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File: yprq.jpg -(129630 B, 600x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
129630 No.1144  

You can request for Raws here, an interested provider might help you. Or someone can try to find it through Share/Perfect Dark/... for you.

>> No.1247  

Still looking for キャラ☆メル Febri Vol. 1 - 4 scans. I'd like to continue translating Namori's 'Reset!'.

>> No.1248  

Took a look and they're all long sold-out/out-of-print on the usual sites at least. Maybe someone already has them and can scan them or, I dunno, maybe there's some site out there carrying back issues.

>> No.1272  

I asked Audio Erotica but she doesn't have any copy either.

>> No.1276  

>>1247 >>1248
After a little more research, I found them sold at various Amazon JP re-sellers which well...is a bit more of a headache than I personally want to take on. But if someone wants to purchase them, that's one way to go.

>> No.1297  

Does anyone have raw for Tsubomi 15 ?

>> No.1301  

Niratama Doujins Excluding Nightmare Box.
It seems even the raws are hard to come by.

>> No.1313  

Anything Nanzaki Iku (Doropanda Tours), and I'm offering myself to edit them too!!

>> No.1468  

any idea where i could find the raws to flower flower chapter 14? is it even out yet?

>> No.1479  

It's rumored to be continued on cell phone reader in a 2ch thread, but I can't find any other mention after that. The release date of the first 2 tankoubon:

>vol 1 - 2008-12-18
>vol 2 - 2010-07-17

Vol 2 ended at chapter 11. Probably if someone ask Iwami Shouko directly with an email, we can confirm its status.

>> No.1491  

Re: cell phone manga. If someone can provide links, I can see if I can download them. I'm able to play Android games from Japan. Never tried looking for a cell phone manga though.

>> No.1505  

>>1397 [Momono Moto] Aru Shoujo no Gunjou - 百乃モト 「或る少女の群青」

Better raws for this project would be very welcome. They would be in Yurihime v24 05/2011.

>> No.1509  

For the Yuri Hime ones, I believe they can be found here: http://www.ichijinsha.co.jp/mobile/

But you need a subscription, or I don't know how much the trial will allow you to do.

Someone mentioned Carbonard Crown being here: http://www.futabasha.co.jp/mobile/mmtown/log2010.html#1004

Info on these things are hard enough to come by in the first place, and my Japanese is limited, so I can't offer any more help.

>> No.1518  

Alright, so I checked it out. Ichijinsha does offer some things for free at - http://data.ichijinsha.co.jp/book/booksearch/booksearch_list.php?BROWSE=1 I was able to view them with Adobe Flash on my computer. However, Flower Flower wasn't one of the free ones...the only link was to purchase it. http://tinyurl.com/6n4b6zx And you're right, getting online access requires registration and a monthly fee which, I'm not too eager to do. Assuming they let non-Japanese citizens can even register, e.g. the address check for a credit card may not allow a foreign address. Looking at the FAQ for physical shipments, they don't do international shipments, so that's not a good sign.

Searched Futabasha for Carbonard Crown. Found it here - http://tinyurl.com/6styys7 It's available in hard-copy or online version but the problem is you have to purchase it. I'm feeling sort of meh about buying it for a missing couple chapters.

So neither of these are free cell phone manga, which is probably why we aren't seeing raws.

>> No.1521  

Carbonard Crown as been available for a while as you can see, so it's beyond that where raws are needed. But I don't really have more information on the subject.

It's the same for Flower Flower, hence the cell phone part.

>> No.1526  

Oh, haven't posted in a while. Had homework, never went on here to get some done. This didn't work, and instead I just wasted time on other things. Should've done something productive, but... Meh. Atleast I'm soon on the third season of QI.

Anyways... Anyone here wanna get some Hirari stuff done? I know I do. Seems like a lovely comic, so I'm going to request raws for... well... What do people want to get done? Personally I'd want those translated:

仙石寛子 「夏が終わっても暑い」 from Hirari Vol. 2

This one's actually named "asagao to kase-san" and seems to be the start of a series, right? Seems to be that, since there's a story in vol. 4 named "jitensya to kase-san", same author, same couple, vol. 5 has "lovesong to kase-san" and vol. 6 has "sneaker to kase-san". This seems like a really cute, fluffy love story, and I'd love to get it translated. (I totally wanna edit it.)

I'd also want any- and everything by Scarlet Beriko translated as her art (I'm just going to go ahead and assume it's a female writer) is amazing. Amazing. So here's the list:

スカーレットベリ子 「SMILE MAKER」 Vol. 1

スカーレットベリ子 「マイン」 Vol. 2 and...

スカーレット・ベリ子 「COROLLA」 Ch. 1 in Vol. 3, Ch. 2 in Vol. 6.

As for the last one, the series Corolla, do you think that Lililicious will translate the first chapter and then just drop it? They're tagged for ch. 1 on the wiki, but they say... They IMPLY on their homepage that they'll drop it (saying that they'll finish up the planned One-Shots means that they won't translate Corolla Ch. 1, right? But they haven't said anything specifically about it...) Unless, ofcourse it isn't a series, but just a collection of one-shots, in which case I might now be confused. (I want to do some editing here too, but, you know, it seems like it'd be kinda much to sign up for. Specially when you don't know how much schoolwork the last term of that-stage-which-comes-after-elementary-school will require. Can't be that much now, can it?)

Oh! Oh! There's this one-shot which seems really, reeaallyy sweet in Vol. 3 which I'd also like to edit! (Tons of stuff, heh)

藤こよみ 「プルケリマ」

Also, there are two shorts which's caught my attention:

藤たまき 「青味泥」 in Vol. 4

I think it is. The art (sketch-ish as it might be) just stood out to me, and...

夏乃あゆみ 「サボタージュ」 Vol. 3

Because that short-haired girl. Really.

Oh, and you know what'd be interesting? Working on something written by Mitsuru Hashimoto. Her art scares me, and that's cool. It isn't to high on my priority list, really, but still, it'd be so damn interesting.

Note that while I want to see all of this done, and I sure want to edit what I've said, I'm not sure exactly how much time I'll have for editing (but, honestly, I think I'll have quite some time to spend, really, even with school and all that. I hope.)

So my request is: raws for the Pure Yuri Anthology Hirari volumes 1 to 6. Or just the parts I mentioned. There's WILL in me to edit this, but I don't know too much about how much time I've got. But I want to see this atleast started.

>> No.1539  

I'm planning to scan スニーカーと加瀬さん。 by Hiromi Takashima from Hirari 6, so I can grab COROLLA2 on the way. Not sure when I'll have a chance to scan these two titles, but will add them to my queue.

I like some of the stories in this volume, so I will probably go back and get the other 5 eventually.

>> No.1540  


Oh, great! Thank you. :D

>> No.1542  

thanks anon for all the information on flower flower! (i know, it's nothing much, but here, have a heart: <3) i will see if i can get my hands on a copy of the second volume. will check back if i have news!

>> No.1544  
File: ocean_0015.jpg -(546621 B, 938x1325) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm willing to scan all of Hirari 6 by the way, but I would need someone to process the files for me. Straightening/cropping and some filtering 600dpi files so that they can be used for projects. Doesn't have to be a perfect job in my opinion, as the untouched files can be handed to the editors (nobody asks for them though). But a 1600px (or 2000px) for browsing/reading and translation purposes is needed at least.

This is how they look pretty much, except for being 600dpi png files at around 11-14mb each. This particular file is from Tsubomi, since I haven't debound Hirari 6 yet. I can also scan all of both Yurikan Feuille and Petale, but they would need the same thing.

Here're some of the titles I'm going to scan; I can also post the names of some others after I've actually scanned them if anyone is interested, else it will take a while before I get the chance to process them myself (very long time, I have little motivation). Haven't scanned these yet either, but I can get them done in 1-2 days. Romaji titles are parsed, so not to be fully trusted.

Yurikan Feuille - [Morinaga Milk] Koi ni Naru (恋になる)
Yurikan Feuille - [Saori] Hinatama Phase (ひなたまPhase)
Yurikan Petale - [Saori] Hinatama Holic ~Himitsu no Hokenshitsu~ (ひな☆たまHolic~秘蜜の保健室~)
Yurikan Petale - [Mikazu Satsuki] Isago Mare to Maya (沙希と麻矢)
Hirari Vol. 06 - [スカーレット・ベリ子] COROLLA2
Hirari Vol. 06 - [Hiromi Takashima] Sneaker to Kase-san (スニーカーと加瀬さん。)
Hirari Vol. 06 - [Amagakure Gido] Hiraganasen, Aiueki Yori (ひらがな線、あいう駅より)
Hirari Vol. 06 - [Matsuzaki Miyuki] Rasuto 10 miri (ラスト10ミリ)

>> No.1547  

I wouldn't mind resizing the scans to a lower dpi to make them more manageable though if wanted.

>> No.1548  

If you want i can give you Photoshop script that automatically doing resizing and leveling. Editors better use complete raw scans (after scanning without any processing) and do the job themselves.

>> No.1549  

Batch resizing and leveling isn't hard, what Kuro meant is someone who can help him to crop and rotate the scans, so that they're available to translators and normal readers (not editor).

>> No.1551  


Fantastic. I'm up for processing what I'm going to edit. Well, try to process, really... I can't promise quality, but I sure can try to do a good enough work at processing.

Also, peronally I rather LIKE big images. Easier to work with, you know.

>> No.1552  
File: ocean_0015o.png -(445520 B, 1127x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I can do it quick and dirty like this, with one big crop, no straightening, and decent enough leveling for browsing/translation purposes (I hope). I just don't need anyone using them for editing, but they aren't much for archival either, which is one of the reasons why I've been wanting to do a proper job processing them.

Guess what I can do is provide one archive with ones like this, then a 300dpi archive with the original ones (just downsized from 600dpi). And have 600dpi available on request.

>> No.1575  

Got Febri vol 1, will scan in a few days.

>> No.1692  

RAWs HQ from Blue Friend season 1... and the raws from Blue Friend season 2


>> No.1708  

Yurikai is restarting Blue Friend after their hiatus. Please look to http://www.yurikai.com/ in the coming weeks for releases of Blue Friend Season 2.

>> No.1727  

Did anyone get their hands on Daisuki - Hikaru & Sakura yet?

>> No.1771  

Can anyone upload

[由多ちゆ] くらいもり、しろいみち 最終話

from Tsubomi vol.15???

>> No.1772  

I really really don't want to read this again, since it's super depressing and makes me feel bad. But if nobody else has produced raws by tomorrow sometime, I will scan it for you.

I'm sorry I haven't started scanning Hirari 6 yet, but I'm having some debinding issues and need to get my hand on a proper cutter. General procrastination and laziness have prevented me from doing so as of yet. I'll get on it starting next week.

>> No.1775  


Don't worry, don't worry. I'm just happy that they get scanned at all.

Wait a minute... I have a scanner. Should I try cutting some in my number of tsubomi and scan some pages? I might as well give it a try.

>> No.1780  

I have all the Tsubomi issues, so I don't really mind. Though for Tsubomi there's no need to cut, the glue isn't totally crap like with Hirari or some of the Yuri Hime tanks. Regular debinding works fine.

>> No.1784  


Sorry, I meant Hirari.* Hirari!

And I do think hobby-knifeing works easier as I know how to operate one.

>> No.1787  
File: Hirari 2_01.png -(338863 B, 1371x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'd like to try to scan some stories from Hirari vol. 2 if it's okay and start projects for them.

>> No.1788  

I certainly don't mind.

>> No.1789  

Here you go: http://www.mediafire.com/?ec1ktxkzo78cmiy

>> No.1796  


Thank you so much!

>> No.1846  

I won't be doing any more scanning, so I can't do Hirari 6 after all, sorry.

>> No.1847  


No worries, I can do that.... Eventually. Scanning's kinda fun. :3

>> No.1930  

Ehr, ehm... Covers and Pinups from Hirari. Request? Or should I scan those myself? It does feel like it'd take a bit of work off of my shoulders if I could skip that. So, if I may I'd like to request covers and pinups for Hirari (Mostly number 2, 4 and 1, but the request stands for all volumes)

>> No.1948  
File: 10305370.jpg -(151436 B, 1000x715) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Can you find raws for this?
It's the doujin of Himitsu ~Kuro no Chikai~ drawn by Suzunosuke.

>> No.1957  

Are you sure this is a doujin book and not just arts for the Kuro no Chikai clip? Because Toranoana doesn't have this doujin under artist 鈴ノ助 (http://www.toranoana.jp/mailorder/cot/author/33/ceeba5cebdf5_01.html). Googling 秘密~黒色の誓い~ returned art for 秘密~黒の誓い~ instead. He already deleted this image from his pixiv account so I can't confirm.

He understands English though, you can try asking him directly: http://garaw.deviantart.com/

>> No.1960  

Toranoana has it listed, it's just out of stock: http://www.toranoana.jp/mailorder/article/04/0010/22/32/040010223218.html

Also, the title seems to be "秘蜜~無色の誓い~" and not "秘密~黒色の誓い~".

>> No.1962  

Ah thanks, I didn't know they only list out-of-stock items for circles, not artists.

>> No.1967  

Any idea where I can find Flower Flower chapter 14?

>> No.1984  



>> No.2052  

Anyone know where I can get the raws for the yuri manga "Choir!" recently dropped by Zefiberyl Translations??? (they themselves do not have the raws any longer for various reasons)

>> No.2075  

Has raws for Yuri Hime 29, (コミック百合姫 2012年 03月号) been uploaded anywhere? If it hasn't I was contemplating providing for it.

>> No.2077  


The scans I downloaded... could be better.


You could see for yourself - 1600 pix high, sort of tilted, with a bit of a glare on the mid bottom section of all pages. But it has indeed been scanned.

>> No.2078  


Alright, the glare appears somewhere in the middle of the Amano Shuninta story.

Unrelated: Damn, I want the Light Novel with art by Rokuroichi translated, but that's not gonna happen, is it?

>> No.2079  

Why nobody translates Shinigami Alice chapter 6 ?

>> No.2081  

Has raws for Yuri Hime 28?

>> No.2124  
File: fc256d0a.png -(323932 B, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Since the 18+ board doesn't have its' own request thread here I'm going to go ahead and post here.

So I was browsing amazon.jp and found this. (Picture related, taken from some...blog?)

Now, I don't really know anyhting about it, but it's called 女の子×女の子コレクション. Translation Aggregator translates this to Girl x Girl collection (well, most of the time. Sometimes it translates into "Child collection of child X woman of the woman"), has been released in three volumes and all the covers have been illustrated by Rokuroichi. I assume that they are collections of one-shots, all made by Rokuroichi.

I now wonder whether there are raws out there or not. I really want to see them translated sometime, because I completely adore Rokuroichi's art.

Here's the link to the site where I got the image from. There are some (quite a few) scanned pages uploaded there from the book. Be warned though, they are quite NSFW.

>> No.2136  

I'm seconding this request.

Regarding other 18+ stuff, I'm looking for the following:
紅百合 -Girls Love H-
白百合Girls Love Paradise

>> No.2152  

I'm looking for

Tsubomi vol.15
Tsubomi vol.16
yurikan Feuille
yurikan Petale

in raws.
I found some links, but they were all broken.
if anyone has these files, please share for me!

>> No.2169  

Can please someone post Hirari Vol 4 RAWs?
Or just "Forever Girls" RAW.

>> No.2173  


If there are no raws out there I might even buy them myself to scan. Could order 紅百合 -Girls Love H- and 白百合Girls Love Paradise while I'm at it. But I don't really know whether I should do this because, well, if there are minors in those manga they'll count as childpornography where I live. And that's not good. But, at the same time, I really want to see those Rokuroichi stories translated. Decisions, decisions...


Why would you want the RAWs for Forever Girls? It is already released in english by lililicious.

>> No.2174  


To speak honestly, I need RAWs for "Forever Girls" because I want to translate directly from japaneese to my native language. )
So, please, help me with RAWs.

>> No.2175  
>紅百合 -Girls Love H-
>白百合 Girls Love Paradise

I'll be scanning these. I've started on the latter, but it's going to take me a while. There's a thread on /u/ where I'll be posting them, but just the first story so far. I'll try to do another or two later today/tonight.

>> No.2176  


Okay, I'll have it done by tomorrow. I have it debound (well, cut up), just didn't scan it because someone else was doing it.


Thank you, that's great.

>> No.2178  


Tsubomi 15 is lacking a few titles.

>> No.2179  


These RAWs turned out to be quite big. But high quality is a good thing, isn't it? You could make, like, 2400 px high pages with those.


