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257060 No.24779  

From the latest Galette release.

Raws: https://mega.nz/file/3UYF3IjK#OqTEvhVTle2Q0G7IgBzh9hSSGB68nx6T-45X413JdFI

I'm translating this, and an editor has already contacted me asking to do this.

>> No.24780  
File: Sakuma to Watashi TL.txt -(8002 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's my translation.

There's one thing I'd like some advice on. On page 166, there's this line:


Sakuma was just telling Yuma about how her boyfriend told her she was self-absorbed and then broke up with her. For now, I translated it as "You'd tell me, right?", but I'm not certain about that.

>> No.24784  

Here it is.

>> No.24800  


>> No.24801  

I think she's referring to what her boyfriend said, like, "He really told me, didn't he?"

>> No.24802  


That was the other thing I was considering, but in that case wouldn't it be in the past tense?

>> No.24805  

Japanese tenses are a mystery to me.

>> No.24806  

To add a little more, I did do a search and found it some places it was used like you translated it, and in some places it seemed to be used where someone was told something they weren't too happy about.

>> No.24807  


Same. My impression is that 言ってくれる is often used to describe being given advice, which seems by extension to include being dressed down.

All the context here suggests that she's talking about what her boyfriend said to her, but the tense really threw me off. Maybe it's not in the past tense because she's making some kind of general observation? If it was 言ってくれたよね I'd be 100% sure, but as is, I'm just confused. Anyways, let's just go with your suggestion.

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