size at one point. I later bumped this up to, I think, 160. The vertical spacing however stayed at 128 and I had to change that myself.

And that very well could be the missing font. I know there were at least a few typoes in the list. The font "rabiohead" was on there as "radiohead" for example.

>> No.18514  

just make a copy. the main use of that is it serves as your backup copy in case you mess up editing(redraw/cloning, leveling) and you want to restore something

if you open PS, then character palette, what numbers can you see in the leading and tracking?

>> No.18527  

Well it's not like it's going to be much effort to duplicate it anyways.

And I just opened Photoshop to check and the leading is set to 306px while the tracking is set to 0. (And the font size is set to 512px.)

>> No.18528  

that's the setting when you opened PS? without a file?
if so just set the leading to auto and tracking to 0, baseline shift to 0, and the scales to 100%. and whenever you begin a new edit, recheck your settings just to make sure.

>> No.18540  


Yeah, that was without a file. I'll make sure to reset it though when I go to work on it next.

>> No.18660  
File: sougou_tovarisch_vol02_ch08_076 copy.psd -(1730603 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I am a begginner and just typeset this page. Please check it for any mistakes and guide lines as to how to improve it.

>> No.18673  

Hi, Autumn! Thank you for volunteering to help but this series has already some people doing the editing.
If you're still interested, you may want to check the board or this not so updated status page http://status.yuriproject.net/(most of them are stalled but just ask first here to confirm) and see if you like to edit another one. Thank you very much!

>> No.18677  

Ah, I probably should have actually posted here. They (she I'm assuming since Autumn's a girl's name) got in contact with me through Dynasty wanting to clean and I told them we didn't need anymore cleaners but if they were interested we could really use a typesetter since I never wanted to actually do the typesetting in the first place. If Autumn can do a decent enough job at the typesetting I'd prefer to let them do it instead.

>> No.19548  


>> No.19868  

So... You guys need help with this manga or not?

>> No.19875  


Unfortunately I've kinda stopped working on it myself since I never wanted to typeset this to begin with and the person who offered to flaked out on us immediately so it could definitely use someone to work on it. I've already got this chapter and one or two of the others cleaned so I can upload that at some point for someone else to finish the typesetting on it.

>> No.20061  

Can you upload the chapter and fonts, Alice? I should be able to get started on the typesetting tomorrow.

>> No.20062  


Fonts: http://alice-cheshire.rocks/tmp/Scanlation/Comprehensive%20Tovarisch%20Fonts.zip

Chapter psds: http://alice-cheshire.rocks/tmp/Scanlation/COMPC08ED.zip

Credits template since I don't remember if it's in the chapter zip:

There's also one chapter after this that's already cleaned which I can upload later. I'll have to go check who it was that cleaned that one though since I can't remember off the top of my head.

>> No.20066  
File: sougou_tovarisch_vol02_ch08_069_a.png -(1506457 B, 1340x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You sure those are the right PSDs? I see a lot of dust, some obvious clone tracks, and black splotches in the "Episode 8" boxes.

>> No.20069  


Looking at it you should make sure that all proper layers are visible and at 100% opacity. The "episode 8" bit looks like I was using a duplicated layer to line things up or something so it wasn't being affected by the leveling.

For the sound effect across her head, that one may have just been turned white or something since it looks like it's actually there. It's been long enough since I last worked on it that I don't actually remember exactly what I was doing anymore.

>> No.20072  

Well, if you're saying it's cleaned already then maybe it's the PSDs not wanting to play with GIMP? I messed with every combination of visibility and I couldn't get it looking cleaner than that. If something is getting lost in transition, it might be better for you to export the image and I'll work with that.

>> No.20078  


Gimp can have problems in displaying some teyt, layer modes and layer masks of psd files correctly. Especially when one of the more recent photoshop versions was used to create the psd file.

>> No.20079  


I'm definitely not having those issues on my end. I can upload a png version of it later today though. Do you want me to upload pngs with none of the text at all or do you want me to leave the text I'd already done?


This is probably the issue then. I'm using Adobe CC and the psds for this chapter were made using CC 2016 which is the second newest version.

>> No.20081  

I would prefer without text. I don't want to waste your work, but I'm afraid the typesetting won't look consistent. I've had issues before with text looking different between Photoshop and GIMP.

>> No.20084  


Alrighty. It'll be awhile before I can get to it but I'll deal with this later today.

>> No.20086  

Alright, png version will be up in just a minute or two. It's at the same link as last time.