Also, when I level the files from my scanner I level to 78 / 0,80 / 226 somewhere and then remove (with brush tool) white dust on black surfaces and look for black dust on white. And then level a bit more, untill all the invisible dust is gone and the black areas are even.


I've also made up my mind. I will be ordering the GirlxGirl collection books by Rokuroichi when I can and scan them.

>> No.2182  

Oh, thank you for the RAWs in such good quality!

(May I put your nickname in credit_page as "RAW provider"?)

>> No.2183  


No problems, didn't take more then perhaps 10 minutes to scan those page.

>(May I put your nickname in credit_page as "RAW provider"?)

Sure, go ahead.

>> No.2189  


>GirlxGirl collection books by Rokuroichi

Do you plan to make them all available, and with TL scans/non-editing ones?

>> No.2191  


This I don't know. I'd really love to edit them myself, actually. And since I'm thinking of doing this via YuriProject I'll end up doing threads on the 18+ board for them, with a link to the scans. Not raw scans, but processed ones instead.

Oh, reminds me that I should post more Hirari stuff.

>> No.2192  

Ah okay, sounds good. I've scanned 7 out of 10 stories from Girls Love Paradise so far, should have it wrapped up in a couple days the latest.

>> No.2193  

I remember an anon offering raws for Another Kiss 2, but the post was deleted before I could get back on that. I have it mostly translated right now, but I only have LQ raws not suitable for editing, so, uhh, if that kind anon is reading this, post them again please?

>> No.2194  


>> No.2205  

Finally got around to scanning Febri. Here's Reset from Febri vol 1. I miiight have messed up the pages, since Reset didn't have page numbers for some reason.


>> No.2206  

Scanlated release of this here: http://www.mediafire.com/?zzd6h3n3np5manb

>> No.2208  

Translator/Editor here.
This wasn't proofread and the editing is kind of shitty. Could someone take a look at it?

>> No.2218  
File: qc.txt -(1458 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Wow, that was quick.
The leveling seems a little harsh, but that might just be me. Also, careful where your editing program splits words, it does it in terrible spots sometimes. Just make sure to keep syllables together.

Really just found typos for the most part, good job.

>> No.2220  

I think that >>2208's work was the first scanslation of Reset that was posted on /u/

>> No.2222  

This >>2206 was done by >>2208 in the Yuru Yuri thread on /u/ back in October or so. Reset chapter 1 was part of a Namori selection in Yuri Hime, so that's where the raws came from.

He mentioned that he wanted to continue translating it, so that would mean something had already been translated.

>> No.2223  

I'm sorry for replying late, Thank you sooooo much!!

>> No.2225  

Ah, that explains it. I don't follow Yuru Yuri so I have no idea about anything that goes on there.

>> No.2226  


mind informing me, if you've found the RAWs somewhere? I would gladly edit it if someone translate it

also am waiting for a felt decade for somebody to tell me that there IS a manga about this!

>> No.2238  


I've now ordered those three, so I'll have them in... Two weeks perhaps? And then it'll take a bit of time for me to fix the raws up a bit before putting them up as projects on the 18+ board.

>> No.2246  

Have somebody the tankobon RAWs for "Lonely Wolf Lonely Sheep"?

>> No.2249  
File: kuraimori-mp.jpg -(235822 B, 595x842) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm interested in くらいもり、しろいみち by 由多ちゆ. It should be in Tsubomi Vol 10-15.


I'd edit if raws could be found.

>> No.2472  



I bought it together with the other tank from the same author. I'll scan it when I get the time.

>> No.2531  

I'm looking for this Seikon no Qwaser Doujinshi that I am 99% certain is Yuri:


My google-fu~ has failed me... -_-

>> No.2539  

I was wondering if there is any chance someone could re-upload Tsubomi Volume 15 and also Yuri Hime Volume 27, please? I think Mediafire might be the best place to upload, since they don't usually take it down. Thanks! =)

>> No.2568  

i plan to do the Apple Day Dream series from Yuri Hime. all i need are the RAWS and a translator so if someone could help that would be good.

>> No.2569  


Public raws, some better than others.

>> No.2620  

Hi, would anyone mind scanning "Hana to Hoshi" from Tsubomi volume 17, please? I have a couple people working on the series and it's been a couple of weeks since it was released.

>> No.2621  

Ive never posted on this site before,not have i ever scanned anything, but I have tsubomi volume 15, and can scan it over the weekend if anyone wants a specific chapter of anything. I don't want to do the whole book at once, though.
Anyone interested?

>> No.2626  

That would be appreciated, can you help me scan 一花ハナ 「神さまばかり恋をする」 (Kamisama Bakari Koi wo Suru)? Its web comic on Tsubomi site has very pleasant art so I want to see the main story.

And はみ 「少女サテライト」 (Satellite Girl) as well.

>> No.2627  

Ok, I should get it done in the next 3 days. should i upload the files here or use a mediafire folder?
(and of course you had to pick the longest one)

>> No.2628  


>> No.2629  

Mediafire would be good. Thanks!

>> No.2644  

It says error, not found.

>> No.2647  

Install 4chan X so you can be redirected to /u/ archive board automatically when threads die. It's here: http://archive.foolz.us/u/thread/1212969/

>> No.2650  

Those are my scans (and I have no issue with anyone using them anywhere), but who are you exactly? I've expressed on multiple occasions that I'm willing to scan the Vol.1 tank if someone actually wants to work on it (the offer is also in the /u/ thread there). I'm disappointed if you are using magazine scans when the tankobon has been out for so many months (6 months to be exact), but guess I'll have to live with it if you are.

I'll probably continue posting the raws for Hana to Hoshi and Candy on /u/, so I would advice you to check there next time a week or so after the magazine comes out (I'll be quicker next time). Or if I know who you are and you have at least released something by then I can send them to you directly.

>> No.2651  

Why are you having this kind anon scanning those titles? They were both on Yuri Project for months without any activity. And wanting to read the main story has got to be a blatant lie on your part Saluki, since the scans for chapter 1 and 2 was available for several weeks. I don't appreciate you wasting someone's weekend (and not to mention book) on this.

Several hundred people have downloaded both those titles from me, so I'm sure you'd be able to find a copy if you really wanted to just read it. And if you really did just want to read the main story, you could just have asked for the regular TL raws.

And I don't see why you would have deleted the Satellite Girl editing raws. Find a translator for titles you want to do that I have scanned with a promise that you'll actually work on them this time around instead of going travelling and I'll probably accommodate you. But this is not cool at all.

>> No.2653  


>Why are you having this kind anon scanning those titles? They were both on Yuri Project for months without any activity. And wanting to read the main story has got to be a blatant lie on your part Saluki, since the scans for chapter 1 and 2 was available for several weeks.

I'm busy and only have time for YP when it's possible. It took me until just yesterday to fully read every thread, and Kio had to kick me to put out April releases. There's no reason to lie. I haven't download scans of the threads you deleted, the same goes to WeatheredPeach's scans.

>I don't appreciate you wasting someone's weekend (and not to mention book) on this. Several hundred people have downloaded both those titles from me, so I'm sure you'd be able to find a copy if you really wanted to just read it.

There's too much drama in your action lately so I would rather not to be involved. That anon was kind enough to offer so I'll ask him, I appreciate anyone wanting to share with everyone without making a fuss. And it'd be great to have a stable Raw link because translators usually don't come right away.

Also, you just deleted a thread which a translator is already working on.

>And I don't see why you would have deleted the Satellite Girl editing raws. Find a translator for titles you want to do that I have scanned with a promise that you'll actually work on them this time around instead of going travelling and I'll probably accommodate you. But this is not cool at all.

I still have Satellite Girl (your scans) and don't know what to do with it, given that you delete the thread on your own. And please don't give demand like finding a translator to me, demands like that are for commission work.

>> No.2663  

Sorry, I'm new to everything. I have never been on /u/ or 4chan for that matter, until now. Thank you for your scans.

Here are the chapters that have been "completed" so far (they need a QC): http://www.mediafire.com/?cfwstxrfskn2j

>> No.2664  

Are the scans from these titles avaliable or not?
If they are well and truly lost, im happy to scan things from tsubomi 15, but if someone has just missed out, thats hardly worth time.

>> No.2670  

I have no idea if Lililicious is still scanlating this series, but I was wondering if anyone has raws from Chapter 03 to any recent chapters? Any info would be helpful :D

>> No.2673  

I think you should wait a few days before ruining your copy.

>> No.2674  

I've already started...
As i have said before i've never scanned, so quality probably won't be perfect, but we'll see. Hopefully it ends up getting translated rather than just being for someones veiwing pleasure, but I feel like I owe the translators a favour, even if it doesn't help out very much.

>> No.2675  

Do you want to move this to YP, or does your group intend to release it elsewhere?

>> No.2676  

I also have yurikan petale, what chapters are you after?
Done, 一花ハナ 「神さまばかり恋をする can be found here: http://www.mediafire.com/?wc5wwvd39x8x8

>> No.2681  


>Done, 一花ハナ 「神さまばかり恋をする can be found here: http://www.mediafire.com/?wc5wwvd39x8x8

Thank you.

http://wiki.yuriproject.org/manga:yuri_hime. Rock it, Girl!! ch3 is in YH28 and ch4 in YH30, both volumes have internet Raw available.

>> No.2684  

Does anyone have raws for ちょっとかわいいアイアンメイデン by 深見真 & α・アルフライラ?
It's running in 4コマnanoエース.

>> No.2685  

Forgot to mention that I've got the first four chapters already.

>> No.2687  

TYVM Saluki :)

>> No.2688  

Yes, please, that way others can find it as well. Thanks!

>> No.2710  

Sorry but I forgot to say it I commissioned others for the translation and editing, but I'm not sure if the editor will fix any mistakes found. So I guess it needs an editor, as well, now. If someone wants to do it, please, go for it. If not, then they can be released as is.

>> No.2752  

How do I request a thread (QC again) for the next 2 chapters? chapter 6: http://www.mediafire.com/?q5o6qddubn1civc
chapter 7: http://www.mediafire.com/?xrbolog8zlsc86q

>> No.2753  

Feel free to make a new thread by yourself. Just provide the link to the Raw and translated version for each chapter so that the translation checker can compare.

>> No.2764  

Is there any way to reach the editor?
A few quick things for ch8 - Pages 13-24 have no anti-aliasing which will require the QC fixer to more or less re-typeset the entire page. The chapter should also be in grayscale and output as png ~17 colors.
Also, for future reference, make sure (s)he puts the text layers above the adjustment layer(s).

I've been told that this will be a collab between YP and your group - let us know how you want to be credited.

>> No.2768  

Oops... Chapter 7, not 8.

>> No.2820  

any news on flower flower ch 14? raws?

>> No.2823  

was wondering if anyone happen to find the raws for the new queen's blade manga by nanzaki iku =)

Also, I am looking everywhere for hide & seek vol 5's raw... and still have no luck...

>> No.2824  

Sorry, but how do I start a new thread?
Oh, and here's chapter 8:
(translated/edited) http://www.mediafire.com/?vx8gk2w4ebzo83b
(raw) http://www.mediafire.com/?ukbrt5e4xipdx8p

>> No.2827  


>how do I start a new thread?

Similar to how you make a post, but on the general board (http://yuriproject.org/) instead of clicking reply to a thread. You have to attach an image file in order to make a new thread.

By the way, can you ask the editor of Hana to Hoshi to give you the .psd files for further chapters (and chapter 4-8 as well if they still have it)? That makes quality checking easier and waste less time.

>> No.2863  

Well, I thought that I put my last message in the wrong place until I checked this section, sry.

First of all, thanks for the Umi no Sora oneshot. I love all Koume Keito works, and it'll be very appreciated.

Second, I need those RAWs, not the orignal RAWs, but the 300dpi ones. The link for those RAWs is dead. I want to translate that one-shot into another language, but I'm totally against using an already-edited work as a basis for another derivated work, since that form of work means a lack of quality of it.

If someone has it (or some admin), please re-upload them.

Thanks in advice.

>> No.2870  

Can, please, someone post Yuri Hime Vol.8 RAWs?

>> No.2883  


>> No.2889  


I don't check the boards that often, here you go.

>> No.2925  

Have somebody Tsubomi Vol.7 RAWs?

>> No.2963  

I was randomly reading manga earlier, and I rediscovered GRAZIEGRAZIE's doujin 君の香り(Your Fragrance, translated by Yurizoku). I noticed that mangaupdates seems to have absolutely no info on the circle graziegrazie or Minase Ruruu(水瀬るるう). One search led me to another and found out he put out a quite a number of yuri (and non-yuri?) doujin after 君の香り. All of them have Comiket-ish dates.

I also found out he has other works other than doujinshi. And led me down to another quick unsuccessful searches. He has more, but there seems to be no clear documentation about his works. Also found about yuri anthology dolce which also has his work. (Some info here: http://comic-amaro.com/ sale is about 1 week away)

tl;dr -
Does anyone have any of graziegrazie/Minase Ruruu's old doujin works?
Does anyone have more/better info about his non-doujin works?

He seems to have a good amount of yuri works so I'm kinda interested in following him.

>> No.2965  
File: amaro 2012 winter 本庄雷太.jpg -(316219 B, 1280x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

How to stalk an artist: going straight to their home page. http://ptilon.net/gragra/
From the list of works, all of her yuri comics are original doujinshi. Her official manga are either het or non-romance related (3-4 pages comics for a couple of shounen magazine in 2004-2005, 2 one-shots in amaro vol.1 and amaro vol.2 in 2011). I checked the Raw of amaro vol.1 to confirm this. Her first official yuri manga will be a 24 pages one-shot in Yuri Anthology Dolce (百合アンソロ「dolce」), published on the coming May 25th.

List of her doujinshi on Toranoana: http://tinyurl.com/7czhgmq.

Also, awesome Raita art on those amaro covers.

>> No.2972  

u don't have any raw from her doujins?
i just found "kimi ni kaori" who some scan released

>> No.3191  

Does anyone know where I can get the raws for Kurogane Pukapuka Tai volume 2?

>> No.3194  
File: 黒鉄ぷかぷか隊 VOL.2.jpg -(1672077 B, 1128x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.3247  

does anyone have under one roof chapter 1 to 4 raw from hirari? thinking of translating it to my native language. =)

>> No.3257  


I can scan those on thursday, when I get home.

>> No.3260  

thank you so much!

>> No.3306  



There we go, all released chapters in a single .zip. (If I did miss something, just say.) I even turned the images to grayscale. Just make sure to check before doing any rotating or so - just in case I missed something.

>> No.3310  

Thank you so much for the scans!!!!! Will credit you for it! :)

>> No.3316  


Here, Choir volume 3. A couple months late, but better late than never as they say


>> No.3329  
File: Yurikan_Miel_002.jpg -(227893 B, 1704x2468) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Can someone kindly translate the contents in Yurikan Miel so that i can share the raws.

>> No.3330  

Most of these already have a thread:









>> No.3331  

Oh! Thanks for pointing that out.

>> No.3332  

There's a more organized list on the wiki too I noticed:

So another one was released too:

has a thread too, but it's not listed on the thread list:

>> No.3333  

I added Neko-sama Pet to the thread list now.

>> No.3334  

Hey, just wondering if anyone has Shinigami Alice scans of chapters 6+. Even magazine scans are fine.

I've only managed to find LQ scans of chapter 6 since most links are dead.

>> No.3576  

Does anyone have the raws to the latest chapters for Hoshikawa Ginza District 4? Really want to translate those.

>> No.3579  


it's currently been translated by another /u/ group - they're already at ch 17 but that was also a while ago since the last release of that series

>> No.3581  

Hoshikawa has a stable translator and editor, as soon as Raw is out they'll release it.


>another /u/ group

Who is the other /u/ group?

>> No.3596  



dunno if it's snowfaq and procyon wo do this ... they're mentioned at the right side :/??

>> No.3597  

I know /u/ Scanslations, they're the only one from /u/ as far as I know. Just wanna know who is the other /u/ group since you say "another" in your post.

>> No.3614  

did anyone find raws for tsunami 18??

>> No.3617  
File: Otome_Ouji_C01_000d.jpg -(187340 B, 750x1125) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Looking for Otome Ouji RAWS.

>> No.3632  


ah - no that's a misunderstanding - I make a difference between /u/ scanlations and yuri-project

that's why I refered to /u/ scans as "another", since I thought that yuriproject is also from /u/ (?)

