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File: hanamonogatari_1.jpeg -(607604 B, 1350x1920) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
607604 No.25932  

Here's the first volume.

>> No.25935  

Woot! If there's a link to raws, I'll look through it. I like what I have seen so far of the series, though.

>> No.25937  

The link is the poster's name.

>> No.25938  

Thx. It's a super sweet story. I'll have to brush up on my kansai dialect, take my time and do it right.

>> No.26007  
File: Hana Monogatari V01.txt -(48001 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Really sweet, slow burn story. Refreshing change from endless variations of school girl stuff. I like this project a lot.

>> No.26014  

Nice. I hope someone will pick it up coz this looks easy to edit.

>> No.26029  

Took a quick look, and this seems like a wonderful project to try out while on break. Only a couple panels looked like they'd be any trouble. Consider me signed up as editor for chapter 1, if that's alright.
I can barely keep up with reading manga during the semester, so probably won't be able to continue editing past chapter 1.

>> No.26034  

Thanks! Any and all help appreciated.

>> No.26059  

Any progress on this one?

>> No.26092  

I got a lot done quickly, but my progress dragged when I got to typesetting. Wish I had got more finished, but it is what it is. I'm headed back to college tomorrow, so here's my current progress if anyone wants to complete it! https://mega.nz/file/ZL81AQSY#Fl8oTSMXaOXQjDpwNJi2stl8MCHnvucYRgJs6z0Snlo
Heads up, I didn't redraw the sign on page 13, and I added a "!" after "Hey" on page 35.

Anyone who picks this up can feel free to change anything, but the fonts I was using were:
Clementine - normal text
Hooteroll - thought bubbles/boxes
Inter - TV subtitles (a font actually in use as such)
Digital Delivery - Hanayo's husband's hallucinated voice
DK Bygone - Riko's blocky "A New Love" line
Brianne's hand - some sfx

>> No.26094  

Thanks for all your work. Hope that someone picks it up.

>> No.26099  

I'm not planning to do the rest, but this was too cute. Also took some liberties with punctuaction.
First time posting so apologize for some possible mistakes.

>> No.26101  
File: Hana Monogatari QC_a.txt -(8291 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Most of these QC notes require a boke review. They're all suggestions, in the end. Hit me up on discord if you want to discuss any of them, or I can send over pics from the big book o' dialects I use for this sort of stuff.

>> No.26102  


Thanks for the very detailed PR. If it's punctuation/grammar level stuff, feel free to change without my input.

As for the other suggestions:

The sentence is kind of clunky, would "What's brining this up, Riko-chan?" work?



As such, I suggest changing the two Ahs here to I

YES - It will need to be changed in a lot of lines through the TL.

I suggest changing this to 'S that true, Gran?



Use —> Who you gettin’

I suggest to change ta -> to and yah -> you


I suggest changing both Ah -> I


Ah -> I
To offset the changes, I suggest shortening more -ing words, so for here changing thinking to thinkin’


Ah'll -> I’ll


Maybe buying -> buyin’


Maybe to What am I even sayin’?


Ah -> I
Looking -> lookin’


Ah-> I x2


Ah-> I
yah -> you
Mah -> my
The "my" part in particular because this style isn't used on any other pages


I suggest changing "no pressure" to something else since it's a relatively new phrase and not something an older character would be likely to say
It's a good spot to fit some kind of old phrase, without it being a forced idiom, but I'm having trouble finding something good

—> It’s free to look. —or— Look as long as you’d like.

I suggest changing "Naw" to "Well"
Naw itself kind of sounds weird, but well keeps the hesitance

—> Keep as is

Ah -> I


t -> at
Remove the apostrophe (otherwise it must be moved to the other side of the t)
This is because the apostrophe would go where the letter is removed and "no trouble 't all" doesn't quite look/sound right


yah -> you
In particular because this woman already says "you" a lot


Ah'm -> I'm x2


I suggest changing "extravagant" to "lavish"
Totally just a character voice suggestion, extravagant seems off for her to use. But maybe not?

—> I’m fine with this change, but Yoshiko is college educated, so she has a more extensive vocabulary that Hanayo, and can switch to standard Japanese on demand.

Ah -> I


Ah -> I


I suggest changing "nah" to "No no,”


Ah've -> I’ve


Lay that color on me is super casual/modern, which is maybe what you're going for here. It's got some cringe to it, which might be the original intent. If not, I'd suggest finding a different idiom.

—> I’ll take that color, please. —or— Pretty me up, please.

Ah -> I


Ah -> I
Maybe change treating to treatin’


Ah -> I


Ah'll -> I'll x2
Ah -> I


Ah -> I x2


I suggest removing "in the head"
It seems a bit extra

—> Leave original

Ah -> I


Ah'll -> I'll
I suggest changing "I tweaked my back" to "A crick in my back"
Tweaked is a very new word
Could even work as just "My lumbago", both crick and lumbago are sufficiently old person

YES. Lumbago feels too old even for Hanayo.

