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File: My_Cute_Little_Kitten_ch8.png -(498257 B, 2220x3106) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
498257 No.24097  

RAW: http://www.mediafire.com/file/s6a0jlr86vlb646

>> No.24111  

I'll get started on translating this.

>> No.24192  
File: My Cute Little Kitten Chapter 8 Translation.txt -(24917 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's the translation.

>> No.24210  

I can edit this if the previous editor isn't gonna

>> No.24234  


p3, panel 1 - untranslated sfx

>> No.24235  


Oops, the missing SFX is くんくん "sniff sniff"

>> No.24239  


I looked it over, it looks good. One thing, I realized I left in a couple "???" (I put that in my drafts to remind myself to come back to check the wording). There are two lines to change:

Page 5

>It'd be less stressful than having in people we know... ???

change to

>I feel like it might be less stressful than having over people we know...

Page 6

>I'm a bundle of jealousy ???

change to

>I'm a lump of jealousy.
>> No.24240  


Updated the link

>> No.24241  


Okay, just one more thing. On page 0, this line is missing a word:

>There'll be plenty of time to think about once we move.

change to

>There'll be plenty of time to think about it once we move.

Other than that, I think it looks good to go, unless anyone else has any comments.

>> No.24243  



>> No.24245  


>> No.24252  

I'm not sure how you output/save your files, there's definitely quite a bit of noise/light grey lines all over the place in all the images that was not there in the raws. See preview pic: https://yuri-project.net/uploads/2020/04/my-cute-little-kitten-ch08.jpg

If you can retain the quality that was in the raw that would be nice since the raws was pretty clean in the first place scan wise. For if or when you do future chapters, and if you can also try to carry over the style from previous chapter and have some consistency.

editing tut in the wiki: wiki.yuri-project.net

>> No.24253  
File: my cute little kitten ch 8 image comparison.png -(1601956 B, 4500x3106) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I wouldn't make any quality comparisons based on the preview pic uploaded to the site. My guess is that any problems you see there are because it has been downscaled to a height of 600 and converted to a jpeg. It's just meant to be a preview.

As for the release itself, personally I don't notice any difference unless I zoom in quite far. I don't know much about image editing, but I do know that the raws for this chapter were huge (2220 x 3106). Maybe what you're seeing is just the result of scaling the pages down for the release?

>> No.24254  

I can confirm that. Weird "grey lines" noise on every page. I've just saved raws as PNG-8 with downscaling to x2000 and there's no noise. Probably wrong settings set by editor during editing.

>> No.24255  


As for the fonts, I realize I didn't ask what the previous fonts were and I probably should have. But after re-reading the previous chapters, the fonts were already all over the place. I wasn't able to decipher the fonts from chapter 7 (expect maybe the dialogue text, which I'm guessing is Komika). So I figured that one more font-inconsistent chapter wouldn't hurt anyone, especially since I plan to continuing editing this.

As for the grey lines, I see what you mean. I don't know if this is a valid excuse, but I'm using Affinity Photo and not Photoshop, so I wasn't sure what export settings I should be using. But after some trial and error, I think I figured out what to do about that. Here are the updated pages, hopefully without anymore noise.


>> No.24257  


Okay, I'll update the link.

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