>> No.3634  

Ah okay. No, Yuri Project is not from /u/.

>> No.3803  

Hello, i'm looking for a couple of raws from hirari.
Vol 1: 雨隠ギド「一瞬のアステリズム」


Vol 2: 朝丘みなぎ「あなたといれば」

      榊 花月+平尾アウリ「純粋セカイ培養」

Vol 3: 夏乃あゆみ「サボタージュ」


Want to translate to my native language, will appreciate if anyone has any of them! Thanks. :))

>> No.3876  

Does anyone have iDOLM@STER doujin? Preferably a Chihaya x Haruka one?

>> No.3879  


I will check my raws for these when I get home. If they have too much of a bleedthrough I'll rescan them, then I'll upload them.

>> No.3880  

I heard Shinigami Alice was already complete but I can't seem to find the raws.

>> No.3893  

Thank you so much for your help!!!

>> No.3894  


Here we go.

RAW 御徒町鳩「わたしをすきにならないで」.zip

RAW 雨隠ギド「一瞬のアステリズム」.zip

RAW 前田とも「影慕い」.zip

RAW 朝丘みなぎ「あなたといれば」.zip

RAW 榊 花月+平尾アウリ「純粋セカイ培養」.zip

RAW 栗城偲「そして、わたしはうそをつく」.zip

RAW 夏乃あゆみ「サボタージュ」.zip

RAW スカーレット・ベリ子「COROLLA」.zip

I give my apologies about any eventual art loss due to me cutting the pages from the back of the book. Also, if it seems like I've missed to scan a page, please do tell me, I'll scan them. Or if there's too much bleedthrough in any of the old scans (the ones without black background), just tell me and I'll rescan.

>> No.3896  

Woah! Thank you so much for the raws and i am really sorry for wasting your time on stuff like these!!! Will credit you under raw provider!! I may need some raws from hirari vol 4-7, is it alright for me to ask them from you again next time? :)))

>> No.3898  


>Woah! Thank you so much for the raws and i am really sorry for wasting your time on stuff like these!!!

No worries.

>I may need some raws from hirari vol 4-7, is it alright for me to ask them from you again next time?


>> No.3899  

You're devotion to yuri is commendable friend!

>> No.3900  


Ehe, thank you.

>> No.4046  

Hello, it's me again!
Looking for hirari
vol 4: 雁須磨子「私の嫌いなおともだち」


vol 5: 王嶋環[お姉様のきもち]


vol6: ささだあすか[はじまりのことば]


vol 7: 四ツ原フリコ[恋を描く人]

王嶋 環[あのこのすき、わたしのきらい]

Ignore it if it's light novel. Thanks a million!

>> No.4050  


Will upload those tomorrow, unless there's something I feel like I have to rescan.

>> No.4051  
File: 46454 v01_full.jpg -(282797 B, 1600x1052) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I would like to request raws of TOWA REMIX. I'll be grateful if anyone would share them.Thank you.

>> No.4053  
File: towa_191.jpg -(468687 B, 1100x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Towa Remix contains het and trap stories as well so I'll only upload the yuri portion: http://www.mediafire.com/?6o9zvqrjo55zil4

Melty Kiss is a short omake of Joshikousei.

Rosehip Diary has the first 3 chapters scanlated by HnM (http://dynasty-scans.com/reader/series/rosehip_diary_whispers_of_roses_and_lilles), which leaves chapter 4.

>> No.4059  

Thanks a lot. I also wanted yuri portion only, the rest doesn't interest me. Thank you again.

>> No.4064  
File: ea35c72dfde9489697d53c2255551262[1].jpg -(1036587 B, 1600x1122) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Hello there raw providers. I would like to get some information regarding a certain sfw doujin. I have already asked here about it before, and you directed me to the toranoana website, but since I'm not in Japan, nor I have any acquintances in Japan, I couldn't order it.

My question would be that are there any other methods obtaining a copy or raw of the said doujin (via mail order or a raw through a japanese website), without actually travelling overseas.

The said doujin would be from the circle クロ缶 (http://kurocan.sakura.ne.jp/) and it's a strike witches work. I saw the author's works on pixiv and found out that he/they did some sw doujins, that's where I was wondering if it would be possible to get one those.

The work in question would be:
(since this is out of stock, I suspect it would be impossible to order from the website now)

And while I'm at it, I would be asking for their next work too (if it is impossible to get the previously mentioned work)
(I know it's going to be releason on the upcoming comiket, but it might be easier to get this one in the coming weeks than the one mentioned before.)

I do realize this is a highly specific and troublesome question, but I would appreciate every answer.

>> No.4066  


Personally I don't have any experience buying doujinshi whatsoever. But I think I can give you some pointers to where to start trying:

Japanese webshops that does international shipping. Just stating the obvious. Don't know japanese? Do some google-fu, check out some manga-related forums, there's bound to be a post somewhere about how to order from a certain webpage. (Since I've only ever bought from amazon.co.jp I don't really know how any page apart from them work. They probably wont carry the doujinshi you're looking for.)


If that doesn't lead anywhere you could always try


(Oh God, look at that webpage. Looks ancient. Isn't that just outright charming?)

This little company works like so that you email them the titles of the books that you want to buy, they mail back the expected cost, you pay them via pay pal, they buy the books in Japan and send them to you, charging a little extra fee for the whole operation. I've used them once, and they totally worked. Even though I think they only deal in official manga (and most likely just buy the stuff they forward from Amazon.jp, and I can't think that they would actually attend comiket just to pick up a doujinshi) I think it's totally worth atleast sending a mail. Remember to include the links to their toranoana pages if you do.


Lastly, you could always befriend someone in japan and ask them really kindly to buy the doujinshi for you.



Sorry about being a bit slow with this. Will do this after I've got some sleep.

>> No.4079  


Here we go.

Vol. 4:

Damaged page 50 a bit. Did a quick clone-stamp fix and included both fixed and unfixed.



Vol 5:


Hmm... If you feel like any of those are in need of being rescanned, just ask. I'll rescan the rest and post them later.

>> No.4082  

Vol 5:





vol 7:



王嶋 環[あのこのすき、わたしのきらい]

Whew, done. I apologize for everything that I could've done wrong. Also, if I've missed a page or anything, please tell me.

>> No.4086  

Thank you for your detailed answer. Much appreciated.

>> No.4133  

Thank you so much for your effort!!!!!!! Appreciated! :)

>> No.4233  

Hi, requesting for hirari vol.2-ささだあすか「ほんのともだち」 and hirari vol.3-ささだあすか「まいにちのともだち」. Thanks! :)

>> No.4258  

can I get クリスマスの夜に by waterfall I always thank you for your devotion

>> No.4305  

Hi! I'm looking for Yurikan Miel & petale... i had the raws somewhere but I lost them....
thanks a lot!

>> No.4339  


RAW ささだあすか「ほんのともだち」(Hirari Vol. 2)

RAW ささだあすか「まいにちのともだち」 (Hirari Vol. 3)

I hope I haven't messed anyhting up.

>> No.4342  

Thank you for your help!

>> No.4599  

hi I'm looking for だいすきっ-ひかるとさくら in raw
could you help me please?

>> No.4647  

Hello! I'm looking for藤沢誠-コイスルオトメ(ひらり、vol.1)&泣いて笑ってまた明日(ひらり、vol.2)in raw
thanks a lot!

>> No.4689  

Looking for 青空ドロップス. Unfortunately I know nothing about this other than the fact that it was done by Otsu Hiyori and apparently involves an alien.

>> No.4723  

Hey there, WeatheredPeach! I followed your advice and reached some success. I've received one of the 2 Strike Witches doujins, I mentioned. And I might have found the other one too. I just need my e-mail answered.

Anyway I just wanted to thank you for your help.

>> No.4724  


藤沢誠 コイスルオトメ(ひらり、vol.1)

藤沢誠 泣いて笑ってまた明日

>> No.4725  


Oh, that's fantastic! Any chanse you'll scan them, or are they just for personal use?

>> No.4726  

It's probably hopeless, but if anyone can find raw for any doujins of Majisuka Gakuen (マジすか学園) or Majisuka Gakuen 2, I would be eternally grateful.

>> No.4743  

I think I will. I just need to figure out how to scan them (since I can't install my old photoshop on my pc for some reason - and I used PS for scanning, but I don't know any good alternative software, maybe I'll try it with GIMP)

>> No.4759  

I look for the raw of manga Watashi no Taisetsu Tomodachi of the Hakamada mera, the Vol.2 and 3
I thank the attention

>> No.4760  

Does the Rui-Rui volume 2 raw has already been scanlated?
Where can I see the raws?

>> No.4780  


That is fantastic. Too many doujinshi go unscanned.

Personally I use the software developed by the brand that made my scanner when scanning, but I'm relatively new to the whole scanning thing.

>> No.4786  


and here it is:
[クロ缶]ハルトマン4 エーリカ妊娠騒動

I wonder if I have gone a little overboard with the sizes, but the 300 dpi scans turned out to be very big.

>> No.4788  


Thank you. ^^

>> No.4797  

I look for the raw "Eden no Higashitotsuka" of Hakamada Mera that manga is published in Comic Tsubomi
Link manga updates: http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=70916

There is information that the manga is translated by some scanlation?

>> No.4807  

Hello, i requested for Under One Roof rawd last time. Anyone has the latest UOR chapter from hirari 08? Help appreciated!

>> No.4809  


Raws for Under One Roof: http://www.mediafire.com/?2n0553nr5nj7mxk

>> No.4811  


>> No.4813  


> Going drinking with Morishima Akiko, Amano Shuninta, Aoki Mitsue, Takako Shimura

Why can't I hold all this jelly

>> No.4877  
File: 1.png -(187345 B, 246x350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Hello, i requested for Prism vol.1 JAP, raw eventually from magazine.

>> No.4891  

I would really appreciate if someone would kindly share the raws of Kettama! Shuukyuu Raiotto Girls. Is any group still or planning to translate from chapter 9 onwards?

>> No.4892  

It was dropped for lack of yuri. Raws up till chapter 16 are available:

>> No.4894  

Thank you very much. It's really sad to hear that. The author could have added more yuri. Does anyone knows how the series ended??

>> No.4895  

From the look of the raws, they're webcomic instead of scans. It's strange that I can't find the last 2 chapters anywhere on the internet.

>> No.4896  

So I take it you've read all the chapters apart from the two you mentioned. So may I ask whats your opinion on this series?

>> No.4898  

I haven't read, just checking through.

Kettama is a sports/shounen series. The girls enjoy football and being with each other. It lacks romantic elements, so most of the interaction between girls can't be called subtext. There's not enough focus on sports either, compared to other series like Kattobi Itto, Saki, Hikaru no Go, Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru, etc. So I can see why it fails to attract translators from either genre.

For future reference, something like this is okay to put on YP. It's relevant enough.

>> No.4900  

I see. This series could have been wonderful if shoujo ai plot was a bit more strong. Thanks for replying.

>> No.4941  

hi I'm looking for "仙石寛子「この果実は誰のもの」" thanks

>> No.4952  
File: i86469.png -(181714 B, 246x350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm looking for Kuchibiru ni Saketa Orange RAW. thanks :)

>> No.4960  

hello there,
i'm looking for the raw of "Otome Ouji - Joshikou Manken Host Club" and "Twin Cake" and/or レンアイマンガ

>> No.5011  

Anyone has ブラックヤギーと劇薬まどれーぬ (Black Yagi to Gekiyaku Madeleine) by Osawa Yaoi?

>> No.5016  

Yuri Hime Vol 33 (not my scans)


I'm looking for Vol 32, please

>> No.5081  

I am requesting Hana to Hoshi ch 11. I will start editing it as soon as a friend of mine translates it. Can someone post it so I can download it?

>> No.5269  


I'm looking for any Horii Kisuke work.
Also, does anyone know anything about new chapters of "Tie breaker" and "Bash!"?
Is this author still working on it?

>> No.5274  

Sorry if my request might can be rejected, but does anyone have the omake from 此花亭奇譚 (Konohanatei Kitan) by 天乃咲哉 (Amano Sakuya). I know Kawaii-scans already translated and released it, but I'm looking for raws ver. to translate into my native language. .-.;

(Ah! I'm making searching on PD as well)

Thank you all!

>> No.5335  

hi :) i want to know if there is any new about flower flower chapter 14 :(( if anyone haev the manga please take the pictures of the pages for me :) thank you

>> No.5613  

Anyone have the raws for this series? It's by the author of Renai Manga.


>> No.5649  

>>5613 It seems it's from Comic Yuri Hime http://data.ichijinsha.co.jp/book/booksearch/booksearch_detail.php?i=75807218

But, sorry, I don't have any. :T

Ahh! I would like to know if someone has HAPPY JETS by 椎名抱月.


:D Thank you!

>> No.5741  
File: 1.jpg -(15905 B, 214x303) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I look for the raw of manga Kyoumei Suru Echo

>> No.5742  
File: asdewq.png -(105908 B, 246x350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I looking for the RAW of manga Green, thanks for any help :)

>> No.5746  

>>5741 I have it, I mean, some of them, but isn't from the Tank version. '-' Problem?

>> No.5750  

Well, now I was looking for volume, and as we did not find any, then i will accept any version :)

>> No.5759  

Hello, I'm Sorginia from the French team yaoixyuri. I'd like to know if you'd allow us to retranslate one of your project, Raubritter in French and use your scans. Of course, we'd let your credits pages and you'll be credited for the scans on our credits page too.
I hope you'll agree ! If you want to take a look at our site it's here : http://www.yaoi-x-yuri.fr/

>> No.5803  

I hate to impose, but might as well try.
There are already requests in here about it, but I'm really hoping someone has raws better than the ones at yamibo for the last two chapters of the series, which was released as a tank.
Our old translator for it, Dagger, is going to translate it, I'm going to edit, and Michan will QC (although y'all are quite welcome to join in the QC as well if you found issues with chapter 6 that I just did). The only thing holding us back is better raws to work with.
Thank you for your time and efforts everyone.

>> No.5836  

I'm looking for the RAW "Forever Girls" [雨隠ギド][永遠に少女]
please help me!

>> No.5837  
File: 040030098816-1p.jpg -(94637 B, 427x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I haven't seen many relevant Symphogear doujinshi released, so it would be nice if someone could scan this one: http://www.toranoana.jp/mailorder/article/04/0030/09/88/040030098816.html

>> No.5840  

Does anyone have the raws for chapters 6 and 7 of Sorairo Girlfriend? Translated scans would do as well - I hear it's been licensed in English. Not available in my country though.

>> No.5853  

Ignore this now, although I assume that was already the case :P
Purchased it and having someone else scan it.

>> No.5881  

does anyone have the raws for Cassiopeia Dolce

>> No.5882  

I hope someone translate this. I think it's a good manga :)

>> No.6118  
File: 1359353123621.jpg -(446136 B, 800x532) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Discovered this while browsing around. Looks neat, apparently about a photography club and cute girls. I think there are 3 volumes so far. Don't know much else about it. Can't find any scans online either.

>> No.6255  

Hello, looking for Under the roof scans from hirari 09. Appreciate if anyone has the scans. Thank you! :)

>> No.6256  


>> No.6294  

i would like the manga Penguin musume and is sequel Penguin musume max to be completely translated.

>> No.6299  

The raw here: http://www.mediafire.com/?slxfh1ma2989oj8

>> No.6453  

Me too! ^_^

>> No.6548  
File: Otome no Teikoku Vol 3.jpg -(161762 B, 353x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Looking for its vol2, guess I found 3! But the zip file seems encrypted, it's getting on my nerves because the uploader attached a html file of how get the pass, but I don't know japanese and google translate isnt' helping ;__;

For GOD SAKE, does someone who has vol3 could share it with us?
Or maybe, could someone translate it for me:




^It's from the html file attached. Waah, please! T_T

>> No.6729  

Do you guys do text-only translations? The link is for a web novel posted by the guys who wrote Kannazuki no Miko; they wrote an AU for the same characters called "Himegami no Miko".
I've searched online but I could only find chapter one translated into English. Could you guys consider taking it up?

>> No.6730  

I fudged up the link in the last post. Here's the correct one.


>> No.6905  

Hi! I'm looking for The flower and Star chapters 9 and 10 but I can't find them anywhere.. any help is appereciated

>> No.6906  

Never mind I found it. I didn't realize it was renamed hana to hoshi

>> No.6924  

Anyone have any of the Manga no Tsukurikata raws? I know a new volume came out in December 2012, but it seems like no one has scanned anything past Ch 39...

