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File: ちありん劇場 第01話 - YouTube.webm_snapshot_00.03_[2013.05.24_08.10.51].jpg -(53802 B, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
53802 No.8243  

Yurin Yurin began a YouTube series to promote A Kiss For The Petals - Longing of an Angel. The format of Chiaki-Ringo Theater appears to be similar to that of Risa-Miya Theater, but no schedule details have been released at this time. Longing of an Angel is due for release in one week.

Episode 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fbLk5fgZro

>> No.8247  


>> No.8248  

Wiki: http://wiki.yuriproject.net/wiki:tenshi_no_akogare

>> No.8302  

I've added a translation to the wiki page, and corrected a few errors in the transcription.

I apologize if the text formatting is difficult to deal with, I was trying to match the formatting of the Risa Miya theater episode scripts.

>> No.8367  

Episode 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klaHbKd_4g4

>> No.8401  

You forgot to translate this line:


It follows this line, which you translated in its place:

>And not only that, but I also do the laundry, and the cooking.
>> No.8409  

Whoops, I actually got a few of the translated lines out of sync with their Japanese counterparts. I've corrected it in the wiki.

>> No.8501  

Epsode 2 合い鍵

>> No.8503  

Episode 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n803QNda4pI

>> No.8505  

第三話 なくて七癖

>> No.8547  


Episode 2 translation posted to the wiki (with a slight revision to the opening of episode 1).

Even if I didn't know any of the characters' backstory, I still feel a strong Yuuna-ish vibe from Chiaki.


Since she's talking about doing shopping, it seems like it should be 醤油買えた.

What would it mean to "change soy sauce"? (醤油変えた)

>> No.8548  

Translation posted to the wiki page, and I made a few small corrections to the transcript.

I had a little trouble with some parts of the translation, and I'd appreciate it if someone could QC.


This was a little confusing. そんなことない made it sound like Ringo doesn't get scolded for not paying attention, but the rest of the conversation made it obvious that she does.

Is it like そんなことじゃないか where ない + ? means it's affirmative rather than negative?


Not sure how to translate this in context. It seems intentionally ambiguous though.


This is the same as 聞こえなかったらいいのよー right?

>> No.8549  

She changed an empty bottle to new one ...It is not make sense, please forget it. XD

Yui translated,
私のちょっとエッチな妄想 = I may be a bit perv about you.

妄想、pervert imagine

>This is the same as 聞こえなかったらいいのよー right?

I think that's right.

>> No.8553  


>妄想、pervert imagine

I figured it was probably an allusion to sexual fantasies. "Fantasizing" should work then.

>> No.8560  

I missed a question.

that thing is not there, isn't it? /that fact is not truth, isn't it?
~ I don't think so, right?
(very common expression)

Madoka Madoka's speaking is more fluently than Sano or Jun, I feel. Transcribing is very easy for me.
But that includes many changes in pronunciation and euphony. (That is why auto translation is difficult to adopt Japanese)
I'm sometimes writing square expression or phrase separation analysis in this series, but it is still difficult to translate, I guess.

Nursing school series VN itself is also, then probably we need to gather Japanese natives ...

>> No.8561  

About Chiaki's character:

I agree she is Yuuna-ish. But VN itself is very less pervert. That is very noticeable feature of yuri VNs lately. Characters have not been changed but story become sculptured group play, relationship is important, etchi is not important, that's Japanese users tendency.

Yurirei-san has no mosaic ... it means no tits and pussies picture. White robe (scenario by Madoka) is for all age. They are success to catch up Sonohana's 13 VN's career. At GLF9, Sonohana: 6 circles, Yurirei-san: over 20 circles. And Sonohana circles also wrote about Yurirei-san or White robe. But almost Yurirei-san's circles were not related to Sonohana.
Then fuguriya made Maidens of Michael. It was success but it could not catch Yurirei-san up again. So, Tenshi no Akogare is also sculptured group play, that consist of 3 couples, 6 characters. And description is not pervert, amazingly as Sonohana.
And also they need to challenge many new competitors at next full price VN.

