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I just wanted to ask if you guys are still looking for translators? And if so, will it be charity work? Or will you actually get paid? I’m looking to be hired. I’m fluent in both Japanese and English, and I’m a huge fan of Yuri. I’ll be waiting for a response.

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Everything's done for free here. There might be someone who wants to pay you to translate a manga here... but it's unlikely. I have, though, heard that there are some people who do pay for translators of series they want, but you'll have better luck searching through MangaDex and making some sort of website where people can see your work, your fees, etc. Good luck!

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Yuri Project doesn't generate any income, and none of us receive any payment. We just translate manga for fun. If you're looking for paid work, I'd recommend applying to a manga translation publishing company like Yen Press or Seven Seas.

If you'd like to contribute here, just find a thread for a manga you like that no one has offered to translate yet, and post to let people know you're interested in working on it. You might want to wait to get confirmation that someone is willing to do the cleaning and typesetting before writing your translation, since otherwise it's possible that you post a translation and no one ever gets around to doing the rest of the work. We're a relatively informal group, and people volunteer to work on what they feel like.

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