>> No.7004  

Anyone know if the raws for Saki 109+ are scanned? There hasn't been a Saki chapter since Jan '13... Was it on hiatus until Achiga-hen finished?

>> No.7005  

It was indeed on a hiatus, because Ritz was injured and in a hospital. 109 will come next Friday.

>> No.7006  

>>6548 - Note if you want to read them as they come out they're on the GrandJump site @http://grandjump.shueisha.co.jp/original/index.html#otome

>> No.7097  

Could I have Takemiya Jin's Fragments of Love? I know Lily's doing it but it's kinda slow. Just wanna see what happens next.

>> No.7101  

can someone post the covers from Hana to Hoshi? 'cause i can't find it @@ ~

>> No.7104  

In there >>6088

>> No.7106  

I would like to help getting the raws for notes from the garden of lilies. where can i buy the manga so I can scan them for you? :)

>> No.7115  


Thank you for the offer, but the first volume is completed, and the second volume hasn't been released yet.

>> No.7120  

Second volume is scheduled for mid June.

>> No.7142  

Hi. May I have a copy of the raws for Takemiya Jin's Fragments of Love? I want to translate it to my native language. Thanks very much.

>> No.7146  


>> No.7208  

for some reason Citrus ch 3 thread was delete, if someone wants the raws, here it is.


>> No.7213  

does anyone know if someone is working on translating mouretsu pirates manga?

>> No.7326  

I know the first chapter has been translated but can someone link me the raw for Citrus chapter 1? Thanks

>> No.7327  


>> No.7449  

For anyone who might be interested, there was a recent rescan of Choir vol 3. It's pretty big though.


>> No.7830  
File: tumblr_m5npeiSiCh1rxo1quo1_400.jpg -(50428 B, 351x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Does anyone know where I can find オトメの帝国 (Otome No Teikoku) volumes 2 and 3?? I've been trying to find them for ages >< I would GREATLY appreciate if you guys help me find them!!

>> No.7834  

I have been searching for Love DNA xx chapter 15 I found one but the only problem is my computer only lets me open up ZIP files or PNG T_T so I was wondering if someone could oh so kindly send me a link that my computer will actually open up and show the images when I download .

>> No.7835  


>> No.7836  
File: 025.jpg -(86895 B, 655x965) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

NanoxFate doujin, Half


>> No.7838  

Got any new chapters of "Citrus by Saburouta"?

>> No.7839  

No. They said they're caught up with the Japanese releases. The next issue is in July. Have fun waiting bro.

>> No.7953  

Actually, next issue's out in two weeks, so hopefully you won't have to wait too long for the next chapter.

>> No.8036  

Hi! Is there someone who has Yuri Hime 36 (2013 May)? Sorry for my bad English, but I'm Italian adn I'm not very good ^^'

>> No.8044  

Anyone have raws for Takemiya Jin's Kila Kila?

>> No.8047  

yeah, I heard the raw for Citrus us out in 3 days or so. hope the eng trans will come out as soon as the raw comes out

>> No.8178  

Citrus Ch. 4 Phone Scans:

I guess someone can get started on the translations as we wait for the better scans?

>> No.8179  

of course yuri project will wait for the better scans, people have no rush! editing takes time and effort ^^; it will get here when it has to.

>> No.8185  

Ha thanks for taking pictures of it. Although it is a raw, better than nothing.

I guess another month till the next chapter or so.

>> No.8189  


>another month

Fu fu fu.

>> No.8191  

The raws for volume two please:)

>> No.8192  


>> No.8194  


so hot! I am in love with Citrus hope it gets at least 2 volumes!

>> No.8196  

Anyone has Hirari vol 10 raw scans? Should be released by now. Help appreciated!

>> No.8320  

Hi, it's already been asked, but does anyone have a link for ruirui vol2, can't seem to get a hold of it?

>> No.8346  

Excuse me, does anyone have the link to (C82) [くすがや] Dear My Sister (咲-Saki-) raw?

I can only find the chinese translated one, thanks.

>> No.8597  

I know someone has already asked for this in here, but it's been a while so I'm just going to ask for it again.
Does anyone have any manga/doujinshi by Minase Ruruu/GrazieGrazie (水瀬るるう/ ぐらっちぇぐらっちぇ)

So far there is only one single one-shot by her released which is called "Your fragrance" and I've found the RAWs of only one of her other works that was released in Dolce (I think), but I can't find any other of her works even though she has already released a lot of very good looking yuri manga.

Also is there some kind Japanese website on which people upload manga/doujinshi scans?

>> No.8606  

I'll scan the Minase story in dolce due. Just have to find the time.

>> No.8760  

Does anyone have link for The Secret Recipe (by Morinaga Milk) chapter 5 RAW?

Thanks a lot :)

>> No.8829  

So, since raw is out... well, you know what to do

>> No.8832  

Those are LQ raws. We're waiting for the Share raws.

>> No.8910  

Anyone has Citrus 05 raw scans?

>> No.8912  


Literally no one has them as it hasn't been released yet.

>> No.8998  

Someone have ichigo drops to kase-san raw (the last raw,hirari vol0)? Please if is posible to post it, thanks!

>> No.9004  

kase-san still going out?

>> No.9005  

Looking for this, too.

>> No.9012  

Chinese kase new raw: http://www.dmzj.com/xxxyujltx/22719.shtml here this page. Found it after of ask for it XD

>> No.9055  

can you continuing flower flower manga? i beg you to continuing this manga m(_ _)m the story really good and all of reader want to see next chapter if you not believe me you can see all comment in mangahere http://www.mangahere.com/manga/flower_flower/

>> No.9061  

I thought it had been canceled... no?

>> No.9068  


when it will be released?

>> No.9069  

Does anyone have the raws for chapter 5? Anyone?

>> No.9072  

>>9069 I thought it was posted all throughout the web. Citrus its Part of Yuri hime and that will be publish on July 18, 2013 they work on it bi-monthly so citrus will be posted bi-montly if you need more info visit the church of Yuri on Facebook will be posting the info. Thank you.

>> No.9076  


Exactly. Well, rumor has it that the manga was moved to only being published on cellphones, but it might as well have been cancelled to us since japanese dumbphone services are pretty unavailable outside of japan.


This has already been asked here >>8910 and aswered here >>8912 but just to repeat:

No. No one has raws, as the next chapter hasn't been released.


Later this month/early next month.

>> No.9079  

Just to confirm Saburouta author of citrus confirm about a day ago that Yuri hime which contains citrus will be release on the 18 of July in Japan. You can then have acess to it in Japanese since it will be hitting the selves.

>> No.9085  

Saburouta tweeted this 2 days ago:

Seems like Citrus Vol 01 is out on July 18 (Meanwhile Yuri Hime comes out on the 16th)

>> No.9086  

Does anyone know what happened to Carbonard Crown? Just curious.

>> No.9087  


Good question, I liked the first volume...have been about 2 years since it was released, I wonder if no one got the second volume =/

>> No.9088  

i think it was discontinued... just like flower*flower..

'cause the mangaka release many mangas after...

>> No.9110  

>>9085 but not the 16 of this month because absolutely Nothing that has to do with the next Yuri hime has been publish on its twitter...where did you find if was the 16th? I feel nervous if Yuri hime misses the bi-monthly mark.....I've been waiting for the issue too.

>> No.9111  

Well, this is just a hypothesis, since after searching, all the rest of the volumes usually gets released on the 16th. Raws are usually uploaded the day after or the day itself as well. I'm sorry I have no way to confirm you this though. However it is real that Citrus volume 1 is to be released on the 18th.

>> No.9115  

>>9111Im afraid Yuri hime might not be publish this bi-month till September :'( haven't heard anything about it being publish yet.

>> No.9117  


>> No.9119  


Nope, it has already been released:


>> No.9121  

>>9119 ohh its been release ohh gosh so exited :') tears of happiness the fans won't strangle me for giving them the date it should have been publish. Not really but kind of strange if it didn't get publish bi-monthly.Next time I'll set the date and make sure its right.

>> No.9122  

>>9117 >>9119

Thanks for the links! Now we can patiently wait for new raws. u

>> No.9127  

Does anyone have the raws of Rock it Girl?

>> No.9129  

Yes, but since lililicious is working in them I never put them in the internet only in my Pc.
Here in chinese if you like: http://www.dm5.com/manhua-rock-it-girl/. I got the raws from each yuri hime.

>> No.9135  
File: omg.jpg-large -(398274 B, 1024x1451) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'll like to edit this page from Saburouta for the fans, can someone please translate >.<

>> No.9136  

Wha-! The frig you want?!
(I'm trying to watch TV here!!)
Older sister Yuzu

flt: Huh?
It's not you I'm interested in...
sfx: Wobble Wobble
Younger sister Mei
You're in my spot... and...
this tactic...
works best...

flt: If you want the sofa just say so!
Geh! You're just tired?!
sfx: Badump Badump
sfx: Zzzzzzzz...
[Citrus volume 1 goes on sale July 18! And Yuri Hime's September issue on the same day, too! Read how volume 1 continues! Thanks for your support! Saburouta]

>> No.9138  

>>9136 Thank you so much :) will give you credit for translation. Thank you

>> No.9141  
File: really.jpg -(399159 B, 563x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

wanted to ask anyone who has the scans for this, or if I could invest on it to be work on here...it looks like a really good story. I wish I could buy, I have the amount the manga cost but question...is there anywhere I could buy japanese manga online that does not skyrocket original price of $8 to $10 since I live in the U.S I really want original yuri manga shipped from japan. If not I am able to negotiate with someone to please do me the favor to purchase the manga Ill payback with pay-pall thank you, I really want to help the authors.

>> No.9142  

honto with SAL is probably your best bet. It will take a few weeks before you get the package however.

>> No.9144  

>>9142 alright thank you for the help

>> No.9148  


An $8 book for $10 is cheeeaaap. Oh, I'd kill (not really) for a handling/shipping cost of only 25% of the books' price. The lowest I've ever got must have been slightly less than 40% of the shipments cost, but then I bought over 20 books at the same time from Amazon.jp. I'm usually really happy if it ends below 60% of the shipments' cost if I buy via a proxy.

A good ways of "reducing" shipping cost is to buy more books at the same time. It'll be really expensive for you if you're going to buy a book at a time. Instead, if you save up your money, and order a bunch of books at the same time, the shipping price for each individual book will be much less than it would have been otherwise.

>> No.9152  

Omg! I wish I could live in Japan it will be cheaper to buy the manga there. Alright ill do that save up to order a hunch ill be going crazy if I saw the real manga never seen any original paperback manga.....but unfortunately I don't know how to order in Amazon Japan yp the U.S has Amazon u.s and how to convert dollars to yen...I mean I know the prices but how can I convert my currently to yen...I can't do it on Amazon...for some reason. If someone could help me on that ill be happy to invest in some :)

>> No.9153  


Oh, it's a work by Kodama Naoko. I don't know why, but not a lot of people works in her stories (not sure about this tho). I'd like to help you search, but sadly, I can't read the manga title properly?

>> No.9154  



>> No.9157  

>>9153 yes like anon said that's her that's her new volume.

>> No.9158  


no raws of Citrus yet?

>> No.9160  
File: B00DMCS91K.01.MAIN._SCRMZZZZZZ_.jpg -(220768 B, 837x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The magazine comes out today. The raw provider isn't located in Japan, so there's no way raws will be available this quickly.

Keep an eye on Yamibo for some camera raws; if you're lucky there might be some in the next few days. Or at least spoilers if you're interested in that.

>> No.9161  

i found this

>> No.9164  

Crappy magazine pictures im afraid...

>> No.9165  

>>9164 Looks Yummy, tho.

>>9157 There's this http://www.tenso.com/en/ Although I haven't tried it myself so I can't say much about security, and costs. =/

>> No.9169  

>>9164 if you mean the Yuri hime picture being crappy you probably don't know its 3D. You put on the glasses and the front cover does something awesome.

>> No.9178  
File: finish.png -(421950 B, 1020x1451) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>9136 edit finish if you want it or you want it too procyon took me a while not really looking for perfection so I did what I could. I found an amazing trick other than cloning a pattern ill teach the editors when I have a chance its very useful easy and sometimes it works ^^;....thank you

>> No.9182  


Misspelt September

>> No.9183  

Any chance you'll be doing the extras?

camera shots of citrus vol


>> No.9184  

>>9182 oh shoot! Thank you xD

>> No.9185  

>>9183 I'm hoping we get great scans to work with.

>> No.9223  
File: omg!!!.jpg -(121957 B, 352x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

My friend lives in japan so she can buy the Yuri wildrose magazine at a way lower cost normal cost the thing is she doesn't have time to scan and has no idea how to. Is there any kind sole close to japan that can please scan that for me. That way I don't have to wait a millennium for the shipping and pay extra cost.It will be easier that way to have fresh new! scans.

>> No.9224  

>>9223 Well, I'm from the Philippines, is that close enough to Japan for you. Haha.

>> No.9225  

>>9224 that sounds awesome so shipping cost should have cost less ok then ill talk to her about it..if she want to help me ship that will be great if no ill just purchase on Japan amazon that way I don't waste anyone's time. Buying scans in Japan and actually scanning there or close to there is easier and more economic than the shipping deal.

>> No.9226  


Oh, no need to produce any scans. I'll buy a copy, and will scan it.

>> No.9227  

>>9226 yay! Then I will wait patiently edit some of those stories in that issue! but I can order other issue that you all need I mean it will be cheap if k is willing to to help me xD I can purchase and then send them to him.

>> No.9233  


There we go. o A o. You're always awesome! xD

>> No.9234  
File: 004.jpg -(927951 B, 1038x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Hi Yuri Project,
We have LQ raws which would be pretty good after some photoshop works, like the attached picture. We would like to share them, if you think this picture is good enough, please tell Kyra to contact Gin at http://yurivn.net
Thank you, and sorry for my bad English.

>> No.9237  

Lol, the raw provider told me to correct the "LQ" word. It's "MQ", not "LQ", I'm so sorry about that :D

>> No.9238  

>>9237 I see, is it not okay for you if you could just post it here? Or people working on it should keep the raws from public?

>> No.9241  
>> 9234

I didn't found it there~
u can at least post where it's? '-'

>> No.9243  

>>9238 Not really... I have something important to tell kyra, that's all. We are leveling the raws to make it better quality, if kyra doesn't contact me, I will post it there when it's done.
>>9241 I'm sorry, it will be posted there soon ^-^

>> No.9244  


Kyra already has her raws, so no need to process anything. Eh, sorry about the slow reply.

>> No.9250  

>>9244 k, thank you for letting me know this :D

>> No.9252  

does anyone have the raws for the volume 2 special of notes from the garden of lilies?

>> No.9318  
File: 2664-3.jpg -(33059 B, 177x250) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I really wanted to used this picture but its low quality, I was wondering if someone had seen it at a high quality...If its available i will used it thank you.

>> No.9323  


It's a story bonus from Comic Zin, and you probably wont see it anywhere without the huge "SAMPLE" text covering it up.

>> No.9357  

>>9323 so sad, thank you anyways for the help ^^; I appreciate it.

>> No.9365  
File: kiminotamenarashineru3cover.jpg -(25273 B, 300x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Does anyone know if someone's working/planning on working on Kimi no Tame nara Shineru Vol. 3?

>> No.9371  
File: sakana_no_miru_yume_-_web_04_24.png -(323288 B, 846x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I am looking for the webcomic chapters 01-06 of Sakana no Miru Yume by OGAWA Maiko.

>> No.9373  

1: http://www.mediafire.com/?5axbl74lf9udxat
2: http://www.mediafire.com/?sd2m0bc49oley07
3: http://www.mediafire.com/?skcd5cusmg45ao7
4: http://www.mediafire.com/?bb8895rnsatof78
5: http://www.mediafire.com/?y4aqvbh5wp8icf2

I don't have a number 6 however.

>> No.9374  

Cool, Thanks.

Not sure if it's even worth starting this though. Almost positive it was canceled when Tsubomi's webcomic shut down.

>> No.9375  

Last I read the final volume had a tentative date set for January next year. It's the only series left, so doubt they'll just drop it.

>> No.9376  

Oh, good to know. Guess it's just a waiting game then. Thanks again.

>> No.9398  

Anyone has citrus chap 5 raws? Thanks.

>> No.9404  

There are vietnamese scans out for citrus. You can find them on this page:


>> No.9406  


Thanks, does anyone knows when we will have it in english?

