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File: 咲総集編 Cover Test.jpg -(654729 B, 1411x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
654729 No.5801  

This is a collection of Saki stories, some of them already translated.

Part 1: http://dynasty-scans.com/reader/chapters/kaju_x_momo

Part 2: http://dynasty-scans.com/reader/chapters/tsuruga_gakuen_umi_ni_iku

Part 3: http://www.mediafire.com/?dg7juv0d6fj27nm

Part 4: http://www.mediafire.com/?wxxdy28yvtzzg80

Part 5: http://www.mediafire.com/?n07pmho75bn5049

Part 6: http://www.mediafire.com/?ou78o4a7oda28gt

Part 7: http://www.mediafire.com/?qs3c0efnpgw8d24

Part 8: http://dynasty-scans.com/reader/chapters/ikecap

Part 9: http://www.mediafire.com/?acx83lirb59cfj4

Covers: http://www.mediafire.com/?m15cgt7aceo7803

Since I didn't scan every story the file names are NOT indicative of the page's numbering.

It's nice that the average doujinshi is printed on high-quality, smooth, properly bleached paper. Except for that dust is so much more visible.

>> No.5802  


Oh, I forgot to add that I've scanned the afterwords and various misc pages, and put them in together with the closest story.

>> No.18524  
File: 3000_days_3_sec.txt -(8220 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Keep KajuMomo afloat

>> No.18525  
File: #U54b2#U7dcf#U96c6#U7de8_0015.png -(1316032 B, 1772x2490) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It looks like the wrong afterword was bundled with part four. I found the right one in the part three archive; it's posted here for convenience.

>> No.18564  
File: after_3000_days_3_sec.txt -(5507 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

"Sort of a continuation" to part four.

Uncertain lines:

>pg 2
>There is that...

I'm assuming this is a または-type また, and expresses an alternative ("On the other hand..."), but I'm not familiar with また as a one-word response to something, so I'm afraid that something's gone over my head.

>pg 4
>She was surprised when the president realized she was having trouble accepting some of her emotions.

This phrase is a bit tortured, and though I've scrutinized it as thoroughly as I am able, I'm worried that I missed something. I also don't remember the episode Kaori's referring to from the show, and I haven't been able to track it down. If someone could point me to it, that might help.

>> No.18567  
File: #U54b2#U7dcf#U96c6#U7de8_0043.png -(1075304 B, 1777x2484) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

As before the afterword (foreword?) wasn't in the part six archive, so here it is.

>> No.18573  
File: winter_kajumomo.txt -(5947 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The counterpart to part three, "Summer KajuMomo."

This one had an extra afterward in the archive, 0067.png, which goes with the next part.

>> No.21051  



Did you want the title with the "3" as is or spelled out? It's spelled out on the first page but it isn't on the afterword page. Or did you want it just as it is?

>> No.21052  


In both places the full title appears, let's make it "3000 Days and 3 Seconds." I think the numerals pop better than text.

Some revisions:


I know I'll be keeping an eye out for you. -> I know I'll be looking for you.


Dude, I'll answer your wishes and follow you around when you're in college! -> Dude, I'll meet those expectations and follow along with you into college!


I think they were talking about the individuals -> I think they were talking about the Individuals (capitalize "Individuals" to help specify that they were talking about the Individuals tournament as opposed to the Teams tournament, and not individual human beings.)

Besides that, I think things are fine.

>> No.21053  



I haven't read or watched this series, so I'm curious. Does Momo originally talk like this, with all the "dude"?

>> No.21054  


Okay, so

Momo ends her setences with っス /-ssu/, which is typically considered a male speech affectation. In English, there are very few words or speech patterns that are used more predominantly by either male or female speakers, and nothing like the male-typed "-ssu" copula. This makes it difficult to render her speech affectation in English.

The word "dude," however, is one of the few English words used primarily by male speakers, or with male referents. That's why I threw in "dudes" everywhere I could. It makes her sound a bit like a "frat bro," which isn't a perfect analogue to the original, but it is male-typed.

Crunchyroll's subs, as far as I could tell, just sort of punted on the "-ssu," and I don't blame them—there's really nothing like it in English. I've seen some scanlations that calque it, and just put a "ssu" at the end of her English dialogue, but I think that's too conservative for my tastes; I think "-ssu" is obscure enough and different enough from anything a native English speaker can reasonably be expected to know or learn about Japanese that it's not reasonable to put it at the end of a sentence in English and expect readers to understand it.

I've always wanted to see how a bunch of "dude"s would sound in her mouth, because I don't know of any better way to gender her speech in English, so that's what I did in this and the other KajuMomo doujins I've translated.

