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40038 No.25388  

Sarasouju is believed to be the 3rd Marimite doujinshi by Daishinrin through the circle 'unknown.'

Translation by ralnicc: https://pastebin.com/sPRvC30i
RAW: https://mega.nz/folder/Bd0iga4B#p6fIrX4vlk-Dl2oSRSsDRg
Needs a cleaner and editor

>> No.25432  

I'll be taking this, done in 2-3 weeks I think. Thank you for the TL!

>> No.25458  


Main text, RD and whatnot is done. I'm gonna shelve this for up to a few weeks in order to hone some handwriting skills for all these sfx...which will hopefully leave a much nicer on the other side!

>> No.25461  

All right. A different update I have is that crypticmeta has provided me the scans for dsr's first Marimite book but I haven't started on a translation yet. There's no connected story, not much of a story at all in fact, due to the circumstances under which it was made, which I'll go into when it's worked on and released.
I can certainly use the extra time to familiarize with all the references and source material involved with it though.

>> No.25491  


Sorry, it's a lot harder than I expected it to be! Still working on it and will have it done as soon as I'm able! Excited to work on the next one as well.

>> No.25492  

That's fine. Btw there will be a proper title. I previously had in the paste bin that I thought Sara Souju would be fine, but my logic was faulty so I changed my mind and removed that part.
Cause I learned of this type of tree and the English name for it, the Sal or Sala tree, at the same time so they both equally seemed like an esoteric tree word to me, but for those who don't know Japanese it probably looks like a cool name for...something (and apparently an FFXIV character).
Problem is there's multiple famous stories of the Sal tree in Buddhism: The Buddha's mother giving birth to him while holding onto the branch of the tree, and The Buddha lying down to die between two Sal trees or alternatively a pair of the trees in each corner of the spot where he had lain down. It's probably most famous in Japanese for being in the opening of the Tale of the Heike though, but I think I should stick to the Buddhist imagery.
I have no idea what part of the story relates to the tree (assuming it's not just random Buddhist imagery for the Buddhist setting and storyline) unless it's because of how in the Buddha's death they are always mentioned in pairs, the 双 of 沙羅双樹, and Shimako and Noriko are a pair.
So the title could be at its simplest The Twin Sal/Sala Trees. Or like Between the (Twin) Sal Trees, or Under the Sal Trees, or Among the Sal Trees etc.

>> No.25510  

I made a v2 of the script using an improved TL method, so there's a lot of changes (every page has some I think). I'm sorry that I've created a lot of extra work for you, but it needed to be done and would've been too much for qc. There are significant improvements all around (like sounding more natural especially), and since I was doing this by doing quick and crappy typesetting in PS (instead of Notepad), I could see what it looked like on the page, so things like punctuation as well are much more well-suited for the pages.
The pastebin is labelled v2 now (new title notes are in there too). You can also try this Diffchecker if you find that more helpful to use: https://www.diffchecker.com/WReH26ZU

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