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File: hana ni arashi vol 11 cover.jpeg -(599196 B, 1365x1920) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
599196 No.25893  

Here's volume 11. I've already started on the translation, will post the first chapter soon.

>> No.25895  

I'd like to sign up for editing again!

>> No.25896  

Can't wait. Is there a place for proofreader for English grammar and flow? I'm not that much familiar with image boards but I've read guidelines. I don't know how everything is managed here exactly to be honest.

>> No.25900  


Yes, we always have room for new proofreaders!
Generally, whenever the editor has typeset a chapter, they'll post a download link in the series thread. Then you can download it and look it over, and post any comments or suggestions in the same thread. I like to leave the final decision on script changes to the chapter's translator, but I think most of us are very happy to see others' suggestions.

>> No.25901  
File: Hana ni Arashi Chapter 122.txt -(12200 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

And here's the translation for chapter 122.

>> No.25904  

I've found few typos and things to be corrected a little

Page 8
Typo - "I've had plenty of friends up till now!"

Page 9
Typo - "The girl who sits behind me, Minami,"

Page 12
Either "She said dogs are her favorite animals!" or "She said the dog is her favorite animal!"

Page 15
I would add "there" - " Oh, that's right! That new cafe at the mall, you've already been there, right!?"

Page 18
Something feels off about having two "like" in there, so i would change it to "She talks about you so much that I even feel like I know you!"

>> No.25905  


Thanks for looking this over! For the lines on page 15 and 18, I'm not trying to write correct formal English grammar, but to capture how this particular high school girl would speak. That's why I put in the extraneous "like", and dropped the "there".

>> No.25906  

If that's the case then I agree

>> No.25907  

Here's 122 typeset!

My shoulder hurts.

>> No.25908  

What's the next step? Or if it does look good then it's ready to be released?

>> No.25909  
File: Ch122Pg13.png -(292173 B, 666x586) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Kinda late to the party here.
To be sure, this was on purpose, right?
Ch122 Page 13

>> No.25910  

This looks like it sounds as clutter so maybe? We should wait for the answer from schuyguy

>> No.25911  

Once the typeset gets posted, it has to get checked for any errors (typos, missing sfx, missing redraws, as well as anything that can generally be improved upon). Once the QC process is done, we throw on a credits page and release it.

Haha, yeah, that's intentional. It's something I'm not quite sure about, so I'm just experimenting with it for now. I see things like this done a lot by professional letterers, like omitting certain letters, or misspelling things intentionally. The conclusion we came to is that it's probably done for space, shaping, and easier stylistic consistency. So in this case, there are 3 characters in ガタッ vs 7 letters in CLATTER, so shortening it makes it a bit easier to maintain the shape. Another example would be like changing "clack" to "klak" if the original sfx is very angular and sharp, as K's lend themselves better to that style than C's do.

>> No.25912  


I agree with Martin's reasoning here, but I'm also not sure if it's a good trade-off. It's nice that the SFX fits closer in the size and style of the original, but also it might be a little confusing. I did translate this sfx as "clatter" (the sound of Chidori bumping into that chair as she backs away) so if people are reading it as "clutter", then we might have a bit of a problem.

So I'd be fine with keeping it as-is, or changing it, whatever everyone else thinks is best.

>> No.25913  

I am okay with keeping it, since I read it as "clatter" and going by the page's context that is the only way readers can interpret it (I hope).

>> No.25914  


Why do you see it as problem? I think it's good they read it that way

>> No.25915  

The SFX is meant to signify a clattering sound. If it's read as "clutter", they're getting the wrong impression.

>> No.25920  

So I think in the end, the safer bet is just to go with "clatter". Thanks everyone for their input! Updated p17 and added credits page. We should be good to go unless anything else is spotted.

>> No.25923  


Thanks everyone.

>> No.25924  
File: Hana ni Arashi Chapter 123.txt -(9464 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's my TL for the next chapter.

>> No.25929  

I didn't notice anything I think.. except one thing on the page 23:
This sounds a bit weird - "And I'm "cry and scream into the ocean."

Is this intentional? I would just repeat Mine's

>> No.25930  

Or "Mine says" to not repeat "mine's". It's just that "I'm" sounds weird

>> No.25931  

Perhaps you meant "I'd" ? That would make sense

>> No.25939  


Thanks! I see what you mean. Let's go with "Mine says".

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