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File: yuriproject.png -(175821 B, 421x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
175821 No.6245  

The old thread doesn't bump anymore and project threads get flooded with off-topic stuff (please don't do that) so here is a new one.

>> No.6247  

First, thanks to all the people who contribute scans for YP.

>> No.6248  

I have a question. Does Yuri Project have a definite logo yet? If not, are there plans of making one? If yes, is there a link to the vector?

>> No.6252  

No, there's no definite logo. I don't know of any plans either, but with our admin on walkabout that doesn't mean much.

>> No.6254  

Achiga 19 spoilers are out, by the way. Prepare for daburii, closed kan, more keys,more future sight, Koromo discussing why Shizu is a nuisance to Saki, and Seiko grinning to a circular mahjong tile wall.

>> No.6257  

Hello, looking for under the roof chapter scans from hirari 09. Appreciate if anyone has the scans. Thanks. :)

>> No.6258  



>> No.6259  

Thanks a lot and sorry for the trouble! :)

>> No.6260  


No worries~

>> No.6262  

Where can I find them?

>> No.6264  

There are about ten thread pages worth now. They're in traditional Chinese- or I think so, at least- so it would be a bonus if you can understand that.

>> No.6265  

Question: do the boards have an RSS feed feature, or a similar notification system? If yes, where's the button? If no, is there any way to incorporate it? It would definitely be more effective than having to check the board at least once every day or two.

>> No.6266  

No and no. If you are using Firefox or one of its derivatives, you can do the same as I and use a handy extension called Update Scanner and set it to once every hour or so.

>> No.6267  

Thanks. Will do.

>> No.6290  

So, uh, Takemiya Jin's Fragments of Love, pretty great, huh? Read it recently and fell in love. Wonder when the next release is gonna be.

>> No.6295  

"Cocks if frocks" group is closed :(
Will someone pick up "Love DNA XX"?
It's really great series.

>> No.6296  

See https://boards.4chan.org/u/res/1347309#p1350277

You can find chapter 11 on Mangafox as well (uploaded by the scanlator).

>> No.6300  

Wow! Thanks so much for the information! :D

>> No.6424  

Bumping. And while I'm at it, I'm gonna ask if anybody has some way to contact the admin, so the release queue can be cleared.

>> No.6425  

Nah. http://wiki.yuriproject.org is the main release list for the time being and WeatheredPeach takes care the reader, so there isn't a queue except for people who won't go beyond the home page.

>> No.6450  
File: hgd4_v3_mangaoh.png -(1286245 B, 1255x1788) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I don't know where Phyis buys their manga from, so here are two store bonuses from Mangaoh if you don't have them already.

>> No.6451  
File: ymh_mangaoh.png -(1779815 B, 1447x1927) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.6455  


>> No.6456  

No, I didn't have those. Thanks a lot!

>> No.6494  
File: borders.png -(10110 B, 268x130) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Hi YP!

I'm new to editing manga and to not write off-top in the actual thread I'll put my lame question here - what should I do with borders? I've read few guides, and only 1 guide pointed out that all borders should be redraw (even by the cost of losing some pixels of the actual image) by using the combination of Guides+Pencil Tool+Line Tool to create them. But is this necessary? I assume that visible gaps (like 1 on attachment) and corners (3) should be redraw but straights (2)?

And if yes - then by what tool? Line tool (with line from one corner to another) or more manually with brush/pencil? Or more free way - "use what looks good in the end" :D

>> No.6495  

No, redrawing frame borders isn't necessary. That's something people do for bad toilet paper scans where the borders are extremely damaged, like speed scans for weekly shounen series.

The scans here shouldn't need that. The first case in your picture should be fixed up with a bit of stamping but the second isn't really noticeable at normal resolution.

>> No.6517  

I have delayed the publication of the Risa-Miya Theater episodes pending Saluki's review of them as per >>5621. However, it has been more than two months since her last post in that thread. I have stopped work on it entirely until she can provide input, but I would like to ask for permission to publish episodes if an estimated date for her return cannot be determined. With all due respect, I do not think it would be unreasonable to do so after being made to wait for this long.

>> No.6520  

Saluki was only going to do some TLC anyway and the scripts have been vetted by a translator and a native speaker already. I don't see any reason to hold this back further an indeterminable amount of time just for that reason, especially after it already lay dormant for 2 months.

>> No.6523  

I will resume work on it as soon as possible on the grounds that she made the same decision regarding the translation of Dyed with an Angel's Petals. I hope she will understand my choice to keep working without her.

My concern is how I should publish them. My plan was to release the English version on my personal YouTube channel and also upload video files containing the English translation and the Japanese transcription that we based the translation on. How should I do these?

>> No.6529  

Not quite sure I get what you mean, do what precisely? Because I think you already know how to make mkv files with dual subtitles so I'm a bit stumped.

>> No.6532  

Where should I upload those files? Will they be added to the archive with the rest of the releases?

>> No.6533  

The on-site archive seems to be the latest casualty of Saluki's disappearance. Did you plan on hosting the videos separately on your site anyway like you do for the patches? We can just add a link to the respective post on petals garden + the direct youtube link + a mediafire mirror download to the release list. That should be more than sufficient I think.

>> No.6534  

Those are actually Google Drive links. They seem to be working again.

>> No.6535  

Except for the volume batches and SonoHana patches, apparently those were hosted locally.

>> No.6567  

Since the Sono Hanabira shorts have been translated, I started wondering whether someone would be interested in translating drama CDs. If anyone is interested in doing that we could make a thread or two on this board for translation projects.

So, for those interested there are quite a few drama CDs that are yuri-related.

Chatting at the Amber Teahouse has spawned a few. I know of these:

Pink Princess:

This one was distributed with a number of Yuri Hime. I've only mirrored this uplaod, and can't really remember where I found it.

White Engage:

This story came with the CE of volume 1. This upload is also merely a mirror.

Blue Christmas:

This one I couldn't find uploaded - but it was distributed with the collectors edition of the second volume of CatAT, which I bought, so if there's anyone who's interested in translating this one I could rip it.

Alongside the Blue Christmas drama CD there were three other drama CDs distributed with the CE of CatAT vol. 2 available as store-specific bonuses. If anyone could hunt them down I'll love you forever. (I might have one of those, but I also mightn't.)

There is also two The Miko's Words and the Witch's Incantations drama CDs. The first one came with the tank CE, which someone has uploaded to niconico:


The second one is... hard to find. It's called Madrigal Halloween, and was released for sale stand-alone. It's no longer available on amazon.jp, Q.Q

The CE of Fujieda Miyabi's Twinkle Saber Saber Nova usually comes with a drama CD or two. Don't know how yuri-related they are, but could perhaps be of interest. (I can rip the CDs of volume 2, 3 and 4 if there is anyone interested in translating.) There are also three stand-alone CDs, which I haven't looked around for. Only the third one is still available on amazon.jp.

...Fujieda really loves his Drama CDs.

Yuru Yuri CEs of volumes 8 and 9 came with drama CDs, which I could rip if anyone would like to translate.

CE of Love Gene Double X (Love DNA XX) vol. 1 came with a Drama CD. (Can rip if anyone wants to translate.)

There's a GIRL FRIENDS Drama CD, which I could probably buy if anyone wants to translate it. It should be more like the start of the manga than a side-story, from what I've heard.

There're plenty of Sono Hanabira drama CDs aswell.

That is what I can think of at the moment. (Yes, Yuri Danshi has a drama CD. No, I don't want to mention it.) If you know of any, or if you find uploads of any related drama CDs, please do tell.

>> No.6570  

This is funny because I was just looking up yuri drama CDs yesterday. I don't really know Japanese so some of this might be inaccurate.

>Blue Christmas

This one was in two parts:

>Madrigal Halloween

This one was also on nico video:

>> No.6572  

Regarding honey quartet, does anyone have the raws for the rest of the chapters? There are no updates for this manga. :(

>> No.6604  

I released the first episode last night. You can download the file from http://petalsgarden.axypb.net/2013/02/28/a-kiss-for-the-petals-risa-miya-theater-01-english-translation/ and publish it here.

>> No.6620  


Well, Kawaii Scans has a site again, and it mentions that the next chapter of Honey Quartet is being translated. So, wait a little longer, I guess.

>> No.6641  

The wiki, homepage and archive redirects are dead. This might just be a prolonged hosting hickup but I kinda doubt it.

Since I anticipated this, I kept a (mostly) live mirror of the wiki. The release log isn't up-to-date and the scripts for most non-Sonohana games are still missing (I do have them though). No idea how long that site holds but for now it'll suffice and I keep a local backup, just in case.


