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File: Houkago_Vol_1_p_0331.png -(3716609 B, 1768x2480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
3716609 No.5773  

One-shot, 24 pages.

ED: http://www.mediafire.com/?2hafw8iv1ke8b9e

>> No.25800  
File: Planetarium .txt -(7940 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

What with all these ten year old astronomy stories? Content warning: Taking off bras, naked floating, canon lesbian couple on the side.

>> No.25926  

I'll edit this

>> No.26060  


> Taking off bras, naked floating


>> No.26075  


Ah, different story I translated about the same time. Got them confused. Soz.

>> No.26077  


Trying to lure in editors with false promises of naked floating!? Unconscionable.


I think this looks good. One suggestion, I think on page 03 in the top left panel, that double box might look better if you treat it as a single box and just typeset everything in one block, to avoid all the hyphenation.

>> No.26078  


I'm surprised you haven't noticed yet that I'm just recycling the same ten translations over and over again...

>> No.26087  

Updated page 03

Bamboozled I was

>> No.26106  


>> No.26108  

And updated the link with the missing page 8. Oops.

>> No.26109  

Also, someone in the Dynasty scanlation discord posted some suggestions/fixes:

Page 5, top right panel


>are our astronomy club members.


>are astronomy club members.

Page 7, bottom left panel


>What's up all of the sudden, Rika?


>What's up all of a sudden, Rika?

page 10, bottom left panel


>because I was reading the all planetariums scripts.


>because I was reading all the planetarium scripts.

Page 13, bottom panel


>The only thing to do was to work as hard as I can.


>The only thing to do is to work as hard as I can.

Also, my name is spelled wrong in the credits, but honestly, given the usual quality of my QC work, I think that's pretty fitting haha.

>> No.26120  


Fixed, and I'm sorry about misspelling your name!

>> No.26134  


Thanks, I've updated the link with the fixes.

>> No.26147  

This translation is listed in the wrong series at Manga-Updates. It's some lolicon hentai oneshot.


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