>> No.21055  

These seemed to have 404'd, so I'll reupload them.
Cover 咲総集編 [VISTA] (Saki Doujinshi).zip https://mega.nz/#!7UwXmYgZ!t27tXtiMs0FdTt0R2420CJYYrc5TH2vswhKTpPslZvU
RAW 03 咲総集編 [VISTA] (Saki Doujinshi).zip https://mega.nz/#!PRoxhbxY!7kDO3QnG2-6nn8Vvxa3JxY2zvUNoNk61uB93ZY1ED3I
RAW 04 咲総集編 [VISTA] (Saki Doujinshi).zip https://mega.nz/#!SMxihRQS!GVA7qVyHF61uJYAAnoXLDn6miDcUkVknktx2IBczl4Q
RAW 05 咲総集編 [VISTA] (Saki Doujinshi).zip https://mega.nz/#!PQJDCBjI!wImcBqY7GDUNl0ilMKPbpIwfjnaFtOG58ooDybYxmvQ
RAW 06 咲総集編 [VISTA] (Saki Doujinshi).zip https://mega.nz/#!CBAGHCIC!H-2TOuApWRgsshT64eFFN1JeTtb3xK0n1JxulGdUs0o
RAW 07 咲総集編 [VISTA] (Saki Doujinshi).zip https://mega.nz/#!uQYzkKSA!FYtiJl3rqrvDBl5h_bRXM-kW-rSCPUIkAfauPVmOEUw
RAW 09 咲総集編 [VISTA] (Saki Doujinshi).zip https://mega.nz/#!CEoTyCLK!ykV59md1Bv8KQ6QSDa5wN9BL2ZIhUWcMiqT2eAlr224
RAW side_M [うめきち] (Saki Doujinshi).zip https://mega.nz/#!CMhjyIZA!3fo89boOpMPuIvyXSybs3yTp6bgv6hKjB-7wTO5jPFE

>> No.21056  


Thanks. I can always count on your thorough explanations.

>> No.21062  


page 1

I changed the last line to "I know I'll be looking for you." so it matched the previous part.

page 2

Are they talking about one senpai or multiple senpais? Is senpais even a word?

>> No.21063  



In general, I favor the common practice in English of borrowing a loanword's plural form, as well as its singular (see also: antenna/antennae, vortex/vortices, paparazzi/paparazzo/paparazza, djinni/djinn). While I think I have seen "senpais" or similar Japanese words with the regular English -s plural, it's equally if not more common to retain the original plural from Japanese—which is to say, using the same form of the word as the singular. You can think of Japanese as treating all nouns like the English words "fish," "sheep," or "deer," in that they don't change form according to plurality.

It does, however, have a couple of markers for pluralization. While there is no regular plural form, there are optional markers you can attach to words to specify that there is more than one if you really want to.

I mention this because the word "senpai" actually does have a pluralization marker attached to it in this page (先輩達). I made the decision that it wasn't necessary to try to insert a similar explicit pluralization in English because Kajiki and Kanbara both showed up in the panel next to the balloon, and I had Mutsuki say "those senpai" a couple panels later. I figured the plural nature of the word was clear from context, so I didn't try to shoehorn in an explicit English equivalent and just used the borrowed plural form ("senpai," identical to the singular form).

One fun thing that I like to consider is that the names for pasta shapes are all in the plural. A single cylindrical rod of pasta would be a "spaghetto;" a single bent tube would be a "macarono."


Are you keeping an eye out for me here and there? -> Are you looking around for me now and then?

Thank you.

>> No.21066  



> One fun thing that I like to consider is that the names for pasta shapes are all in the plural. A single cylindrical rod of pasta would be a "spaghetto;" a single bent tube would be a "macarono."

goes on Google to search up these terms Wow, apparently the "spaghetto" term got quite popular a couple months ago. I didn't find anything on "macarono". Instead, I got a couple hits of "maccarone" and "macaronus". Still, it's pretty interesting that there are singular terms for those words.

>> No.21067  

Page 2
The flyer's second line in full would be 新人部員募集中 "Recruiting new members". Right now it looks like "New members wanted", but I think it's better to just put "Recruiting" (rest obscured).

>> No.21068  



>> No.21071  


>> No.21075  


>> No.21078  



The truth is- (Is this a hyphen? It looks a little short to be an emdash. Try setting the character width for the hyphen to 200% [assuming you're using Photoshop].)


Panel 4: Replace the vertical line in the balloon in the upper-right with an ellipsis.


What's making me feel so floaty? (The one-word line "so" sticks out like a sore thumb, but I'm not sure what you could do about it. Would it look better if every word was on its own line ["What's/making/me/feel/so/floaty"]?)


Seeing this on the page, this looks a little weird to me. I would try putting more space between the two lines, or making the first letter of "buoyed" lowercase. Maybe both.


It's harder than you might think..! -> It's harder than you might think...! (three periods in ellipsis)

enough already. -> Enough, already. (capitalize "Enough," add comma)

>> No.21079  
File: pg10_options.png -(423249 B, 1256x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


So here are some options for the text on page 10. I think all of it looks pretty weird considering the tight space given. I actually had to make the size of the box bigger, otherwise the text would have been really small. (I did the same with the box on the same page.) So if you wanted it all on different lines, we can go with the second option. Or if you wanted it at least somewhat symmetrical, then there's the third option.

>> No.21080  


Yeah, I think we're doomed to choose the least bad of bad options here. Personally, I like option two better than the other options. With the "me" on its own line as well, the "so" at least has a little company, and doesn't look /quite/ as out-of-place. Putting the "me" on its own line but "so" on the same line as "feel" strikes me as too hourglassy.

So even though it's not great, I think one word per line may be our best option here.

>> No.21081  


Got it.


I changed the hyphens on page 1 and 12 to emdashes. I also added a comma to page 14.

>> No.21089  


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