>> No.6655  

If anybody's interested, the Achiga spoilers are out. http://tieba.baidu.com/p/2197982522?pn=4

>> No.6656  

104 pages? Christ.

>> No.6658  

A question: has the Flower and the Star been dropped? It's been a while since the last release. Forgive me if my question is stupid or, well, rude.

>> No.6659  

It's waiting for danmess:
Since it's been really long, I'd consider it open for another editor.

>> No.6660  

Same here. If you cannot manage to show up in person within 6 months to give even a token life sign you don't have time to edit manga.

>> No.6664  

I cannot register on the new wiki. I have not received the password e-mail, even after requesting a second after registration.

>> No.6667  

Same here.

Thanks for setting this up. I can't change the board UI to change the links, but I can back up the boards in the moderator panel. I'm trying out a script that does this automatically and also fetches all attachments.

>> No.6670  

It's running on a crummy freehoster right now so there's probably no mail backend to take care of that. Since I keep a local mirror and don't have to worry about vandalism, I've changed permissions so you can edit things without registration.

It's just for the interim anyway, if Saluki still hasn't shown up by the end of the month I'll get proper hosting.

>> No.6694  

I've updated Risa-Miya Theater episode 1. Please change the file in the archive to version 2: http://petalsgarden.axypb.net/2013/02/28/risa-miya-theater-01-en/

>> No.6697  

Swapped out and added ep 2.

>> No.6698  

The link for episode 1 in the wiki is incorrect; it is a duplicate of Listening to your voice, your heart.

>> No.6699  

Huh. No idea how that happened. Nevermind, fixed.

>> No.6731  

The backup wiki is offline.

>> No.6732  

No, just give it a reload or two. The page is temperamental to say the least.

>> No.6735  

I seem to have problem with yp wiki. Won't open no matter how many times i refresh the page. :(

>> No.6820  

Problems with the wiki? Refer to >>6819

>> No.6857  

For those concerned about Saluki, she is in good health but will be quitting her role as administrator and editor.

>> No.6858  

Good to hear. What did happen to her, anyway?

>> No.6859  

She got busy and she wanted out.

>> No.6861  


So all her projects are freed up for other editors, then?

>> No.6862  

Yes, that's right. So bump threads and update the wiki to grab the attention of a new editor, I'll go over the list tomorrow as well.

>> No.6864  

Please give her my regards as well and let her know that the Sonohana releases, in particular Risa-Miya Theater, are in good hands.

>> No.6866  

I've already taken over School Police and I have volume raws for Riko & Haru. Might take that series as well once I've gone through Another Kiss ch05 and 06 early next month (the webcomics are easier to work with) and no one else signed up to do it. That leaves Girl Satellite and the remaining two chapters of Raubritter, plus one or two oneshots.

>> No.6868  


Wait, so it's okay and not annoying of me to bump Hana to Hoshi again and again to get the attention of an editor? YES.

>> No.6870  

Do send my regards to her, too.

>> No.6873  

ムキィィィィイ(#`Д´) just once then.

>> No.6890  

I apologize if this has already been addressed, but has anyone formally succeeded Saluki as administrator?

>> No.6904  

No, not really. We've split up administrative tasks between Procyon, WP and myself and it worked well so far keeping the show running. This is supposed to be an open platform anyway, so I don't think we need a figurehead.

>> No.7017  

All future releases are on the homepage at http://yuriproject.net

The old list on the wiki is no longer maintained and will get removed once all old releases have been moved to the blog.

Also a reminder that project threads are for project work. Not for comments, discussion or questions related to a series (that's http://yuriproject.net ) not to ask for raws (that's >>1144 ) and not for off-topic discussions (that's this thread).

This is really getting out of hand lately and interferes with the work of the contributors so any future post in that vein will get deleted without further comment and repeated offenders banned.

>> No.7018  

That looks great. In the release backlog the links to the articles have the wrong url (although they do work) and can you make it so each article has the picture that is on the front page too?

>> No.7022  

Done, the url issue was a mistake when I moved it away from the testbed.

>> No.7038  


That's a slick-lookin' site.

>> No.7096  

Saki spoilers are finally on their way.

>> No.7098  

Anyone know if there's even a remote, tiny, minuscule change of it coming back? Miss it so damn much...

>> No.7099  


It's probably never coming back.

>> No.7100  

It's dead, Jim.

>> No.7143  
File: IMG_20130406_001321.jpg -(1063364 B, 2448x3264) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Will like to help you all edit manga in Photoshop, indesign..I draw Yuri myself

>> No.7144  

I posted a kind of recruitment ad on a facebook fan page for back-up translator/editor/quality checker. They all like /u/ and we could all use some help in scanlating so... I hope I didn't break some sort of rule or anything.
(Cause I'm not generally fond of rules.)

I posted the General Discussion link (specifically this one) so they could ask how they could help.
If it's causing problems or might cause problems tell me and I'll shut it down.

>> No.7145  

Just a few tips and links I could pass around.
(It involves a LOT of reading and practice.)

First explore the site and familiarize yourself with the links ^ up there and the wiki page.

Then when you've got it down. Read the guidelines on editing manga:

Next, when you feel like you can do the job. Check the "Threads" section in the wiki and find something you would like to edit under the Need Editor section.

Then click the link to the thread of whatever manga you want to edit, assuming no one is editing it, and post a reply stating your willingness to edit said manga.

If the moderators approve you may begin editing. If you need help about what you are editing, post a reply on the same thread you asked permission on and hopefully the mods and/or other people will help you.

Well I think that's all I can think of writing right now. The more experienced editors/mods/anons can explain it better.

If there is something I missed or said wrong please feel free to add and/or correct me.

>> No.7148  


>If the moderators approve

Approval isn't necessary, if it's under the "Need Editor" heading in the thread list you can edit it. Just say that you do in the thread and if you change your mind, say so as well.

>> No.7363  

can someone continue Creo the Crimson? i luv it.

>> No.7365  

it's discontinued though. like...the artist doesn't draw it anymore.

>> No.7601  

If it's not too much work to implement, can you make the timestamps on the homepage timezone-aware?

>> No.7614  

I'll see if that's possible and without too much of a drain on resources but I wouldn't count on it.

>Does anyone know what happened with Honey Quartet? I've been looking everywhere for chapter 5...

Kawaii Scans is still working on Honey Quartet, look there.

>> No.7618  

@Kazuma: We already have raws for the rest of Secret Recipe, see http://wiki.yuriproject.net/wiki:threads - Still, thanks.

>> No.7619  

@Phyis: Oh ok thats good. Thanks for the release on the previous chapter and keep up the great work guys!

>> No.7627  

what happened to kase-san?
was abandoned?

>> No.7629  

no, it's still being edited by Peach I think. She's just got a lot on her hands at the moment.

>> No.7630  

WeatheredPeach is fully caught up, but it needs a new translator. I actually started working on it yesterday.

>> No.7745  

I think Phyis mentioned recently that we're now exporting at 2000px 32 colours?

Also, should we make it the norm to say 'No mangafox...etc' in our credits?

>> No.7748  


>2000 px

I mentioned it for Riko & Haru to keep it consistent with the first chapter, so far 2000 was optional. But it's probably about time to make an official switch. Myself and WP have been doing 2000 for a while now where possible, Dynasty switched too. Yuri-ism never did anything else. And there's little reason in 2013 to severely cut down on quality just to save a few MB.

>mangafox et al

That's an empty gesture at best and fighting windmills at worst; the people uploading stuff there don't read the credits, their readers don't read the credits and these sites don't have such a great reputation because they give a shit in the first place. See Citrus ch03. And to be frank, I'll be happy if most people on mangafox stay where they are instead of posting "WHEN NEX CHAPTRRS? textspeak emoticon!!1!" on Dynasty.

>> No.7749  

right. fucking hell. sometimes i get the urge to put a watermark saying 'fuck you mangafox' on every page. and most of the dynasty stuff isn't on there. so not sure how we can make it the same case for y.project.

>> No.7780  

I just read the first chapter of Watashi no Sekai wo Kousei Suru Chiri no You na Nanika by Amano Shuninta on Dynasty Scans (there entitled "the feelings we must endure") and I fell in love with it already.

Does anyone have raws for this manga? According to baka-updates, the entire volume 1 has been released, and is an ongoing series. Kawaii scans is currently translating it but idk when they'll get the next chapter out. So I was wondering if anyone knew of any raws floating in the net?

>> No.7782  


I personally really dislike that page, and knowing that stuff I've worked on contributes to pages like mangafox really irks me. And while I'd love it if we got our releases off of that page, I think someone would just upload them again. Let's face it, those people that upload don't care about us, or what we want.

Although I have to say it really bothers me.