AXYPB sometimes says Sonohana is not literature masterpiece, but now, it is Sonohana's largest weak point, and that's why fuguriya needs Madoka. Sano and Jun are game writers but Madoka is a novelist as much as a game writer.

So translations become difficult than ever, I think. :-)

>> No.8562  

Sorry, these are not related to translation, then

> Chiaki:
> I hadn’t... particularly noticed...

 You hadn't ... particularly noticed... (I'm surprised...)

This conversation's flow is ...

I got yelled at for not listening while I was preoccupied, but I don't think so, how do you think?
 (You hadn't ... particularly noticed... (I'm surprised...))
Nothing, never mind. ........

>> No.8564  

Thank you, I get it now.

I kept thinking そんなことないよね->叱られたことはないよね (didn't get yelled at).

But obviously she did get yelled at, so that's why it was confusing.

Now I understand it's 考え事をしてるときに人の話を聞いてないことはない.

I've updated the translation.

>> No.8565  

Given Yuuna's background in medicine as well as her dual personality, comparisons to Chiaki are understandable. In that vein, Ringo could be seen as a parallel to Nanami in that she struggles to keep her ideal lover's impulses under control.

It remains to be seen whether the gap between Peko and JUN's releases will see adaptations of nuances from Madoka Madoka's writing. If the density of the story increases as a result, it is fortunate that Yurin Yurin's recent releases use the KiriKiri2/KAG3 engine.

>> No.8649  

Episode 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuOaMAULDjw

>> No.8653  

第4話 アイス

>> No.8654  


>it is fortunate that Yurin Yurin's recent releases use the KiriKiri2/KAG3 engine.

I agree.
And also Kirikiri2/KAG3 are freeware and there are some simple IDEs (probably no English localizations).
It is useful for us except for IDE's localization issue.

>> No.8671  

I've posted the translation, along with a slight correction to the transcript.

>> No.8729  

Episode 5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMJ02bXJYEk

>> No.8790  

This episode seemed rather simple, so I've attempted to transcribe it myself this time.
The only part I'm really not sure of is at 0:49.
The first part is definitely 夜勤 but I'm not sure of the second part. It sounds like it might be やきんやく (夜勤役?)
Hopefully someone will be able to check the quality of my work (both the transcription and the translation).


>> No.9470  

Somehow I knew as soon as they committed to a sequel by putting "Part 1" in the title, they would stop releasing these...

>> No.9475  

The morning after night shift

>> No.9476  



#The meaning is same.

> んんん~ あ、夜勤ね。ナースコールだかれでちょっと大変だったかも。

#Translation is okay.


#translation is okay.

>> No.9477  

I guess ...

Usually xxxx theater series consists of before story 5ep and after story 5ep.
But nursing school series has 3VNs, probably there are some ネタバレ(spoiler included) :)

Madoka tweeted she was checking the scenario with watching videos after ep5 released, then it should not be stopped.

(Er... she exactly tweeted she was checking the scenario to adopt the voice actresses.
I feel ... Chiaki and Ringo are new faces ... it is natural that you can't hear some words ... XD
... that is only in theater. In the VN, they are fluent, I must say for their honor ...
To see the voice actresses' glowing up, the way of enjoying Sonohana, I think ...... as Reo did ...........)

>> No.9480  

Thank you. I've updated the wiki page.

夜勤明け was really driving me crazy...

I still think it sounds like あたしはない instead of じゃない though (I can't hear a じゃ sound at all) but I'll defer to you.

I'm just reminded of the web series like 女子校の猥談 and あまとろちゅう that both ended with a "To be continued..."

>> No.9498  

Umm, I checked the video again, I'm sure it's じゃ.
夜勤明け、徹夜明け、休み明け(夏休み明け、冬休み明け) xxxx-ake = the morning after xxxx or the day after xxxx are standard expressions.

Eh, 女子高の猥談 is not yuri, I think it's natural to quit.
あまとろちゅう became SH7 あまくてとろけるおとなのちゅう, the story is completed.

