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I found a really good Korean yuri webtoon. anyone please help out in translating in english? thanks

>> No.20489  

I can do the Korean translation but I can't do editing and stuff like that.

>> No.20490  

If there's a translation, I can do the editing. Looks like a pretty good read.

>> No.20494  

Do you have a copy of the webtoon or do you need raws? I can provide it if you don't have it but I want an email to send it to, I'd prefer not to have the raws lying around somewhere.

>> No.20495  


Yes, I would need the raws. My email is just my name with @yahoo.com on the end. Creative, right? XD If you can send me the raws, that'll be great and I'll get started on it. Thanks in advance.

>> No.20496  

Sent you a mail. I name my emails like that too.

>> No.20498  

Isn't it a het?

>> No.20500  


Sadly, it is both.

>> No.20557  

I finally got around to cleaning it. Just seven chapters. I'll wait until the translation comes out to clean the rest.

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