Two volumes have actually been released, but I don't think there are raws available for this series outside of the magazine-scans, which you could hunt down if you want. Issues of Yuri Hime is usually scanned and uploaded to the internets.

>> No.7785  

Did Yuri project allow their scans to be in manga fox I found citrus there http://mangafox.me/manga/citrus_saburo_uta/c003/2.html just verifing I know it takes long hard work to edit on the projects so I was verifing if manga fox was allowed to upload the project scans.

>> No.7786  

Can Yuri project copyright the translation ..
Why the hell do they upload projects of Yuri manga in other servers. That's what dynasty scans is there for. We could put on the credit page '"you can face court for the felony of uploading Yuri project work to other pages, I dynasty scans property" copyright Yuri project.

>> No.7787  

Your knowledge on this matter is a bit discerning to say the least. The translations posted on this site are illegal in the first place, as only the rights holder can produce a translation of a copyrighted work. I'm talking about just the text, not the raws and edited images, which are also illegal seeing as they are unauthorized copies.

You are in no position to lecture Mangafox on their practices, and I would suggest you ignore them completely. Once a release is out there, people will do what they want with it. Their uploaders might be willing to skip Yuri Project releases if you ask them nicely, but putting a note about it will not do any good.

>> No.7788  


>Can Yuri project copyright the translation ..

No. Please drop the mangafox topic, the collective time wasted on this by scanlators is enough to find a cure for cancer.

>> No.7791  

the scans we use aren't really ours.. it's copyright belongs to the manga artists/author or company where he/she belongs.
and considering that we don't really ask permission or have a license from the manga artists/author or company where he/she belongs to, we are "technically" breaking the law. I said "technically" because we are using the manga without permission or license, but we aren't profiting from it.

Bottom line even if we scanlated the manga, we don't have any rights on it whatsoever nor can we take legal action against mangafox. Unless... Mangafox actually profits from scanlation which we know they do. We can report them to the manga artist/author or company where he/she belongs to and ask them to take legal action. But the consequence would be shutting down all scanlation activities and groups and taking down all unlicensed manga/anthology/etc. off of the internet. Which would totally suck.

If the the manga artist/author or company where he/she belongs to, does take legal action, Mangafox can still negotiate with the manga artist/author or company where he/she belongs to. Possible result could be:

  1. Mangafox paying off the manga artist/author or company where he/she belongs to, to get the license for every scanlated manga. Mangafox remains free-to-read. Scanlation groups/activities unharmed.
  2. Mangafox paying off the manga artist/author or company where he/she belongs to, and to get the license for every scanlated manga. Mangafox becomes pay-to-read. Scanlations groups get sued and/or shut down. Which in turn would make Mangafox more profitable since they have the only copies of the scanlated mangas.
  3. All of number 2 and scanlation group members getting hunted down and sued.
  4. -Leaving this space for your imagination-

If no action is taken by the manga artist/author or company where he/she belongs to, possible results would be:

  • Us getting free manga.
  • Us not getting sued, shut down or imprisoned.
  • We will not encounter a lot of "In response to a complaint we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed 1 result(s) from this page. If you wish, you may read the DMCA complaint that caused the removal(s) at ChillingEffects.org." dialogue when we search for stuff.
  • People will not have more reasons to say that we need laws that would prevent us from doing anything on the net. (ie. SOPA and PIPA)
  • Mangafox still using scanlations without permission and profiting from it.
>> Oh and I'm NOT a lawyer or anything. I just read about the copyright laws for a project in college. It may or may not be accurate, but I'm pretty sure it's close to accurate. :3
>> Was my explanation a bit of an overkill? Yes, it is, but I do like ranting.
>> No.7792  
>>Please drop the mangafox topic
>Wall of text.


>> No.7793  

lol took a while to write that. didn't see your post sorry~

>> No.7799  



I meant unsettling. Anyway, just think of shady online readers as the eBay to fansubbing back in the day. Best to not get worked up about it.

>> No.7819  

Did the resolution requirements chance recently? I'm fairly sure the previous required/recommended page height was 1600px, now changed to 2000px... I personally see no reason to having such huge pages...

>> No.7821  


>Ridiculously big.

I don't think they are, but I've been toying with the idea of making a 1600 px height version alongside what stuff I edit~

Although, if the reader really wants to reduce the size of the images couldn't they do it themselves? There has to be some kind of free software that reduces the size of an image with resonable reult somewhere on the internet.

>> No.7822  

See: >>7748

The thing is, there is no reason not to have them. The increase in file size is completely negligible and if you prefer to read on 1600, you still can. Down-scaling is a technical non-issue and a decent manga reader has scaling options for a set height or width. On the other hand, if you have a display with a horizontal resolution of 1400+ (like all are nowadays) you can make use of more screen real estate if you are so inclined.

As editor, this is just a heavily endorsed recommendation for now. No one will burn your house down if you release something at 1600.

>> No.7829  

Oh, I must've glanced that post over... my bad. All righty then.

>> No.8040  
File: asd.png -(114910 B, 1148x738) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Recently I have encountered an irritating date-order error with the board. The threads list isn't in correct order... I've tried using different browsers (cleared cache etc), and even tried it from different pc/ip/isp with no success. Is this some common wakaba error?

>> No.8041  


Nah. Someone bumped/replied and the message got deleted so...

>> No.8042  

Right, makes sense... didn't thought about that heh

>> No.8219  

Kyra, do you want the raws for Citrus vanilla or pre-processed? I'll take it you want to continue the series.

>> No.8220  

vanilla's good. lol i'll get so much hate mail if i abandon it, i'm sure.

>> No.8221  

I already told the church of yuri which has roughly about 7,000 views per week in which 4 admin and me recommend manga in ds in Facebook and spread the word not to read citrus scans from random bad edit websites and to keep patient with YP edit/translation it will take another month and a half for the next chapter XD Go for it Kyra!

>> No.8224  

There's a 2 part continuation to Morishima's Conditions For Paradise in the current Yuri Hime. Are those chapters also in 初めて、彼女と?

>> No.8278  

So... are there no raws for the new Saki Biyori BG yet?

>> No.8279  

Yes, those two chapters of 楽園の条件 are included in 初めて、彼女と as well as the Yuri Hime issue.

>> No.8282  


Nope, nothing yet.


Ah, thanks. One thing less to scan.

>> No.8571  

Huh. http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/475807271X

>> No.8572  

Finally something from Yuri Hime worth buying.

>> No.8575  



What... I... Right. Huh? This is great!

>> No.9070  

Just wondering is anyone planning on releasing Kazama Kowo's Namae wa Madanai? I think it's the prequel to Recalculation, but I'm not sure if Lililicious is doing it. I bought the tankoubon so I can scan it if anyone is able to translate and edit it. Thanks.

>> No.9130  

Heya, guys! I just found something, I think it has a subtle yuri on it, and wondering if someone can tell me the story?
I got curious and I really can't read any nihonggo.
I hope someone will help :D
Here's the link: http://www.propeller-game.com/product/agreement/top.html

>> No.9145  

This has more than subtle yuri, I think. Here's an Engrishy PV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cc85lN0uDTI

>> No.9170  

Ah, yes! I've already watch the pv and that's what got me interested.
I can see some or just hallucinating it but I think so too that there is yuri.

>> No.9264  

Some... "creative re-imaginings" of the last three chapters of Hana to Hoshi have started appearing on online readers, billed as official Yuri Project releases. Unless I've gone crazy, or Suzukin Kario rewrote the entire series for the tankoubons or something, the "translations" seems to bear little resemblance to the original Japanese dialogue.

>> No.9266  

Yikes, that's really painful to us who have put a lot of work into it. It seems to be based on Zero's poor translations and pre-QC versions. It's especially a low blow since we have in no way dropped this series and Phyis recently picked it up as editor. Hopefully fans will be able to show some patience and wait for our true releases.

>> No.9270  


The fake releases are, it seems, being accepted as legit. They're being included in batch downloads of the entire series. I haven't seen anyone question their validity or refer to their lack of quality (although I have seen various expressions of gratitude to Yuri Project for them).

From what I can tell they're not based on Zero's translations, they're some original, elaborate troll. I feel bad for people who think they've read the ending of Hana to Hoshi and may never go back to read the actual ending. And of course for Procyon and company who've put in the effort to the actual scanlation.

>> No.9271  

I can only hope this doesn't discourage you guys from finishing this series, though it'd be understandable if it does.

>> No.9466  

where i can find Cassiopeia Dolce

>> No.9975  

I've revised the rating system because the distinction between safe/adult has been headache-inducing for some recent Yuri Hime and especially Wildrose stories and I'm tired of explaining to people what worksafe means.

