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File: cover_01.jpg -(148104 B, 874x1240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
148104 No.25349  


Both are sequels to "I Love You So Much, I Hate You".

I'd like to work on the editing if someone translates it.

>> No.25351  

hi, i've never done one of these before, so if you'll bear with my formatting and stuff, I've actually started on this. It peaks my interest 'cause I literally just finished reading "I love you so much I hate you" last week :)

I'll post more when i get a bit more progress in, but i'm working on 上司と同棲しています currently.

>> No.25354  

Okay, great. I'll start cleaning soon.

>> No.25373  

Here goes!
There character page at the beginning formats weird on paste bin but it looks fine if you scroll down to the raw paste data. Everything else should be fine.

Like I alluded to before, this is my first time attempting something like this so if you need me to change anything, or have any questions just say so.


>> No.25374  

That format looks just fine, thanks for your work.
It shouldn't take me long to finish it.

>> No.25375  


Great, i'll start on 笑っちゃうほど恋してる shortly.

>> No.25377  

It's pretty much done, but the script is missing some stuff:
Pg. 29 - Second line of Ayako's recent worries part
Pg. 30 - First panel's sfx
Pg. 34 - 2nd panel's sfx
Pg. 40 - Handwritten and sfx on the bottom panel
Pg. 47 - Bottom panel's sfx

>> No.25378  


Sorry about that! File's been updated.

>> No.25379  


>pg. 49
>"so I hope their daily life again in the future"

Sounds incomplete.

>> No.25380  


File updated, should be 'So I hope to draw their daily life again in the future.'

>> No.25381  


Link was updated.

>> No.25382  
File: i live with my boss qc.txt -(4425 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

QC is mainly about adjusting some dialogue and centering text, as well as some miscellaneous things. As usual of course, trust your judgement on which suggestions work and which don't.

I really enjoyed this series, so it's awesome to see more of these two!

>> No.25383  

I made the changes I thought that worked and/or were necessary.

>p32 I can't make you [...]" The first part of the bubble ends with "but...", while the next one also starts with "but". This feels redundant, so unless that's the intent I'd recommend dropping the second "but".
> "Watching when the vegetables get blended[...]" sounds a bit awkward to me. I think "when" should probably be dropped, so either "Watching the vegetables get blended" or "Watching the vegetables as they get blended" would be better. I also think simply saying "blend" would sound more natural than "get blended", but that probably doesn't set up the joke as well.
>p33 "sits up" seems like a weird choice since they were already sitting up. I think any one of "tackle" "grab" "fwip" or even something silly like "mount" might work better?
>p42 "You and" "you." -> "You" "and you." To me I read the panel switch as like a slight pause, and I feel like "You... and you." is a more natural vocal pause than "You and... you." That said, I'm not entirely sure.
>p44 "I guess if I really think about it, I could have made a wild guess..." Should this be "thought about it"? It feels like its switching tenses.

These are up to 暁闇. I'll wait for their reply so I can update the link.

>> No.25384  


I'm fine with these!

>> No.25385  


Sorry, i responded a bit too quickly above on phone --

>"Watching when the vegetables get blended[...]" sounds a bit awkward to me. I think "when" should probably be dropped, so either "Watching the vegetables get blended" or "Watching the vegetables as they get blended" would be better. I also think simply saying "blend" would sound more natural than "get blended", but that probably doesn't set up the joke as well.

I had some issues figuring out the best way to word that in English. I think your wording is a bit better than mine, though, so I think your take is good.

>I think any one of "tackle" "grab" "fwip" or even something silly like "mount" might work better?

Good call.

I'm totally okay on your judgement with the others.

>> No.25386  


Just noticed on page 29, Fujimura's "Some things happpened" phrase should be moved up to the above section, and the comment about her worrying about her figure should be under recent worries.

>> No.25387  

Link was updated.

