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File: 06c (141).jpg -(351725 B, 1145x1646) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
351725 No.6978  

Raw: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?4277b0xe2z7a7z0

The first chapter was translated by Tranquil (source - http://www.tranquilspring.com/2012/03/point-at-infinity-01/) , but since they've been inactive for almost a year and it seems interesting I figured it would be okay.Also it's short - 4 chapters total.

Note: It seems that the author changed the name of the series (for ch2-4), but the last two characters are the same as the first chapter, he may have changed the infinity symbol for the "infinity" word, alas I don't understand so it's speculation on my part.
Note2: I can't find the fourth(final chapter) it's in Tsubomi vol.9.I'd be glad anyone who has it to please post it.Thank you.

>> No.6995  

I found the last chapter.Here's the thread http://safe.yuriproject.net/res/6994.html

>> No.6996  


You don't really have to write that in every thread - all projects are on the same board, after all.

>> No.6997  

Ah,sorry.Still not used to this site..

>> No.6998  


No worries, just saving you a bit of work ^^

>> No.7001  
>so it's speculation on my part.

And you've hit the mark, that's precisely what's going on.


ch02 + 04 1000px, ch03 looks overleveled.

>> No.7015  

>>7001 I don't know what that means, but I'm guessing it's bad.That's the only one I've found.

>> No.7019  

Bad, yes. But not really a showstopper. Proper scans would be nice though but I don't have those old issues of Tsubomi.

>> No.7020  

>>7019 I currently found some different scans and am currently downloading them.I'll post a link when I upload them.

On an unrelated note is it possible for this site to have an edit button on posts?

>> No.7021  


>is it possible for this site to have an edit button on posts?

You can delete and redo, but not edit.

>> No.7024  

Well I downloaded the raw but it's in Chinese. Still I'm guessing the text could be deleted and the translation would be applied. I don't know how it works, but if it's like that I'm hoping it's good enough.
Here it is - http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?c4zy6tcc2mz8cxu

>> No.7025  

Those are even more overleveled. Notice the ring patterns on the page in the OP and how they're completely gone in the chinese scanlation.

>> No.7026  

>>7025 I see, but I still don't understand what overleveled means for a translator/scanlator so if you could point me to a thread where it's best explained I'd be grateful, of course you don't have to do that.Maybe just a general explanation, if you can.

>> No.7027  

A scanned page usually looks like this: http://safe.yuriproject.net/src/another_kiss_ch05_09.png
You level to turn those white areas into actual white and black areas to black. If you overdo it however you turn things white (and thus destroy) you actually want to keep, like those patterns there.

>> No.7030  

>>7027 I see, so basically it means no grain,right?

>> No.7031  


Sort of. When you level a page, you'll want the parts of the page that should be white to be white, and parts that should be black to be black. However you want to keep all the other patterns as they are. If you level too much on the white side, the patterns in the brighter shades of gray start disappearing, they just turn white, and others just doesn't look as dark as they were intended to. Overleveling on the black side has the same effect for the darker shades of gray. It's not really about making grains disappear, but rather giving the page colours close to what was intended. As a sideffect the grains will disappear.

>> No.7033  

>>7031 Yeah, didn't phrase/finish the sentence as I should have,sorry.Thanks for the explanation :]

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