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File: 001.jpeg -(952749 B, 1332x1864) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
952749 No.25425  

One-shot, 12 pages.


>> No.25531  

Hey, I edited one of the other oneshots by the same artist, I wouldn't mind editing this one too if someone is willing to translate it.

>> No.25540  

I found a translator via discord. I'm posting their translation here for reference.

>> No.25541  

Here's the first version done.

>> No.25543  

here's v2. This should be ready for release soon.

>> No.25544  

My proofreaders have given me the green light and I've added a credits page. Unless something else needs to be fixed or added, this is ready for release.

>> No.25545  

I would change font sizes to make it look more consistent. It's often times either too small or too big for the bubbles.
There were also a few bubbles like "girls like you, class rep." on page 5 where you used one word for each line even though it's unnecessary since there is still enough space.

>> No.25547  

p07 panel 4
"Ichikawa-san!" - in the top right of this bubble is い, so she's stuttering "I-Ichikawa-san!".

In that same panel, there is also a small さっ sound effect to the right of Class Rep's head.

In the following panel, you erased an in-bubble drawing of Class rep's eyes.

>> No.25592  

Did this ever get published?

>> No.25593  

Unfortunately not. I see now that the files have been deleted, but I do still have the pngs on my hard drive so we can move forward with releasing it.

I was initially intending to give Nonan some time in hopes they come back to finish things up, but the files being deleted seem to imply that's not going to happen. Though if you still have a way to contact them to figure things out, that'd be great. Failing that, I think the ideal approach would be for me to work off the pngs to apply this last round of QC and get it out the door.

>> No.25595  

I tried, but can't get through on discord.

Also, >>25415 seems to be a continuation of the story. I'd TL if there was interest in story.

>> No.25596  

No worries! We can definitely get it finished. Here's a link to the files I have on hand:

Let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like me to adjust aside from what blob and I mentioned previously. One thing missing is a translation for さっ on p7.

Also, that sounds good regarding the sequel! I'll follow your lead on that.

>> No.25598  


The さっ just indicates a sound like she's turning around. "Whish" or "turn" or somesuch. Sorry to miss it first time around.

As for the TS, I'll leave that in more capable hands.

>> No.25636  

Alright, I've made some changes, and here it is again!

I tried to stick as close as I could stylistically to the way the editor had it. I only really resized text bubbles, for the most part. Let me know if there's more that should be done.

>> No.25639  


Good work everyone, thanks for resurrecting this and finishing it.

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