>> No.25389  
File: I live with my boss TL QC.txt -(14986 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I noticed some errors in the script, so I went through this and did a full translation check comparing this to the original. Here are some corrections.

I'd recommend focusing more on the specific grammar of each sentence, especially the verb forms and noun particles. For me personally, looking at how everything fits together is a great way to make sure I'm on the right track.

Also, just in general, it'd be good to slow down, look back, and double-check things. Several times I noticed you put in the opposite of what the text actually meant. Also, there are a large number of instances where her name is written as "Ayano". Fujimura calls her Ayako, Ishiyama calls her Asano.

>> No.25390  

Changes are done, same link. >>25379

>> No.25391  


Thanks for the QC-- i'll update accordingly. Like i said before, this is my first foray into this so i really appreciate your assistance ^^

>> No.25394  


I realized I forgot to check the character summary page, here are a couple changes for that too:

Page 29

>Was previously married, dropped it for an affair with Fujimura-san.

change to

>Despite being married, she was seduced by Fujimura-san's sexual prowess and started an affair.

落とす can mean "drop", but this is 落とされ, the passive form. In context, it means "was entranced/seduced", since it follows ベッドテクに.

>Worried about her strength during evening workout sessions (building strength)

change to

>Concerned she doesn't have the stamina to keep up with their nightly exercise. (She's started endurance training)

I think the sexual innuendo here should be as clear as possible. 夜の運動会 does not refer to a night-time athletic competition.

>Confessed her feelings for her boss under the influence of alcohol.

change to

>Confessed her feelings for her boss under the influence of alcohol. She accepted, and they started an affair.

This line is just missing the second half.

Just need these changes, then I think this is good to release.

>> No.25395  


I'm happy to help. I want our releases to be as good as possible. And I often feel I'd be happy to have someone more knowledgeable check my translations, just in case. Are you doing this to practice learning the language?

>> No.25396  


Yeah! I figured it was a way to practice reading, getting exposure and trying to provide some benefit to others!

Its a bit hard cause I don't really know any other people practicing the language to bounce stuff off of so your feedback is much appreciated

>> No.25397  

One thing I had noticed that I don't think schuyguy covered is the title of page 033. 土日 is short for Saturday & Sunday (aka the weekend), not 土曜日.

>> No.25398  

Done. >>25379

>> No.25400  


Released. Good work everyone.

>> No.25401  

And of course someone points out an error as soon as I release it, haha. On page 29, Fujimura's bio has "Ayano" instead of "Asano" 3 times.

>> No.25402  

And on the top left panel of page 32, it says "Ayano-san" instead of "Ayako-san". I think that's all of them.

>> No.25403  

Updated. >>25379

>> No.25404  


Sorry to bother you again, but the page 32 name isn't correct, it should be Ayako-san, not Asano-san. (She's called Asano on the bio page, but Fujimura calls her Ayako).

>> No.25405  

I did a proofread and didn't find any more typos, except that 'saturday' in the second panel on page 033 should be capitalized (which just happens to be in a font that uses an upper and lower case). I know it hardly matters but I guess just for completionist's sake for my report, that's all.

>> No.25406  

Updated. >>25379

>> No.25407  


Okay, thanks, I've updated the site.

>> No.25511  

Any progress on 笑っちゃうほど恋してる?

>> No.25591  

I'd be interested in translating 笑っちゃうほど恋してる? if it's open.

>> No.25594  

Go ahead.

>> No.25601  
File: Waracchau Hodo Ai Shite Iru.txt -(8165 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here is the translation for 笑っちゃうほど恋してる. Fun series. I like this author.

>> No.25604  

I'll start working on it soon.

>> No.25805  

Update: it took me some time, but I'm currently working on it.

>> No.25806  



>> No.26410  


I'm sorry it took me a year to finish...

>> No.26411  

No worries. I'll take a look, but I'm not the best proofreader.

>> No.26412  

Just one comment, on page three all the chapters should be either in title case or normal case for consistency.