>> No.10082  

Episode 6: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sftwvup3n1w

>> No.10134  


Sorry, it has not been formatted yet.

>> No.10288  

Episode 7: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_TLeO7lrfg

>> No.10441  


>> No.10460  

Episode 8: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEHFC7e7NZQ

>> No.10604  

Episode 9: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfLiHiinz-8

>> No.10623  

I tried to transcribe this episode, but I need some help, both in the transcription and in the interpretation.

I thought this would mean "already run out of wine" (because it's past tense) but from the context it sounds more like "going to run out of wine."

I first thought it sounded like like 直って, but that doesn't make much sense. Now I'm thinking it might just be なぁって.


Wouldn't drinking the wine even though it tastes funny be courteous to the manufacturer, rather than impolite?


Is this Ringo attempting to interpret the meaning behind Chiaki's words?


Did Ringo suddenly start referring to herself in the third person here? Up until now she's used あたし.


I'm at a complete loss here.
It sounds vaguely like something along the lines of おえいびる, but I just can't figure it out.

I've gone ahead and uploaded what I have so far to the wiki, but I'm apparently still not at the point where I can do this myself yet.

>> No.10627  


>Is this Ringo attempting to interpret the meaning behind Chiaki's words?

After listening again I realized this was Chiaki talking, which is what I thought when I heard it the first time, but her voice sounded so different that I got confused and thought it was Ringo.

I'm still no closer to figuring out Chiaki's last line of dialogue though.

>> No.10632  



I think this might be: でも、そんなところも萌えるわね

>> No.10679  

I'm not so sure.
I can hear how the first part might be もえ, but there's a very definite bi sound after that (it's even more obvious when the audio is slowed down).

I discovered that there's a suffix, びる, which the English dictionary defines as seeming to be...; becoming like...; behaving as..., and the Japanese dictionary defines as …らしく見える、…のふうで

So I suppose it could be 萌えびる. Googling that particular phrase doesn't turn up any results, so I'm not sure if that's a correct or common usage, but it sounds an awful lot like what Chiaki is saying, so it's my best guess at this point.

>> No.10680  

It sounds like >>10632 to me as well

>> No.10681  

You're not hearing the bi sound? It sounds really obvious to me...

>> No.10682  

It sounds to me just like "moeru" said sort of roundly/huskily, and "moeru" would make sense there.

But, I mean, if I'm disagreeing with Ralen, that would usually lead me to believe I'm wrong.

>> No.10686  

I don't know, I mean it sounds very clear to me, but if no one else is hearing it, I might be imagining it.

Kind of reminds me of that whole tottanokayo/A-I-I audio clip from the internet.

I agree that 萌える fits there, and even if it was 萌えびる, that wouldn't change the meaning any. Plus the fact that googling the exact phrase "そんなところも萌える" actually returns numerous results, and googling the exact phrase "そんなところも萌えびる" returns nothing at all leads me to believe that 萌える probably is more correct.

>> No.10782  

Episode 10: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHlqUrP0Eak

>> No.11757  

I've finally finished up another major project I've been working on since July, so I hope to be able to spend some time on these remaining episodes in the coming days.

My listening comprehension is still lacking though, so I may still need to rely on help from others if there are certain parts I can't make out.

>> No.11891  

I've begun transcribing episode 8 (a 3 minute episode takes a surprisingly long time for me) and I'm having a bit of trouble with something Chiaki says at 1:26.


From the context it's obvious that she's saying Ringo's skin is as lustrous as an apple's, but I'm not sure of the exact words she's using.

It sounds like グルつや with the つや part meaning "shiny" but I can't figure out what グル means. The only connection I can make is that グル could mean "accomplice" or "associate" or it could also be an abbreviation for "Group" (as in things that share a certain quality) but both of those interpretations seem like a stretch.

>> No.11896  

No words fit, so I think it's two SFX combined:
グルグル & ツヤツヤ (グルツヤ)
クルクル & ツヤツヤ (クルツヤ)
Maybe something like "a full gleam/luster."

