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File: holy_girl_paradigm_002.jpg -(258805 B, 892x1266) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
258805 No.21577  

Hello, I mentioned in the General thread that I would like to try to continue Holy Girl Paradigm where it left off 2.5(!) years ago.

In that thread, Procyon provided the following:

>Did this continue past Hirari? I have raws for chapter 6 & 7 from Hirari 13 & 14. Not sure if threads were made for those.

This appears to be chapter 6 and 7, but according to the page I posted there also appears to be an afterword that isn't linked here.

I've already started cleaning in the hopes that someone else can translate, so if someone would like to translate, I could do the text too.


>> No.21758  

Well, no one ever tried translating, so I'm going to post some PSDs here. They're mostly done.


>> No.22093  
File: hgp6.txt -(14690 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's the translation for chapter 6. Sorry, I put this off for a bit. I was busy doing important things like reading and gardening.

>> No.22112  

Everything is just fine! I have some important things too, but I will get to this eventually.
In the mean time, does anyone know what fonts were used previously?

>> No.22125  

The title font is KG Ray of Sunshine

I'm browsing dafont for the particular font used in the text. Haven't found it yet, although I did find some quite similar alternatives

>> No.22126  


After a while searching I found the text font. I remember using it way back when I did graphic work for a school.

It's Chinacat!

>> No.22134  

I asked elsewhere too and they said:
Top one is Chinacat thin.
Bottom is KG Ray of Sunshine.
The middle one is Anjelika Rose.

>> No.22136  

More specifically:
Chinacat Thin - Narration
KG Ray of Sunshine - Title
Anjelika Rose - Dialogue

>> No.22138  

Okay, here is chapter 6. Please give me some QC. I can supply the .PSD files too if you want.

I was going to replace the title on the first page, but trying to fix those flowers with smokey text outline all over it was killing me. Hopefully it is fine as it is here.

>> No.22140  

Sorry I've been putting this off a bit. I transcribed chapter 7 and just thought, phew, that's a lot of text for 24 pages. I'm working on it now, though, so I'll try to have it done in a couple of days.

Here are some corrections. Unfortunately, I can't help much with editing if you have concerns there.
It startled me how short it was before things went back to normal. -> It startled my how uneventfully things went back to normal.

It feels much better not that we're back to being friends. -> It feels much better now that we're back to being friends.

Missing "I don't have any regrets, but..." in the bottom left.

Like Midori said, that's how love in when you're a teen... not to mention both girls. -> Like Midori said, that's how love is when you're a teen... not to mention both girls.

In the bottom left she's mentally shouting, and the text is bigger than the rest in Japanese, but it's quite small here.

Missing "I'll quit the literature club."

Well, it's not like its decided yet but... -> Well, it's not like it's decided yet, but...

I did fall in love with you after all, so it may be possible? -> I did fall in love with you after all, so it's possible.

Letter... -> Letter?

>> No.22141  

Thanks. I'm not claiming to be the best editor in the world, but what I'm doing is far better than letting it sit for another three years.

Here's everything fixed up:

>> No.22144  

That's the spirit!

One more thing:
Please don't use a question mark for "I did fall in love with you after all, so it's possible?"

>> No.22149  

Ah, sorry, I missed that!
Here's the update:

>> No.22150  

Looks good. In the credits, the raws are from Phyis. (you can reupload just the credits page here if you want)

>> No.22151  
File: credits-hpg6.png -(120570 B, 1073x562) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.22152  
File: hgp7.txt -(18901 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Here's chapter 7. It's interesting how it plays with yuri tropes. The page where Aoi and Reika talk about the school rules and how tradition is nice and everything, but some rules need to be changed really sums things up. I imagine it was more relevant when it was published 10 years ago, but stuff like, "Girls love is just a phase," or, "I love you, but in a completely platonic way that just happens to be indistinguishable from actual romance," still comes up.

