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File: kiminitsumugu1.jpg -(425511 B, 850x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
425511 No.24267  


Ch 1 Raws: https://mega.nz/folder/kDJFlCqJ#UCRF6Ast7tLwB0mIe8PWvQ

>> No.24269  

This looks good. I'll translate it.

>> No.24270  

Ah, right, I'll do the editing!

I may not redraw all the SFX since it's in full colour. If someone has experience redrawing colour pages and would like to help out, feel free. Otherwise I'll make due.

>> No.24276  

Here's the upscaled version. I hope it's good enough to use it for editing.

>> No.24281  

These were a lot easier to work with, thanks! Do you need me to provide the raws in order for you to upscale them? Just in case, here's ch 2: https://mega.nz/folder/4PRxAKpR#hSzJqxKZ4Li5plnD1PsbKg

>> No.24288  

Thanks. I appreciate it. Here's the upscaled version.

>> No.24294  
File: kimi ni tsumugu bouhaku chapter 1 translation.txt -(22098 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's the translation for chapter 1.

I'll get started on 2 next.

>> No.24307  

Here's Ch 1 for QC.

I'm not completely satisfied with the font choices. I'll have to look into it a bit more. Any input on the fonts would be very helpful.

>> No.24309  
File: kimi ni tsumugu bouhaku chapter 2 translation.txt -(11782 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's the translation for chapter two.

>> No.24314  

Two changes I want to make:

Page 7

change to
even if I do awfully, I don't want to give up.

Page 8

change to
I think that just proves how serious you are.
>> No.24315  


>> No.24323  


Okay, I think this good to go. Just add a credits page and I'll release it, unless anyone else has any comments.

>> No.24327  


>> No.24350  

Here's the upscaled version of chapter 3.

>> No.24353  

Here's chapter 2 for QC!

This was a good chapter. I'm very curious what it is about Haruka's past that keeps hanging over her head. Surely it can't be anything that bad, right?

The redrawing was incredibly time consuming. Some pages took hours. I will just say that I'm glad it's monthly.

>> No.24355  

Fix the resolution of the pages. All of them should be 1360x1920.

>> No.24356  

The upscaled pages provided are 1280x1808.

The resolution of the raws on Storia Dash are lower for Ch 2 than they were for Ch 1.

>> No.24357  

Oh, you are right. I didn't even notice that. So fix only page 7,8,9,10. They are low res with ugly compression artifacts.

>> No.24358  

Ah, good catch, thanks. Updated

>> No.24359  

Any chances the cleaner could upload the clean version? I want to do a Spanish translation, and it would be infinitely helpful. I just don't see a need to clean it again if it has already been done so. I'd credit them of course. Thank you.

>> No.24361  

Save those pages as jpg. Besides that everything looks good to me.

>> No.24363  


Sure! Here are the PSD files for Ch 1:

And for Ch 2:

>> No.24365  

Woah, thank you! Though, I was so excited to start I actually went ahead and already did the cleaning of all the raws haha. I also have cleaned all the pages for Chapter 3 (they are 18, right? the ones in >>24350). I'm translating Chapter 1 right now so they don't even have any text. If you want them, I can upload them, just hit me up.

>> No.24368  

Sure, that'd be helpful, thanks!

>> No.24369  


>> No.24370  

Uploading them now! It'll take a while 'cause my internet is really slow and shitty, but I'll have them up in a bit. Also, did you do anything to the 'upscaled&denoised' raws? Because the colours in those look a bit different from the raws, but your version does look like the raws. Thank you. (Yours are a bit... darker maybe? In parts like the clothes and stuff).

>> No.24374  

Here you go: https://mega.nz/folder/q4UUjC4J#c4Cm4AiYs33sdTkjAlu1sA
Don't worry about the colour thing I said, PS had messed up my RGB profiles.

>> No.24476  
File: kimi ni tsumugu bouhaku chapter 3 translation.txt -(13275 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's chapter 3 translation. And chapter 4 is coming out in two days.

>> No.24487  

Here's chapter 3 for QC!

Much appreciated, thanks!

>> No.24488  

Here's the upscaled version of chapter 4.

>> No.24490  

Glad it was of use... even though, I just noticed, some parts I had to re-do and some weren't even cleaned! (Did it in such a rush.)
Anyways, QC:
p4 "to greet me... every day it makes me happy", I think "to greet me every day... it makes me happy" (unless you want to mean that it makes her happy every day?)

p9 missing a dot in top left, lower bubble (have you told her about that...?)

p12 is the em-dash in the first bubble intentional?

p13 maybe gulp instead of swallow? just a suggestion

p15 dot or comma after 'Geez' maybe?

I think that's all! Most are just nitpicky things tho. (Will you be cleaning Chapter 4? If so, I'd appreciate the PSD too just in case. We can split the cleaning half, but I'm not sure I'll be able to do it quickly).