Ah -> I
You and yer is inconsistent here, I suggest changing them all to You/your/you’re


Ah -> I
Ya -> You
You and ya is inconsistent here too so I suggest going entirely with you


Ah -> I x2
Ah'm -> I'm
Maybe offerings to offerin's


>> No.26103  

Oh god I talk about my lumbago. I'm old D:

>> No.26104  


Wonder if it's regional. My gran talked about her rheumatism. And I'm closing in on old...

>> No.26105  

First (?) batch of QC notes applied

>> No.26112  

I looked it over and found two small things on 13 and 18, sent those over to Raida. After that, looks good to me. Who does the uploading for yuri project?

>> No.26118  


>> No.26126  

Here's the finished version. Ready for release


>> No.26132  


I don't think this is ready for release yet. Just looking through the first few pages, I already see some issues with lines. On page 6, "What's bringing this up?" just reads as very awkward. I think you might say, "What brought this up?" or "What's got you bringing this up?" or "Why are you bringing this up?"

On page 10, that line "Watch out for a lifestyle that watches too much tv and doesn't exercise". I understand what it means, but it just isn't something anyone would say. Maybe something like "Watch out for a lifestyle where you watch too much tv and don't exercise".

And then page 13, I see what you're going for with the colloquialisms, but "I betcha" doesn't work. There's no "you" for the "I bet you". "You betcha" can be inserted into dialogue like that, but only really in conversations. "It's been an age, I bet" would work, but the "betcha" really does change the meaning.

>> No.26140  


No problem with any of the suggestions.

>> No.26141  

One last formal QC from our end that includes schuyguy's notes for ease of implementing. Definitely missed a critical your and ya! From Saga, this time.

p6f1b2: change to "Why're you bringing this up, Riko-chan?"
p6f2b2: change to "Find a new love."
p9f3: "for a healthy life tomorrow." -> "for a healthy future."
p10f1caption: change first sentence to "Avoid a lifestyle of too much TV and too little exercise."

P13f1b1 to "It's been an age, I bet."

p16f2bottomtext: change to "Like a turd on a shoe"
p22f3b4: "If you have written" -> "If you've written"
p23f1b1 "life story" -> "life's story" (for consistency with p22)
p25f3b1: can probably change "heck" to "hell"; "hell" is pretty mild and "heck" is noteworthy when coming from an adult regardless of context or setting
p29f3b1: "are going to go" -> "will go"
p33f1b2: "if you'd like it" -> "if you'd like"
p3f1b1: "thing are" -> "things are"
p3f1b2: "I'll read this by" -> "I'll read this for"
p35f3b2: "Your" -> "You're"
p36f1b2: "fend for yourself!" -> "make it yourself!"
p36f1b3: remove comma after baby
p36f4b1: change comma after once to period
credits: change first sentence to "Avoid a lifestyle that lacks yuri nutrients and exercise."

>> No.26142  

Another qc batch bites the dust

>> No.26144  

Released. Good work everyone!

>> No.26220  
File: Hana Monogatari V01 Ver02.txt -(47624 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Based on PR feedback, I have dialed down some of the accents on the characters. A couple other small typo fixes and other minor changes for chapter two on.

>> No.26243  

I have completed chapter 2 tsing.

>> No.26267  
File: Hanamonogatari 02 QC_aS.txt -(7329 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's a QC from Saga and myself for chapter 2

>> No.26281  

First batch of QC applied to chapter 2. Added page 64 and a credits page.

>> No.26294  

Chapter 2 QC ended from Altair and Saga side

Additionally, chapters 3, 4 and 5 are ready for QC

>> No.26297  

I think I need a bit of clarification. Who is Poppa? (should that be Papa?) Is that Keita, her father-in-law, her father, or someone else entirely? Is Keita her husband or one of her kids?

>> No.26303  


I might need to you quote me the page number, but if I remember right it's Hanayo talking to her husband. He's never named, and they call each other "mother" and "father" or "momma" and "poppa"

>> No.26320  

It should be ready to release now.

>> No.26327  



>> No.26328  

Yay! The credits page made me laugh. Nice work, everyone.

>> No.26334  

I was so excited to see more of this translated I came over to thank the people who did it. thank you so much!!

>> No.26337  

Thank you for the second chapter! Been looking forward to reading more of this series. Excited for the next chapter!

>> No.26340  

Appreciate the kind words. This is sweet story!

>> No.26365  
File: Hanamonogatari 03 QC_aSb.txt -(4771 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

for posterity, here is a total collection of the QC notes for ch3

>> No.26536  

I love it so much, thank you! My old lady gays ♪
I hope it will be continued T_T

>> No.26537  

I've translated through vol 1, so I hope so too!

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