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260237 No.26837  

The second chapter of the series? Anthology? And the last one that I know of.


>> No.26838  
File: Doing that thing, with that girl Ch02.txt -(10656 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Content Warning: It seems that when getting saved from a molester on the train, there is an erotic transference; Ok of all the unrealistic plot devices I have ever seen, a uncrowded Japanese city takes the cake; and another story with clear communication? it must be burned at the stake.

>> No.26862  

Will start working on this now

>> No.26863  

I love these realistic slice of life stories that touch upon realistic situations and feelings, thanks for the translation!
And once again, if you spot any mistakes please tell me.

>> No.26864  

Thanks for doing these! I'll review them tomorrow!

>> No.26868  

Pg4 pn4: remove "on" -> "iniviting her out over"
Missing Page 6
Pg7 pn2: "more that" -> "more than"
Pg15 pn5: "would've have" -> "would've had"
Pg16 pn1: "There's" -> "There're" or "There are"
Pg16 pn4: no comma before the ellipse
Pg25 pn2: "sometime" -> "sometimes"
Pg37 pn2: remove "from" -> "makes you suffer at work"
Pg38 pn2: "I'm not [a] kid"

>> No.26869  

Thank you for this! I updated the mentioned pages for both this and the first chapter.

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