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883588 No.22084  

Write here your comments on releases.
Fill in the Subject field with the release name and consider writing sage in the Link field.

>> No.22097  
File: 0014.png -(2221989 B, 1791x2545) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Is it really "Bases knowledge of the world on manga"? I would think it's "Basic knowledge of the world from manga"
Original text if I got it right 漫画の知識

>> No.22099  

What Gulf wrote is correct. It's like the expression "to base one's knowledge (of something) on something". So, she reads a lot of manga where friends hug and kiss, thus when her friend does it to her, she thinks it's normal, because her knowledge of the world is based on manga.

>> No.22105  

Ahhh, bases as a verb. Thanks for clarifying.

>> No.22106  

Reup for this http://yuri-project.net/i-want-to-stay-by-your-side-2/
Btw, is https planned? At least have it redirect to http url if not.

>> No.22108  

Can you download it from Dynasty?
No https is planned, but a https to http redirect requires setting ssl up. Maybe at some point.

>> No.22111  
File: credits.jpg -(154962 B, 1072x1238) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I read your translation of Yuru Yuri doujin. There's kissing scene in TV in Sakurako & Himawari story. It seems the Youtube link in the credit page is not valid because Youtube treats lowercase letters and uppercase letters as different characters. The link in credit page is:

Can you fix the credit page so it shows the correct Youtube link? Thanks.

>> No.22130  

Https now redirects to http on the homepage.

>> No.22131  

What's the name of the commercial? Please post the youtube link here. Or at least the title so I can find it. Thanks.

>> No.22132  

This seems to be it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVQ93kEhESg

>> No.22159  

Hi, could you use your version for a Spanish translation?
Of course I will give you credit.

>> No.22160  

Apparently this was done on /u/. So, yes, but you should only credit "Anonymous from /u/".

>> No.22208  

pg7 I've heard you usually writ[e] science-fiction stuff.

>> No.22209  

pg8 lower-left bubble Zakeran should be Zukeran

>> No.22238  

Actually, this release has both parts, not just part 1 (they're about 8 pages each so we did it all together).

>> No.22239  

My mistake, I guess changing the title/url might break links, so I'll write that it's both parts in the description.

>> No.22289  

Hello, I would really like to help with this manga! Is there something I can do?

>> No.22376  

I couldn't find the thread, for some reason, but on page 10 there's "Nao-chan" instead of "Noa."

>> No.22429  

Hi there, sorry to be a bother but my friend was curious what the font was used for the "She's actually a lesbian and a slut" panel here: https://dynasty-scans.com/chapters/happy_nest#16

>> No.22430  

>>22429 That's Chinacat. It's a popular font for manga, I use it all the time.

>> No.22485  

Is this the last chapter? Will you guys pls add [END] to last chapter releases like other scan groups? Hard to tell sometimes.

>> No.22486  


This is not the last chapter. There are over 30 chapters out now and the author continues to release them at a rate of one per week.

>> No.22487  

It's not, the series is still ongoing.
Every last chapter of a manga I've read has a "fin"/"end" on the last page, I don't know what you're on about.

>> No.22537  


>I don't know what you're on about.

It's not that hard to understand. A lot of people wait till scanlations are complete before starting a series. There's no way for us to see the "fin/end" since we want to avoid spoilers. But you guys rarely put an [END] to the final chapter like other groups so it's always hard to tell when a series is complete. Just like in the release post for "Someday, We'll Get There ch12". There's no indication that it's the final chapter. My friend and I had no idea til recently that it's been complete for a month now. This is why I requested to pls put an [END] in your last chapter release posts.

>> No.22539  

Oh well, I guess it is a problem for people who's not reading the series as they are released.
@Procyon, I think it'd be better for future releases to have a [end] in the release post and also inform dynasty about being the last chapter when you submit to them.
Some time ago there was also people asking if Yuunagi Marbled was completed in dynasty's thread because they didn't update the series' status.

>> No.22540  

Sure, I'll keep an eye out for that in the future. If I forget let me know.

>> No.22690  

Could you do the third and last part of that?

