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469160 No.24388  

One-shot, 24 pages.

>> No.24396  

i'll do this one! probably will be ready sometime late june or early july

>> No.24619  

update: this one's taking longer than i expected. it has some very challenging redraws! and i've been very busy with work as well. i've got a script though and am on page 17 of redraws, so hopefully i'll have it done by august

>> No.24701  

it's finally ready! enjoy ^^
i don't really know what standard procedure for uploading is, so i put it on google drive. please feel free to repost!


>> No.24737  


This looks really good, nice work. Just one question. On page 12, why do you write "long and veiny" when it says 黒くて長い? Judging by the picture and the うん...(and what happens next) I think she's talking about shit.

>> No.24739  


One other thing. I see you translated the fanmail address for the author (on page 23). I'm usually a little hesitant to include that stuff, because I don't think authors like to get English mail from people saying stuff like "I read your manga on Mangathieves.com, I'm a huge fan!" when they haven't approved an English license. But I don't know that that would actually happen, and maybe Hino Arashi would actually be happy to get any mail readers send, who knows.

>> No.24772  


Ah! Thank you! I just straight up misunderstood it as a dick joke, and had not noticed at all the way it plays into the next page. >.< I will fix that real quick!

Also, regarding the fanmail address, that's a good point! I will go ahead and remove it too.

>> No.24775  


Okay, everything looks good. Nice work on this. Just add a credits page and it should it be good to release.

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