>> No.20087  

Thanks, that did the trick. I'll try to get this done over the weekend.

>> No.20088  
File: compntl.PNG -(170164 B, 501x373) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The ガタガタ on page 74 is untranslated. I put it down as "gabber", but I'm not sure if that's correct.

>> No.20089  

It's clattering of the cups and plates (clatter).

>> No.20092  
File: compntl2.PNG -(352593 B, 799x506) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

One more untranslated SFX. バタン on page 91.

>> No.20094  

Probably 'slam'.

>> No.20097  

Chapter 8 ready for QC.


>> No.20133  

Looks good. Can I release it like this?

>> No.20137  

Here's the updated credits page.

I'm fine with releasing it, not sure about Alice.

>> No.20142  


You should change "editing" to "cleaning" in the credits since editing covers both cleaning and typesetting but other than that if everyone else thinks it's fine then it's fine with me.

>> No.20143  

Updated credits.

>> No.20151  


>> No.20158  
File: pg 88.png -(225484 B, 814x744) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>pg 88, thisaway

this way

>> No.20160  


>> No.20211  

Is there a translation for later chapters? Would love to keep typesetting if Alice cleans.

>> No.20213  


I have the script Gulf Standard gave me for the next chapter (special 5 according to the filename) and that one's actually cleaned already as well. Though I can't remember who it was that cleaned it at the moment and I'd need to look through my emails to find their name.

I also have the raws for specials 6-7 (it's one file), special 8, and what I'd assume is extra 2. Though I'm not certain which order those would need to be done in and none of them are cleaned yet. I'll be a bit busy today but I can upload what I have for the next chapter tomorrow. (As well as hunt down who it was that cleaned that one.)

Is there a thread for that chapter already? If so could someone link it? I don't actually check the board. I just have a browser addon that checks this specific thread for page updates currently.

>> No.20224  

Script for the next chapter: http://www.alice-cheshire.rocks/tmp/Scanlation/sougou-tovarisch-08x.txt

The pages: http://www.alice-cheshire.rocks/tmp/Scanlation/COMPS05ED.zip

As for who cleaned this one I went and dug through my emails and it looks like this one was cleaned by Tov-Anon. Or at least that's the name they used to post here.

If someone could let me know which chapter is the next one I'll get started cleaning that within the next week or so.

>> No.20225  

Thanks. I'm probably gonna be a lot slower on this chapter; addicted to vidya right now.

As for the next chapters, order is:
Break Time (Part 6-8)
Volume Extra

And could you get me the raws as well? Can't place text without knowing where to put them >_>

>> No.20235  


Yeah, sorry about that. If I'd thought about it I would have done that to being with. Raw files are here: http://www.alice-cheshire.rocks/tmp/Scanlation/[RAWS]COMPS05ED.ZIP

And just to be clear the Break Times would be the specials, right?

>> No.20237  


>> No.20436  

Alice, do you have any other cleaned chapters? I'm probably gonna have most of next week off so I'll have a lot of time for typesetting.

>> No.20437  


Unfortunately not. I was intending to clean another chapter like I said but I got busy then completely spaced it until now. And I almost certainly wouldn't be able to get the next one cleaned in time for you to get to it either. I'll try to find the time to clean it anyways soon though.

>> No.20445  
File: p97_untranslated.PNG -(297304 B, 561x633) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Untranslated SFX on page 97.

Also Alice, the page 101 I have isn't cleaned or leveled. Could you send me a fixed page?

>> No.20447  
File: sougou_tovarisch_vol02_101.png -(3234449 B, 2293x3279) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Are you sure you're looking at the page from my zip file? I just went and looked and my local copy is properly leveled and cleaned.

Attached the cleaned one to this post anyways just to be safe though.

>> No.20448  
File: njsda.PNG -(106562 B, 306x491) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

That one looks the same as well. Here's what some parts look like on my screen. The blacks are grayish and theres still a bunch of dust.

>> No.20449  
File: sougou_tovarisch_vol02_101_fixed.png -(1982285 B, 2293x3279) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Oh, oops. I see what happened. I overlooked it when I was checking my local copy but now that I open the psd in Photoshop the levels layer had been disabled. Here's an actually fixed version. Sorry about that!

>> No.20450  

fret fret

>> No.20454  

Thanks, fams. Break Time 5 ready for QC.