>> No.11898  

But doesn't グルグル mean "to spin/go in circles"?
I'm not sure how that applies as a description of someone's skin...

>> No.11908  

What about this dictionary entry for くるくる:
3 丸くて愛らしいさま。くりくり。「目が―(と)してかわいい」

I can't find it used like that for skin though.

>> No.11911  

After some further thought and research, I think it might be グルッ艶 (as in ぐるっと艶).

I was able to find some other uses of ぐるっと艶 (actually it was ぐるっと艶消し) meaning "all the way around." So I'm thinking it means she's covered in (surrounded by) a shiny skin like an apple.

>> No.11961  

Episode 8 is transcribed (to the best of my ability).

There were really only one or two spots I had difficulty understanding. Chiaki's voice actress doesn't have the best enunciation...

I noticed there was no ending music for this episode.

>> No.12150  

Another spot in this one is tripping me up.

As before, I get the general meaning (Chiaki is saying Ringo's skin is so fine she doesn't need any makeup, or only needs a light application of powder), but I'm not sure of the exact word being used.

At 2:06 Chiaki says

It sounds like せんせい (or possibly せいせい) but I don't really know what that could mean in this context.
I thought it might be 精製パウダー (refined powder) but searching for that term doesn't turn up many results, so it seems unlikely that's it.

>> No.12151  

It's せいぜい. It has some google hits, too.

>> No.12152  

I also had the thought it might be せいぜい, but I was having trouble finding results for that, or figuring out how it fit (it's not a word I'm very familiar with).
But looking it up by kana rather than kanji (精々) has proved more useful in finding examples.

Thanks for the help.

>> No.12263  

I'm not giving up yet...

But it's just really frustrating when I end up spending an hour (or two, or three) on just one or two words before I finally figure out what they are.

For example, just today it took me probably 2 hours to realize the word at 2:50 was 頬紅 and not 多めに.
Or to realize that the word at 2:55 was 血色 and not 化粧-something.

I think I only got through 30 seconds today.
But I guess this is a good learning experience. I'm definitely going to recognize the words 頬紅 and 血色 in the future.

>> No.12373  

Episode 9 is transcribed.

Despite my difficulties I'm pretty confident I eventually understood all the dialogue correctly.

>> No.12401  

Episode 10 is transcribed. Translations of episodes 6 through 10 to follow.

There were a few places in this episode where I thought I heard a kissing sound, so I went ahead and included it in the transcription, but I'm not certain that's what it was supposed to be.

>> No.12438  

Added translation for episode 7 (I had forgotten that I already did 6 some time ago).


>Wouldn't drinking the wine even though it tastes funny be courteous to the manufacturer, rather than impolite?

I think I figured this part out finally. The philosophy is that you should relish whatever you're eating/drinking, and it's disrespectful to the manufacturer to do otherwise. So it's better for Chiaki to not drink the wine she doesn't like at all rather than force herself to finish it and not enjoy it.

>> No.12448  

Added translation for episode 8.
Having already transcribed these, the translations are going much faster than previous episodes.

Most of the target audience for this series probably already knows this, but just in case, "Ringo" is Japanese for "apple." There's a lot of apple imagery in this one.

>> No.12498  

Added translation for episode 9.

I know different people have varying degrees of tolerance for localization of cultural references, but I changed a couple of references to Okame and Hyottoko in this episode, since most people aren't going to be familiar with them. I included a translation note on the wiki page though.

Speaking of this whole thing (I still think I hear a "bi" sound in that word) I noticed something similar at 4:11 in episode 9.

It sounds very clearly like she says sotsugyou mage although obviously it should be sotsugyou mae. So maybe she just has a habit of chewing her words...

>> No.12539  

Added translation for episode 10.

I realized as I was doing the translation for episode 8 that Ringo's monologue in the beginning is almost identical to the one in episode 10.

>> No.12541  

Congratulations on finishing the first translation, and thank you very much for your work. I had counted on Virus123 to assist with typesetting, but he appears to be unavailable. If need be, I'll have to find another.

