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Here's another oneshot by Arai Sumiko, this time from Yuri Hime's "Anthology of crying girls". I probably won't be translating it for a long time, if ever, so anyone else who's interested can have a go.


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File: What happened After the Flood.txt -(5421 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's the TL, if super powered crying girls are your thing.

>> No.25787  

This is the first time I've ever done clean-up tbh so I hope it's fine. But I am not at all confident in doing TS so I hope someone else picks that up

>> No.25794  

You can click on the "Reply" button on the right of the post and then comment here.

I'll just put the link up here.

>> No.26712  

I'll typeset this

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>> No.26736  


boke, can you clarify page 39? Is your translation missing the text on panel 3? I'm not sure where each sentence goes

>> No.26737  


I did miss one thing, but mainly I didn't break up the panels the way I should have. Here's an update TL for p39



Nothing but fuck-ups today as well…


I’ve amended only half of the documents
I’ll have to go in early tomorrow…

It's like this everyday.


Even if you say “don’t apologize”…

I’m sorry to make you wait, Katsumata-san.


I’m such a loser…

sfx: slump

>> No.26744  


Thanks for the TL updates!


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