>> No.9450  

Does anybody know when the extras/specials for Notes from the Garden of Lilies will be scanlated?

>> No.9453  


>> No.9460  

Yuri Hime Vol. 01-37

Yuri Hime S/Wildrose Vol. 01-13

From /u/ if anyone wants them.

>> No.9464  

wow~ ty <3

>> No.9467  

Does anybody know where I can finds raws for Honey Quartet?
(...dunt need the eng one >…< )

>> No.9468  

where i can find Cassiopeia Dolce

>> No.9473  

Looking for Sougou Tovarisch raws from chapter 5 and onwards if possible please. Interested in possibly translating them.

>> No.9474  

No idea where to find chapters 05-08. They are from Tsubomi Vol. 18+ which are kind of hard to get your hands on.

Here are all 13 web chapters though.

>> No.9478  

Does anyone happen to have raws for Himawari-san volume 3? The group scanlating it has been slow, so I've been reading ahead.

>> No.9491  


Got an error because I think your account isn't validated on Mediafire. Thanks anyway! :)

I went ahead and ordered all three of the Sougou Tovarisch volumes on honto. :P

>> No.9493  


That should work. Didn't even know you needed to verify MF accounts.

>> No.9504  
> 9491

just have the web raws?

>> No.9506  

Does anyone have the raw for The Secret Recipe chapter 6?

>> No.9508  

honey quartet chpter 8?

>> No.9510  

Does anyone have the raw for Cassiopeia Dolce

>> No.9540  

I am trying to find scans of Manga Time Kirara Miracle!. It's the magazine Sakura Trick is serialized in, and it has a lot of other yuri titles in it.

>> No.9542  
File: Salaryman-Exorcist.jpg -(102521 B, 400x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm trying to find raws of this manga "Cherry Teacher" does anyone have it? If isn't yuri then nevermind

>> No.9549  

Here is the link to Citrus, chapter 6 RAWs: http://www.mediafire.com/download/477bn5oikhvjvbt/Citrus_raw_6.zip

And chap 5 in Chinese if that helps:http://www.mediafire.com/download/s3ss3q33fo4td48/Citrus_5_Chinese.zip

>> No.9550  

sorry chap 6 was a fake, I didn't try it before uploading it here :( my baaaaad

>> No.9551  

Chinese chap 5 is good though!! I hope this can help you translate it to english :)

>> No.9562  

I wondered if translated chapter 5 of Citrus I've been waiting for your version and it has been a long time, plus the other version is incomplete...

>> No.9564  

There is also another version in Spanish that was translated by Asakawa no fansub.

>> No.9569  

Bosque no fansub is the one who translated to spanish the chapter, and i can tell is great job what they did.

>> No.9570  
File: 1146631_151831921687955_840646750_n.jpg -(71469 B, 463x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

does anyone have the full chinese raws for this? or jap?

>> No.9577  

someone pick this up..

>> No.9578  

can someone post the raws from Riko to Haru here again? I think the original post from them was deleted '-' can't find it ~


>> No.9581  

Does anyone have raws of Butterfly Kiss Blade by Shinonome Taro?

>> No.9582  

Anyone has dolce due full volume? Thanks in advance! :)

>> No.9583  

Huh. Is the author doing more yuri now? That's good to know. The art style is quite lovely.

>> No.9584  

It's from Wildrose volume 7.

>> No.9585  

Here are the RAWs for Saburouta's one-shot.
It's NSFW.


>> No.9587  

>>9585 they are sadly Chinese ones tho orz

>> No.9594  

does anyone have Yuri Hime Wildrose 7?

>> No.9601  

Looks like the last couple of Sougou Tovarisch web comic chapters are from the actual story. Sadly, the epilogue is nowhere to be found. :(

Anyhow, I'm looking for chapters 5-9 for Sougou Tovarisch if anyone has them.

>> No.9602  

Forgot to mention that ANY language for Sougou Tovarisch scans will do.

>> No.9626  

I was enjoying Flower Flower for "#¤#"¤th time today. Any news on Flower Flower 14? I read that it continued as cellphone manga.

I also read that it continued as a cellphone manga and that 2 volumes are released in book format.

So did it end in the cellphone manga?
How many chapters does each volume contain?
Does it continue in vol 2 or are those just one of the 13 chapters already released?
Does the story end in vol 2.

Since we haven't seen any scans/raws of vol 2, I think it's not available?

Any news is appreciated.

>> No.9631  


We should make a FAQ. Anyways.

Flower Flower has had two tankoubons released, the second one ending with chapter 12, if I remember correctly. The scanlated chapter 13 is scanned from the magazine, and was the last one to be printed, as Yuri Hime S was absorbed by Yuri Hime. There are rumors the series continued on some kind of cellphone service, but I have no idea if that even is true. Sounds like something that would never be ripped, and therefore raws most probably wont surface ever.

We will most likely never see this series continue.

>> No.9639  


Indeed a FAQ would be nice. A FAQ talking about the yuri titles that got cancelled, moved, hiatus etc.

Yes,I read late last night that it would continued in "volume 3" at some Japanese blog. We all know it never came out.

I also saw that they had a page saying "Web comic On Line" on a page.
On Dynasty page they talk about the cellphone manga and one even comment on seeing it but having no interest in following it.

The sad part is no one is putting up a link. I'm sure even cellphone manga titles got a website from where you can (also) register for the manga. I remember seeing that with one of my other titles.

While it can take years or it never comes out in tank format, the chapters can still exist. I guess we need someone with cellphone manga link to post it so we can check up on it.

The last resort to get totally clarified on the matter would be to have someone with proper Japanese skills (not me) ask them the question to hear what really happened to the title.
Here's the inquiry form on their site: http://www.ichijinsha.co.jp/inquiry/yurihime_form.html

>> No.9643  

Speaking of FAQ, I saw that Gakuen Police Vol 1 got licensed by Seven Seas.

... should I start being sad and wish I had money? haha

>> No.9681  

what happened to blue friend?

>> No.9687  


already ended~ the 'blue friend' and 'blue friend s2'


>> No.9692  


>> No.9693  
File: IMG_0342.jpg -(937149 B, 1095x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.9694  

Do you have Author:Amano Shuninta other comic?
Thank you!

>> No.9695  

Do you have the RAW of The Feelings We Must Endure
chapter 5-12? can you please upload it?

>> No.9713  

does anyone have YH38?

>> No.9718  

If you haven't found them yet: https://mega.co.nz/#!0k4UCR6K!KXcEBAG_7bq2H2CHlvfaRHhSBYdzChrx5fpHu6LwUbg

>> No.9719  
File: 2z9gvgo.jpg -(38305 B, 333x473) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

anyone have the raws from "Gakkou no Sensei" by. Suyama Shinya?

it have 5 vol

>> No.9721  

thanks a lot :D!

>> No.9722  

Does anyone have Yuri Hime Wildrose 7?

>> No.9739  

[雨隠ギド] 大人の階段の下 (Amagakure Gido, At the Bottom of the Stairway to Adulthood)
-One-shot. Hirari 10.

[未幡] これは、にせもの (Miman, This is a Fake)
-One-shot. Hirari 10.

[くみちょう] OUT OF THE BLUE! (Kumichou)
-One-shot. Hirari 11.

[芥文絵] そうして私たちは (Akuta Fumie, And So, The Two of Us...)
-One-shot. Hirari 11.

[大沢あまね] 放課後のまほうつかい (Ohsawa Amane, After-School Sorcerer)
-Yonkoma one-shot. Hirari 11.

[ハトポポコ] 平成生まれ (Hatopopoko, Natural Born Heisei)
-Yonkoma series, complete at 2 volumes.

[稲井稲井] スキマノスキマ (Inai Inai, A Schema in the Schema)
-Complete series, single volume.

The following are already available, contained in public Yuri Hime raws. If you want to edit one, or just want to see it done, post it on the board as an individual project .zip, and I'll translate.

[柏原麻実] 少女惑星 (Kashiwabara Mami, Shoujo Wakusei)
-Complete series, four chapters, Yuri Hime 32-35. Also released as single tank volume.

[藤原栄] ともだちに、なれたら。 (Fujiwara Ei, Getting Used To Being Friends)
-One-shot. Yuri Hime 29.

[井村瑛] 水深 (Imura Ei, Water Depth)
-One-shot. Yuri Hime 30.

[大沢やよい] ケミカルロマンス (Ohsawa Yayoi, Chemical Romance)
-One-shot. Yuri Hime 31.

[紺野キタ] いずこともなく (Konno Kita, From Nowhere There)
-Two part story. Yuri Shimai, Vol. 2-3. ALSO Yuri Hime Selection, Vol. 1.

>> No.9741  


>[芥文絵] そうして私たちは (Akuta Fumie, And So, The Two of Us...)

Oh my, Fumie's in Hirari 11 too? I missed that, sweet.

>[ハトポポコ] 平成生まれ (Hatopopoko, Natural Born Heisei)

Own first volume, can scan in about a month's time (as I'm removed from its location currently). Am completing a few orders for scanning soon - will also get the second volume then probably. If anybody else would rather do these or there are public tank raws available, please feel free.

>[稲井稲井] スキマノスキマ (Inai Inai, A Schema in the Schema)

Never heard of this...if nothing's available for it, I can throw it on top of one of my aforementioned orders.

>> No.9742  


Thank you extremely a lot. A Schema in the Schema does seem to be quite obscure, but I very highly recommend it. It's very crisply and spaciously drawn, with slight supernatural elements.

>> No.9754  

Hi, I'm from Vivid Trans. We wanted to scanlate Movie A's Ala Carte manga, however, we only got the public raws from /a/ and they have proven to be a bit hard to clean. (Back page visible on scanned page.), I was hoping that maybe anyone here would have better scans, or have the book and is willing to scan it? I'll be grateful.

>> No.9785  

Any Hirari 10 RAW around? I'm specifically looking for the Kase-San chapter, but haven't seen it around yet.

>> No.9789  
File: hana yamata.png -(187980 B, 246x350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Hi! Does anyone have Hana Yamata & Yuri Hime Wildrose 7 Raws?

>> No.9818  

can share Citrus Vol01 Extra Raw ? thank.

>> No.9822  
>> 9818

I have the scans in vietnamese from citrus vol1 cover and extras

>> No.9824  

>>9822 thank you very much.

>> No.9867  
File: c759747package.jpg -(61398 B, 320x453) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Does anyone have Aya Yuri Vol.2-5 Raws? thanks.

>> No.9921  
File: Aq3cf33CEAAPz-l.jpg -(144012 B, 556x773) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Does anyone have the 13 chap raws/or the 3 vol tanks from Sougou TOvarisch by Arata Iri?

>> No.9922  

Looking for it too. Need it for scanlation purpose. Please help. >.<

>> No.9923  

Why don't you look through this very thread before you ask?

>> No.9925  
>> 9923

i look, bur have just web raws

>> 9474
>> No.9929  
File: i162614.jpg -(25035 B, 246x350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Does anyone have raws for this? or has anyone translated it yet?

[Houkago! By TAKASHIMA Hiromi]

>> No.9937  




>> No.9943  

Looking for 銭湯ハワイ(Sentou Hawaii) vol raws. Any help appreciated!!

>> No.9958  

found this hardcore neat website for all the manga fonts yuri fans wish to used here:http://fontpro.com/browse it contains exellent fonts...neat simple and useful.

>> No.9967  

So.. nothing more of Kase-san after this?

>> No.9993  


Ichigo drops to Kase-san--> http://www.dmzj.com/xxxyujltx/22719.shtml

>> No.9994  

There's already chapter 7 and 8 of Kase-san last month. Not sure who has a good copy of the raw though.

>> No.10030  

Is Citrus chap 06 already out?

>> No.10031  

Does anyone know where I can get ch. 9-onwards of Girl's Ride?

>> No.10035  


Just wanted to note that I've had quite a few unexpected issues since my original response, including my scanner deciding to off itself. I still have every intention of scanning these, just not sure when I'll be able to. Will give you an update when I know.

>> No.10036  


Take your time, by all means. Thanks again.

>> No.10053  

>>10030 I don't believe they've had a chance to get to Ch 05 yet, let alone Ch 06.

>> No.10054  

Chapter 6 isn't even published yet. Would be kind of difficult to translate without a time machine.

>> No.10057  

I cant into moonrunes, but found this webpage which seems to have some raw mangas: http://www.acfun.tv/a/ac793780

From the looks of it, they were uploaded from yamibo. Used google site: for assistance in search and it found several raws. But no idea what most them are.

>> No.10080  

Thats not raw, its chinese translated.

>> No.10097  

I'm looking for chapter 06 of Sakana no Miru Yume. Both the normal chapter 06 and the web chapter 06.

>> No.10100  

I am so sorry! My English is not good!
can provide Yuri hime Wildrose Vol.7 Raws?

I want to translate directly from japanese to my native language.

Thanks a lot! hope you help!

>> No.10115  

Does anyone has kodama naoko's work from wildrose 7?

>> No.10147  
File: 20120226012504_original.jpg -(71874 B, 549x535) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm looking for raws of Sya by OOTSUKA Shirou
Serialized In: Big Gangan (Square Enix)

>> No.10275  

Citrus 6 RAW LQ

>> No.10325  

I would really appreciate if anyone would put up the raw for nanzaki iku's part in the yuri hime wildrose 7. I only found bit of peaces here & there...

>> No.10326  

Can I ask when the next issue of Yuri Hime will be released? It's Bi-monthly so October? Is that correct?

>> No.10327  

November. Last issue was released this week.

>> No.10328  

It is indeed bimonthly, but the latest issue - the november one - is already released:


Yuri Hime is numbered weirdly. Next issue will probably hit sometime in november.

>> No.10353  

>>10327 >>10328

I see. I think I kind of understand how it's released now. Thank you! It's still going to be a bit confusing once I forget. Thank you for answering!

>> No.10365  
File: IMG_0005.jpg -(2350449 B, 2256x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I know Dynasty is still working on this, but it's been a very long time since they've put out a chapter. Would anyone here be willing to pick this up?

>> No.10367  

No. The last chapter was 3 months ago, that's not a very long time in scanlation terms. And I'm not interested in butting heads with Dynasty.

>> No.10368  

Dose anyone have citrus chap 6,the high-res jap RAW one? I want to practice moon.thanks anyway

>> No.10369  

Does anyone have Renai Manga Volume 1? the raws? (chapter 1-6)

>> No.10375  

Maybe I should have worded that better. I meant it's taking them a very long time to complete the series. Chapter 5 was done over 1k days ago, 6 was almost a year ago, and yes 7 was about 3 months. But how short the series it's taking to long. It's a fairly popular series, just figured people would like to see it finished.

>> No.10403  

Is the raw from YH39 out already?

>> No.10420  

I want the RAW too! THANKS!!

>> No.10437  

Me too !! ;w;

>> No.10451  

Hi! I'm sakura21 and I'm the co-founder of an Italian scanlation's group, as well as its translator. I'm writing here in our group's name, the Micette Scanlations, to ask you the permission to translate the manga scans you release into Italian language. Of course in each chapter, one shot or doujinshi we'll release, your credit page won't be deleted, but it'll be kept, because we really respect your work, as it's right to be. Hoping in a positive reply from you, I thank you a lot for the attention you've given me. :)

Personal note: Sorry for my bad english, but it's easier to translate from English to Italian than vice versa. ^-^

>> No.10462  

If you keep the credits and use the release versions on the homepage - not the QC ones on the board here - it should be fine.

>> No.10467  

Thanks! Thank you so much! ^-^
As i said, we will keep the credit page, we like and respect the effort and time you spend on each chapter.
We will use the official release version, because the QC version may contain some inaccuracy and we want to give to our readers the best version we can.

If you'd like to visit us, the link to our blog\forum is: http://micettescans.blogfree.net/.
The site is still a work in progress, but we'll be online in the first few days of October.
Please come visit us by then :)

>> No.10551  
File: 634065.jpg -(47688 B, 432x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I want this for RAW,thank you!

>> No.10569  

Someone can provide me the RAW from Kase-san ch8?
'cause i just found it in chinese @@ i want the japanese one~

please, if anyone have this~~~

>> No.10586  

Hi! I'm not sure where to put this and I most certainly don't want to start a new thread D; but I just wanted to ask if amazon.co.jp delivers internationally? There are quite a few manga I want to purchase to support my favorite mangaka so I've been wondering

>> No.10587  

Yup, Amazon Jp ships internationally.

Here's their international shipping page in English.


