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256677 No.26807  

One volume (200ish pages) of short stories, some high school, some college age. The first story has already been scanlated and is on Dynasty. The first couple pages of Chapter 6 is up on Mangadex, but it wasn’t complete, so I translated the whole chapter.


>> No.26808  
File: My Goddess Spurs Me.txt -(45558 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Content warning: The neighbor girl's got some grr in her tank; If you don't let your co-dependent girlfriend have some quality co-dependent time, she might just walk out on your ass; and when two repressed wanna be lesbians actually get out of their "tee-hee" phase, we might as well call the subtext dead.

>> No.26884  

Do you (or anyone) have a version without the watermarks in the corners?

>> No.26887  


I don't, sorry.

>> No.26889  


No worries. If anyone comes across raws without watermarks and willing to provide it, I'd appreciate it. Otherwise, I'll make do somehow.

>> No.26896  

boke, if it's not too much trouble, can you also translate page 23?

>> No.26897  



Why did you even make such a fuss that people found out?

hw- You seem like you'd be good at keeping secrets



hw- I got these when playing around, and forgot that they were in my bag

you wore bunny ears earlier, right?


Because of that?!
###bold and italicize "that"

hw- Ka-Ka-Kagami-san was wearing bunny ears!




The next day.

I brought them!

hw- See? See?

hw- Whaddya think?

Why would you even...?

>> No.26898  



Thanks for the TL! Getting one page out isn't too hard.

> Why did you even make such a fuss that people found out?

What does this mean? Does it mean the fuss she made is how people found out?

>> No.26899  


Yeah, this made me scratch my head too for a while. I think she is talking about the very start of the story when Oomiya started talking about liking Kagami. Maybe we can change it to

"Why did you even admit liking me to start with?"

>> No.26901  


Thanks, that sounds better. Link updated

>> No.26905  

Raws: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1nedYWsrQ_ssC92Tg21Ordd91Hs2fnIRs?usp=sharing

^ Here are the Vol 1 raws for Dengeki Comics NEXT version. Didn't realize there were multiple releases when I bought it... But at least the confusion around volume 2 makes sense now.

There's a single page extra after chapter 1 that's different between the two releases. Boke translated it and I should have it typeset soon.

I haven't done a thorough comparison between the two releases yet. But it wouldn't surprise me if the Dengeki Comics NEXT version included more content.

>> No.26906  

Updated my google link to include both extras

>> No.26907  

Chatted with Rozmontis (who released chapter 2) and they'll release one more chapter and we can pick it up from there.

>> No.26911  

Did rosmontis have a genuine translator for those chapters or was it just rosmontis himself with his MTL and dictionary?

>> No.26912  


I assumed himself (according to the credits page) but I didn't ask.

>> No.26915  

Then I would suggest doing ch2 and 3 for both dynasty and MD just to have a non-MTL version

>> No.26916  


Sure. It makes releasing easier. I can release based on the Dengeki version. I think the main differences between comic gaga and dengeki next are the after stories and some of the one page extras. Not sure if any of the main chapters differ (hopefully not).

I don't think I can release as fast as Rozmontis but I'll try my best. Thanks for everyone's patience in advance.

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