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431596 No.23575  

One-shot, 16 pages.

>> No.24290  

I can edit this if someone likes to translate it. For the boba!

>> No.24320  
File: ordinary_day.txt -(11280 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Here you go.

One thing: the intro page has an imitation of an Instagram post. I'm not very familiar with Instagram, so there may be better translations for some of the tags that I'm just not aware of. Here is a list of the ones I'm least confident in:

> #泣きすぎ
> #cantstopthetears

Literally, "crying too much." I think the tears in question are supposed to be tears of joy. If there's an Instagram equivalent of Tumblr's famous "what is air," then this is probably a good place to use it.

> #ブスすぎw
> #lolsofugly

This strikes me as a standard social media gesture of humility that's frequently interpreted as disingenuous or as fishing for a compliment on one's appearance.

> #指ハートすな
> #fingerheart

This is the gesture the character on the left is making, with the thumb and forefinger crossed. I don't think it's popular outside of Asia, particularly Japan and Korea? (My brief research suggests that it was popularized by a Korean boy band.) So there may not really be a standard English-language equivalent, but if there is, we should use it here.

> #差し入れ渡せた
> #pickmeupdelivered

If there's a tag for giving someone food and refreshment in the middle of a performance, after work, or after an athletic event, this is the place to use it. I've translated 差し入れ as "pick-me-up" throughout, and if there's a better term to use here in the tag, it might be prudent to change the rest of the text, as well.

> #だーいすき
> #loveitloveitloveit

My first impulse was to use #lovinit, but the McDonald's corporation employs that so frequently that I wanted to avoid it, since there's no association here.

>> No.24322  


> #指ハートすな

I've always heard this called a "mini-heart".

>> No.24351  

I just went with fingerheart because I didn't saw you comment until now lol

>> No.24352  

whoops got the credits wrong never mind that lol

>> No.24362  
File: ordinary_day_qc1.txt -(1386 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Miscellaneous typesetting suggestions.

When placing an ellipsis in a bubble that has nothing else in it, I think it's best to try to align the line created by the dots at precisely the center of the bubble, so that the middle dot is very near the true center of the bubble. It looks like a lot of your ellipses are set so that if there were text next to them, that text would be centered. I think that you don't have to allot space for text that isn't there, and you should center the ellipsis as neat to true center as possible.

>> No.24364  

Done with them!

>> No.24376  

I changed some other stuff I saw.

>> No.24377  


It looks like you got the one on 82, but missed the one on 92:


My- -> My— (Hyphen to emdash)

Once that's changed, I think this is good for release.

>> No.24378  

Alright, I changed it

>> No.24379  


Alright, this looks good to release to me.

Thank you for your work.

>> No.24380  



>> No.24381  

>>24290 Would you mind giving me the PSDs? I want to do a Spanish translation. I'll credit you as cleaner/editor of course. Thank you.

>> No.24382  

Sure, here is the link. Where do you guys upload the chapter?

>> No.24383  

>>24382 Thank you <3. We (it's just me tho haha) upload both to MangaDex (as Sol Azul) and TMO (https://lectortmo.com/groups/28692/sol-azul) (it's a Spanish MD-like site).

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