>> No.20455  
File: ComTov_qc.txt -(473 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.20456  

I just realized that I don't have a translation for the chapter I'm currently cleaning so it actually wouldn't have meant much even if I'd finished cleaning it earlier anyways. So this one will need a translation before it can be typeset. (This one's named COMPS06-07ED in my files, Break Time 6 and 7 I believe it is.) I can upload the raws if they're not already available here.

>> No.20457  


>>20450 was me, so you can have single attribution for the translation

->separate out "super popular with girls", move it down, increase font size

That's some Better Homes & Gardens stuff right there!
That's some "Better Homes & Gardens" stuff right there!
[Does this line make sense to people? I know it's a bit abstruse.]

>> No.20458  


With no other context besides this post, I understand the reference, for what that's worth.

>> No.20459  
File: sougou-tovarisch-08y.txt -(5916 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's the next one, Break Time 6. I don't really get why 'law of cosines' and 'cosine' are different.

>> No.20460  


A "cosine" of an angle in a triangle is the ratio of two specific sides in relation to that angle. Any two triangles whose three angles are the same will also have proportionally identical side lengths, so the ratio of any two of their sides relative to a specific angle will be the same across those two triangles. This means that the cosine of any particular angle will always be the same, regardless of which triangle it appears in.

The Law of Cosines is a formula that involves the cosine of an angle. Given a triangle with sides of length a, b, and c; and the angle between sides a and b measuring γ; the Law is commonly stated c² = a² + b² - 2ab・cos(γ) . Using this formula, you can compute the length of one of the sides if you know the length of the two other sides and the angle between them, or you can compute the angles of the triangle if you know the lengths of all three sides.

Notice that cos(90°) = 0. So if γ = 90°, then 2ab・cos(γ) = 2ab・0 = 0. Inserting this value into the Law of Cosines, it becomes c² = a² + b², a popular geometric formula generally known as the Pythagorean Theorem. Given this, you can see the Law of Cosines as a sort of generalized Pythagorean Theorem: it allows you to compute some properties of a triangle if you know other properties of it.

I hope that clears up your confusion. I hope your statement of confusion wasn't a joke. I couldn't be sure, given the context.

>> No.20464  

Break Time 5 (v2)

>> No.20465  


>> No.20514  


Sorry this took so long. There were a couple of fairly complicated redraws in this one that I kept procrastinating on.

Raws: http://www.alice-cheshire.rocks/tmp/Scanlation/[RAW]COMPS06-07ED.ZIP
Cleaned version: http://www.alice-cheshire.rocks/tmp/Scanlation/[CLEANED]COMPS06-07ED.zip

I'll be cleaning at least one chapter for Kawaii Scans before I get back to this one though. (I'd like to try and get two done before coming back to this if I can manage before you're ready for the next one to be cleaned.) I think I just have the raws for one more chapter anyways. It's titled "COMPE02ED.zip" on my end.

>> No.20672  

Sorry as well for taking so long with this. Here's Break Time 6:

Is there a script available for the next chapter?

>> No.20706  



-panel 2, bubble 1
comma after "failed"

erase the line above "Woo hoo!"

-last panel, bubble
remove space after ellipsis


-erase dark part in bottom right corner


Just wondering what fonts you used for the sfx's in the last panel.

Otherwise, nice job to the both of you.

>> No.20709  


>Just wondering what fonts you used for the sfx's in the last panel.

The "roar" is Feast of Flesh BB Italic and the "crack" is Bucket O Blood Italic.

>> No.20713  


> The "roar" is Feast of Flesh BB Italic and the "crack" is Bucket O Blood Italic.

Ohh, nice.

Anyway, everything looks fine to me.

>> No.20724  

Looks good to me. Can you update the credits to add musicgod96?

>> No.20727  


How did I miss that, haha

>> No.20728  

Oh, oops, I was looking at the previous version.

>> No.20729  


>> No.20733  

Any way I can sped up the trans of this by donating?
Sorry for the intrusion first time using this kind of board .

>> No.20755  

i am serious about donating btw. i really want to read this. plz email me at wnmh-12@hotmail.com

i look forward to your reply.

>> No.20756  

yuri project does not accept donations, iirc.

the best way to help speed up scanlation efforts on this site is to step up and actually fill a role. right now, Comprehensive Tovarisch is waiting for a translation of the next chapter so there wont be any progress made until Gulf Standard (or someone else if Gulf isnt available) provides one.

>> No.20879  

Sorry for bumping the thread for something already released but it's the only one for this series...
Can someone post the remaining chapters please? The ones in the mediafire folder posted in the general/request thread are the Break time/specials.

