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40038 No.25388  

Sarasouju is believed to be the 3rd Marimite doujinshi by Daishinrin through the circle 'unknown.'

Translation by ralnicc: https://pastebin.com/sPRvC30i
RAW: https://mega.nz/folder/Bd0iga4B#p6fIrX4vlk-Dl2oSRSsDRg
Needs a cleaner and editor

>> No.25432  

I'll be taking this, done in 2-3 weeks I think. Thank you for the TL!

>> No.25458  


Main text, RD and whatnot is done. I'm gonna shelve this for up to a few weeks in order to hone some handwriting skills for all these sfx...which will hopefully leave a much nicer on the other side!

>> No.25461  

All right. A different update I have is that crypticmeta has provided me the scans for dsr's first Marimite book but I haven't started on a translation yet. There's no connected story, not much of a story at all in fact, due to the circumstances under which it was made, which I'll go into when it's worked on and released.
I can certainly use the extra time to familiarize with all the references and source material involved with it though.

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