>> No.10597  
File: rakka7c.jpg -(27924 B, 400x297) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Any translators here interested in picking up Rakka Ryuusui, I'll edit if there is.

I figured this project is free because Horobi no Michi is basically gone.

>> No.10599  
File: 1377427848950.jpg -(23026 B, 300x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I am so sorry! Has anyone ever buy this manga? thanks.

>> No.10600  

>>10587 Thank you very much for the confirmation and the link! It helps a lot!

>>10599 Hmm... isn't that a Highschool Girls doujin by Oshima Towa? Not sure though D;

Also regarding Prism... it will never finish now, will it? XD

>> No.10901  
File: new manga version.png -(793859 B, 595x842) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

ok new manga comming out http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=manga&illust_id=39083915
I am looking foward to seeing being edited here. Judging by the artist (Haruzo)I can say its worth purchasing...gosh! >.< I wish i live in japan. Anyhow here is a pic of it Chouchou. So far its been declare its gonna be yuri..

>> No.10920  

Hello! We're from the Italian scanlation group Storm in Heaven (www.storm-in-heaven.net). We are expanding our yuri section and we would like to retranslate some of your projects into Italian. Would that be okay for you? Do you always give permission to use both your scans and translation, or is there some kind of limit?

>> No.10921  

Feel free to retranslate. Use what you see fit.

>> No.10927  

Thank you very much :)

>> No.10999  

I'm looking for the raw scans of manga Kyoumei Suru Echo,
may be from magazines

>> No.11064  

Phyis, do you have Noise Cut Phone scanned? It's from dolce due.

>> No.11069  

No. Can do that though, I planned to do the rest of the book eventually anyway.

>> No.11072  

Ah, okay. I thought you might considering you posted a bunch of one-shots from it the other say.

Thank you, though.

>> No.11088  

I'm looking for saki shinohayu 02. Does anyone have it?

>> No.11100  

it's on share (but I can't check it):

Also in this thread (scroll down):

>> No.11239  

does anyone have YH39?

>> No.11248  

So I just noticed that "Wavering Mind" was pretty well received. Any chance of tracking down the author's other one-shots or is the magazine they're from to obscure?

Because I wouldn't mind editing those

>> No.11301  

Kirara Carino isn't exactly obscure, but I couldn't find any raws for it. And going by the reviews, I don't feel like getting them for 3 oneshots that might not even be Yuri with that whole ambiguity the Kirara stuff has.

>> No.11314  


>oneshots that might not even be Yuri

You know. I actually did not even consider that. But yeah, if they're hard to get it does not really seem worth it for just one-shots.

>> No.11395  

I'm looking for "There Is an Angel Buried Behind the School" (校舎のうらには天使が埋められている).

I've checked Jcafe, Sharedb, and yamibo. Is there any other place I should look?

>> No.11398  

I found the 3 first volumes here

>> No.11399  

Cool, thanks. Appreciate it.

>> No.11474  

Does anyone have links to Shinozaki-san Ki wo Ota Shika ni raws? I can find chapters 1 & 9-11 but nothing else

>> No.11515  

Does anyone have raws Happy Jets?

>> No.11570  

I was hoping if someone had the raws for Shinigami Alice Ch 8. Please do look into it as this is a really good manga and has not been posted for 5 months already. Thank you for your cooperation. (:

>> No.11637  

Any word on what happened to whoever was providing RAWs for Kase-san?

>> No.11681  

Can someone tell me when the chapter 7 of Citrus raws is released? Thanks:)

>> No.11684  

What we have for now

>> No.11775  

Are there any new raws for Rock it Girl!?

>> No.11784  

Rock it Girl: Only in chinese, and until chapter 10. Here the link: http://www.dm5.com/manhua-rock-it-girl/ --I didnt found raws until the moment
And sorry for my english

>> No.11790  

Ohh! I have that link, but thanks anyway <3!

>> No.11811  

Can someone upload "The Feeling we all must endure" Raw chapter 13-latest? Tnxs

>> No.11814  

Here you are :)


>> No.11816  

Jo, Tnxs XD

>> No.11865  

Does anyone have Renai Manga chap 2 RAW?


>> No.11924  

Is someone know if Renai Idenshi XX chap 16 is gonna be release soon? Thanks !

>> No.11963  

Can you upload YH Vol 36&38?

>> No.11983  
File: zzzzzzzzz.jpg -(174719 B, 353x614) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

request the source

>> No.11985  

It is said Renai Idenshi will finishs at YH vol 40, ACT 15. So, yeah, next issue. D:

>> No.12013  

Does anyone have yuri hime wildrose vol 7 raw?

>> No.12081  

Maybe it's this one

>> No.12092  

request Kumichou's 'Out of the Blue' from Hirari 11

>> No.12124  

It has chapter 4 until 10


>> No.12212  

Is there anyway to get Minase Ruruu/GracheGrache's older works? I see you have their work from dolce due scanned >>8749, but I'm looking for all of their works.

I've tried http://www.toranoana.jp/mailorder/cot/circle/36/60/5730313436303336/ns_a4b0a4e9a4c3a4c1a4a7a4b0a4e9a4c3a4c1a4a7_01.html but everything is out of stock. Is there some other place I should be looking?

>> No.12217  

someone can provide the raws from honto no kanojo (the real her) from the chap 1~last to me?


>> No.12221  

Is Renai Idenshi XX chap 16 gonna be released soon? Thks!

>> No.12229  

We aren't working on that series, ask on Mangafox, it's scanlated there.

>> No.12282  


>> No.12317  

Just want to ask about the We are all Alive manga?(Bokurawa Ikieteru?) Did someone picked it up already? Or is it still on hiatus?

>> No.12318  

is there any raw?

>> No.12339  

Does anyone have The Princess's Mirror raws?

>> No.12408  
File: 1388821787540.jpg -(389658 B, 1191x1171) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

anyone knows where I can find raws of Asagi Ryu's 15-sai?

>> No.12429  

Can someone provide the Raws from "Tokyo Girls Destruction" to me? >__<
I'm searching this like crazy~


>> No.12547  

Does someone have the rest of the raws for No Dignity for the Captain

>> No.12563  

Does anybody have the vol 2 and 3 raws of Nanaki by Mizutani Yuzu?

>> No.12566  

Riko & Haru & Irukawa Hot Springs chapter 23&24 Raw Please

>> No.12571  


Which chapter do you need? I have but not all of it and I'm not sure about quality.

>> No.12614  

>>12566 here https://mega.co.nz/#!4k9STJ5Q!f1dmm0kzRRlrd1DcMLzf6xwXzlJ20dFTMCB91FdWPQo

>> No.12615  


>> No.12675  

Hello, did anybody have Sakura Trick chap 07 raw ? Thanks !

>> No.12677  

hello, would anyone be kind enough to share raw of Secret Recipe chapter 17? (the last chapter I guess? I search through this board page by page and find only up to chapter 16) Thanks.

(and I'm kinda new to this board, can anyone teach me how to browse more easily, like if there're a master post that have the content of sth)

>> No.12679  

>>12675 https://mega.co.nz/#!Vs9R1CiR!9zqLQkX9AxheDs8kBx8PovTzowBX09fOHI2aORwzj04
>>12677 https://mega.co.nz/#!osViSQLR!vBKGVgYZgQ7nOnaDsqCgDTAGK2TCsk25x1kdEK6G1ZA

>> No.12702  

>>12679 thanks, but I don't know what's wrong with mega.co, (not only these two links, but I tried other as well, it's not working) can you upload it at mediafire or something instead? Would be very thankful!

>> No.12703  

>>12702 i tried and it worked fine but here

>> No.12704  

Then something might be wrong with my connection.
Really appreciated, hope you have a great day.

>> No.12705  

anyone have raws for Manatsu Labyrinth chapter 4~?

>> No.12708  

Sorry to disturb you too many times, but the raw is in Chinese (I can't understand), do you have it in Japanese? If not, then it's ok.

>> No.12710  


>> No.12713  

>>12710 Thank you!

>> No.12732  

Could anyone please provide the raws for vol.3? Specifically from chapter 18 onwards.. Thank you in advance.

>> No.12733  

Could anyone please provide either Chinese or Japanese vol.3 raws for Miss Sunflower? Specifically chapter 18 onwards.. Thanks

>> No.12744  

Riko & Haru & Irukawa Hot Springs chapter 23&24 Japanese Raw Please
I don't understand Chinese

>> No.12842  

Do You Have Yuri Hime Vol 36 Japanese raw

>> No.12845  

[Takagami Yuriko] Moon, World, and Stars ch04 Japanese Raw Please

>> No.12907  

Are we gonna do the ch02 of Futari by Ootomo Megane released on Tsubomi vol 21? >>5994 cuz if so I am totally up for editing it and the following chapters XD

>> No.12910  

>>1144 Afterglow Noise by Kodama Naoko please anyone?

>> No.12913  

>>12910 if someone does upload this (Only the Afterglow Noise, story) I'll translate it.

>> No.12933  
File: img_302859_30642048_10.jpg -(62432 B, 480x409) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Anywhere I can find raw scans of Citrus? I can't use PerfectDark/Winny/Share. I'm studying japanese and reading my favorite mangas in its native language seems pretty encouraging.

>> No.12939  

I collected raws for chapter 1 to 3 of citrus googling archived posts. Here they are. If any anon can post the rest...


>> No.12948  

Is there anyone, by chance, have the raw for this?

>> No.13021  

Hey, Phyis. Could you upload a link to all the raws you have from No Dignity for the Captain?

>> No.13031  
File: RJ129635_img_main.jpg -(127935 B, 560x420) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This one seems cute:


>> No.13050  

Does anyone know if Lililicious is still working on Rock it Girl! or they drop it? :(

>> No.13051  


Kase-san Chapter 9

>> No.13085  


Rock it, Girl still at their "Current Projects (Yuri Hime)" list.

>> No.13096  

c.3 by Lililicious (219d ago)

Maybe they need staff to help them out with the chapters.

It gets great later on...I was reading the raws as well as I can and went: OMG! KISU! Timeskip! ANGST!

>> No.13122  

Can someone look/upload the raw for this chapter, I want to edit it.

>> No.13123  

I'm already working on that. Thanks for the offer. Look at http://status.yuriproject.net/needs-ed.php for something that might interest you.

>> No.13128  

Where do you read raws about Rock it, Girl???? I NEED IT!!

>> No.13129  

Where do you read raws about Rock it, Girl?? I NEED IT!!

>> No.13130  

chinese raws tho!


>> No.13132  
File: ScanImage002.jpg -(1534966 B, 6371x4299) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I currently have the tank collection of Gido's work, and was wondering if I could get some advice on scanning as it would by my first time doing such a thing. I would be happy to scan the Girl's Planetarium extra and afterword, and the cover if there is enough interest.

>> No.13151  

>>13123 Oh nice. Found something I'll work on :)

>> No.13156  


I would jump at this opportunity to translate these chapters, but it looks like the only raws on this site are in chinese. If any scans of the original japanese emerge, I'll pump out the translations pronto!

>> No.13157  

I'm the translator for Kase-san and I've already translated chapter 9. It will just take a while to get edited.

>> No.13192  
File: news_large_sinrensai[1].jpg -(89644 B, 512x723) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Looking for ユリ熊嵐 raws. It has been published in April issue of Comic Birz.
Does anybody know who's going to scanlate it?

>> No.13218  

Does anyone have raw for One and Only from sweet little devil?

>> No.13219  

I know this probably doesn't belong in here, but can someone tell me when the next Yuri Hime Wildrose will be released?

>> No.13234  

Anyone have the raws for No Dignity for the Captain? Apparently, YP dropped it, but I would like to read it, even if it's in Japanese.

>> No.13235  


>Apparently, YP dropped it

Did they now? No, we didn't.

>> No.13236  

what happened with lemonade?It's the end?

>> No.13237  

Only half way.

>> No.13277  

hey, if not mind can someone give me a link for I GIRL, raw is not problem..
thanks :)

>> No.13293  

Does anyone know something about The Real Her chapter 9???

>> No.13303  

>>9365 Anyone have the raw for Kimi no Tame Nara Shineru?

>> No.13316  

>>9365 here. I finally ordered it but I've never scanned anything before. It should be here in a few days. I'll try scanning it right after and post a few for quality checks.

>> No.13327  

hello, does anyone has raw of "[Sato Saori] If It's for Your Sake" (佐藤沙緒理 「貴女のためなら」) from harari vol 6?

>> No.13348  

There's a raw of Yuri Hime vol. 41 on mega.co, but I can't download it, someone upload it on mediafire pleaseeee?

>> No.13349  

Can you share the Yuri Hime 41 link? Maybe we can download it and upload it to mediafire for you.

>> No.13350  

I don't know if it's working or not, but here you go: https://mega.co.nz/#!7Q8HiKYA!1nHQ0y0E4uazfAQJob5WL6UuXo1Ae30wYkukuwzSBNA

and btw credit to yuriloveneko

>> No.13351  

Here's what it looks like without any adjustments (since I don't know which ones to make). I have CS6, any advice would help so I can can scan the rest of the volume.

>> No.13352  
File: bleed.png -(498037 B, 1173x521) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Preferably, get a stack of black paper or a plain piece of black paperboard and put it between the page and the scanner lid. Otherwise, as shown in the attachment, the other side of the page bleeds through. It's not bad on this page but it still makes the picture a bit uneven and the blacks weak.

Unless you have a very expensive scanner, don't use any of its adjustments (descreening, dust removal, backlight correction and so on) because it will mess up more than it'll fix.

Preferred format (because it's lossless and not as big as tiff) is grayscale png, although 256 color indexed will get the job done as well if you don't have the means to convert to grayscale easily.

>> No.13357  


There is the Yuri Hime 41 from the MEGA link. Thanks so much. The password is yuriloveneko (or yurilovesneko, I kinda forgot right now). Use 7-zip to decompress it.

Thanks so much for this! I've been dying to find this. Unfortunately, new magazine scans are becoming more and more difficult to find lying around on Share and PerfectDark.

>> No.13358  

does anyone have a link for yurihime vol 40?

>> No.13359  


Yuri Hime 40. Get it from depositfiles links there. 300 MB each part.

>> No.13362  

thanks ive tried those. The files are corrupt. i was only able to restore get parts 1 and 3.

>> No.13366  

>>13357 Thanks! Greatly appreciated!

>> No.13368  

You're mistaken. I just downloaded it today. Use the Ryushare version. Most other links are dead. The magazine scan is in pretty good shape and even Citrus chapter 7 is published there. Definately worth the trouble. You know how those sites are... The speed was so slow that your download probably broke in the middle. I suggest Freerapid and other free hosting sites link grabbers to automate the download.

>> No.13373  
File: cover42.jpg -(21419 B, 300x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Let's review the Comic Yuri Hime scans situation. There are four torrents up and seeded on nyaa... Volumes 1-37. 38 is working on the same site as 40 from this topic. 41 is from the mega/mediafire link.

So... 39 and 42 are missing. I can't find them on Share/PerfectDark. Can anyone share so that we can complete our collections?

>> No.13377  


>> No.13379  

does anyone have volume 40 in one file?

>> No.13383  

Thank you so much! That has been most helpful.

So 1-41 are done. All that`s left is 42 but it seems clear that the only thing that has surfaced so far from it is Citrus chapter 9 scans.

>> No.13393  

I would second that request.

Downloading from depositfiles of such big files is a torture, maybe someone could upload some downscaled smaller version to MF or Mega?

>> No.13394  

It's not a torture if you use FreeRapid. I know, I know. Everyone hate Java based softwares like that. But, hey, we all use KanjiTomo, right?

I just finished downloading a 293 MB version of Yuri Hime 40 from Share (or PerfectDark, I dunno). I'll begin uploading right now and come back tomorrow to post the link. I'm leaving now to spend the sunday in the countryside at grandma's.

It's (一般コミック・雑誌) [一迅社] コミック百合姫 Vol.40 2014年01月号.zip 293 MB there, btw.

>> No.13397  


password is yuriloveneko

>> No.13398  

>>13397 Thank you so much!Really appreciate it! I'm guessing pages from 412 to 426 were ads or something.

>> No.13411  

The story from page 411 continues in 427 which means 412 to 426 was prolly some booklet of some sort. We usually get a "free coupons" or "subscribe" in magazines, right?

>> No.13412  

I don't suppose anyone here has a translated version of Kimi no Tame nara? I've spent hours trying to find volumes 1 and 2 since translators won't translate the rest since Jmanga licensed it, and Jmanga shut down so I don't think there's much hope for the series

>> No.13416  



>> No.13423  

Can someone direct me to the raws of Citrus 9? I've seen people talk about it here but I can't seem to find it.. Thanks in advance!

