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File: 45445-7774-443-667363-78220.png -(1426274 B, 1120x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1426274 No.17453  

Scan by Aomadara, I assume

>> No.17454  
File: wnmwnm1.txt -(26968 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Editors of the previous version get first crack at this. If they don't want it it's open to anybody.

I don't know what the title means and I don't care.

>> No.17483  
File: wnmwnm2.txt -(10709 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

ch 2


>> No.17501  

Any progress on ch 2 translation?

>> No.17502  

The translation's complete, it's in >>17483

>> No.17503  

Thanks. Thought that was just the raws I sent you. To be fair, I haven't clicked the link. Sorry.

>> No.17505  

The rest of the raws you requested

>> No.17506  

I can not download there is an error

>> No.17507  

thx thx \o/

It worked for me who nothing ever works for, what is the nature of your error? Perhaps if you try again tomorrow it'll work. After all, tomorrow... is another day

>> No.17508  

I 'm trying to download from yesterday and it says error when I open the folder is empty :°(

>> No.17509  

you may upload to mediafire please? :°)

>> No.17510  

Sorry, but I'm not going to make a MF acc just for that.

>> No.17511  
File: wnmwnm-3.txt -(10647 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Chapter 3 translation

>> No.17512  
File: wnmwnm-4.txt -(6041 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Chapter 4 translation

>> No.17513  

Sorry, I have problems with ch 3-5 file corrupted. Could you help me please?

>> No.17514  

What's the problem?

>> No.17516  
File: wnmwnm-5.txt -(7187 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Chapter 5 translation

>> No.17518  

Will be deleting this a week from now.


>> No.17519  

You're quick

>> No.17522  

Here to serve

To clarify are you doing >>9522 Kurt?

>> No.17528  

Well Kari~ picked it up so no.

Btw, I have 4 extra pages of the Rainy Song tank (table of contents, extras, front/back covers) should the need arises.

>> No.17529  

Do you intend to work on >>9522, Kari?

>> No.17530  

Ah. Just so everybody know, I'm already doing it c2 cleans while remaking the text from ch 1, but I have had some fairly personal problems, so, progress is slow. The fact that there is a shit load of pages with tons of dialogue per chapter doesn't help either

>> No.17544  

I think your claim might have precedence anyway, Kurt. If you want it, it's yours.

I think the Rainy Song extras were scanned >>17248 (?), but I don't know whether they're ED quality.

>> No.17565  

Eh, I'd rather not work on it, too much work.

If someone does pick it up, I'm willing to edit the first story of Rainy Song (http://dynasty-scans.com/chapters/a_girl_in_ultramarine) so we can release the whole tank in batch.

>> No.17570  

There's a sequel to "Snowflakes" in the True True tank if you want to try to track it down. Though according to Amazon it begins on page 147 of a 148 page book.

>> No.17572  

I thought Kawaii-Scans already are working on the True True tank? They'll probably get to working on it themselves it soon enough.

>> No.17613  
>I do these things because I /want/ to!
>[I'm not sure what specifically she's referring to here]

Isn't 好きでそうしてたわけじゃないですっ negative? Meaning "I don't do these things because I want to"? Which would make a lot more sense.

>> No.17614  

Here is the 1st chapter, up for QC.


>> No.17615  

Well the beginning of the line is "It's not like", so it is negative.

I was more confused about how to translate it exactly, but I think changing the second part to 'I act this way because I /want/ to!' should work.

>> No.17620  

Just wanting to confirm that there is a QC for this already, or should I do it myself?

>> No.17621  

Wait for a few more days. While waiting, you can read this http://wiki.yuriproject.net/guidelines

Btw, how did you resize the pages? And could you add a credits page?

>> No.17622  

Hm. I see. Will correct that ASAP. Any other QC notes?

>> No.17623  

This is not the final product. I just resized and saved as jpeg to reduce the size of the zip. Once I'm told the corrections necessary, I will zip the final archive, with credits page and all, and post it here, so you guys can release at your site and I can release on Batoto

>> No.17624  

The raws are natively 1600px tall.

>> No.17626  


Um, I need the resized version (the 1600px )for the QC...but okay, for now:
->include the first two pages
->dust -check all pages (especially the bubbles) and remove all the dust you will notice
->check your text centering

>> No.17627  

The first two pages are just the cover and back cover. Nothing to QC there, really.

There is no dust. This is ebook raws.

Any specific one? I'm pretty sure they are all centered

>> No.17630  


>no dust

I see. Traces of Japanese characters, then.
like: http://puu.sh/kKQoV/0b435c2ab1.jpg

>Any specific one

examples ( 2 pages only; I think we should wait for GS first because he might change some wordings; it might make some text centering QC invalid):

page 5
panel1: higher
panel 4, bubble 1: move a bit to the left

page 6
p1b2: a bit to the right
p1b4: a bit higher? (probably reshape it? top part looks too flat)

p2b2: higher

p4b2: higher

What's the main dialogue font?

