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235752 No.24556  

One-shot, 40 pages.

>> No.24559  

A sequel? I feel like I would like to translate this one, too; as was the case last time, I don't much mind personally if Zärtlichtkeit puts one out, and would be willing to release a different version alongside one of theirs, but I'll try to be quicker than I usually am about it, in case being first is of interest to prospective editors.

>> No.24560  

I would like to work this too. I just want to clean though.

>> No.24561  

I could typeset it though i'm kinda new to it still

>> No.24562  

Nice. I’m looking to forward to this

>> No.24582  
File: 5_seconds_sideB.txt -(17389 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's a translation. I guess we're still beating Zärtichkiet, in case that's important?

>> No.24663  


Is this being worked on? It's been a month, and I can't help but wonder if it was never settled which of the three editors who commented on the thread would do what work.

The guidelines ( https://wiki.yuri-project.net/Guidelines ) suggest that musicgod96 would have first pick, as the editor of the preceding chapter (according to the third bullet point at the top of the page), but I don't know if musicgod96 is claiming that right, or in what capacity.

>> No.24665  
File: text.txt -(503 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.24673  


Oh, I didn’t even know we had guidelines for this kind of thing lol.

Anyway, it looks like Blob provided the cleans. Tori can typeset since they called it first. Otherwise, I’m available to do it.

>> No.24705  


It looks like Tori doesn't have enough free time to work on this anymore, so feel free to typeset it musicgod96!

>> No.24711  


Ok I'll get started on it soon

>> No.24727  


That was better than I expected from sequel.

Thanks, Blob, for cleaning everything! That made editing so much easier!

> pg 5
> A Strait up!

What does this mean?

> pg 23
> My seige...!?

Seige? Maybe, sigil?

> pg 30
> Swallow this, and no you'll speak no lies!

Is the first "no" supposed to be "know"?

> Well, anyhoo!!

I've never seen it written as "anyhoo". I've always used "anywho", but after a quick online search, it seems both are valid.

> pg 32
> but back then was just a big understanding.

Do you mean "misunderstanding"?

> pg 34
> That that means

Are the two "that"s intentional? I couldn't tell if Lilith was stuttering.

The stuff that comes out of Meg's mouth. I can only hope that they make sense in whatever situation she's in lol

>> No.24728  
File: 5_seconds_2qc1.txt -(1332 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Those were some good catches. Responses, as well as a couple other notes, are attached.

I hope they make sense, too, because if they don't make sense, then I've done something wrong.

>> No.24729  

seige -> siege

>> No.24731  

I updated the link.


I chose "coming straight at you" because "serious" was also confusing to me.


I chose "All my work...!?"

The only thing Meg says that confused me was

> ピーチくパーチクやかましいわね
> Aren't you just bumping gums fit to beat the band!

I thought it meant don't jump to conclusions. But after looking up these two idioms ("bumping gums" and "to beat the band"), together they mean talking a lot of smack? And that honestly makes a lot more sense, if that's right.

>> No.24741  


Yes, that's the sense: they're making idle talk really loudly. If the reading was that confusion, I was thinking of changing it, but I think that's within tolerance, and we should keep it.

I did spot a couple things this time around that I didn't the first time, though:


You can show some restraint, even if you're trying to piss someone off.. -> You can show some restraint, even if you're trying to piss someone off... (Three dots in ellipsis)

I can't even lay an eye on her face... (Is the "I" in the wrong font?)


Swallow/this, and/you'll/speak no/lies! -> Swallow/this, and/you'll speak/no lies! (Change lining)

>> No.24743  



> I can't even lay an eye on her face... (Is the "I" in the wrong font?)

Yeah, it was the wrong font. Don't know why.. Good catch though!

>> No.24744  


I think we should ship this.

Thank you everyone for your work.

>> No.24745  



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