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One-shot, 8 pages.

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Here is the link for QC!

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A few typesetting notes and one comment on the text.

Might it be worth an endnote that "aka" as in "akari" is a common word for "red?" We never see an 赤m it's all in kana, so it's not as explicit as it could be, but I think it might still be worth mentioning.

>> No.24626  


>>The only ones who can save this star are the team of 5 magical girls, Buro! (Should "star" be "planet?" I understand 星 to be used for both)

I originally had this as "planet", but I'm pretty sure they don't use "hoshi" for Earth, so I was wondering what planet exactly it's talking about. I ended up hedging with the dictionary translation basically

Maybe the thing can use "hoshi" for Earth because it's an alien?

>> No.24627  

It's probably an alien, so go with "planet"

>> No.24628  

New link for QC is up. We went with planet.

>> No.24629  


I think this is good to go.

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