Unrated: SFW.
Nudity: Self-explanatory
Sex: Sex happens, not explicit (e.g. no visible genitalia)
Adult: Porn

>> No.9982  

Do the usual translators here not like series for some reason? It seems like 90% of the projects are one shots.

>> No.10015  


Commitment is hard.

>> No.10018  

>>9982 its not about weather not liking the series because we love all of them is about doing the work and dedicating your time to it...its more complicated than you think...all of us here work hard to do great quality work...not just a lame try of efforts...if we had more people wish to give that effort and quality to the readers that will be great too..^^;

>> No.10020  

I think I'm failing to see the difference between translating a single one-shot, and one chapter of a series. Because it seems the same, except one has a continuing story.

I've edited a handful of projects here, and I've been following the board for a while. It's just that the consistent translation of a series out side of a given few is rare.

One-shots are fine and all, but readers vastly prefer series because they have more engaging plots.

>> No.10021  

>>10020 I believe it's the compromise a translator, and editor plus raw provider have towards a series and how well the audience treat it. It's the time the three or however many spend on a series and weather or not they wish to continue...one-shots tend to be easier to adjust and get out the door quickly...when doing a series is weather the group wishes to spend more time on it...its like a compromise not much people fufill..the translator might be sick or the editor vi-versa and its a commitment that the series has to be finish...and how much request we have from the audience....its weather a team works together well or they can't stand each other and wish to get it over with..or have many other projects to do....

>> No.10023  

I guess if it just comes down to people not wanting to commit to a series there's really nothing to be done.

I'll just say that as an editor I can get most chapters does with in a day or so, and I'd be willing to do pretty much any of the Tsubomi series that are not done, especially Sakana no Miru Yume, which I also have most of the raws for. I'd just need a consistent translator for it.

>> No.10025  


>Sakana no miru yume

Coming right up.

>> No.10027  

Need the raw?

>> No.10043  

Question: is bumping something if nobody is QCing it allowed? Wouldn't want to be breaking any rules.

>> No.10044  

Feel free to bump it.

>> No.10045  

I'm the one who edited what you're talking about. Just leave it, what does it matter. It'll get done eventually.

>> No.10046  

I guess I'll leave it be then. It seems to have already been bumped once.

>> No.10048  

what happened to citrus?

>> No.10049  


Sougou Tovarisch is an incomplete Tsubomi series with a really superb translator which is in need of an editor, if you have any interest in that. >>1588

>> No.10052  

I wouldn't mind doing Sougou Tovarisch, but if I remember correctly it has a lot of redrawing. So it'll take me a bit longer.

Although I'd like to finish Sakana no Miru Yume first because I really like the series.

Plus some guy (very poorly) did the ending and a few chapters before that that. So I'm not sure what the normal thing to do here is here.

>> No.10104  

Just wanted to say that I'm finished with the second part of Shinobi no Iroha, as well as having updated the other two parts. Just in case you missed it.

(Sorry if you DID see it and I'm appearing impatient, I just get a little fidgety at times...)

>> No.10114  

...and I see that you've released it, quite some time prior to me making that post. -_- My apologies.

>> No.10118  

Can a mod clean up all of the Sakana no Miru Yume threads. I'm going to post a complete Vol. 01 QC version in a bit, now that's it's fully edited for the most part.


>> No.10121  


I think releasing it a chapter at a time would make for a more thorough QC. I also think there's no reason to (for example) delay the release of chapter 1 until all the kinks are worked out of later chapters.

>> No.10124  

Mmmk, Fair enough. I'll just leave it as is then.

If you want to TL 07 I already have it cleaned by the way.. 06 was only four pages, and last I heard vol. 02 has a tentative release date in January next year. So we're get it at some point because I don't think anyone has it.t Takayanagi to end up with Mikage. Can't wait till chapter 08.

Side note: I really want Takayanagi to end up with Mikage. Can't wait till chapter 08.

>> No.10133  

wow... I botched that post up bad.

>If you want to TL 07 I already have it cleaned by the way. 06 was only four pages anyway, and last I heard vol. 02 has a tentative release date in January next year. So we'll get 06 at some point because I don't think anyone has it.
>> No.10137  


I'll continue with the translation, but I would hold off on editing for the moment. If we end up getting six from the Volume 2 tank, we'll probably want to use tank scans for the subsequent chapters as well.

In the meantime, what other series(s) did you have in mind (>>10020)?

>> No.10138  

Okay, that sounds fine.

I'm pretty interested in either Kami-sama Bakari ga Koi wo Suru, or Sougou Tovarisch. I don't really care which, I'll do what you feel like translating more.

But, if you don't mind, could you give me a brief summary of what happens with Takayanagi in chapter 08. Does it look like she'll get her happy ending?

>> No.10139  

Oh, I also wouldn't mind finishing the last few chapters of Renai Manga .

>> No.10140  

Here's the source saying Sakana no Miru Yume will come out next January, by the way. In case anyone cares.


>> No.10142  


If I may say, Tovarisch is quite easily one of the most difficult edits on the site. I wouldn't recommend it. AnonT is also the translator for that series, if they wish to continue on it.

Unless I am mistaken, Renai Manga is 100% Kawaii Scans to finish. Feel free to apply there to see if you can help out (yes, they are recruiting).

You may also want to wait for someone to take a look over your QC's first, lest you have to re-do a lot of work. Of course, this is just an opinion, and I can't be of much assistance at the moment...


Not to butt in - again, I'm really busy anyway - but if you're simply looking to get more series edited...I'm hard-pressed to think of any yuri series that wouldn't be picked up relatively quickly. The only series' that have difficulty with this are ones that have a lot of work to them. Huge SFX (Puberty Organism) or tons of pattern/line redraws (Sougou) and font changes (also Sougou) are the things to look out for.

>> No.10143  


>Tovarisch is quite easily one of the most difficult edits on the site

Oh I know, it looks kind of brutal.

>Kawaii Scans

I forgot they were doing it. The release things pretty slow.

>wait for someone to take a look over your QC's first

Doing QC touch up's don't take very long, so I don't mind. There are a few touch ups I know I have to do already. But I just wanted to get a rough draft out for people who don't mind reading QC versions.

>I'm hard-pressed to think of any yuri series that wouldn't be picked up relatively quickly

Really? I can think of tons of series that have either not been picked up at all or have been on hold for a very long time.

>> No.10144  
>Kami-sama Bakari ga Koi wo Suru

I have the tanks so I can provide scans for you if Gulf Standard wants to translate it. Looks trivial, editing-wise.


Might give that a shot myself when I have the remaining books, apparently salvaging series is my thing now.


Will QC those this week, just a bit busy with editing and life right now.

>> No.10145  


>Kami-sama Bakari ga Koi wo Suru: I have the tanks so I can provide scans

Thank you. I will translate.

>Tovarisch: Might give that a shot myself

I would encourage you to do so and I, as well as I'm sure many others, would be very appreciative if you did.

>> No.10146  
File: sougou_tovarisch_v01_070.png -(3049451 B, 1783x2532) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>Kami-sama Bakari ga Koi wo Suru

Cool, I'll edit it then.


Yeah... I'm fiddling with a bit right now. Some of these redraws hurt my head just looking at them.


Take your time, no real rush till next January.

>> No.10148  


>I forgot they were doing it. The release things pretty slow.

Most quality groups do. They also happen to be very short on staff at the moment.

>Really? I can think of tons of series that have either not been picked up at all or have been on hold for a very long time.

a) Due to editor interest? b) That have been posted here? (...I probably wasn't very clear, initially...)
Most series that get posted here and translated are picked up relatively quickly. Pretty sure the two I pointed out are the only [SFW] exceptions currently.


I'll pick up volume 2 when it releases (was probably going to anyway). Can give scans at that point.


>Might give that a shot myself when I have the remaining books, apparently salvaging series is my thing now.

Oh, neat. Excited to see that, if you choose to.

>> No.10150  


>Most quality groups do



Maybe, Just off hand I see a few series that have not been touched in a while. Raubritter has had a TL out for it's last chapter for like 9 months, That Flag Time series, Kase-san has also had a TL for while but no one's really done anything with it.


Maybe not, offhandedly I can think of a bunch of yuri series that have not been translated, but they have not been suggested here. Raws are also hard to find because some of them are pretty obscure.

>I'll pick up volume 2 when it releases

Good to know, I really hope it ends well.

>> No.10151  

WP is actively working on Kase-san right now.

>but they have not been suggested here

Then do. If it's interesting enough someone might get it. Keeping track of series outside of the usual yuri publishers has been difficult lately.

>> No.10154  
File: Obscure series.txt -(1723 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>WP is actively working on Kase-san right now.

Ah, okay.

>Then do.