>> No.12543  

In the meantime, as I'm currently focusing on the visual novels, if anyone would like to check the translation, please feel free.

>> No.12546  

Correct link: http://wiki.yuriproject.net/wiki:tenshi_no_akogare

>> No.13994  

I would like to request a typesetter for these videos. In particular, I need assistance in setting text for the episode titles, ending credits, and title logo.

>> No.13995  

I also require typesetting for Rikka-Sayuki Theater for the same tasks.

>> No.14907  

if you guys won't mind, i would be happy to assist with the timing of the videos like Rikka, Saiyuki Theater

>> No.14947  

I thought Rikka Sayuki theater turned out great, so I say go for it.

AXYPB has mentioned in >>14745 that his current focus is on Sweet Grown-up Kisses though, so it may be some time before he is able to work on these.

Also, as he mentioned, the opening monologues to these videos is somewhat unique, so the timings on those portions may need to be different from the timings for the regular dialogue.

>> No.14968  

i'll do as much as possible for now.
could take some time though. RL stuff and all.

>> No.14969  

quick question. do you have high quality video for this as well? i can't seem to download it beyond 240p

>> No.14970  

actually, nevermind

>> No.14982  

episode 1

i had bit of trouble with this one. it seemed like that characters moved either fraction of second before or after the dialogue has started.

>> No.14993  

episode 01

episode 02

11th line of episode 2, i think that's Chiaki yawning so i left it as that. but if it's not, please tell so i can change
i'm sorry for being late on these. i'm preparing for uni and stuff so i'm going to be bit busy.
also, on these episodes, it loks like the movements are far later then the voice. so should i match the subs to the voice or the movement?

>> No.14994  

Thanks for continuing to work on these. Don't worry about progressing slowly. Right now AXYPB is still occupied with other projects, so any work you do on this now is really just working ahead.

I'm not sure which line you mean when you say the 11th one, but are you referring to this one?


I think you're correct and that is Chiaki yawning, although the script has it as Ringo groaning. I recall a number of places in this series where I had trouble telling Chiaki's and Ringo's voices apart. In this case I'm pretty sure it's Chiaki though, especially since it matches the change in her character image.

Just rewatching the 2nd episode now, I'm not detecting a major difference between when the image changes and when the voice begins. They seem pretty close to me, so I would say to continue to try to match them to the image change to match the style of the visual novels.

>> No.14995  

ok, maybe it's my download that's bit dodgy with the sync
and yes, that was the line. thank you for the feedback

>> No.14996  

I can rip the videos from Youtube and upload them for you if that would help.

>> No.15000  

that will be much appreciated.
and also, good luck and have fun in japan

>> No.15003  

Thank you.

Here is a download link.

>> No.15027  

episode 03

>> No.15125  

episode 04

i'll be starting uni coming this monday so i won't be able to continue working as fast as before.

>> No.15126  

also, can someone take a look at line 43 and 44 where
You can’t do that. The whole reason I bought two flavors was so we could give each other a taste.
We can’t just hog them all to ourselves. We need to share with one another. "
i don't know if i timed it right

>> No.15188  

episode 05
due to my lack of understanding of japanese, i wasn't able to time the beginning script where ringo speaks.

>> No.15334  

episode 06

>> No.15359  

These links are invalid. Check your Mediafire folder for the correct links and repost.

>> No.15420  

thank you for pointing that out
episode 04

episode 06

>> No.15421  

it looks like there are some problem with the media fire link i have provided. here are correct linkes.


also i'll be busy for while so i won't be able to help as much. i'll still do as much as i can

>> No.15560  

episode 07

>> No.15635  

episode 08

>> No.15716  

episode 09

i'll try to get episode 10 done within next week

>> No.15757  

for episode 10, i've got a suggestion.
instead of using 'Mwah', what about using 'chu' instead? it sound more appropriate

>> No.15774  

episode 10

i have not changed the kiss sound effect.

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