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File: 00148.jpg -(201088 B, 1353x1920) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
201088 No.25602  

Lez Fuzoku Anthology (Lesbian Health Delivery Anthology).


>> No.25603  
File: Lez no fuuzoku.txt -(17866 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here is the translation for the uncompleted chapters. Several chapters have already been scanlanted and are on Mangadex.

TL follows the folder organization of the raws in the archive above.

Sticky scans is working on the chapter #1 Girl, others are open.

>> No.25608  

I'll slowly be editing the first one, "Goodbye, Snow White."

>> No.25616  

I did that quicker than I thought I would.

>> No.25617  

oops, there's the link. I love older website design, but I am slightly unfamiliar with it.

>> No.25619  

Nice job, looks good!

On Page 142 panel 5: Instead, how about fresh girls that came in just last week?

On Page 143 Panel 1: If you want you can put in "Call Ended"

Fun credits.

>> No.25620  

awesome. I made those two changes and renamed the files to start from 1.

>> No.25621  
File: goodbyeqc1.txt -(5764 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here are some suggestions for what I think can be improved upon. Mostly specific changes, with a few general editing comments beforehand.

>> No.25622  

I've also got a few suggestions for line changes. Let me know what you think about them.

Page 126

>だからって 適当にしたら お客さんには 伝わると思う
>"So just play it by ear. I think the customer will communicate with you."

With this line, I think this translation is just a little off. I think 適当 here means "properly", and "customer" is the target of 伝わる. So it should be more like this:

>"So, as long as you try your best, I think the customer will understand."

Page 127

>"nuzzle up to it"

This just sounds a little odd to me, maybe "snuggle up to it" or "embrace it" would be better?

Page 130

>"Izumi-san? First time with her?"

The second part of this line isn't a question, it's a statement. I think she's saying it's Izumi-san's first time requesting a threesome. Not entirely sure with this one though.

Page 132

>"Wait, sorry,"

I'm pretty sure 失礼します is being used here as just a performative phrase for entering someone else's space, not literally as "sorry". More like "we're here", or "may we come in?"

Page 136


I think you may have misread this. It's ども, not でも. It continues into the line on the next page, Miya is saying "domo arigatou gozaimashita", so just "thank you very much." Not sure exactly how to divide that between the pages, maybe "really..." /"thank you very much." or "thank you..."/ "so much."

>> No.25625  

Thank you so much for the notes and explaining better protocol, Martin! I'll leave schuyguy's translation notes to be discussed, but will get working on the rest.
A couple questions first though. The leading settings were set to auto: at 24px font, it looks to have roughly 28.5px leading, what are you suggesting it be? Would 32 be good? Second question: I put these images through waifu2x on the 3rd (highest) setting, do you think they still need some more manual leveling-off of artifacts?

>> No.25626  

Ah, so what happened was I just checked the first page, noticed the jpeg artifacts, and assumed the entire chapter looked the same. The rest of the chapter looks totally okay to me! It's just the first page.

Regarding text settings, that's totally my mistake. I mixed up leading and tracking. What I'd recommend for CC Wild words is optical kerning, tracking set to 0, and for leading I usually make it 10% larger than the font size. So for 24, I'd do 26.4. But I don't think the leading looks bad here, so don't worry too much about changing it.

>> No.25627  

Here's the next draft! I went back to old file names to keep our page references consistent.
Implemented all of these changes. Used JibbaJabba for the "softer" line on page 125. Did "thump" over "doki." Left p144 panel 1 without quotation marks out of personal preference, but swapped in the real quote and added punctuation.

I reverted "wait, sorry" on 132 to "excuse me," my bad. I didn't implement any of these other changes, but I'll put in my 2 cents and say they all sound good (with no knowledge of the original Japanese). "Snuggle up to it" sounds best out of those options imo. Perhaps "First time for her," would be a clearer way to phrase that line, if it's about this being the first time Izumi has requested a threesome.

Yeah looks like I never changed the first page to the waifu2x pic after learning about it... a downside to learning while you work. fixed. I set the kerning and tracking as recommended, but left the leading alone to save us from a second typesetting qc :P

>> No.25647  

Alright, here are the pages that had translation changes from shuyguy. I used "First time for her" on page 130.
Let me know if this is what we're going with and if it looks good. I'll swap these out for the other versions and zip it all up again.

>> No.25648  


Hey thanks a lot. I'd like to give Boke a chance to look any changes over before we release, since it is their translation.

>> No.25649  
File: Goodbye, My First Love QC 2.txt -(5852 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Hey there! I'd say we're making pretty good progress on this. Here's another round of suggestions.

>> No.25650  

Of course! I'm just excited to be doing this so I got the pages ready for if boke decided the translation looked fine.
I'm not too overwhelmed, just happy for your patience!
After fiddling around for an hour, I only half-figured out the cause for the discrepancy with the alternate pages. I was saving those manually vs. using my photoshop action, and I accidentally chose "quick export as png-8" instead of "save for web." After realizing that, I tried all the settings under "save for web" to get rid of the quite visible darkening, but none of them worked. The "quick export as png-8" versions are almost 50% larger than the 32 color "save for web" versions, but should I save them all like that or is there another solution?
Either way, will redo all the pages following that guide, then put in the rest of the typesetting corrections. Now that it's pointed out, I do see on the edges where the screentones have been smoothed.
On p139/p144, to me "probably was always chasing her shadow" sounds just as natural as "I was probably always chasing her shadow," but is less formal, which I think fits? Maybe it's just my rural dialect talking... I could go either way on it.

Thanks a lot!

>> No.25651  

Sorry for the late reply- life :-|

I'm fine with changes suggested.

>> No.25652  
File: Screenshot 2022-08-08 025048.png -(19853 B, 361x601) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here are the settings I use. I don't really have a great understanding of all the different options, so I decided to try exporting a page from this chapter using the method I mentioned, and it seemed to work.

That said, if you redrew directly on the waifu2x pages, you may have some trouble going back to apply that method, in which case I'd recommend just skipping that for now and just solve with exporting changes. I would say the larger file size, though not ideal in this case, is preferable to the darkening we're seeing.

>> No.25662  

It took me a while to figure it out, but the problem was with how Photoshop exports grayscale images (specifically with Save to Web for some reason...). Converting the image back to rgb before exporting fixes it somehow.
I appreciate being let off the hook for redrawing every page again. (•.•;)
No problem, cool.
Here's the newest draft.
After downloading 20 new fonts, I went with your Comic Geek recommendation. In addition to your suggestions, I refined a redraw on p128, swapped the punctuation on p132 panel 2 to a period, adjusted the line breaks for the "sugar cigarette" After Talk section, and changed a lot of the typesetting on p147.

>> No.25667  

I think it should be good to go! Thanks for all your hard work, it came along quite nicely.

>> No.25674  



Good work everyone.

>> No.25676  

Looks like I got some author's names wrong in the credits pages and table of contents. In case someone was to release a correction.

Iwami Kayoko --> Iwami Kiyoko
Hachijyou Hani --> Renjyou Hani

Sorry for the miss

>> No.25677  

I'm visiting family right now, but I can fix the pages when I get back Sunday night.

>> No.25687  

here are the 3 pages with fixes. I did those names and the 2 other corrections Nobody pointed out.

>> No.25691  


Okay, I've updated the link in the site, I'll update the pages on Dynasty next.

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