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2068807 No.25417  

Three chapters here: 2 I believe are the main story, while the 3rd is a collection of short stories about the same pairing (the one with red cover art and "ついろぐ" at the end of the title).

Chapter 1 has 25 pages, Chapter 2 has 35 pages, and the short stories collection has 49 pages. 109 pages total.


>> No.25436  

I'll be translating this.

>> No.25462  
File: Tokidoki Kaettekuru Onna Tomodachi no Hanashi 1 translation.txt -(17248 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's a TL for the first one of these.

>> No.25481  

I'll be editing this (clrd + ts). Thank you~!

>> No.25556  

Are you still working on this, Rei?

>> No.25563  

I spoke with schuyguy and have started work on the first chapter. If heyyyyrei comes back and is still interested, I'd be more than happy to work something out, but in the mean time I'll try to have this done before too long depending on how involved it is.

>> No.25565  

Here's chapter 1!

As always with picking something new up, there are a lot of elements that I'm not certain about or satisfied with. I tried my best to maintain the spirit and style of all the handwritten bits, but if anyone sees somewhere that feels off or could be improved, I'm all ears. Likewise, I'm open to changing the fonts as well.

>> No.25568  



>> No.25642  
File: Tokidoki Kaettekuru Onna Tomodachi no Hanashi 2 translation.txt -(21983 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's the TL for chapter 2 of this.

I've got a question about a line if any Japanese-speakers could take a look. On Page 27, there's a line:

>ホント 集会とか呼ばれて ないか確認された

and as far as I can tell, in context that means:

>Really. It made sure I wasn't called to any meetings or anything.

But I'm not sure how Utako's response makes any sense as a follow-up to that. Maybe someone could explain that to me, or maybe I made some mistake somewhere.

>> No.25644  

It's just a continuation of the same joke from page 18 of ch.1, they questioned if she hadn't been pulled into some freaky cult or something. And Utako calls them historically and culturally ignorant for that reaction.

>> No.25645  


Thanks so much! It seems so obvious now, it's even the same wording from that line. But I spent literal hours looking at this and couldn't figure it out. 集会 is just too versatile. Yeah, so that line should be:

>Really. Everyone checked I hadn't been recruited by a cult or something.
>> No.25655  

Here's the first draft!

This chapter pushed me out of my comfort zone a few times, and I'm not sure it always turned out well. As always, all QC is welcome, but I'd be especially grateful for any other editors stopping by to weigh in on the handwritten bits, especially the "I'm trapped..." floating text on p7 which I'm not really satisfied with.

>> No.25656  

I had to point out the Italian line on page 13 so I figured I'd make a couple minor TLC suggestions.

page 4
panel 1: Isn't this saying that she never would have thought they'd still be seeing each other all this time later?

page 7
panel 1, bubble 1: In the second part, Akira is saying Utako clearly knew that already. In bubble 2, Utako responds that Akira makes it very obvious.

page 13
Panel 1, bubble 2: どころ is saying that that was terrible timing to be going out for Italian of all things.

page 17
2nd bubble: This is Utako using that same だし conjunction from page 9, but it sounds like the other person is saying it here. A 'so I think' or 'that's why' etc might be more appropriate.

And as a heads-up on the qc, there's an untranslated sfx on page 31.

>> No.25657  

Ah right, fixed p31, thanks!

>> No.25658  
File: my female friend 2 qc 1.txt -(491 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Thanks a lot again. I guess I kind of screwed up a lot lines in this one. I'll attach some changes. Let me know if you think this fixes the major issues.

>> No.25659  

Looks good, except the first one with page 7 it needs the tone of something like 'Yes... but you look like you already knew that, didn't you?'

>> No.25660  


Okay, sounds good. Please go ahead with that change then.

>> No.25661  


Okay, so looking at that line again, I think the tag question there just feels redundant in English, since it's like she's asking a question that Utako already answered in the previous line. So I think it'd be best to change it to "I haven't... but you totally knew that already." and have Utako respond with "Ahaha, anyone could tell just by looking."

>> No.25665  

ooh, that's good. I agree

>> No.25666  

Alright, all changes made! I also went through and made about a dozen or so adjustments, mainly font size changes, as well as some miscellaneous errors. Let me know if there's anything else that could use adjustment. If not, it should be good to go!

>> No.25669  

I did a typo check. On page 26, a word is capitalized after a comma in the second-bottom panel ('What'). In the bottom panel, 'responsible' is missing its first s.

And on the credit page, there's another capitalized word after a comma in the bottom paragraph ('We').

>> No.25672  

Updated, thanks!

>> No.25675  



>> No.25692  

Updated this with a couple fixes.

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