>> No.24493  


>p4 "to greet me... every day it makes me happy", I think "to greet me every day... it makes me happy" (unless you want to mean that it makes her happy every day?)

So the original line is 朝起きて隣に遥香さんがいて おはようって言えるの...毎日嬉しいです

There are two clauses "Waking up with Haruka-san by my side and being able to say 'good morning'", and then "every day I'm happy" . She's saying that each day she wakes up next to Haruka, it makes her happy. That might imply that she's waking up next to Haruka every day, but it might not. I'm not sure. We don't know if she sleeps over every night, or most nights, or some nights, and I don't think this line tells us. Maybe change "every" to "each" if that makes more sense.

>> No.24494  


>p12 is the em-dash in the first bubble intentional?

Yeah, that's intentional. I'm never quite sure what punctuation to use when one person is just calling out to another. Using a period feels odd to me, but I think putting a comma implies that the same person is going to continue speaking, so I just default to an emdash. Do you think a period or a comma or something else would be better?

>p15 dot or comma after 'Geez' maybe?

For things like this I generally don't like ending lines with periods, because it tends to be hard to read on these notes written directly onto the art. Though I guess that's much less of an issue in color comics than in black-and-white. Maybe an ellipsis would work here if you think it needs punctuation?

Thanks for the suggestions!

>> No.24495  


'every day'. Ah, I get it now. I'm honestly not sure which option is best tbh.


p12 'em dash'. I went with exclamation signs in my Spanish version, since they are (kinda) far and it's one usually "shouts" when he/she calls out to another person. Maybe ellipsis could work too. But the em dash made me thought she was cut off.

p15. 'geez' I'd actually went with ellipsis myself in my Spanish version, so I think it's what works best. Plus, with a comma, one'd need the bubble to not start with a capital letter.

>> No.24496  

Updated! Thanks for the QC.

Yeah, I do intend to clean and redraw ch 4, though I will be working on Hana ni Arashi for a bit before continuing with this.

>> No.24501  

No worries, take your time. I think the chapter is good for release then! (Don't wanna be annoying, but I can't find the 'Pleasant Cries', 'Scriptfont' anywhere, would you mind sharing them?)

>> No.24502  

Sure, no worries.

>> No.24507  

Alright, added credits page, hopefully we are good for release!

>> No.24514  


>> No.24545  

Here are the cleaned & redrawn PSDs for Chapter 4.

I just finished them a few minutes ago, so I haven't looked through them again just yet. Let me know if anything looks off.

>> No.24578  
File: kimi ni tsumugu bouhaku chapter 4 translation.txt -(19807 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Here's the translation for chapter 4, sorry for the long delay.

>> No.24584  

So far, the only mistake I found is 'troup', which should be 'troupe'. Also, what is "I was able to see how incredibly precious that is." in p17 referring to? Like, what is that incredibly precious thing?

>> No.24585  


The "that" is referring back to "I never stopped loving it." I guess to make it more explicit, change the line to "I was able to see how incredibly precious that love is."

Thank you.

>> No.24586  
File: sdfds.png -(15302 B, 1203x238) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Found another:
p12: "And she gets especially excited when she has strawberrys and cream, her favorite."

Also, just in case, is this supposed to be viewed like this? Or is it my browser/computer that's messing the Japanese text up?

>> No.24587  


Oh nice catch. Strawberrys->strawberries, right?

Yes, that's a problem with your browser, it probably doesn't have unicode support for its default text reader. Same thing happens to me. If you download the text file (for Chrome, right click on the link and click "Save Link As") then you can open it with a word processor or other software (I use Notepad++), and it will properly display the Japanese text. I include the original text in my translations to help me or other people review the translations, and just as general language practice.

>> No.24588  

The http response header needs to include the character encoding. Looks like Yuri Project uses lighttpd for its server. I believe in the configuration file there's a mimetype.assign part where the value following "txt" would need to be changed to "text/plain;charset=utf-8".

>> No.24589  


Oh, so it's not the browser? Well, anyways, if you download the text file, it works fine.

>> No.24591  

>>24587 Yep, strawberries. I think there was another mistake somewhere over there, but I forgot hah. I did try to 'save as link' but for some reason I thought that wouldn't work lmao. Thanks, now I can see it correctly with Notepad++, it was driving me crazy hah. Spanish version is already done btw, waiting for a simul-release.

>> No.24592  

You can probably change the default setting for your browser as well, though the server is supposed to specify the mime type.

>> No.24623  

Here's the upscaled version of chapter 5.

>> No.24630  

Here we are! Sorry for the wait.

I don't think I've ever seen another manga use as many fonts as this one.

>> No.24638  

Looks good. Great job.

>> No.24639  


One thing. On page 17, could you change that top left bubble to "I was able to see how incredibly precious that love is." Other than that, looks good to go. Nice work.

