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File: 子猫のよう、小鳥のよう Cover Not Finished.jpg -(2081178 B, 2850x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
2081178 No.9801  

Even more Maria-sama ga Miteru doujinshi! These are some ridiculously cute 28 pages.

Raw: http://www.mediafire.com/download/h4dct75762vv3cq/

AS you can see the cover is a spread that I started on, but didn't really finish. If anyone wants to have a go at it I'll upload the .psd, but it's kinda 500mb big.

Please don't upload this anywhere else.

>> No.9802  


>> No.13341  

I'll do this as well if Gulf Standard wants to translate. I assume this is the squeal to Midsummer Body Heat.

>> No.13343  

This one I will not translate.

>> No.13344  

Okay. I still have about 90 pages of stuff to edit, probably for the best.

>> No.14631  

I'm up for translating this. Took a look over it back in March already when the prequel was released.

Incidentally, I'm just wondering if the text/handwriting was the primary motivation for this? The handwriting is certainly amongst the most atrocious of any doujins I have tried to read.

I will be posting the script for this soon following the first chapter of >>>/nsfw/2305.

>> No.14636  

I'll still do this, but I am fairly swamped at the moment. So it might take me a little bit.

>> No.14638  

No, content

>> No.14640  

If you don't think it's worth doing I may not bother with this. Because my backlog is so long right now.

>> No.14672  
File: [Studio Konpeitou] Koneko no you, Kotori no you.txt -(0 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Gaah, finally finished this. Holy hell, those author's notes. I think I managed to get most of it but I'd still appreciate other translator input on two particular parts:

Page 11, a suitable translation for the onomatopoeia/psychomime "dekideki", presumably derived from 出来; and

Also Page 11, finding some way to at least romanize "とらぶりゅー" (if my transcription's not wrong). Based on where it comes in in the sentence I would've believed it's a reference to one of Marine's previous doujins -- the previously translated prequel, even -- but I wasn't able to find any reference under http://www.doujinshi.org/browse/author/42267/?order=date. I also have trouble parsing it into any coherent words.

I personally take this to be a really sweet doujin so I certainly hope you'd still take a look.

>> No.14673  
File: [Studio Konpeitou] Koneko no you, Kotori no you.txt -(14072 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Small revisions. Also a quick note if it isn't obvious, the troublesome points mentioned above are marked with '???'.

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