Other than that, looks good to me! Hope other people will proof read too.

>> No.26413  

Yeah I'm gonna post a tlc/proofread later tonight.
In the meantime, use this site for titles https://capitalizemytitle.com/
and word search "Asako" and change to "Ayako".

>> No.26415  
File: proof.txt -(3454 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Some tlc and proofread suggestions

>> No.26417  

If I haven't commented on a suggested change, I'm fine with it. Here are some detail responses to ralnicc's PR. Thanks for the detailed PR, I really appreciate it.


bubble 2: This is いちゃつく and his line is pretty vague to indicate he thinks this is their usual flirting. I just wanna make sure this wasn't mixed up with いちゃってる or something.

Yes, a better TL would be “They’re always flirting like that” or “They just can’t stop flirting with each other”

Bubble 2: "My heart isn't into it" This sounds like the present tense right here and now, when it should fit with the previous clause, like 'Dieting may improve my body, but I can't see it ever improving my spirit' or something like that.

Agreed. Maybe “But it’s not like it makes my heart any lighter”.

Bubble 3: This should technically be in response to "excess weight" but I only really have a problem with the ガーン below it because that should be a shock/disappointment or even a gasp, because she then goes to seek comfort in Ayako's chest in the next panel. Responding to her statement as a whole with "I can't" works on its own but then it would break if "Stubborn" were to be changed. You could punch up Ayako's line to something like "If you want to get rid of that extra flab of yours etc." in order to shock Saori.

To punch it up, then how about this:

But to lose the extra fat
You have to exercise more and eat less

Extra fat…

sfx: Right where it hurts


This part is that Ayako does all that she does morning and night because of how Saori is like this for her, so I think this line is off track. She's capable of doing her high-effort routine because of Saori. I can't really come up with anything good, but something with the gist of 'I'm able to push myself morning and night like that because of your desire for me etc.' I think would be more on point.

This was a bad TL on my part. Try:


The reason I can push myself morning and night,
is because you desire me like this…

All dictionaries are telling me you have to spell it “champagne"

Yeah, I’m just used to the idiosyncratic spelling of champaign, Illinois. Thanks for the catch.

Second-last bubble: This sounds like it was translated from like あせらす instead of じらす. I just want to make sure this is what you want boke.

Good catch. It should be “Don’t tease me…”

I'm not sure where this "Too..." comes from

Right, delete it

At the end of the second paragraph in the brackets, from what I've googled, 描く描く詐欺 refers to them /saying/ that they've been going to make an 18+ book about them over and over again but never actually getting around to it. Not that they've been trying to fit in sex scenes in their usual stories.

I think a better TL would be:

“I’m drawing a ton, and I’m also trying to get an adult manga of these two, even if I have to cheat.”

>> No.26418  

The only comment I need to make here is on the very last part. The 'cheat' here (or rather, fooling their audience) is that they've procrastinated and simply not done it for no good reason, not that they're trying to figure out a way.

>> No.26419  




>> No.26423  

On page 34, last panel, first bubble, you have to get rid of the word "had" (or "made").

And on the next page, in the second line of the afterword, there's one too many instances of the word "now".
In the second paragraph, second line, the first "they" needs to be changed to "they've".

But also in the first paragraph, in the second last line, "...who haven't read this yet", they mean the previous entries in the series, so I think it should be reworded like "To the people who haven't read the previous books in this series" or something.

>> No.26424  



>> No.26439  

If you change the part in brackets at the end of the second paragraph of the afterword to:
"(Maybe I'll even get to work on that 18+ story of them I've been wanting to do for ages now)"
then I can sign off on this.
Thanks all.

>> No.26444  

Done, same link.

>> No.26445  

(oops, by 'this' I meant 'on my part.' I'm not the final authority)

>> No.26525  

Uploaded it to Mangadex and made a request on Dynasty.


>> No.26529  


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