Here's a random list I threw together.
Some notable ones are
-Minato Mirai
-Marriage Battle! (http://www.dokidokivisual.com/comics/book/index.php?cid=815)

Pretty much anything in Manga Time Kirara Miracle! is yuri relevant, but no one has been scanning those.

Also, a lot of the things Horobi no Michi were doing before their group died.

I would start threads for it, but without being able to provide the raws it seems kind of pointless.

>> No.10156  


  • Torikago no Shoujotachi: That's an anthology with old Yurikan stories by that author, mostly oneshots.
  • Tsumikism: Yuri Hime oneshot anthology.
  • Yama no Susume: I have those.

Will look into the rest.

>> No.10160  

Why is Suzuki Yufuko's "Candy" listed as Abandoned on Dynasty? What remains unscanlated from that series?


>Joukamachi no Dandelion - KASUGA Ayumu

Osaka writes manga?

>Tsumikism - IMURA Ei

As Phyis says, this is all one-shots. That said, Imura is among my favorite Yuri Hime authors, and I had hoped to eventually translate a few of the works in this.

>> No.10161  


>Torikago no Shoujotachi

Oh, I see. I'm just going by google/mangaupdate info. They are listed as only having one author and not tagged as a collection of one shots. Figured they were series.

>Smile Style

Must have missed that, the art alone looks really good. Wonder why no picked it up.

I usually do the normal around when checking for raws. Google, Yambio, Jcafe, /u/, here, ect ect. Could not really find anything of those series.

>> No.10162  

The volume 2 extra FwPA didn't want to do for some reason. Pretty sure it got uploaded here but I can't find it right now.

>> No.10163  


>Horobi no Michi

Funny, I was actually thinking about Zenigame when talking about the editor thing (as Horobi always had a lot of outsourced editing)...

>Manga Time Kirara Miracle!

Quite a few Manga Time series are relevant, not just in Miracle. I want to say PonPon-O has a series running in Carat right now.
I do believe emer plans on scanning all the new issues. If he's not interested in older ones (I'll ask him sometime), I have a vague interest in scanning them, though that's a bit in the future (and also depending on how many series get tanks).


>Will look into the rest.

Me too. Mind posting back at some point if you decide to pursue any of them?


It was definitely here, or mentioned at least.

>> No.10164  

There it is: >>9180

>> No.10165  



That series just started iirc. Best to wait to see where this goes and until the tank is out, Gangan scans are atrocious.

>Marriage Battle!

Huh, totally forgot that I ordered that last week.


>Me too. Mind posting back at some point if you decide to pursue any of them?

Lemonade I wanted to get for a while and Sya looks interesting, have to look through what I can find first though.

Probably won't get any Kirara books or any other 4koma.

>> No.10166  


I will translate Lemonade if provided.

>> No.10167  



Yeah it did, but it has a plot past SoL, and a canon lesbian character. It can't be that bad.

Guess I'll volunteer to edit a head of time as well.

>> No.10168  

By the way Phyis, do you have a rough estimate when you'll be able to scan Kamisama Bakari Koi wo Suru? I can only find Chinese raws.

Know you said you were busy with real life stuff, just curious about the time frame.

>> No.10169  


Thanks. I'll probably end up posting if I decide to get any of the others later on.


If I might bother you for a moment, I noticed your post in the Tie Breaker thread on Dynasty. Any special interest in Horii Kisuke? Would be happy to provide Bash! raws, or raws from her early Tsubomi releases if you're at all interested (assuming those are needed/when I am all set up again).



Still, no need to rush. Tank scans will be far better quality. Canon lesbians also seem to be the target of unfortunate endings...

>Guess I'll volunteer to edit a head of time as well.

Just don't lay claim to too many of them (series', that is)...

>> No.10171  

This week, I have to scan stuff anyway.

>> No.10172  


>target of unfortunate endings...

True, but she's also a main character, I doubt anything that bad will happen to her.

>don't lay claim to too many of them

I'll pass them to other people if they're interested. I'm just the one who brought it up so I figured it was only normal that I also edit it.

Mmk, thanks for the heads up.

>> No.10173  

Horii Kisuke's fan here! Has been looking for Bash! and Tie Breaker raws for a long time. Will consider translating if raws are available. :)

>> No.10199  

hi can anyone tell me what fonts are used for mangas? like different fonts for different moods, and sfx

>> No.10265  

>>10199 basically just simple fonts that fix the mood of a manga...Komika, Wild words, and for the sfx something similar to the manga looks. This is a great web to look for them fonts http://fontpro.com/browse

>> No.10284  

I was just wondering if citrus was being dropped? I don't mean to be a noob or anything. I've got a fair bit of photoshop experience and willing to learn editing itself for this series if it'd help out (or anything with exception to translation). It's just that no topic (that I've seen) has been created for the next chapter either? Many apologies if I'm stepping on any toes by asking about this.

>> No.10286  

No, it's not dropped and will come out on time again.

>> No.10289  
File: watakushi-is-rule.jpg -(105458 B, 650x471) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The first chapter of Hayate x Blade 2 is out. The main character appears to be a girl named Koizumi Ushio. Don't worry, though, all your old favorites are back as well.


Looks like, as I'd hoped, Juu Ensuu will be on the good side this time.

>> No.10290  
File: ushiou.jpg -(71767 B, 561x452) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's Ushio.

>> No.10502  

Phyis, did you happen to find out anything more about Sya?

>> No.10503  
File: ヤングガンガン7号224.jpg -(174091 B, 816x1300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Not really, only found a few chapters. The series already has 4 volumes out and it's difficult finding Big Gangan raws that go back this far. My first impression is essentially "Saki with bows."

Can't say how accurate that is or how yuri-friendly the series in general turns out to be but it does have a decent amount of subtext and yuri teasing, pic related.

That's great, just wish the first series' scanlation wasn't stuck in perpetual limbo.

>> No.10506  


>"Saki with bows."

That was pretty much my first thought when saw few pages of it online.

Though mine was more along the lines of "YuruYuri with bows".

Either way, If you do manage to find the raws I'd be willing to edit.

>> No.10512  

Could someone please tell me when the next Yuri Hime Wildrose will be released or whether this gets released bimonthly or something like that?
I can't find the information on the Wiki.

>> No.10520  


I'll get the first volume eventually and dump it here. Maybe someone bites, maybe not.


There hasn't been any announcement about the future of Wildrose as of yet, as far as I'm aware. And it's been over two month since the last volume.

>> No.10524  

Sounds good, it looks like a fun series. Anything that's not just SoL is usually a plus in my book.

>> No.10538  

Hello, new to the site. Awesome btw i love yuri!! Sorry if this has been discussed but what d QC,ED, TL, and all the other abbreviations mean? Thank you!

>> No.10544  

Guy doing KBKWS, Sakana no Miru Yume, and Flag Time here.

I'm looking for a new series to edit. I was thinking about doing "The Real Her" (03 >>4767 , 04 >>6151) but someone is already signed up for that. Though there has not been any activity on it for several months, I'd be willing to take over if they're cool with it.

If not; maybe a translator would be interested in picking up something else like "Moon, World, and Stars" by Takagami Yuriko which is an ongoing series in Yuri Hime currently with seven chapters, or perhaps "Itazura Choucho" by Ayase Mana (>>8058) which a complete series that was in Comic High!.

Note: I'd also be willing to pick up "The Real Her" and something else. Because "The Real Her" has short chapters.

>> No.10546  


Girl Satellite >>6279 needs an editor. Not too clear on the status of Puberty Organism Vega >>2261, but it's listed as needing an editor.

>> No.10548  


>Girl Satellite

I was looking over the raws of that and it did not seem to have much in the way of a romantic ending, so I was not really interested. If I'm wrong though let me know, because Tsubomi series are usually pretty good.

>Puberty Organism Vega

Oh, I did not notice it was by the same person who did "Hayate x Blade". I Think I will do this.

>Moon, World, and Stars

I've been looking over the raws of this and it looks really good if you're interested in it.

>> No.10659  

I have some questions about Kami-sama Bakari ga Koi wo Suru. Figured it'd be best to post them here rather than clutter the ch01 thread. Is it a proper Yuri series? Is the Yuri implicit or explicit? Are the tanks for it out yet? I like Ichika Hana's art style and have been thinking about purchasing them. My internet has been wonky and downloads keep canceling out on me, or I'd verify some of this myself.

>> No.10665  


>Are the tanks for it out yet?

Yes. Can't answer the rest because I rarely read ahead. It's a Tsubomi series, so it's yuri enough.

>> No.10668  


>Is the Yuri implicit or explicit?

I looked over the web raws. And it didn't seem very explicit, there was no kiss scene at all if that helps.

>> No.10712  


Thank you. That'll help with my decision.