>> No.22153  


>> No.22154  

Yeah, it's clear right from the first chapter it's about yuri tropes, starting off hard with the "beautiful, refined ojou-sama" and "everyone in the girls' school is gay" tropes. I'll start on this soon.

>> No.22155  

Side-note: I guess that sage is disabled, but noko still works here?

>> No.22158  

Both sage and noko work.

(the thread was already on top when you saged)

>> No.22165  

Makes sense. Let's see if nokosage works. I'm also starting to work on chapter 7 typesetting now.

>> No.22175  
File: dsdfsdfsdfsdf.png -(295053 B, 937x647) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The wording on the panel on the right here (page 347) seems strange. Is she trying to say that Aoi is special to her, or am I misunderstanding?

>> No.22176  

Pretty much. That part threw me at first, but I think it's referring to the bit about friends before. When they were talking in the bathroom, Riri said she didn't mind things the way they were, then Yuki asked if that was because "friendship never ends." Riri then responded talking about how she doesn't believe that, and has lost contact with old friends, especially the ones with boyfriends. For the line in question, I think she's implying that she's not worried about anything happening to their relationship because she thinks Aoi is special and different from other friends. That's my interpretation, at any rate.

>> No.22177  

Oh, that she doesn't believe Aoi is the type of friend that she will never hear from again. I got you.

Anyway, I just finished the text. Take a look!

>> No.22181  

Cool. Unless tank scans show up with the extra and afterword, we're just about done. Let me know if you see another series you want to finish.

The two bubbles in the middle left panel should be switched.

You never know what'll happen in real life. -> You never know what'll happen in life.

Sorry, there's still something I have to discuss with Reiko-sama-- -> Sorry, there's still something I have to discuss with Reika-sama--

There. -> Here.

And then I was saying it out load, right? -> And then I was saying it out loud, right?

That's why I don't mind if things stay they way they are. - > That's why I don't mind if things stay the way they are.

Maybe just do quotes instead of the 「」 thing.

Missing the ♪ in the last bubble.

If it's longer than the white line around the collar, it must be tied. -> If it covers the white line around the collar, it must be tied.

Missing "Slam" in the bottom right.

You're being loud, Yuki. -> Yuki, you're being loud.

This feeling since me came about so naturally that I hadn't noticed it until now. -> This feeling inside me came about so naturally that I hadn't noticed it until now.

Spring -> spring

Could you put "Ahem" on Riri's side? It looks like Aoi is interrupting her, but it's more like Riri going "look at me."

>> No.22182  

Update: https://files.catbox.moe/tb6evm.zip

If the afterword and extras are found, I can do them. I don't actively lurk YP boards, but if you post in the General thread on /u/ I'll probably see it.
I'll also post the .PSD file .zip archives once everything is out in the event something needs to be changed later.

Are there any other YP series which have been stuck in scanlation for far too long, or anything else by Morishima? Doing this editing is really boring and all, but I might work on something.

>> No.22183  

Thanks. Just one more things
"Love will one day end, but friendship lasts a lifetime?" -> "Love will one day end, but friendship lasts a lifetime"?

I've only recently been translating some things on YP, and I don't typically read translated manga, so hell if I know what long abandoned projects are floating around. I've seen the 2DK, GPen, Alarm Clock thread, but it's a big project, and I don't want to translate that Kyuushuu dialect.

I hear you about editing. It's not something I'm tempted to do, and I appreciate the people who take the time to do it.

>> No.22184  

Update: https://files.catbox.moe/hpn6w6.zip

>> No.22189  


>> No.22191  

HGP6 PSD: https://files.catbox.moe/9jju1s.zip
HGP7 PSD: https://files.catbox.moe/y711nc.zip

>> No.22193  

While reading chapter 7 I found a small typo on page 348:
"Me devotion to her..." ← My devotion

>> No.22196  
File: 0348.png -(528583 B, 1403x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Good catch. Here's the updated page.

>> No.22198  


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