>> No.22770  

Couldn't find any recruiting page (still trying to figure out your board-system), so I write this here.
I want to help you with "Hayate X Blade" project. Can do cleaning stuff. Actually, I can do typesetting too, but don't really want to))
My point, that cleaning will be done once and used twice - for English and Russian translate as well. Only need raw-scans for that.
Please, contact me on mail:
PS: sorry for my bad English (read with Russian accent).

>> No.22951  

Hey you monkeys, the notation on page 5 for the punish is wrong, WR2 is while running 2, you meant WS2, while standing (up) 2.

>> No.22952  


In my defense, I thought that "while rising" was the accepted term, and WR its accepted abbreviation. Now, I know better.

>> No.23341  

Thx a lot for continuing this manga. Can't wait for the next chapter. :)

>> No.23392  

This release is linked to the wrong series in Manga-Updates. The manga in M-U is by Sunao Nage.

>> No.23393  

You report that in MU, not here.

>> No.23506  
File: kabocha.jpg -(81244 B, 736x524) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

on page five, i think kumako is cutting kabocha, not cabbage. thanks for your hard work!

>> No.23507  
File: hana ni arashi cabbage pumpkin board error.png -(370945 B, 1366x1935) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Yeah. For some reason, I misread pumpkin as cabbage that whole chapter, even though it's obviously not a cabbage.

Here on page 2 also it should be "soy-simmered pumpkin" instead.

>> No.23581  
File: portk curry 153 & never you beat 172.png -(282207 B, 778x890) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

error in pg 153 "portk curry" -> "pork curry"

error in pg 172 "never you beat" -> "never beat you"

>> No.23607  

pg 3, "I can can"

pg 10, "I know can trust you" -> "I know I can trust you"

>> No.23808  

Page 86: "Sahe might cry again..." - "Sahe" -> "She"

>> No.23895  
File: inside.png -(142666 B, 1327x1489) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

error in pg 198

>> No.23896  
File: index-198_1.png -(373589 B, 2220x3106) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ah, here it is! Thanks.

>> No.23944  


>> No.23984  


>I don't wan't to go.


>> No.23985  
File: image_024.png -(450872 B, 1114x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.24009  


>> No.24123  

Thank you so much for continuing this manga. You are truly my saviours <3

>> No.24328  

Looks like a good manga.


>> No.24499  
File: pg 40 you could.png -(117153 B, 386x415) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

pg 40, "you could that stuff" -> "do that stuff"

>> No.24500  
File: pg 58 my of shampoo.png -(162284 B, 598x514) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

shouldnt that be, "and of my shampoo" in pg 58?

>> No.24513  
File: agfgfda.png -(62202 B, 483x432) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This should be 'seethe' instead of 'seeth'.

>> No.24524  


are these fixed yet?

>> No.24525  


Yes. I updated the links on the website and had the pages replaced at Dynasty. I believe someone has updated the chapters on Mangadex as well.

Thanks for pointing out these errors. If you'd like, consider checking out some of the chapters that have yet to be released and help us find any mistakes or things that need to be fixed.

>> No.24541  
File: ch77 pg 45.png -(77552 B, 457x338) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

ch 77, pg 45, "eachother" should be, "each other"

>> No.24747  

Very excited to see this series being updated :)

>> No.24754  
File: red-on-me-00009-fix.png -(432779 B, 1416x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Was re-reading this and read a comment about a typo.

first panel
senapi -> senpai

I no longer have the original PSDs so hopefully the quality is still ok.

>> No.24766  


Updated link.

>> No.24783  

You have a problem with the next chapter?

>> No.24846  




>> No.24884  
File: error pg 19.png -(108580 B, 767x549) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

pg 19 needs this sentence to be fixed

>> No.24885  

Thanks! Fixed it, it's on the Drive, schuyguy, I changed it a bit so be sure to check that out and let me know if it's fine with you.

>> No.24886  



>> No.24899  
File: 109.png -(112917 B, 602x370) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

pg 109 needs fixing

>> No.24933  
File: ch 85 pg 12.png -(87290 B, 245x373) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

ch 85, pg 12, "a couple days" -> "a couple of days"

>> No.24935  


Thank you for your suggestion. And thanks for all your previous corrections. But in this case, this isn't an error, it's intended. I try to convey the casual register of the girls' language. In my dialect the "of" in these types of phrases is frequently dropped in casual speech.

