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708196 No.6688  

Heya guys! I found something while surfing the net and I just want to ask if I can request some translation for this?
I'm planning on editing this if it's not against the rules here.


The site where I got the raw: http://yurilove-neko14.blogspot.com/
*credits goes to the raw provider
Also, I'm new to this stuff so please excuse my inadequacies.

>> No.22402  

Hi, I'm going to go ahead and post the translation for this one-shot later today! :)

>> No.22427  
File: desire parade script.txt -(9805 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I've finished the translation for this one-shot manga. I've attached it to this comment. Feel free to double check/review/correct!

>> No.22732  

seeing how this thread was crated more than a 5 years ago I doubt the author is still around here to edit, so I will give it a try

>> No.22733  

*more than 5 years ago

>> No.22738  

or i wont, just noticed that some sfxs and some lines arent translated, so wont bother

>> No.22747  

so we need another translator to finish translating the untranslated sfx?

>> No.23386  

Hello. Is this still up for editing?

>> No.23387  

The translator already released this

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