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File: はやて107_01.jpg -(295725 B, 808x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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106th chapter's clean under the link. A-a-and I still don't know, how this board-system works, so I'll just leave clean for the next chapters here as well. Else I'll leave here link for translate from Japanese on Russian - maybe you'll find someone, who can translate it in English.

>> No.23987  

Ok, last chapters' clean are done.

>> No.24201  

So, we've finished last chapters' translate on Russian! If it helps you (if you have Russian-English translator or anything else), you are free to use it.

>> No.24213  

Does anyone have Japanese raws for the last three chapters so I can finish the translation?

>> No.24223  

http://hxb-lametadelidiota.blogspot.com/p/dd-manga.html?m=1 I hope this helps you

>> No.24224  

Thank you

>> No.24231  

I thought, I left link for last volume's scans here before, but here it again:

>> No.25073  

Took me another long time, but here we go:

QC please.

>> No.25074  

by the way, I couldn't find the thread for ch 108. Has it been posted in this board?

>> No.25144  


>> No.25146  


Just one thing, on page 165, there's a bubble with "Therefore" where the last "e" is on a different line. That should be all one word, if it doesn't fit on a single line I think the split would be "there-fore".

>> No.25151  

Thanks, schuyguy. Corrected.

>> No.25152  

By the way, I still cannot find the thread for ch108. Is there still no translation for that chapter?

>> No.25154  



There's no TL yet for 108. I contacted Gulf Standard, and I think they're planning on finishing this series, not sure when though.

>> No.25156  
File: 159-165.png -(172516 B, 756x410) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>pg 159, "otut" -> "out"
>pg 165, "tneed" -> "need"
>> No.25161  


Thanks for letting us know.

Ryo, could you fix these so I can update the release?

>> No.25169  

has it been fixed yet?

>> No.25200  

Sorry, didn't check the board for awhile. Fixed.

>> No.25201  


Thanks. I've updated the link.

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