Oh, and please make sure to put that note about Jun's name in the credits. Chapter 5 still hasn't cleared that up, so it's entirely possible that a few chapters from now the author will finally deign to give us a reading and it'll turn out to be Aya or Atsu or something.

>> No.24641  

Ah, right, updated! Thanks for QC!

>> No.24642  
File: kimi ni tsumugu bouhaku chapter 5 translation.txt -(14508 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Okay, good. I'll probably release it tomorrow unless anyone else has any suggestions.

Also, here's chapter 5.

>> No.24645  


>> No.24646  

in pg 16 its says haraka instead of haruka

>> No.24649  

'Oh, I got your message' Just in case it wasn't intentional, a dot would be needed at the end. Apart from that, haven't found anything wrong. I released Spanish version too. Thanks Martin as always!

>> No.24660  

Here's chapter 5! jpg files + psds.

Chapter concerns:

I struggled to come up with a good layout for "drenched" on p9. The other options I tried were dre / nched, which felt awkward to read, and dre / n / ched, which sounds like a cool as fuck duo but isn't exactly getting the right message across. So I ultimately went with the way it is now, spreading the letters out. Hopefully it looks okay.

(To Dark)
I had to hide some really shitty redraws on the "Gloom" panel, just fair warning.


This was a fun chapter. I certainly wasn't expecting the author to undo their first night together just so that she could have them actually have sex the exact same chapter (unless she double baits us, in which case, bravo). The scene itself is quite romantic and well executed. There's something I find really endearing about Nao crying happy tears during sex. I wonder what that says about me.

Really sorry about not getting the corrections done yet, I had forgotten all about it. I'm too tired tonight, but I'll for sure get these done tomorrow.

>> No.24668  

Thanks for the chapter as always!! I'll make do with the 'gloomy' thing ha ha!

I'm on p4 and found this: "I should've been happy takings things at the pace that suited us." That 'takings' should be 'taking'. Will report back if I find something else.

>> No.24669  

The phone also reads 'Good Mo', where maybe it should be 'Good mo'.

>> No.24671  

Ch4 and 5 updated! Sorry for the wait.

I left out the full stop for "Oh, I got your message", since it's not really necessary when it comes to floating text. All other changes were made.

>> No.24678  
File: kimi ni tsumugu bouhaku chapter 5 changes.txt -(775 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Here are a few script changes. Sorry, I was looking over and realized that I switched tenses in the middle of that section of narration on pages 3 and 4, so had to fix that.

And then just a small wording change on 15. From "working" to "practicing" so that "the real thing" in the next sentence is understood to refer to the performance.

Other than that, it looks good.

>> No.24682  


>> No.24683  


Released chapter 5, and updated the link on chapter 4.

>> No.24689  
File: kimi ni tsumugu bouhaku twitter translations.txt -(16497 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The author also has a ton of related manga pages on her twitter, going back several years. Here's I think the first 12 of them chronologically, and a translation.


>> No.24690  

You are a genius. I was actually going to let you know about these. They go back, to, I think, 2017. There are several mini-comics and lots of random pictures. I grabbed at least 45. Did you start by 2017, then? Thanks a lot.

>> No.24691  


I can't take credit for that. I think Martin first pointed them out to me, at which point I said I wanted nothing to do with them since it seemed like a real pain to go collect all of them. And another contributor went back and dug through her twitter and sent these to me.

>> No.24693  


Do they really go back to 2017? I see she has other manga going about other characters, but I thought this was the first one of these, since it's titled 創作百合1.

As far as I can tell, everything before that (and it continues after) is doujins. She seems to really, really like Bang Dream.

>> No.24694  

She does really love Bang Dream and Ran lmao. Well, can't blame her. It's got good ships. So, the first post is from Jul 17, 2017, and then in Nov 28, 2018 (https://twitter.com/syu_612/status/1067782335016271872) she quotes that post and I think she says something like 'I want to work with them again'. I do have some pictures and mini-comics from 2019 and 2020, actually, I'll upload all I have in a MEGA folder and get it here. They are named with yy-mm-dd so that they do not get mixed up. If you've got any idea how to go to a user's feed from a certain tweet (the 2017 one in this case), I'd check from that post onwards.

>> No.24695  


Earlier I scrolled back through every image she's posted on twitter through to the beginning. There are hundreds of comics of those Bandori characters, and before that it's Haifuri. I didn't notice any others from this series, but then again, I missed that one, so I might've missed others. It's kinda hard to individually examine them all when there are so damn many. She's a very prolific twitter artist.

