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I saw this on twitter, thought it looked cute and easy to clean, so I grabbed it off of Kobo (it was 110 yen). Any chance you could TL this boke?


>> No.26752  
File: Fuyuki Sempai and Natsui.txt -(3033 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Nice an simple. Heres ya goes.

>> No.26753  

Okay, it's ready for review at the same link as above! Thanks for the quick turnaround boke!

I did have a couple questions though. On page one, the guy says FuyuGi and not FuyuKi, is that right? And then, sometimes its seMpai and other seNpai. Is that right?

Oh, and I'll need to create the author and series information on MD. Is Nosaa the author name? And Fuyuki Sempai and Natsui is the english, then 冬木先輩と夏井, but whats the romanisation (or whatever its called)?

Anyways, this was just as good as I thought it would be. Thanks! I hope the author makes another volume!

>> No.26754  


The problem is both are phonetically correct in both instances. But we should be consistent. Use Fuyuki and Senpai.

Nosaa is the author. Romanization is Fuyuki Senpai to Natsui

>> No.26755  

Sounds good, I’ll update the files and create the MD entries. In the meantime I’ll wait to see if anyone reviews and if not, upload to MD and Dynasty on Thur/Fri

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