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235752 No.24556  

One-shot, 40 pages.

>> No.24559  

A sequel? I feel like I would like to translate this one, too; as was the case last time, I don't much mind personally if Zärtlichtkeit puts one out, and would be willing to release a different version alongside one of theirs, but I'll try to be quicker than I usually am about it, in case being first is of interest to prospective editors.

>> No.24560  

I would like to work this too. I just want to clean though.

>> No.24561  

I could typeset it though i'm kinda new to it still

>> No.24562  

Nice. I’m looking to forward to this

>> No.24582  
File: 5_seconds_sideB.txt -(17389 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's a translation. I guess we're still beating Zärtichkiet, in case that's important?

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