>> No.10713  

Speaking of which. How many chapters are there? The wiki has it listed as 10, but there are only 9. And that chapter 9 has "end" written on it's last page. So is there some kind of special?

>> No.10719  

There are 10. The chapter 9 you are referring to someone posted on /u/ is actually 10. Keep in mind that the Tsubomi webcomics were all unnumbered, so that's an easy mistake to make.

>> No.10722  


Do tank raws exist for Girl Satellite?

>> No.10724  


Yes, I scanned them, but I thought I had them shared already. Here they are:


>> No.11192  

Would anyone be against a new policy of having both a high res and normal res copy with each release?

>> No.11194  

This isn't a policy matter. The option for a dual release already exists and it's the editor's choice whether to make use of that or not. Making it mandatory for every release on the other hand would be too much effort for everyone involved for too little gain.

>> No.11201  

Fair enough. I just know my monitor when set to portrait it is a bit bigger than 2k so the image gets stretched a little.

Figured people with a similar setup might like it as well.

Speaking of which, are there only 1600res copies for the first few chapters on Citrus?

>> No.11207  

Like I said, if you want a dual release for something you edit, just say so.

And yes, Citrus is only 1600. Mostly because of the initial editor on that series and 'cause Yuri Hime scans don't lend themselves to much more.

>> No.11211  

Mmk, I think I will. Because I like to leave it high res for myself anyway. So what, just put both copies in with my final QC?

I figured as much about Citrus, though. Still, couldn't hurt to ask. Thanks for letting me know.

>> No.11228  


>So what, just put both copies in with my final QC?


>> No.11331  
File: BYATBKaCIAADeIT.jpg -(125706 B, 635x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Procyon, do you want to TL this page from Saburouta's twitter?

I'll do the editing if you feel like it.

>> No.11332  

Yeah sure.
January's Yuri Hime will go on sale November 18 (Monday)!!
Autumn is the reading season.
It will have Citrus chapter 7!! Please get it!! Saburouta

s コクコク
Nodding off

s そわそわ
Fidget Fidget
s コクコク
Nodding off

f ん…
What is it?
Ah, no... I just thought I'd take your glasses off for you...
f ははは
s おろおろ
They're on my nose, not my mouth.

>> No.11339  
File: BYATBKaCIAADeT.png -(142697 B, 635x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Don't know what exactly we'll use this for, but whatever.

>> No.11356  

>>11339 I can post it on the church of yuri and give you credit and so for Procyon also its a great inspiration source for the credit page design for chp 7. ^^;

>> No.11357  

>>11201 I have 2000px resolution for chp 5 and 6 of citrus figure I will save them edited and all but without fonts just in case we might need them...

>> No.11360  

Seems like kind of a waste to add credits to a single page. It only serves to distract from the image itself.

If Procyon wants it there I'll do it. But I personally don't care about credit.

>> No.11362  

She means in her blog post, I think.

>> No.11363  

Oh okay. I thought she was asking me to add credits to the page so she could then post it on her blog.

>> No.11364  

We can just add it to ch07 as an extra.

>> No.11381  

>>11363 if its ok with you like phyis said we can add it as an extra on chp 7 I have several ones I translated and edited already but I do them to share them with the chuch of yuri page and to do my own credit page design. For me the credit page is a form of expression it recognizes the people who work hard on the project and as a thanks to their dedication I do my best to do a great credit page to put their name on it kind of like credits in movies or magazines they decorate beautifully I guess people see things differently :) I always give credit to the editor if its not me.

>> No.11383  
File: BYATBKaCIAADIT.png -(121873 B, 635x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I think you missed what I was saying. I don't have a problem with credit pages, though I'm pretty lazy with those myself. What I was saying is that it's kind of wasteful to add credits to a single page because it's like adding a watermark. I just like the image as close to the original as possible.

>> No.11385  

>>11383 I apologized if I confuse you, English is not my first language I didn't ask you to do a credit page I said I will give you two credit if I were to post it somewhere ^^; like procyon said I just gave you and him credit when i posted image here:https://www.facebook.com/The.Church.Of.Yuri?ref=br_tf

>> No.11435  


Didn't think about it, but here's my 2.4k copy of Wavering Mind. Do with it what you see fit.

>> No.11438  

Does anyone have info about this manga?

>> No.11471  

it looks good

>> No.11509  

I was just wondering...when are more chapters of Tovarisch or Inugami to Nekoyama hitting Dynasty? It just seems like it's been a while.

>> No.11510  

I wonder ... Does anyone have raws Happy Jets?

>> No.11511  

Try asking in the requests thread.

>> No.11575  

Out of curiosity, what service is Yuri Project hosted on?

>> No.11576  


>> No.11587  
File: 1384578353800.jpg -(89212 B, 500x708) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's another twitter pic if you feel like doing it, Procyon.

>> No.11604  

Yeah, sure.
絵は内容と - This picture isn't a preview of what's to come, but I hope you'll get chapter 7 of Citrus.
……どうしたら - ...What did she do to get them so big?
おい 頭の中 - Excuse me, I can tell what you're thinking!
コミック百合姫 - Yuri Hime January 2014 will go on sale November 18!!

>> No.11606  
File: 13845783538000.jpg -(279002 B, 500x708) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Is "Hey..." Right?
Or is that part of "Excuse me"

>> No.11617  

Yeah, it should be fine either way.

>> No.11618  

Okay, I was not sure. Because it looked like it was floating by itself.

>> No.11622  


>> No.11624  

It would probably be better to drop the "Hey" and make "Excuse me," the floating text.

>> No.11628  
File: 138457853800.jpg -(278476 B, 500x708) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

What ever people who can actually read it think is best. I just took a guess.

>> No.11641  

Just a heads up.

Sakura Trick website for the anime is up! An excited fan here. Haha.

>> No.11650  

Does anyone know where I can find and if it's available the raws for the other chapters of Flag Time?

>> No.11653  


>Our backlog is cleared out and this is the latest published chapter of this series. The next one isn’t too far in the future but after that you can look forward to a month’s wait between chapters. Yay?

Did you even look?

>> No.11654  

I'm not sure, but I think the editor got the RAWS over here: http://tap.akitashoten.co.jp/comics/fragtime

>> No.11657  

I did but I couldn't find. I always have a hard time browsing the sites of Yuri Project. They're too confusing to me

>> No.11662  

Did we ever use those last two afterward pages of Girl Satellite, from volume one.

>> No.11791  

Are you guys willing to have some joint projects?
We have some yuri related mangas that hasn't been touched. We can provide raws and help by editing, qcing, PRing, and maybe translating (if our translator is not so busy with other projects that his translating)

>> No.11793  

Sure. Just make a new thread for whatever project you are interested in doing and isn't already there. If you don't want to share your raws publicly, post samples and a concise summary and we'll see if a translator is interested in picking it up.

>> No.11794  

Can I ask for Status about Kase-san?

>> No.11823  

As Kotonoha Scans seems to have dropped off the face of the earth, does anyone have or know of any plans to translate the second and third volumes of Gunjou?

>> No.11837  


Will doujinshi work too?

>> No.11838  

This is an open board, meaning it's basically all volunteer work. There is no real set structure. You can make a new project thread for whatever you like, and then it is up to the individuals who visit the board to decide whether they want to edit or translate it.

So, in short. Yes, you can make new threads for Doujin. There's doujin projects being worked on right now. >>11713

>> No.11875  

Has someone hear or know some news about shinigami alice? Why this manga like being stop...

>> No.11955  
File: 6.jpg -(474472 B, 1672x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Can anyone clarify what exactly is being said on these pages?

Murakami says カンニング at first but then uses the phrasing ズルつかった.

While the former means specifically to cheat on a test the latter can also mean "playing a trick." But when just translated as "cheat" it can also imply "to cheat on someone" which apparently the original text does not elude to.

Is there suppose to be any kind of double meaning here?

>> No.12021  

There's no double meaning in the Japanese, and there's no implication of cheating on a person in the translation either, because the context is clear it's about the test.

>> No.12022  

Well, the idea behind it is she could be saying something other than what she thinks/means. The scene is clearly trying to draw focus to something by making that text specifically larger and having a close up of her face. Plus she already knows Mortani does not like to cheat.

But, if you say there is nothing else to it I guess that it's true. Multiple other people have said the same thing. I just wanted to be sure.

Thanks for the clarification.

>> No.12044  

Hakoniwa Cosmos is OVER. Tankoubon in March.

>> No.12171  

I cannot find the I girl Chapter 2
Do you have it?

>> No.12182  

I note the image you've elected to use for the Hayate X Blade series tab is Ensuu. WELL DONE

>> No.12209  

Hey, I've just been wondering if anymore chapters of Shinigami Alice will be released soon? Thanks.

