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303554 No.2261  


Hayashiya Shizuru new series from Rakuen magazine.

>> No.4254  

Translation by Anonymous: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mBMCGZC9BGnqEnQheO1ibKc8ZI3G6ZY_mgiW-nEtozU/edit

The threads on /u/:
part 1: http://nsfw.foolz.us/u/thread/1211758/#1212684
part 2: http://nsfw.foolz.us/u/thread/1217866/#1217866

>> No.10204  

Tank scans: http://www.mediafire.com/?d1ndbzix06v9qtf

Will scan the other chapters once this is edited.

It would be great if someone could provide a scan of the dust jacket from version with the drama CD.

Thread cleaned up.

>> No.10205  

The first foolz link has a list of fonts used in the oneshot this follows up on. Editor's choice whether to use those or deviate.

>> No.10549  

I'd like to sign up to edit this, but there are a few things

How long is it? MangaUpdates has it listed as complete at one volume, but does not say how many chapters.

If I do edit this, is there a translator who's willing to continue it? Because I doubt the guy from /u/ who did this over a year ago is still around. Kind of pointless to pick up a series if it'll never get finished.

Also the translation was done with poor quality raws. Pages 10 and 21 are missing lines in the translation that were cut off in the raw.

>> No.10556  

3 chapters plus extras, around 110 pages in total. And the original translator is still around, whether they are still willing to continue is another matter though.

>> No.10559  

Thank you for the scans. Haven't read anything by this mangaka since Strawberry Shake Sweet.

>> No.10562  


>110 pages in total

Eh, that's not very long for a series. But I guess that means it's mostly translated.

>the original translator is still around

In that case I might as well do this.

Also did you see what I said about "The Real Her" in the general thread? What's the status on that?

>> No.10573  

I'm actually going to put this off a bit till some of my other stuff is out of QC. The redraws in this are brutal.

>> No.10593  

Kyra isn't off the grid that long, but she wasn't really all that into doing this anyway. If you want, give it a shot. WP can supply a font list. Just be aware that while short, a lot of the redraws are not exactly trivial.

>> No.10596  
File: puberty_organism_vega_ch01_04.png -(183632 B, 930x676) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>she wasn't really all that into doing this anyway.

Okay I'll get those done then.

>a lot of the redraws are not exactly trivial.

They look much easier than first few pages a Vega alone. Which I'm slowly chipping away at, like this page itself is going to take me a while just to erase that sfx.

>> No.13862  

What does the tankoubon contain aside from the main story? Heart Cooker?

>> No.13863  


>> No.13864  

Anything else?

>> No.13866  

No, the rest is Vega.

>> No.13868  

I'll be willing to translate anything remaining in the series if it becomes necessary.

>> No.13872  

I actually forgot I said I'd edit this. I'm still willing to do it, but I'm a kind of far behind at the moment. I've been a little bit strapped for time lately.

Gulf Standard, is there any series in particular you'd like to see finished first? I was just going to focus on Lemonade, only about a page and a half left on the next chapter which I was going to finish when I got home tonight.

>> No.13873  

No, I'm indifferent. Whatever happens to have your interest.

>> No.15277  

Picked up by geeba

>> No.15299  

That's the oneshot. This is the series.

>> No.17393  

What is the present status on this project? How much work has been done?

>> No.17395  

If you're directing that at me, I haven't done anything with this yet.

>> No.17396  

Someone else may be willing to attempt it, would you be amenable to that?

>> No.17398  

Yeah, I have no issue with someone else wanting to work on this. It's really redraw intensive, and my time is kind of limited these days.

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