>> No.21410  

So what needs to be done for this series? Break Time 7? Is Gulf Standard still translating it?

>> No.21412  

I can still translate, but I don't have any raws

>> No.21414  

I have them.
Complete Edition: http://www.mediafire.com/file/660o076sfzkp81h

>> No.21416  

Phenomenal, thank you.

So where are we exactly? Page 209 in volume 1?

>> No.21420  

I believe so. Alice already cleaned that chapter too, I think?

>> No.21824  

Any progress on the translation? I'm gonna be free all week so I can get some typesetting done.

>> No.21848  

No, but I'll do it tomorrow

>> No.22784  
File: 00199.jpeg -(255640 B, 855x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


There was an extra chapter for the series in the Todo no Tsumari Uchouten tank. Are the translations still being worked on?

>> No.23078  

I can try translating, if no one minds?

>> No.23079  


I think that's fine. It's been over six months since the last offer of work.

>> No.23084  
File: comp_break_7.txt -(10489 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Alright, here's break time 7 then!

I used the complete version volume raws to translate, where this is actually break time 6. The current break time 5 we have(the one with Akatsuki and Rika) is break time 7 in that, apparently. Then our 6 is their 5, and this is 6.

I'm not sure if it's worth fixing or not, but I just wanted to point it out.

Feel free to mess around with the punctuation or spelling of the sfx when typesetting. I know it's a little messy.

>> No.23192  

i wont be able to typeset for months so if anyone else wants to take over the typesetting, feel free.

>> No.23233  


Tried my hand at it. Hopefully it's alright!

>> No.23234  


Yeah, this is basically good. Here are a few suggestions for polish.


Hurry up and dry your hair already— (It looks like this font doesn't have a terribly photogenic emdash. Try replacing it with a hyphen set to 200% width.)

In a bit— (Replace emdash with 200% hyphen)


Sending it locally! (It looks like 3コール got misread as ろコール. According to https://www.weblio.jp/content/3%E3%82%B3%E3%83%BC%E3%83%AB , 3コール means letting the phone ring three times, so I think the meaning here is more like, "I'll give her three rings.")


Sorry. Thank you— (Replace emdash with 200% hyphen)


yuriproject.net -> yuri-project.net (The domain name has changed since the most recent release)

>> No.23238  


Fixed. Changed the line to simply "Ringing her up!" since 3コール is a kind of business idiom that doesn't translate fully, from what I can gather.

>> No.23241  
File: fuuu.png -(92396 B, 459x549) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Looking over it a second time, I noticed a few more things:


huff (pic related)


I-I'll eat later. -> I—I'll eat later. (Hyphen to emdash)

I-I said I'll eat it later! -> I—I said I'll eat it later! (Hyphen to emdash)

Just...hurry up and go to school won't you? -> Just...hurry up and go to school, won't you? (Add comma)


Ri-Right. It's me... -> Ri—Right. It's me... (Hyphen to emdash)

[...] Today's release of Jump [...] (In the original, the magazine is called ジョンプ, instead of the actual name, ジャンプ. Do you want to retain the bogus spelling, and call it "Jomp" or something?)


I-I don't know if Jump is sold out or not so! -> I—I don't know if Jump is sold out or not, so! (Hyphen to emdash; add comma. Also, the same Jump/Jomp question.)

Thanks for all your work.

>> No.23247  



I'd say keep Jump as it is, since Jomp is only a copyright limitation and not a punchline or anything, and I feel like it has more room for misinterpretation in English since it's not all katakana. Also it just sounds bad.

>> No.23250  


I think this is ready for release. Thanks for all your work.

>> No.23254  


>> No.23255  

Thanks to everyone for the work!

Are there any more high-resolution scans for the rest of the chapters or would the digital raws be good enough?

>> No.23278  

Also does anyone mind if I pick this series up for my group? I'll be doing cleaning/tl/typesetting from here on out, and I have people who can give qc, so I think it'll be more convenient for me that way.

That way I can get out faster releases too.

>> No.23349  

so, did you pick it up in the end?

>> No.23463  


Hey Purin, any further word on this? I'm definitely interested in working on it should you choose not to continue the endeavour.

>> No.23518  


Thanks for the offer! I've still been working on it for what it's worth, and I think should be done within this month or the next if my pacing keeps up.

>> No.23519  


That's great to hear. Best of luck to you!

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