>> No.12220  

Aw, that's too bad, it's such a cute series. I'll try to finish up the last four chapters.

>> No.12228  

Can't take credit for this, I swiped most of the icons off batoto.

Ask Dynasty.

>> No.12331  

Man... The 44 day streak came to an end.

>> No.12332  

With multiple-release days accounted for, we're still at 107 over the last 107 days.

>> No.12333  

Oh, that's true. Good point.

So I guess you could still consider the streak on going.

>> No.12334  
File: a_crow_with_a_glistening_trinket_02.png -(657177 B, 1394x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

May I know the name of the font that was used for main dialogues in "A Crow With A Glistening Trinket In Her Jet-Black Feathers". Thanks

>> No.12338  


I don't have an eye for fonts, but are you sure it isn't just Wildwords?

>> No.12340  

Nope, that's Wild Word's more serious cousin, CC Astro City.

>> No.12341  

Thanks guys.

>> No.12345  

I've been out of town for the last few days and will remain so for the rest of the year. I'll try to check in but qc and probably releases will have to wait until then.

I wish everyone a happy new year.

>> No.12361  

>>12345 thank you for letting us know.

>> No.12422  
File: fontguide.png -(135865 B, 1300x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's something I initially made for scanlation threads in /a/...

is.gd/kurtsfontguide for a .zip file containing every font in there. maximumspoonfeeding.jpg

>> No.12423  
File: 1386319249631.jpg -(380340 B, 800x1079) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.12425  

I don't like some of his font choices, so I made my own, hence there are identical ones. First thought of making one for myself (a .psd one to make changing and choosing easier) but I ended up making a compilation.

>> No.12455  

The old Thread List on the wiki is obsolete and will be removed in the future. I've replaced it with a new one that provides a lot more information at a glance while being much less of a hassle for me to maintain: http://status.yuriproject.net

Please use this from now on. The links to the list on both boards will be adjusted eventually.

>> No.12459  

>>12455 thank you very much for your hard work in keeping the page from moving on and your patience. And as far as my projects go I am taking my sweet ass time and overachieving XD mybad..ill move faster..sorry about that cocytus is being work on and I am keeping my word in working on the other projects as well.

>> No.12469  


>>2489 and >>9800 have been translated.

>> No.12500  

What happened to the I girl and Philosophia?

>> No.12502  


>> No.12503  

>>12502 Wow. I've just checked it. It's really awesome and really organized! m(_ _)m this makes the sorting easier! Thank you for this upgrade!

>> No.12572  

Hello, it's my first time being on here so if I did anything wrong, do excuse me. So, I was just wondering if the manga 强逼性百合妄想 has an english version. (It's in chinese) You guys can just search for it and you'll see it. If no, was thinking maybe we could translate it? I didn't put the raw here because I'm not sure if I have the rights to. I could try and help translating if it's needed. Someone, do answer me.

>> No.12579  

That's 強迫性百合妄想 by Shinonome Taro, a oneshot (?) that ran in Monthly Dragon Age. To my knowledge, there's no English scanlation. If you want to give translating it a shot, great! Though additional Japanese raws would be nice to check the accuracy.

>> No.12583  

Sadly, I can only translate it if it's in Chinese. Guess I have to learn Japanese first if I want to be of any help. :(

>> No.12584  

No, you can do a ch->en translation. I just meant the Japanese raws would be great so other people here can do a translation check.

>> No.12616  

Ohh icic. But I don't think I could though. I'm pretty busy all the time meaning to say it'll take me a pretty long time to translate, I have no idea what I'm supposed to do, and my chinese aint the best. ._. Do you happen to have a manual for translators on yuriproject? Sorry for bothering, really.

>> No.12880  

Are these _______をふたりで stories by カザマアヤミ in Hirari a new series, or just one-shots with similar names and the same author?

>> No.12883  
File: Kazama-Ayami.jpg -(21353 B, 246x269) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



'Hoshi wo futari de' (10) is about two girls who connect through Saint-Exupery's Little Prince.
'Ginga... wo futari de' (11) is about two girls who connect through Miyazawa Kenji's Ginga Tetsudou no Yoru.
'Omoide wo futari de' (12) is about a girl who is jealous about her childhood friend's popularity at school.

Author's art style as at left.

>> No.12885  
File: 824852284.png -(390539 B, 913x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ah, okay. Thank you.
Yeah, I was not sure, I couldn't find much information about them. And the characters looked sort of similar based on just the twitter pictures.

>> No.12894  

will we still get the releases if it gets licensed?

>> No.12895  

the citrus i mean, sry for asking, just curious and thx for your hard work

>> No.13069  

Sorry, I'm currently under a lot of stress with a work project. I haven't forgotten about the things I promised to scan but my health isn't all that great either, so huffing glue fumes from debinding is out of the question right now. Next week, hopefully.

On the weekend, I will start releasing projects that are blue-marked on the status page, top-to-bottom, without any further QC from my side. If an editor wished to postpone a release until there's more time for in-depth QC, please say so in the relevant threads.

>> No.13074  

This is kind of unrelated. But, I was looking over the earlier chapters of Flag Time and there are some painfully glaring mistakes in the first three. Bad redraws, ellipsis' missing a period, ect ect.

If I fix them would it be to much trouble to do a release? Or do you think it's not worth it?

>> No.13078  

No, it's not too much trouble. Your call on whether it's worth your time.

>> No.13082  

Okay, then I'll just fix them up and do sort of a batch release with the next chapter. If that's fine.

>> No.13095  

What happened to I Girl?
I see no news of him

>> No.13121  

Any word on Saki?

>> No.13439  

Homepage down for a few days because of technical issues I don't have the time to fix right now.

>> No.13460  

Does anybody have kira kira or steps from Takemiya Jin?

>> No.13889  

qt, can you upload the 2.4k versions for Lemonade chapters 1-7 & 12 somewhere? They got lost when the server went kaput last month.

>> No.13891  

I'm not sure if the naming scheme is right, It's whatever they were named in the raws.

>> No.13892  

Thank you.

>> No.14133  
File: e017.jpg -(194570 B, 728x1112) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Anyone happen to be working on Asagao no Kase-san?

I absolutely adore chapters 1-8 and I hear there's a couple more that just haven't been translated yet.

>> No.14134  


>Asagao no Kase-san

"Durrr, chapter title, what's that? We know better!" Fucking mangaupdates.

>> No.14144  

Well, it's like that because of the title in the cover. Like how they name a collection of short stories on one of the stories in it.

>> No.14147  

Which will get really awkward with the next volume which named after another chapter.

And it's not like that's an isolated, obscure case either. I especially love this one: http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=72219

  • Chapter title used as name for the series, which it isn't
  • not even the title of the first chapter of that run and
  • completely misrepresents the series where 24 out of 27 chapters have been about school girls and not adults.

Ah well. Wouldn't be so bad if not every rip-off reader copied their dumb mistakes and retarded idiosyncrasies.

>> No.14154  

Hahaha. If everyone really read it, they'd know the author wanted it to be named just "Kase-san".

Well, that's how it goes.

>> No.14157  

Just wondering if anyone would like to work on this from Amagakure Gido? (Girl's Plantarium, and the two part train story "From Aiu Station on the Hiragana Line") It looks like a love triangle and should be relatively funny :-)

>> No.14158  

I'd be more than happy to pick it up myself, but MaîtreJacQ already stepped up to the editor job a month ago, so I won't do anything until he steps down.

Same with Girl's Star Map, which qt already picked up. I'm pretty sure he just forgot about it or something. Maybe bump the thread?

>> No.14159  

Neither of them is translated.

>> No.14161  

My bad, then.

>> No.14495  

Hallo, everyone.

My previous group (Trinity BAKumA) just disbanded, so I'm sorta looking for a new "host" for my personal little series for releasing the final chapters of it, if it's allowed and if any translator would be willing to help me out. The name of the series is "Otoshite Appli Girl"; it's technically a shounen, but contains shoujo-ai materials (It's been uploaded on the Dynasty Scans reader, and not by me, lol), and there are two chapters left of the original story plus an extra side story at the end. I will provide the raws, and I will do the editing on the chapters, as long as anyone translates them. It's a very silly and not particularly deep story, but it's got a special place in my heart; it's the first manga I ever provided raws for myself, that I bought on my vacation in Japan some years ago figuring I could do something with them. I figured I'd ask here first instead of just making a topic, just 'cause I want to make sure if any translator is on board with this.

(The disbanding of my group is also why I haven't worked on my Senno Knife chapter; we planned a big chapter batch for our final release so I've been fairly occupied...)

