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File: Comic Yuri Hime Vol. 31_0001.png -(2683160 B, 2071x3012) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
2683160 No.3714  

16 pages, Magazine scan. Could always wait for the upcoming tank to be released to work on this, if better raws are desired.

Editing version thingie: http://www.mediafire.com/?2wxwgho3xhe9whv

Cropped and batch leveled version (which just might be a bit easier to read): http://www.mediafire.com/?qib2dwug5fn0y4d

If anyone wants to work on this I can scan the follow-up story from the next number of Yuri Hime, but I do think I'd rather wait for the tank. I will scan the tank.

>> No.23556  

I'm part of a group that had used a set of raws of there own that they translated and cleaned. I was to typeset and do any redrawing. Your leveled ar so much better can we use them? How do we credit?

>> No.23557  


These scans are offered here freely, and I think you should feel free to use them. WeatheredPeach hasn't been seen on this site for some time, so I think these scans should be considered "up for grabs," seeing as the original uploader isn't here to say whether or not that's OK.

Please credit WeatheredPeach as the provider of the scans, and put a link to the homepage, yuri-project.net , in the credits of your release. If your group doesn't mind posting a final version here for checking just before release, please do that, as well.

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