>> No.13424  
>> 13423

I dont know whether it is ok for yuriproject or not but here it is.
Sumimasen if it is not allowed

>> No.13428  

A friendly reminder that those are low quality, chinese raws. I have yet to find a scanned version of Comic Yuri Hime 42 (2014 05 issue) yet.

>> No.13435  

Requesting the Citrus SP2 (Volume 2 extras) raws and Chapter 9. Those camera raws are just awful.


>> No.13438  

The May 2014 issue of Comic Yuri Hime includes a feature on A Kiss For The Petals. If a scan is obtained of this issue, I'd like an examination of it to determine if any new information that hasn't been covered in other sources was published.

>> No.13440  

The series is featured in the new chapter of Yuri Danshi, there's no informational stand-alone feature in the magazine as far as I'm aware.

>> No.13461  

Can someone provide the raws of Mizu Asato's oneshot (屋上に咲く花) from the YuriHime 2014 January issue please?

>> No.13466  

no one have next chapters of yuri mekuru hibi?
I really want see them :(

>> No.13476  

Does anybody have kira kira or steps from Takemiya Jin?

>> No.13549  

Ok, so I used black construction paper.

>> No.13550  

Looks good.

>> No.13568  

Does anyone have the rest of sugar wa otoshigoro?

>> No.13605  

Sorry to be such a bother Phyis, but I tried a different scanner. Which is better?

>> No.13607  
File: Amuneshian_3_083.jpg -(732467 B, 1086x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Hi I am somehow new in finding translators for Raws. My own idea is to trantslate Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian (A sequel of the anime Kanazuki no Miko). I have been searching for 3 years to find a translator of the raw of volumes 3 and 4 (literally 3 years, I downloaded the raws of vol. 3 and 4 when I was 15 years)
So if someone might be interesed to transalate the raws that would be great...

Note: the one in the archive is Chikane ;)

>> No.13617  

Isn't it kinda pointless to translate a manga where Chikane and Himeko die and Chikane-look-a-like clone is shown as fanservice idiot and ends with Souma?

>> No.13659  

actually at the end, the "clone" of Chikane stays as how she is, and souma ends up being a priest at the church where Himeko was

>> No.13674  

The new one is a bit better but it looks the same after leveling. I'd say just use the faster/more convenient one.

>> No.13684  

Does anybody have Hirari vol 1-12 raw?

>> No.13704  

Does anyone have the raws to the two new chapters of Kase-san?

>> No.13743  

Finally finished. Sorry for taking so long.

If any page needs to be re-scanned, it'll either be this week or next month since I'll be out of country.

>> No.13852  

Can I request for Moon, World, and Stars raws?

>> No.13881  

I'd like to ask. How many stories are in the Rainy Song book by Momono Moto? Thank you!

>> No.13897  

Coud someone send me Asagao to kase san 10 raws (and more if its already updated) if its possible? Thnks !! :)

>> No.13899  

someone knows where I can find the Candy raws?

>> No.13919  

[きよたとも] ハートに春風 (ひらり, 12)
[Kiyota Tomo] Harukaze in the Heart (Hirari 12)

>> No.13983  

Does anyone have the raws for vol 2-3 of "The feelings we must all endure " by amano shuninta ?

>> No.13988  
File: 29518064.jpg -(514034 B, 1000x1167) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Anyone ever locate a raw of this doujin 百合恋心中 as seen here? Pixiv has a sample containing half the story only.

>> No.14121  
File: 51-B3xvvyKL._SL500_AA300_.jpg -(21392 B, 300x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Who has this raw can download
I find it so long.....

>> No.14172  

Does anyone have the raw link for the 1st chapter of No Dignity for the Captain (not the web version)? Thanks in advance.

>> No.14189  

What happen with SOUGOU TOVARISCH?? Have any raws??

>> No.14210  
File: i184409.jpg -(88527 B, 230x329) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Is anyone interested in translating this work?

>> No.14268  
File: fwfwnkmc.jpg -(39176 B, 354x502) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Sasada Asuka, Fuwa Fuwa no Kimochi (extras)

The five stories in this collection have already been scanned from Hirari. There are 12 additional unscanned pages in the tank. Eventually I'd like to release this as a complete volume (three of the stories are connected).

>> No.14281  
File: BPYTsoSCQAMK-qj.jpg -(140619 B, 600x850) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.14282  

It's in this thread: >>9178

>> No.14285  

Not sure if MaîtreJacQ is continuing, hence re-requesting.

>> No.14286  

I will do it eventually, if it remains untranslated. But I will give Jacques a few more months, at least.

>> No.14433  
File: 104.jpg -(534015 B, 1098x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

from chapter 15 and onwards.
the raws are completed but no one translated it :(

>> No.14437  


Stolen Translation is scanlating it http://stolentranslations.wordpress.com/2014/06/06/shitsuji-shoujo-to-ojousama-14/

>> No.14462  

Does anyone have raws for Riko to Haru, 15 and on?

>> No.14471  
File: 01_willyoumerryme1.jpg -(1186765 B, 1413x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Does anyone have the original japanese raws for this doujin? So far I've only seen the chinese scanlation.

>> No.14541  

Hey everyone ! Someone has the chapter 9-10 (and possibly more after these two chapters) of Asagao to Kase san ? Thanks?

>> No.14544  

Actually, my friend and I have chapter 9 translated and typeset from the Chinese raws, but uh... I'm not exactly sure where to post to seek permission for taking over this project?

>> No.14546  

We're still invested in Kase-san. The editor had a busy year, but with summer vacation it will be coming soon.

>> No.14548  

Okay, gotcha. These Chinese scans were terribad anyway.

>> No.14549  

Maybe the raws of Kase san?...

>> No.14550  


Would you mind sharing the raws?

>> No.14554  

Does anyone happen to have raws of Rakuen / Le Paradis?

>> No.14558  

Hi, the scanlator of Kase Chinese scans here. Really sad to see that my hardwork is deemed as terribad. T.T

>> No.14561  

I asked for the raws personnally, so I'm grateful to you if you could put a link :)

>> No.14858  

Is Flower Flower ended? Its been a year since chap 13... Maybe someone has the raws? thks :)

>> No.14860  


>Is Flower Flower ended? Its been a year since chap 13... Maybe someone has the raws? thks :)

It's cancelled.

>> No.14870  

ok too bad... Thks :)

>> No.14898  
File: 51xCX2i9LhL._SL500_AA300_.jpg -(19614 B, 300x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Hi, I was wondering if there's anyone that's got the raw for Sakura01?

There are quite a few things on there that I'd really like to work on if possible. Thanks!

>> No.14979  
File: birz1404_8_2_2.jpg -(145342 B, 490x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Apparently Comic Birz had a yuri feature that spanned three issues (Feb, Mar, Apr / 2月号, 3月号, 4月号) this year. There happened to be a stray copy at amazon.co.jp of the February issue which I just ordered, and I'll scan the relevant one-shots, but I can't find the March and April issues anywhere.

There's one amazon.co.jp third party seller with the April issue but they don't ship outside of Japan, and I couldn't find even that much for the March issue.

Artists for February: Ichigou (壱号), Azami Yuuko (アザミユウコ), Nagao Kenichiro (長尾謙一郎)
Artists for March: Hirao Auri (平尾アウリ), Tsukiko (月子), Hisaka Mika (日坂水柯), Hamamoto Ryuusuke (濱元隆輔), Kugura Shiichi (玖倉しいち)
Artists for April: Kinukawa Kou (絹川コウ), Kawanabe Masahiro (川那辺雅弘), Shimoda Asami (シモダアサミ), Monkey Chop (モンキー・チョップ), Watanabe Peco (渡辺ペコ)

Attached is a promo scan of the content listing for the April issue's yuri section.

>> No.14980  

Oh, and the April issue of Birz has the first chapter of Yuri Kuma Arashi. If anyone knows where the raw for that came from, the same person might have the magazine issue.

>> No.15135  

Hello, I'm beginning a translation in italian of The Real Her/Honto no Kanojo.

Someone can provide me the RAWs of the first 3 chapters?

>> No.15229  

From Hirari Houkago 2

[ふかさくえみ] 杖をバトンに持ち替えて (Fukasaku Emi, Trade Your Wand for a Baton)
[吉田丸悠] ピエタ~カドミウムレッドの涙~ (Yoshidamaru Yuu, Pieta: Cadmium-Red Tears)
[百合原明] 空色の鳥と春の風 (Yurihara Aki, The Azure Bird and Spring Wind)
[きよたとも] 花が咲くように (Kiyota Tomo, That Flowers May Bloom)

>> No.15259  

does anyone still keep the raw for Comprehensive Tovarisch chapter 1 > 4 and sp1, sp2?

>> No.15307  

Are there raws available anywhere for YuriHime vol 45? (November's issue)

>> No.15318  

Seira's Yuri Hut was originally translating it but left it a cliffhanger so I was wondering if anyone has the raws available. Thanks!

>> No.15339  


Their raws were from Yurihouse, you can get it there.

>> No.15364  

I know this is from a while ago.
But, Phyis, do you happen to remember which issues of Carino Peg's one-shots were in? I was thinking of trying to get them myself to scan.

>> No.15366  


>> No.15367  

Ah, cool. Thank you.

>> No.15474  

Does anyone have RAWs for The Secret Recipe from chapter 7 to 17?
Thanks :)

>> No.15502  

yo would anyone be so kind as to hit me up with a browser download for this Share file?:


project-relevant because I will eventually translate from this magazine scan

>> No.15503  

Can do boss: http://www.mediafire.com/download/7t7gfqvvytq4a89

>> No.15504  

thank you unremitting benefactor. you have saved Christmas

>> No.15590  

Does anyone have raws for volume 2 and 3 of Comprehensive Tovarisch?

>> No.15698  

Does anyone have the Manga no Tsukurikata raws that were posted here a while ago? By the time I discovered that thread, the links were already dead. I'd really appreciate it.

>> No.15704  
File: 10419605_564840226983374_5094662185124626744_n.jpg -(44366 B, 320x474) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

i found on chinese scanlations page..maybe has great subtext..


>> No.15707  

In the series Mami's Everyday Life all of the girls except Mami are married to and/or dating guys.

I try very hard to mentally block out that series.

>> No.15709  

We all know mostly all the characters are les...Madokaxhomura are married. The other two are together too...except Mami is alone sadly but getting together with Madohomu daughter.

>> No.15710  

>>15704 However some throll decided to mess up the series, with bunch of lies to make it as normal as possible.x(

>> No.15713  


but i thought it's different than author doujin before..

>> No.15714  

I'll be straight with you.
I have no idea what you're asking.

>> No.15979  

Was wondering if YP had any interest in doing a rescue of a great yuri manga series called Manga no Tsukurikata. The OG scan group left off around chapter 41 (volume 6), and it appears to be an 8-volume work. The last volume wasn't released too long ago, 7 months at best?

>> No.15982  

Are there scans?

>> No.15987  

No clue. The last two scan groups working on this together were Sexy Mama Scans and Lemon Tea Scans so I'd hit them up to see if they got them online? They may have just scanned the volumes themselves, but I doubt it.

>> No.15989  

I don't really remember much about it but I wouldn't be averse to translating a little I guess

>> No.15992  


>They may have just scanned the volumes themselves, but I doubt it.

Some Anon posted the scans for vol. 6 here and they used those. Said scans have since disappeared from the net as far as I can tell. Maybe someone backed them up, I didn't. And there are no scans of vol. 7 and 8 at all.

>> No.15993  

seems like you guys will either have to request the last two volumes, and or scan them yourselves. You can get them easily on AmazonJP. But if you guys could do it that'd be amazing. I'd be willing to do QC for you.

>> No.15994  
File: manga_no_tsukurikata_vol6_ch39_06.png -(2760353 B, 1564x2209) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I seem to have a couple of those:

(low quality) http://www.mediafire.com/download/538cx3vsic9fm05/Manga_no_Tsukurikata_6.zip

>> No.15995  

Yeah, that are the scans I've been talking about. That's the entirety of volume 6. Chapters 39-41 have been translated by above mentioned group, although I remember some complaints about the quality.

>> No.16003  

Anyone have scans of extra chapter of HXB from new cover ver?

>> No.16006  

You're referring to the first 8 volumes in the Shueisha edition? I don't believe any scans exist for those.

>> No.16066  

Thanks! Hope this series does manage to get picked up until the end.

>> No.16162  

Kono Hanatei has started again in Comic Birz 2/2015. Any scans around?

>> No.16205  

Could anyone here upload the raws for Chapters 17-27 of Riko and Haru? Thanks.

>> No.16302  

Someone hinted a while back that there's a raw for "the real her" (hontou no kanojo) ch12 somewhere? I wouldn't mind translating that if it's still around?

>> No.16312  

Thanks, but I'm pretty much on it already.

>> No.16317  

Oh cool. I might pick up the volume when I'm in Japan in april

>> No.16376  

Someone got the Tsuki to Sekai to Etoile (月と世界とエトワール) volume 2 and 3?

>> No.16378  

Anyone has raws for last volume of Mikarun X?

>> No.16504  
File: yuri project.png -(31120 B, 706x385) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I know I haven't been able to be here as much due to my economic standings need to work all day plus I don't have internet so have to search alternatives which I personalty hate :) anyways I want to apologize for hold projects and stuff i hand't gotten to. I'll work hard on them. Specially for Fluttering feelings really wanted to work on it but have projects on hold that need to be done before getting back to it wish I could in the future. Here is a logo I made for the page. feel free to use it. Thanks for all the hard work and dedication everyone. Thanks to Phyis and all the hard working people on this page yuri manga wouldn't be available to read without you guys. I hope you see you all soon.

>> No.16535  

Well, I got the volume of hontou no kanojo and it has an amazingly cute ending. Also randomly discovered this series which is flipping amazing and is now my second favourite series of all time (second to hoshikawa ginza) http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/4575842508/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_IGJovb0G9R3RR If there are raws around I'd love to see this in English. It's from Comic high.

>> No.16537  

Fly By Yuri is working on 15-sai (or planning to, I've just scanned it) so that should be taken care of.

>> No.17111  

Anyone here have the raw for kimi no tame nara shineru volume 4? seen raws for the first 3 volumes but not the fourth

>> No.17114  

I have volume 4 and 5. I'm just waiting on Mai88 to start/finish volume 3 to scan them.

>> No.17117  
File: 私の無知なわたしの未知.jpg -(199536 B, 1055x1500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Anyone have raws for Watashi no Muchi na Watashi no Michi vol 1?

>> No.17148  

Not sure whether you're around WeatheredPeach, but I believe you're in possession of Sasada Asuka's Kira Kira no Natsu? Do you know whether the stories 'ほかほかのふゆ,' '自転車ブルー,' '星空☆ファクトリー' are yuri (-ish enough for us), and would you be willing to scan any that are?

>> No.17203  


I'm interested in finding raws for Fujieda Miyabi's new Iono-sama Fanatics spin-off "Kokono-sama," in order to translate the series. This is featured in the May and July issues of Yuri Hime (and will be in future issues as well). If anyone has raws they'd be willing to share, I would be most grateful.

Thank you!

>> No.17204  


If memory serves me correctly then that book had some stories that were not yuri that I skipped to scan...? I'll double check.

>> No.17205  
File: kirara-repost.jpg -(1420153 B, 1406x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Emer from Yuri House originally posted these Manga Time Kirara scans in a separate thread. Merging them here.

Manga Time Kirara - Carat [2013-09]

Manga Time Kirara - Miracle [2013-10]

Manga Time Kirara [2013-09]

emer's original note: "Scanned in 300DPI and jpg. Feel free to use this or request hi-res of particular series."

>> No.17206  

>>17203 In reply to this. Seiyuuri has been looking for the Drama CD that came with this story. So if anyone's got the Drama CD please do share it. If you want it to be shared privately, you may email me. It'll be nice to get more of this series. Thank you!

>> No.17212  

Many of the older threads on this board have dead links, leaving simply a title and a picture. I'll be merging these into this thread for now. If new scan links for any of them become available, feel free to make a new project thread. In the interest of preserving all content of the original posts, I'll include the dead urls as well, having no idea whether they're possibly useful or not.

