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File: hontono-kokoro-8-1-768x1068.jpg -(188900 B, 768x1068) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
188900 No.22358  

Original raws: http://yurinavi.com/2018/07/16/hontono-kokoro-8/

Zip: http://www.mediafire.com/file/i2irpj2sw7l5nxr/Honto_no_Kokoro_ch08.rar/file

4 pages

>> No.22359  

I'm translating this.

I'm almost done, there is sort of a cliffhanger, and I want to wait for the next chapter to make sure I've got the context right. Next chapter should be out this weekend, translation shortly after.

>> No.22362  


Take your time. I haven't seen Procyon around, so we haven't even released Ch6 and Ch7 yet.

>> No.22414  
File: Honto no kokoro 8.txt -(2167 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Translation, finally.

Couple of things I had trouble with and would very much appreciate double-checked (apart from my usual grammar mistakes):

Page 2, first panel: 'I' is the best thing I could come up with as they blurting out at the same time. Feel free to change it to something that makes more sense to you.

Page 3, 進路のこと考えてたらそろそろ変わらないと: I'm not sure what needs to change. Oono herself makes most sense to me. Other option I considered is her career choice.

Anyway, working on chapter 9 now.
Thanks everyone for help

>> No.22416  


Thanks! Will get to it immediately. Should be done in a bit.

>> No.22417  

Done. QC please.


>> No.22426  


It looks like the resolution is lower than usual. Was this not upscaled? I wouldn't mention it but that it's messing with some of the typesetting—the stem and the dot on the '!'s bleed together and look like 'l's.


But you are special...so don't tell anyone. -> But you are special...don't tell anyone else!


but a bit more would... -> But I feel a bit... (This phrase is extremely ambiguous, and I think "a bit more would..." is interpreting Oono's thoughts a bit more heavily than you can strictly justify.)

>> No.22428  

>>22426 I think both 6 & 7 was not upscaled.

>> No.22432  

The raws are all 768x1068, so I've always been exporting them in the original size (I'm not a fan of that blurry effect that happens when you scale up low-res images). I can export larger images, though that won't really affect resolution. What size should I do, then?

By the way, I noticed the ! problem before. I normally type ! in a different font to avoid it, but it seems I forgot to do so this time. Will fix it soon.

>> No.22434  

Updated: http://www.mediafire.com/file/knvmyzu5h792w5n/Honto_no_Kokoro_Ch8.zip/file

This is still in the same resolution as the raws (768x1068), tell me if you want me to export larger images (and if so please tell me also which dimension is preferred).

>> No.22435  


As long as the text is readable, I don't think we need to do any upscaling. I'm fine with the trick of using a different font for exclamation points only.

I think this is ready for release.

>> No.22444  


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