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12695 No.20070  

I have the 1st Volume. Is there anyone willing to translate? I'll do the editing.

>> No.20071  

You put the title on the Name field, just saying.

Anyway, it's already been officially translated (by Viz, if I recall correctly?). Bad scans of the translated thing, but here you go: http://www.kissmanga.io/manga/last-waltz.html

Probably a better copy somewhere with less artifacts, but I'm too lazy to look for it.

>> No.20073  

I would be very interested to know about an official English license for this series, but I haven't been able to turn anything up on the Internet. It doesn't seem to be advertised on the websites of Viz, Tokyopop, Kodansha, Yen Press, Seven Seas, Vertical, or One Peace Books. The cover of the scans linked seems to be the original Japanese cover, touting it as a YuriHime title, and no credits pages are provided. Searching amazon.com's "books" listing doesn't reveal anything remotely similar, and even broadly searching "katakura" turns up none of Katakura Ako's work.

If this is an official English translation, my guess is that it's not done by an American publisher. I'd still be interested to know where it's from and who publishes it.

(As far as I can tell, those scans follow American spelling conventions, but I noticed only one instance ["behavior" instead of "behaviour"]).

>> No.20075  

Sorry, I did't know about the English licence.
Do you know any link about this?

>> No.20080  

What Kurt linked doesn't seem like an official translation at all. There are Japanese fragments left, and the text is clearly edited after scanning.

>> No.20082  

Oh, I should've checked thoroughly. I remember reading a review blog about it and I assumed it was officially translated. My bad.

You're right, it was probably just badly scanlated. Sorry for giving out misleading info.

Will translators/editors still be interested in editing this though given that the whole first volume's already been done (albeit badly)?

>> No.20085  

Oh. Well, still. if anyone is interested in translating the volume 1, i'll still give the link.

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>> No.20359  

Do you happen to have the 2nd volume too?

>> No.20393  

>>20359 I have em

>> No.20394  

Would be great if you can post it. Thanks!

>> No.20426  

found better raws on the internet.

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