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202440 No.2796  

One-shot, 24 pages.

TL: http://www.mediafire.com/?zo1lq22dfcfza4w

>> No.15354  
File: love letters translation.txt -(12088 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Awful late for this project, but here's a translation.

I'm unsure about a line on page 61 and one on page 79, so if somebody could look over those pages for me it would be much appreciated.

>> No.15356  

'思いがけない花畑' means she found a flower garden in an unexpected place.

'成績別クラス' presumably means subject classes are divided by academic level. Nakahara is in the same 組 (homeroom) as Kokonoe but a different クラス.

Missed a line here: そーじゃなくて

Looks good to me.

>> No.15357  

other notes

やめといたら? - Kokonoe's suggesting Nakahara give up trying to find out who drew it, because she'll end up being a bother to the artist. 人による is "depending on the person." キビシイ isn't aimed at Kokonoe but at the situation in general.

消すのもったいない means it would be a waste to erase it.

お花つき (not お花っき) means "it came with [a picture of] flowers"

他の人が知らない means nobody else knows about it (tying in to ヒミツ). 九重さんは知ってる is "You know too, Kokonoe-san"

英語の授業のたびに means each time the A-Class has English there (apparently thrice weekly). For Nakahara, this is not English class.

絵を気に入ってくれたお礼 means "as thanks for liking my picture".

仲いーよね - More along the lines of "getting along/talking a lot".

The sign says "Handwashing Week".

懐かれた modifies 九重さん (Kokonoe-san, whom you've become attached to)

大変 - from Kokonoe's perspective. Nakahara is the one being a bother.

やさしい園芸, not やさい園芸. She's somewhat bemusedly reading the title.

でも仲良くなったって言えば 九重さんのがそ―かも! - in other words, 'I don't know if she and I have become good friends, but you and I have'

友達に懐きすぎって笑われちゃった - "a friend of mine laughed at me for getting so attached to you"

どっちかって言うと 私が - Kokonoe's thinking that she's the one who's really attached / thankful for the relationship

ガ-ン and どーしよー missing

"Maybe she was out yesterday?" - probably "today" (at least in the first case, the drawing was done the period immediately before)

園芸部の子 is 'girl from the gardening club'

そして is "and also" [very lonely]

返事きっともうない = there won't be any more answers

カアア is blushing

どうして―? is a complete thought, like "Why would I do a thing like that?"

恥ずかしかったけど - it's 恥ずかしかっただけで, as in "when you praised it so much, it was too embarrassing to admit it was mine"

気付いたの 私... - the completed thought here would be "I realized I was in love with you"

きつそうって 言われることもあっても かわいいなんてないよ - "I've been called きつそう (prickly, stern-looking), but certainly never 'cute'"

[English examples are just for meaning, don't actually use them verbatim]

>> No.15358  
File: love letters translation. revisedtxt.txt -(12231 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Thanks for the edits. I've made changes along the lines you've suggested and put them together here.

>> No.16386  

Can I edit this project?

>> No.16406  

>>16386 Go ahead :) the most edits the better.

>> No.20173  

I'd like to edit this while I'm still in the editing mood.

>> No.20183  
File: Love_Letters_sfx.png -(1005512 B, 1400x1051) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This was relatively simple to edit because of the lack of colors and shades, which makes me wonder if I used the right raws... Oh well.


There was some untranslated texts on pages 10 and 20, which is shown to the left. If someone could translate them, that'd be great.

Also the transition from page 15 to page 16 sounds kinda weird to me.

  • And also, / so lonely.


  • And so, / I've become lonely.
>> No.20205  

くす Snicker, giggle, chuckle
ビク Jolt, flinch, shudder, tremble

>> No.20253  

Page 7
It came with the flowers. =>
It came with flowers.

Page 12
I guess a certain person's pictures had an influence. =>
I guess that person drawing those pictures had an influence.

Except, I can't really say if I'm getting along with her, =>
Though, talking about getting along,

but I know I am with you, Kokonoe-san! =>
definitely the two of us are, right?

A friend who I got close to so suddenly, someone who always makes me laugh... =>
The other day my friends were joking I was getting too clingy.

Page 13
If you say who got close to who, / it's really me who-- =>
Well, which of us is... / I'm...

Page 19
going to be another answer. =>
going to be another reply.

Page 21
How could I do that? =>
What's going on?

Page 22
I realized that / I love... =>
I realized / that I--...

Page 23
Bu-But! =>
O- Of course I would!

>> No.20256  


What about the transition from page 15 to page 16? Would you like me to keep the original translation?

>> No.20260  

You're right, how about like this:
What's this? / Something's wrong. / And also, / so lonely. =>
What's wrong? / It all feels so off... / and... / so very lonely.

>> No.20269  


Thanks for the translation check. I also added the author's name to the first page and credits page, which I got it from the status page.


>> No.20274  


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