>> No.24999  
File: 152.png -(64356 B, 827x534) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

pg 152 says "text time!" should be, "next time!"

>> No.25003  

is it fixed?

>> No.25004  
File: 116 - 136.png -(99213 B, 701x269) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

pg 116, "you're much improved" -> "you've much improved"

pg 136, "the color of sky" -> "the color of the sky"

>> No.25042  

Hi Procyon, i wanted to talk to you on Discord about Yururin Translation (I plan to do a Ren'py port of it based on the web translation). I wanted to talk to you about if it was possible for you to contact craig and ask him if i am allowed to make a Ren'py port of it based on his translation or will it create any problem with MG localisation ? You can contact me on Discord at @AfterHour#6279. Thank you.

>> No.25047  

Not accessible

>> No.25048  


I've updated the mega link. It should be working now.

>> No.25099  

Just wanted to thank you all for getting back into translating this series! It's one of my favorite yuri series of all time, so I was super sad that it hadn't gotten a release in the past 4 years! >.<

Really, thanks for getting back into it! ^^)/

>> No.25118  

Subj's chapter 6 Mega link is no longer available and page doesn't have a Mediafire link.
Can you fix it? Thanks.

>> No.25120  


I've updated the page with a new mega link. Thanks for letting me know.

>> No.25140  
File: 000842.png -(4235 B, 99x78) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Random question but whats the font used on page 84 of Hana ni Arashi ch91? Not getting good results back from what the font or font squirrel. Thanks.

>> No.25141  

Anime Inept

>> No.25183  

errors on pg 159, pg 165 >>25156

>> No.25193  

p108 panel 2: "You're the first peson I've told." -> "You're the first person I've told."

>> No.25508  

Volume 10 of Hana ni Arashi came out a few months ago. Is it no longer being translated?

>> No.25509  

It's in the works. Our main goal with each volume is to complete it (or get through most of it) before the next volume releases, rather than a consistent chapter-by-chapter schedule.

>> No.25534  

hey i love this series but ive noticed it hasnt been updated in ages even tho a new volume has been out? i would love to help or pick up this series. let me know how to contact schuyguy or lemme know whats up id be very greatful 💕💕💕

>> No.25535  

Heya! I've been the one editing Hana ni Arashi for a little while now, and I've started work on the new volume. Generally, we try to aim to work on each volume before the release of the next, so we're getting into the swing of things now. I appreciate the offer to help, but we should be okay!

>> No.25536  

Is there a cover for volume 9 of Hana ni Arashi, or am I just blind on the downloads? Either way, I appreciate what you all are doing. Cheers.

>> No.25537  


Oh, sorry about that. For some reason we didn't include the cover in the download. I've updated the link on the site.


>> No.25538  


Amazing stuff, I truly appreciate the hard work.

>> No.26076  

This release is listed under the wrong series in Manga-Updates, a "Kawaii Hito" by Ken Saitou.

>> No.26158  
File: IMG_20230203_121717.jpg -(318391 B, 1080x1255) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I wanted to know if they continue recruiting

Email: hachechristian01@gmail.com
Discord: Sr. Chofli#3933

>> No.26331  

I noticed you all have through CH 123 but on Mangadex is only through CH 111. Is there a reason you can't or won't post to MangaDex or is it just a matter of having someone with the time to manage the uploads? I haven't done it before but maybe I could help.

>> No.26332  

>>26331 Ah, actually, I'm completely wrong about that, sorry. Not sure why I thought MD only had through 111.

Thanks for all the great work!

>> No.26420  

I'm willing to translate this whole story. Please contact me on dc

>> No.26422  

I've already translated all of Vol. 1 and am working on Vol. 2. There's a group working on it slowly but surely.

>> No.26581  

is the user Moonspace on mangadex associated with the group?

>> No.26590  

thanks, that user tried to "claim" the group on MD

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