>> No.24696  

She really does draw a lot, her art is also full colour and incredible. Here's the mega folder: https://mega.nz/folder/ehhHCZTC#55QWcWfQVdKB6vTGF6ZUgw

>> No.24698  


Thanks for gathering them all like that! I'll probably translate these in chunks in between the monthly releases. There's also other stuff I should probably work on, like the rest of this one https://safe.yuri-project.net/res/24069.html

>> No.24699  

Oh, I love that anthology. I'm actually almost halfway through the cleaning of girls complex a la mode from that one (lots of onomatopoeias and little time) so don't worry, you can take your time haha.

>> No.24714  

Here's the upscaled version of chapter 6.

>> No.24715  


Okay, I'll get started on this. This chapter is sadly pretty short.

>> No.24763  
File: kimi ni tsumugu bouhaku chapter 6 translation.txt -(14881 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's the TL for chapter 6.

>> No.24773  

Here's chapter 6!

It's nice to know that Nao hopes to see Haruka get back into acting with her. That should be a fun eventual story.

>> No.24778  

Looks good to me.

>> No.24785  


Looks good. This just needs a credits page.

>> No.24786  


>> No.24790  



>> No.24793  

As always, Martin, thank you so much! Been very busy recently. Minor detail, but I think in p10, 'you can't be so blind' should start with a capital letter (or in p9 it should be 'Haruka,' and not 'Haruka.'). (Also, in p11, it says 'you got along real well', I'm not entirely sure, but shouldn't that be 'really'?).

>> No.24794  


You're right, that "you" should be capitalized there. "Real well" is a common colloquialism.

>> No.24797  

Updated! Sorry about that.

>> No.24810  

Here's the upscaled version of chapter 7.

>> No.24817  



>> No.24862  

Here's the upscaled version of chapter 8.

>> No.24864  
File: kimi ni tsumugu bouhaku chapter 7 translation.txt -(16786 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Sorry for the long delay, here's the translation for chapter 7. I'll try to catch up on chapter 8.

>> No.24887  

Here's the upscaled version of chapter 8.5.

>> No.24907  

Here's Chapter 7!

Sorry for the wait, I had taken a bit of a break from editing. It's been nice getting back into it, but I'm very rusty, so this ended up taking a lot longer than usual. Hopefully everything turned out okay.

>> No.24910  

Page 1
There are thing I can't tell the one I love.
thing -> things

Thing I can't tell her, because I love her.
Thing -> Things

Page 18
I think this "-...!!" should be align horizontally?

Beside that, everything looks fine.

>> No.24915  

Updated and added credits page! Thanks for the QC.

>> No.24918  

Mind sharing the PSDs? Thanks! I almost started cleaning since you were absent, glad to have you back! I'm on a break too, but I kinda wanna release this fast.

>> No.24919  

Sure thing!

>> No.24926  

>>24919 Thanks Martin! Spanish version is ready. Found no mistakes in your version, looks good to go.

>> No.24930  



>> No.24940  
File: kimi ni tsumugu bouhaku chapter 8 translation.txt -(15303 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's the translation for chapter 8.

>> No.24946  

Here's the upscaled version of chapter 9.

>> No.24949  
File: kimi ni tsumugu bouhaku chapter 8-5 translation.txt -(13835 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's the translation for chapter 8.5. Looks like Yuuki's love story is going to be similar to how it is in her twitter comics.

>> No.24996  

Here's the upscaled version of chapter 10.

>> No.25019  
File: kimi ni tsumugu bouhaku chapter 9 translation.txt -(12443 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's the translation for chapter 9.

>> No.25031  

Here's the upscaled version of chapter 11.

>> No.25041  

Gonna start on chapter 8 today. Sorry for the hiatus!

>> No.25044  
File: kimi ni tsumugu bouhaku chapter 10 translation.txt -(10603 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's the translation for Chapter 10.

>> No.25046  

Here's chapter 8!

>> No.25049  


Looks really good. I've got a few changes and suggestions.

Page 2

>You're going to the theater

change to

>It's... been a while.

Page 3

>Though it took me a long time...

change to

>Though it took me a long time to see it.

Page 6

>It just finshed

change to

>It just finished

Page 9

The card should say:

>Troupe supervisor/director

Page 14

>I won't \ go back to being \ who I was before

maybe rearrange this a bit, to

>I won't go back \ to being who I was before
>Don't put yourself down.

change to

>Don't put yourself down like that.

Page 15

>I've \ already chosen \ a new path

rearrange to

>I've already chosen \ a new path

Page 18

>I'd decided to forget it all.

change to

>I had decided to forget it all.
>> No.25051  


>> No.25055  



>> No.25056  

>>25046 Mind sharing the PSDs, Martin? Thank you for all your work!

>> No.25072  

Here's the upscaled version of chapter 12.

>> No.25075  

Hey Dark, I'm really sorry about this, but my hard drive failed recently and I wasn't able to recover any of the data off of it, so I lost the PSD files for this chapter.

>> No.25090  

Here's the upscaled version of the extra chapter of volume 2.

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