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File: riko_and_haru_vol03_ch20_139.png -(246505 B, 1257x1800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
246505 No.17107  
>> No.17108  
File: rth20.txt -(13562 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.19872  

Raws: https://mega.nz/#!700FmTBA!Dh35LAe1LyhMTBba7aC9Cw_EOY7SFBFTk_m8L_MhT58

>> No.20589  

>>19872 This says it's no longer available.

>> No.20592  

Here's the new link from Phyis: https://mega.nz/#!2woQzJBa!Dh35LAe1LyhMTBba7aC9Cw_EOY7SFBFTk_m8L_MhT58

>> No.20593  

>>20592 Thank you. I'll finish ch19 first then I'll get this done.

>> No.20689  

Is this the last chapter?

>> No.20691  

On Mangaupdates it says there's a fourth volume.

>> No.20704  

Goes up to chapter 24.

Do you have usable raws now that Phyis is gone?

>> No.20721  

No, but I can ask. I'm not sure if Gulf Standard translated any of them.

>> No.20725  

If you need them just say something here, and I'll grab a copy of the last tank to scan.

>> No.20726  

I have the tank, did debind it at the time but never got to scanning it. I'll check if my scanner still works after a century of disuse and let you know if I can scan it or not.

And no, Gulf didn't translate the rest.

>> No.20732  

I don't particularly care either way, but if you're short on time and effort I can just scan it.

>> No.20740  
>And no, Gulf didn't translate the rest.

Oh no! Since YP lacks translators, let's just hope this one gets picked up.

>> No.20762  

I'm going to be importing my most recent order from Japan soon.
Did Phyis say one way or the other what their plans are, so I know if I should order the last tank for this.

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