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439924 No.23572  

One-shot, 28 pages.

>> No.24554  

Does anyone want to translate this? I would love to edit this

>> No.24664  
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>> No.24700  

Here is the file for QC!

>> No.24740  

The flower you only can! -> The flower only you can!

And a few general comments you can probably ignore:

I think the levelling might be a bit strong. Some of the blushing lines on the characters are faded and hard to see compared to the raws, such as on p309.

On p332, you italicized the narrative text, but it hasn't been italicized anywhere else in the chapter. I'm not sure if this was on purpose, so I figured I should point it out. I believe the narrative text in the raws is the same for that page as it is on other pages.

Last thing, I find it odd that "Ichika" doesn't have crossbar I's. There's a bit of conflicting opinion on this, from what I can tell, though. Some sources suggest to only use it for personal pronouns, while others suggest to also use it for names and acronyms (such as CIA, FBI). Regardless, that's a convention more for western comics, so just go with whatever you feel is appropriate.


Everyone did really great work on this! It was a really nice oneshot. The two of them were both pretty likeable, and the painting reveal was really sweet.

>> No.24746  

Thanks for the QC!
Yeah, the levelling was a bit too strong but I was too lazy to do it for every page, so I only corrected it for the pages with blushes if that's okay.
I like this one shot too. It's pretty cute!

>> No.24748  

Just one small thing I see on p330, which I initially missed, sorry about that. "I don't deserve to be reflected in those eyes!" is written in the dialogue font, instead of the narrative font.

Other than that, looks great!

>> No.24749  

Good catch!


>> No.24767  



>> No.24832  

Blob, would you mind sharing the clean files so that I can make a Spanish translated version? Thank you. I'll credit you of course.

>> No.24836  


I don't keep the cleans, so I'll just give you the PSDs of the finished version and then you can delete the text layers.

>> No.24837  

>>24836 Sure! That probably works even better. Thank you!!!

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