>> No.17632  

I think most of the emphases are represented, but honestly it was hard to tell at times. Feel free to go to double emphasis (bold+italics, or increase size) if you feel it isn't showing up.

[these I would change, since they're in bubbles]


You're sure?

Won't you make a bad impression
You won't make a bad impression

Nobody even sees what you come in.
Nobody even sees what you come in in.

Of course I'm grateful that she cares so much about me, but...
I mean, of course I'm grateful that she cares so much about me.

Just not making problems for her, not causing her any worry...
Just doing my best not to make more trouble for her, or cause her any worry.

Sometimes it all... feels a little heavy.
Honestly it all... weighs a little heavy sometimes.

Ah! P... please forgive me!
Ah! Pl... please forgive me!


So... how exactly do you fix...?
So... how exactly /do/ you fix it?


Wouldn't want to
I wouldn't want to

Do as you wish.
Do what you like.

Of course...
Of course.

I'll be using it first.
->handwriting-style font

I wouldn't have survived here long.
I wouldn't have made it here long.

Hey! Asami~!
Hey! Asami!

What are you doing over here?
What are you up to over here?


Oh did we?
Oh, did we?

Human Affairs
Human Resources
[yeah... not sure where I got "Human Affairs" from]

Hold it in a little, would you?
Tone it down a little, would you?

the bosses /are/ all pretty strict
the bosses ARE all pretty strict
[note: in general, with lower-case fonts, you can substitute capitals for italics]

Thanks so much for everything you've done for her, since she was little.
Thanks so much for everything you've always done for her.

definitely flirting with you
definitely after you

a boyfriend in my life
one boyfriend my whole life


a proposal, wasn't it.
a proposal, wasn't it?

"I want to look after her the rest of her life."
"I want to look after her the rest of my life."

concern for me, every since I was little.
concern for me ever since I was a little.

honor their expectations.
honor their expectations for me.

I feel suffocated...
I feel like I'm suffocating...

Meeting a supplier
Meeting a merchant
[Note - I had some trouble figuring out what 加盟店 would mean in a financial context. Evidently what it refers to are stores that participate in your company's credit card program.]

Bind these materials up, just like the sample shows.
Bind these materials up, would you? Just like the sample shows.

Cover of the book: Sample
->can be deleted

Oh my~
Hoo, boy...

It- It's okay!
N... no, that's all right!

Besides, as for doing as I'm told... that's because this is work...
And... "dancing on strings?" I mean, this is our job.


Huh?? Why is he here!?
What!? Why is /he/ here!?

[if it would fit on one line]

Ooh, a prior engagement?
Ooh, prior engagement?

... [horizontal]

[if font doesn't support this, that's fine]

and pretty handsome too
Plus he's fairly good-looking

Always doing what I am told.
I'm just dancing on other people's strings!

That's not happiness?
That doesn't count as happiness to you?

I know that! And I know I'm being awful to Haruto by running away like this!
I know! I get it! I understand I'm being awful to Haruto by running away like this!

always had Haruto protecting me...
always had Haruto protecting me.

Th... that's /cold/!!
->increase emphasis on "cold"

I don't do these things because I want to
I act this way because I /want/ to!

this is the best way for
this is best for


I'm going home!
I'm going home.
[normal dialogue font]

You can
See? You can

It might not get you anything, but things are so much easier when you can say it out loud.
It might not get you anything, but it's all so much easier once you say it out loud.

I'm sorry for being rude to you like that.
I'm sorry for provoking you like that.


Your tears

No... what?

fresh experience
new experience

The smell of tobacco and a lot of alcohol
The smell of tobacco, and a lot of alcohol.

piercing my world
piercing my world.

thrust it away.
thrust that away.

>> No.17635  


Yeah, that's original from the raw. I found it weird too. Will get on with the corrections ASAP

>> No.17751  

I will be releasing the raws. I do not have time to work on this anymore due to IRL circumstances. Hope you guys can do a better job than me.

Here are the raws plus some of the files I've worked on. 1st chapter is fully cleaned and redrawed and 80% typeset. Rest is just the raws. Sumanai


>> No.18187  

Gulf Standad, are you still interested in translating this?

>> No.18189  

I have already translated it.

>> No.18194  

Chapter 6-10 too?

>> No.18195  

I'll consider that shore once its sands are reached

>> No.18196  

Ok. I'm just asking. I can post raws but I must be sure if you will do it.

>> No.18305  
File: 00022.jpeg -(188864 B, 713x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's chapter 6.

The resolution of the images in my ebook are not that high as in Kallamaze's ebook so I don't know if this is good enough for you.

>> No.18456  

Hikikomori Honyaku released the second chapter.

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