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366048 No.23504  

One-shot, 20 pages.

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>> No.24279  

Finished it. It's my first time editing so feedback is more than welcome

>> No.24280  

Where is the link lol

>> No.24282  


The link was anchored to your username.

A couple points:

In general, I think you can probably increase the base size of the text one or two pts. While it's not necessary or desirable to fill all bubbles completely, it's generally good to try to settle on the largest base text size that still lets the text breathe with a little in most bubbles. I think the text here is a little small, making it seem slightly out of proportion with the illustrations and a little more difficult to read.

Sayo, hold up! I can't run as fast as you! Sayo? (Consider emboldening as well as italicizing; you can emlarge the text in the following balloon ["Sayo!"] to retain a distinction. If you feel like that's still to similar, then consider changing the font here instead of applying the italic effect. The original changes fonts here, so it may be best to mirror that in the adaptation.)

>> No.24283  

I see.

Thanks a lot for the feedback! Here is the new link.

>> No.24287  
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I think this base size definitely looks better.

Attached are a couple more things that I think should be changed before we release.

>> No.24289  

I edited the pages according to the list. I learned a lot with your feedback.

>> No.24291  


I think this is good almost ready to be released. I should have mentioned this earlier, but the one requirement for credits pages (in addition to including the credits) is that they include a link to the homepage: https://yuri-project.net . Once the link is in place, I think we'll be good to release.

I'm glad my comments have been helpful. If you're looking for additional guidance, I always recommend Anon Black's Typesetting guide ( https://mangadex.org/title/43627/anonblack-s-typesetting-guide ) and Red Hawk Scan's typesetting guide ( https://web.archive.org/web/20190912213919/https://fallensyndicate.wordpress.com/typesetting-tutorial/ ; the current live version is missing the essential images, though this archival link includes them ).

It may be of further assistance to look at Yuri Project's own editing guide at https://wiki.yuri-project.net/Editing%20Tutorial . It's mostly concerned with preparing raw scans of printed publications, which aren't so applicable with clean pages ripped straight from online publications, but still contains useful advice about some of the most common image editing tools. I encourage you as well to look at Yuri Project's guidelines at https://wiki.yuri-project.net/Guidelines for suggestions on what to do in certain situations.

>> No.24292  

I added the link in the credits. https://www.mediafire.com/file/null/Ephermeral_War.zip/file
Wow, thank you for the links to the guides. I hope that we can work together with less reviews soon after reading them and some practice!

>> No.24296  


It looks like there's a problem with your link.

>> No.24297  

Oh sorry. This one should work now.

>> No.24298  


There we go. I think this is ready for release.

>> No.24301  


I noticed one issue. On the credits page, you have the title as "Ephermeral War". It should be "Ephemeral War".

>> No.24302  

I corrected it.

>> No.24303  



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