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File: Philia and Eros Chapter 14.txt -(13706 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

There are plenty of other things I should be translating, but I couldn't resist writing this up real quick.

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Is someone editing this already?

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Martin has been doing the previous chapters, so he's presumed to be on this series unless he wants to pass it on.

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Yeah, I'd definitely like to keep working on this.

>> No.24447  

Chapter 14 for QC!

For page 68, I decided to place the SFX beside the original, rather than redrawing and replacing them, as the fireworks look like they would be impossibly difficult to redraw for me.


I think this was a good chapter. It was very cathartic to see them together again, and there were some funny moments as well. I'm sure everyone will be hyper focused on the cliffhanger, but I'm confident everything will turn out okay.

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Nika-chan what happened to your leg!?
Nika-chan, what happened to your leg!?

->the last パン didn't get a BAM

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Thanks for QCing! Updated.

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