>> No.17213  
File: hime-Ripe-repost.jpg -(160847 B, 880x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ripe (ろくか様) [Mai-HiME Fanbook]

originally posted 12/05/31 by Moneypenny (MF urls 8ffltl13wdfg5py and pqardz83tn6prr4)

>> No.17214  
File: hime_colorsOfHeart-repost.jpg -(135889 B, 885x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Colors of the Heart (姫小屋様) [Mai-HiME Fanbook]

originally posted 12/05/21 by Moneypenny (MF url hm9q7231d68ns3w)

>> No.17215  
File: stereo-girls-repost.jpg -(536754 B, 1827x1400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

[Kobayashi Ritz] Stereo Girls

originally posted 12/06/14 by Anonymous (MF url u9b54ekzt0dq96c)

>> No.17216  
File: mira-repost-1.jpg -(68454 B, 530x729) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

[Mira] 都市迷宮ロロト

originally posted 12/06/14 by Anonymous (MF url k49l1tatdxa7cl1)

>> No.17217  
File: mira-repost-2.jpg -(64948 B, 516x728) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

[Mira] 春色憧憬

originally posted 12/06/14 by Anonymous (MF url n8p86b1pp3hlzi4)

>> No.17218  
File: mira-repost-3.jpg -(115557 B, 516x729) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

[Mira] 桃色レイン

originally posted 12/06/14 by Anonymous (MF url 6v8qk65sg9siqtb)

>> No.17219  
File: mira-repost-4.jpg -(37054 B, 529x747) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

[Mira] 美しい少女

originally posted 12/06/14 by Anonymous (MF url af6rdwy4h5rfuyh)

>> No.17220  
File: mira-repost-5.jpg -(41331 B, 573x809) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

[Mira] くちびる、寄せて

originally posted 12/06/14 by Anonymous (MF url tv3kscpxyy85bh3)

>> No.17221  
File: mira-repost-6.jpg -(40353 B, 516x728) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

[Mira] 花園

originally posted 12/06/14 by Anonymous (MF url 24uyudyvdyh1zyy)

>> No.17222  
File: mira-repost-7.jpg -(142769 B, 516x729) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

[Mira] Sweet Days

originally posted 12/06/14 by Anonymous (MF url rtqwfz17u5cuibd)

Home site: http://pulsar.koiwazurai.com/bessitu/sweetdays.html

>> No.17223  
File: tenma-majo-repost.jpg -(19574 B, 240x340) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

[Kagami Takaya and Edoya Pochi] Itsuka Tenma no Kiru Majo (いつか天魔を斬る魔女)

originally posted 12/03/21 by Anonymous

>> No.17224  
File: nina-rabbits-repost.jpg -(710864 B, 1686x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

[Uzuki Ryuunosuke and Yabuguchi Kuroko] Nina & The Rabbits

originally posted 12/07/22 by Anonymous

>> No.17225  
File: silver-cat-repost.jpg -(2506724 B, 1412x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Silver Cat

originally posted 12/08/18 (MF url 1uvpn1qddd9ltm1)

described as a "MeiSaku Neko Doujin"

>> No.17226  
File: dropout-repost.png -(294492 B, 846x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

[TOmoe] &Dropout web01

originally posted 12/08/22 by Anonymous (MF url wfyyc03xaxyma2r)

Tsubomi web extra for http://yuriproject.net/dropout-2/

>> No.17227  
File: strawberry-milk-repost.jpg -(248227 B, 827x1169) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

[Ichigo Milk] Strawberry Milk Vols. 1-3 (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha)

originally posted 12/09/18 by Anonymous (MF urls iux1am159eh4hit, 6p2w6w229dw9knn, and jb5wdtlufj8g69s)

>> No.17228  
File: storm-first-repost.jpg -(578168 B, 1133x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

[Rocket Fuel 21 (Aki Eda)] the storm of a first love

originally posted 12/11/14 by ShiroAka (MF url jkegvh5y9jf93i0)

>> No.17229  
File: haru-iro-repost.jpg -(3151193 B, 2119x3021) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

[Haru iro fudepen] 流れたさきの (Saki doujin)

originally posted 13/02/26 by ShiroAka (MF url 3cpdjrww4r5pdcc)

>> No.17230  
File: masulao-repost.jpg -(4116209 B, 2128x3024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


originally posted 13/02/26 by ShiroAka (MF url or9uzyii53ana1a)

>> No.17231  
File: panzer-repost-1.jpg -(462788 B, 1416x2016) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

[Rocket Nenryou 21 (Aki Eda)] 恋の格言 (Girls und Panzer)

originally posted 13/05/24 by Anonymous (MF url d8d824m7vlhsxes)

>> No.17232  
File: panzer-repost-2.jpg -(452844 B, 1408x2016) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

[Rocket Nenryou 21 (Aki Eda)] talk of little love (Girls und Panzer)

originally posted 13/05/24 by Anonymous (MF url yyln5oyhra0u7pj)

>> No.17233  
File: hakkaya-repost.jpg -(470064 B, 1050x1500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

[Hakka-ya (Tokumi Yuiko)] Datte, Himawari chan ga Kawaii kara. (Vividred Operation)

originally posted 13/11/10 by Anonymous (sendspace file)

This is the last of them. For why these were posted see >>17212.

>> No.17240  

These two have already been translated and typeset.

>> No.17248  

Some anon on /u/ posted first chapter 1. He is willing to edit the whole volume 1, just need translator for this.

And a bonus. If anyone on YP is interested in finishing Rainy Song last two-shot Kurayama no Asterisk (about Hiroko from Kimi Koi Limit) here are the raws:

>> No.17287  

Mai88, I just saw your wordpress page. Are you planning to go to C88 as well?

>> No.17288  

Nope, but probably C91. Flight tickets from Germany to Japan are really expensive...

>> No.17290  

I see. Oh well. Thanks anyway.

>> No.17301  

Hi, I just wanted to know if anyone got YURIBAKO by ソレイユ (矢月みつか) and is planning to scanlate it in the future? (I'm also willing to TL for it, if anyone needs.)

I was in C88 earlier and it bothers me faaaaar more than anything else I didn't get. Don't see any listing on Melonbooks or Toranoana. :(

>> No.17309  

Hey,I'm just wondering Where i can get raws of Netsuzou Trap - NTR(捏造トラップ)?

>> No.17320  



>> No.17588  

Does anyone have Kobano's "Queen Bee's Dilemma" from Tsubomi 18, or its web bonus?

>> No.17612  


If you've found the time to scan vols 4-5 of Hime no Tame Nara Shineru, would you mind sharing them?

I know some Japanese and would be happy to help translate.

>> No.17668  

Please help me
i looking for raw 総合タワーリシチ - nekogami yaoyorozu vol 6

>> No.17706  

Sorry for the late reply. I haven't taken them apart yet, since Mai88 just started with volume 3.

>> No.17717  
File: cover.jpg -(24382 B, 200x284) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Where I can find the chapter 12, 13 and 14 to Asagao to Kase-san??

>> No.17782  

Thank you so much Yuri Project, you did a great job. Please post more RAW manga, because I am finding non-translated version. THANKS!!!

>> No.18505  
File: 2DK, G Pen, Alarm Clock_.jpg -(188573 B, 1055x1500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Anyone is interested in Ohsawa Yayoi's "2DK, G Pen, Alarm Clock"? I can provide RAWs. I have it on my kindle. But first I need to know if anyone is willing to translate and edit.

>> No.18511  

>>18505 I am so glad you have the Raws. If there is a translator interested. I'll do the edit also will be a wonderful present for tomorrow since I'm turning 24. I am ordering it on Amazon JP ove it. By the look of it Its a beautiful story.

>> No.18532  

Hi I have Momono Moto, some one shot.
Continued: A Girl In Ultramarine, Rainy Song, Kimi Koi Limit, etc.
maybe you want?

>> No.18534  

Do you have this?

>> No.18535  

yes, and not only. in the Japanese version of course

>> No.18536  

Post it please.

>> No.18783  

Can anyone give me the complete raws of 15sai by Asagi Ryuu? Thank you >_<

>> No.18790  

Happy mother's day! everyone hope you spend it well with your mother's and family..

>> No.19092  

Looking for Rabudesu (Love/death) Chapter 4 and more on Yurihime

>> No.19097  

Bump for the raws

>> No.19112  

I would like the raws for Riko & Haru & Irukawa Hot Springs.

>> No.19175  

Are you able to translate the remaining chapters of opapato? It came out 2 years ago, not sure what happened to the original group that was translating this manga??
This manga is already finished which can be read through Sen raw manga.
I really want to know what is happening in the story :'(
The person who is still waiting for this manga :(

>> No.19176  

Are you able to translate the remaining chapters of opapato? It came out 2 years ago, not sure what happened to the original group that was translating this manga??
This manga is already finished which can be read through Sen raw manga.
I really want to know what is happening in the story :'(
The person who is still waiting for this manga :(

>> No.19234  

Hi, can anyone translate something for me from English to Japanese? It's only short

>> No.19292  
File: 81EfQmpoCRL.jpg -(286669 B, 842x1191) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Is anyone interested in translating and editing "The Private Report on My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness?" I will buy this book soon and can provide raws.

>> No.19294  

This looks like >>17432 , which would be a partial translation and editing job.

But if it's being released in print, and there's a chance to resurrect the project, I would love to take a shot at it.

>> No.19296  

Yeah. It's based on that pixiv version. Author decided to release a tank with improved art and more details to the story (it's 144 pages).

>> No.19301  

I agree with multiball the project Looks very amazing. Hopefully and editor shows up so far you got a great translator willing to help. I'm sure someone will pick up the project soon. it looks very interesting. If it weren't because I got a internship I would have done it right on. If it's still available by the end August I'll pick it up.

>> No.19464  

Does anyone have vol 2 and 3 raws for Comprehensive Tovarisch? I'd really really appreciate them, been looking forever!

>> No.19467  


I'm innerested in translating, but not editing, hell no.

>> No.19716  
File: 40515137_p0_master1200.jpg -(303710 B, 600x860) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Does somebody have the RAW of these two doujinshi? http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=manga&illust_id=37413944
and http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=40515137

>> No.19902  

Hi I was wondering if anyone have the raw for Last Waltz Volume 2? Thank you!

>> No.20032  

does anyone have this manga?

>> No.20065  

I want to stress this too.

PLEASE translate the other works of Fukutarou.

>> No.20195  

Came by to wish everyone Merry Christmas or New years :) hope you spend it well with family and friends.

>> No.20373  

There are 8 chapters translated but 40+ chapters on peanutoon :(

>> No.20731  

Hi, anyway I can speed up the work on comprehensive tovarisch by donating?

Thank you

>> No.21178  

Where I can find Comic yuri hime of this month(December 2017)

>> No.21180  


>> No.21862  

Anyone has the raw for Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian?

>> No.21902  

Anyone has high quality raw for Kiriyama Haruka's 2 oneshots on YuriHime?
The chapters I have are in terrible quality.

>> No.21921  

I'm looking for the raws of Seifuku no vampiress lord's vol 2 and 3

>> No.22271  

Have there been any installments of Motto Hanjuku Joshi since the second chapter? If so, I'd like to keep translating the series, if raws can be made available.

>> No.22272  

Yes, there is chapter 3. I will upload it soon.

>> No.22621  
File: 210438l.jpg -(124044 B, 422x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.22622  

I've seen this manga around and wanted to read it. But I can't read Japanese and it looks really interesting. It's by Ne-ji.

>> No.22628  


I found the raws interesting, too. I will translate Prison Town. I'll post the text file translation of it when I'm done.

>> No.22640  
File: 47631932_p0.jpg -(675438 B, 567x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


The last part of Silver Gymnasium

>> No.22643  


This is a two-page preview advertising for the full six-page release at Comiket 87. If someone provides raws for this bonus chapter, I will translate it.

>> No.22645  

It's 20 pages.

>> No.22650  


Well, if you can get me the other fourteen, too, I'll translate them, as well.

>> No.22864  

there's no additional scans for Manga no Tsukurikata by Hirao Auri?

>> No.22865  

Shouldn't it be on page 3 "you wouldn't worry about that" instead of "you don't worry about that"?
Need somone else for the QC though

>> No.23013  

Any idea about the afterword/extras for Holy Girl Paradigm?

>> No.23047  

Looking for Hana to Hoshi raw, please?

>> No.23227  

Anyone have draws for this?

>> No.23435  

Anyone has 羣青 volume 1? Anyone? Guys, please!

>> No.23534  

By the way, I found the Gunjou raws, thanks.

>> No.24242  

コミック百合姫 2015年07月号 Comic Yuri Hime 2015-07 5/18/2015 v49

>> No.24391  

Only thing I was able to find was from manga-download.com. I downloaded volumes 1-6 from there while back.

>> No.24932  

Im looking for raw of Kindred's official spin off manga, the side A and B, it was on a thread on /u/ a while back but no longer available. I also tried searching but no avail. Kinda hopeless still gotta try asking, maybe someone have it and will want to share with me.

>> No.24961  

Looking for あいがある raws

>> No.24962  

Looking for raw i Girl Volume 1 and 2?

>> No.24981  

I have raws of volume 1, but they're translation raws.

ch01 https://mega.nz/file/Kd5m1BgA#PweH9xCcjqEaMVhPa7IGBtL4cwU0kw1dRqE7Dk0JkW8
ch02 https://mega.nz/file/qEpgCTDJ#jhGzCT--xw-DR9VD2E5U1OB9gO3Eu6FJSPN4W39GQv0
ch03 https://mega.nz/file/jZogDLTL#B6ZCMgEZLvsHETFuOC3wqOe8nluOpaYCQix5ObhM6fk
ch04 https://mega.nz/file/vR5yUBAL#A7om4Xv0mTIhLhWYS0Jz41hAepY6Di9OJZIL6lbEewg
ch05 https://mega.nz/file/2Ep2wLKA#UcMLvlLikPZr_2JwmvLjkqpaU4csyMrxMTAXOapQbaM

>> No.24997  

(translation raws meaning rougher, lower quality raws)

>> No.25133  

hello, I would like to know if I could use your Crescent Moon and Donuts translations as a basis for translating from English to Portuguese

>> No.25134  


>> No.25210  
File: 91a3aaadbc8778b4258458cd875c6bd8ca4a7527.jpg@310w.jpg -(22423 B, 310x413) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The person that used to translate this Manhwa stopped, and i would love to read the continuation of it.

>> No.25961  
File: Teiji ni Agaretara vol 4.jpg -(498826 B, 1761x2500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Does anyone have the raws of Teiji ni Agaretara volume 4 or do you know any way to get the raws?

>> No.25963  

Here's a link:


>> No.25971  

Thanks for the link I was looking for it for a while.

>> No.26151  
File: chrome_pTySoEkkY2.jpg -(6483 B, 100x169) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I know this is a huge stretch, but I've been looking for years for the raw full version of the Hirari, Tsubomi, dolce, Yuri Tengoku and pretty much any of the other yuri anthologies (magazines) without a digital release. Any help to get them would be greatly appreciated. By the way, it would also be great to have the first two volumes of Choir that was shared here previously. Thank you very much in advance.

>> No.26173  

I'm also looking for Tsubomi and Hirari in their entirety as part of the Tsubomi Archival Project group. Over a long period of time, we will be digitizing all of Tsubomi. At least, that's the plan

>> No.26179  

Does anyone have raws for this?

>> No.26184  

It's available here.

>> No.26316  
File: i-000a.jpg -(484102 B, 1445x2048) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Will they continue translating Hana?

>> No.26460  

I am looking for Yuri hime vol 37 38 40 41 42 43

I am sad that many old sites and links are dead

>> No.26462  


安田剛助 私と彼女のお泊まり映画 1-3
Watashi to Kanojo no Otomari Eiga 1-3

>> No.26463  

Vol 2, vol 3, vol 4, vol 6 and vol 1 (imcomplete, only has page166-287)

I am also looking for Tsubomi, Hirari,and other non-digitized yuri anthologies like you do.
I found the volumes above from http://yurilove-neko14.blogspot.com/2010/01/vol1-4.html but links to other volume are dead.

I have found many volmues previous shared on http://funs-downraws.blogspot.com/ but all the links are dead.

hope someone would be kind enough to share their collection

>> No.26563  

These are the only chapters of the original series that haven't been scanlated yet, and idk how to find out if they ever will be. If someone has that information, or just the raws of the last two chapters so I can machine translate, that would be appreciated. Also, not necessary, but if someone had raws (or potential scanlation information) about Hayate x Blade 2, that would be appreciated as well.

>> No.26570  

I only managed to find magazine version scans of the last few chapters. HxB2 scans are the tankobon versions.

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