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2480969 No.26374  

The first story of this volume does what it says on the lid. Two other stories are included for your maid/cat girl fetishes.

>> No.26375  
File: The Vampire and The Maid.txt -(27939 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

As sweet as treacle with purty, purty pictures. Watch for a blood sugar crash. Content warning: an immortal age gap might just be an immoral age gap, cat girls in heat means you ain't getting any during the rest of the year, fangs for the memories.

>> No.26443  

Considered just doing this in the background over time until everything was finished, but then if it was decided that my font choice sucked I would've been a bit sad to re-do over a hundred pages. So here's the first chapter before I go too deep into the rest.

>> No.26446  

Looks good to me, but I'm not the best PR. Hope someone else chimes in.

>> No.26448  

I'll be uploading the chapters as they're completed to the mediafire folder. Right now there's chapters 1-3. It'll take me a bit to get through all the chapters but I'll post every time a new chapter is added in there and if I've made QC changes to them.

>> No.26450  

Minor updates to chapters 1 and 2. 4 and 5 added. Also changed the link since I think I used the non-sharable previously?

>> No.26456  

6 and 7 are up. Long ways to go at this pace, but it'll get done eventually.

>> No.26458  

Nice. Appreciate your work!

>> No.26491  

8-10 are up. Work and Baldur's Gate crushing any chance of this being done at a real pace. If only I could borrow some of Kirin's youthful vigor.
New link since I somehow lost my prior account login at MF despite having a password manager.

>> No.26492  

Kirin himself is a Machine.

>> No.26514  

Chapters 11-16 are in the folder which completes the vampire and maid section. Fortunately there were very few sfx to deal with, although unfortunately I see that there's a bunch of sfx in the cat ear maid section so that will slow my old ass down a bit.

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