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It looks like there are two editions of this. The first one is in a single volume (which I previously translated), and it includes the stories up through chapter 4. In the second edition, the stories are broken into two volumes, and volume two includes several additional postscript stories. This translation only includes the additional content.


Volume one is at:

>> No.26849  
File: My Goddess Spurs Me On Vol02.txt -(19044 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Content Warning: Testing a new relationship can make you testy; looks aren't everything, even old money like to dress down on occasion; and when being busy messes with your love life, you got to get creative (and handsy).

>> No.26885  

The raws link you provided, is that for a different story?

>> No.26886  


Looks like it, my bad. I've uploaded a new file.


>> No.26888  


So only half of Vol 2 is new content? That's... interesting. I didn't understand what you meant until I flipped through the raws.

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