>> No.14498  
File: 209.png -(685838 B, 1243x1800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It didn't seem appropriate to make a new thread for this, but I was wondering if someone could clarify this translation. The page runs down like this:

>... Hold it, just a minute!
>You two aren't smiling at all!
>I’m tired of all this... Consider how all of this makes me feel.
>Ah, god, you’re such a pain! Madoka!!
>Make that unenergetic girl smile! Quickly!
>Huh? H-How do I do that?
>You’re a cutie...
>f: That’s not too weird.
>When you’re peaceful.
>f: You implying something?

The last panel is confusing. Thank you for any help in advance.

>> No.14499  

I'll read the older chapters.

>> No.14504  

Divulge's translator here. We're planning on doing the last chapter of Perfume of Love once we're finished with Girlish Sweet, and then moving on to Kira Kira and Steps (i.e. all the Takemiya that isn't currently being done). I haven't heard of any interest in those projects anyway, but I thought I'd put the word out so that my poor editor doesn't take apart tanks that somebody else is already translating.

(Though if anybody wants to send us Takemiya scans we'd be happy to take them too)

>> No.14532  

Okay, since it seems people can't take a hint from the vanishing posts and it's been getting out of hand lately, here it's spelled out. Again.

Don't bump threads to ask/whine/make snide remarks about the progress of something. We don't know. That's the nature of this kind of work. You are not getting the information you want and you are not contributing.

What you are is an annoyance and on a fast lane to the blacklist.

And while we're at it, we have a thread to discuss stuff (this one) and a thread for raw requests at >>1144 - the links for both are right under the input box. Don't bump threads unless you are contributing in some fashion.

>> No.14577  

Hello everyone, sorry if I post the wrong topic here. I hv looked around YP Wiki to look for guide for scanning, but having no luck. I don't know anything abt scanning doujin but want to upload the doujin I have to prevent it from disappearing. It's a homu doujin, and I'm aware abt the information from post 11837 and 11838. If anyone can help, I'm really appreciate it.

>> No.14579  

Is there anything specific you're wondering over, or is it just generally speaking?

I don't know if there are any set standards here at YP, but there are a few useful pointers over at

The main points I go by from the site would be -

>For color images, set "Color Mode" to "Color", and "Output Resolution" to 600dpi.
>For black and white images, set "Color Mode" to "Grayscale", and "Output Resolution" to 300dpi.

Though unlike in the guide, I debind the stuff I scan to avoid having to deal with the gutter shadows.

>> No.14584  

I suggest adding this rule to the text under the comment form just below those thread links.

>> No.14585  

Scanning is pretty straightforward.

  • Put black paper/carton between the page you want to scan and the lid to avoid the other side of the page bleeding through.
  • If you don't want to debind (plenty of ways and howtos on the net for that), try to reduce gutter shadow as much as possible by putting some weight (like a few big books) on the lid and breaking the spine a bit if necessary.
  • Disable all postprocessing options the scanner software provides, especially unsharpen mask and descreening.
  • Don't save as JPEG. Safe as PNG. If your scanner software doesn't support that, save as TIFF and then batch convert those to PNG through Irfanview/XnView/ImageMagick/etc.
>> No.14593  

Thanks for the tips. It helps a lot in scanning. My scanner software doesn't have unsharpen mask and descreening option, so I hope the scanner doesn't support those features.

>> No.14923  

Gulf Standard, last week I sent you an e-mail to the address you used in the wiki. Could you have a look, please?

>> No.14924  

I couldn't really make head or tail out of the program. I also don't know radicals, so I doubt I could make much use of it

>> No.14927  

That's too bad.

>> No.15561  

After realizing what a terrible place Dynasty is I've gotten a little sick of the yuri fandom, so I need to stop scanlating for a while.

Gulf Standard, I'm really sorry for not being able to get around to A Lollipop or a Bullet after you put effort into translating the final chapters. I know they were kind of long.

So, my projects are free for new editors now.
Thanks to everyone else I worked with here. I'm sorry and I hope there's no ill will.

>> No.15562  

Yeah, I rarely go to that forum anymore because it saps away every shred of motivation I had even thought it's just the vocal minority. Too bad, place had a lot of potential at one point.

Anyway, take some time off to have fun and recharge, it helps. You've been a great editor, so I hope it's not permanent. But no ill will if it turns out that way.

>> No.15563  

No worries at all, thank you for a very high volume of quality work. Honestly Lollipop was one of the easiest translations I've done, though I do still hope to see it finished eventually. I haven't been to Dynasty in over a year at this point. Really I just try to enjoy the work for itself rather than think of it as being "for" someone. Also they don't think Hayate X Blade is yuri.

>> No.15570  

Yeah, I just need to relax for a while or something. Guess I'll take some time to improve my Japanese skills.
I agree you should do the work for yourself. But after watching a certain kind of behavior it's very demotivational.

>> No.15573  

Fandoms definitely have annoyances and I can't really look away either. No ill feelings. Thanks for your work.

>> No.15579  

Dynasty is my start page, yet I visited the forums only rarely. Not long ago I noticed that I avoided doing so at all. It also came to mind earlier today, accidentally, and with it the memory of people posting about how good the community there is. That isn't what it felt like to me, and thinking about that it could've been so made me sad, instead. Then your post here.

Thank you a lot for your great, dedicated work, and guidance until now. Although I don't know what happened, I hope you can move on and find enough motivation to return to scanlation, the sooner would be the better.

>> No.15580  

Thanks for all your hard work. I appreciate all the works any of you have done. Don't let them get to you too much that it affects your real life.

>> No.15582  

After talking to Phyis, and having her shed light on a few topics for me about some people I realize I probably shouldn't have said anything and just dismissed their behavior for what it is. Arrogance and immaturity.

Sorry for even saying anything in public. I'll pick all my projects back up.

>> No.15592  

>>15562>>15563>>15579 You know what I really admire from you guys that no matter what you always find time to scan, work togethet, and deliver this work to everyone without asking for anything in exchange. When I was younger I admire yuri scalators even more than the manga itself because it was like they put so much effort into this. I became an editor because I couldn't own yuri manga at home due to my family. You guys gave me inspiration. I am truly thankful for everything. Also to be a girl and be accepted to work here with the tuffest of the tuff...to really clean every scrape of dirt. I never gave up because I wanted to give a bit of me to the community. We will miss you qt, you always have a place here. I also get angry and stress with the manga. Doing 10pages a day with Citrus and then cleaning...and people wanting more and more...and I learn thanks to my comrades and Phyis that it isn't about satisfying others, it's about you, what makes you happy about yuri scanlation. If we don't translate this stories people who don't speak Japanese might never get to read this stories. We do it for us...most importantly and we do it for those who wait for a well done work. You always will have a home here. Thanks for all.

>> No.15593  

>>15582 you're definitely more worthit than that talk. We work and create art. What.the hell do they do, nothing of their lives, they're useless trollseho can't find a use of their spare time but be stupid.

>> No.15617  
File: 5.jpg -(51759 B, 717x342) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Question about "Frag time" it is on a break or it's over? Have been a while since the website have been updated with a new chapter.

>> No.15623  

Is it okay to post a project for a yuri comic that's not in Japanese? I could do the translation for it...

>> No.15624  

>>15623 sure but if its from Japan its always better to translate from Japan to english because other translators tend to change words.

>> No.15625  
File: finishing it uo.PNG -(296998 B, 1211x626) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

TIP of the day, For yp editors
Have you ever have trouble or an accident happen on a scan it was save above original and a white nasty
mark is on it or a mistake that can't be undone and good heavens you don't want to redraw again all that time invested on the redraw of that one scan
......and it feels like its the end of you, live sucks.
Editors its not the end, breath relax this
is my solution. Open up the original raw again on another Photoshop window change to rgb and drag the layer
it into the bottom layer of your edited scan the scan with the mistakes straighten up like the original original raw.
Using an eraser, erase mess up layer to reveal the bottom original raw like nothing had happen and merge layers together
using crtl+d, and you just rescue your scan edits. It always work with me. Got almost all the solutions to bad
editing days and never redraw again the same scan. Feel free to ask me email me diazdotkarina112@gmail.com
crl+z to undo alot easier than using drop menu ^^;

>> No.15628  

I think they mean manhua or manhwa etc. That should be fine.

>> No.15629  

I see xD I use to love het mahwa I still prefer it above some shoujo cause of the little annoying girls,until I realised how gay I was on 2010 xD It took me a while. Being a girly girl an all. Looking back on the mahwa drama I read xD a bit embarrassing...hehe.

>> No.15639  

Did Phyis take some time off, perchance? Haven't seen him/her around for a while now; the releases seem to have stagnated a bit. Just wondering if anyone knows anything.

>> No.15640  

She's busy and does all the real work around here so when she's busy not much happens here.

>> No.15643  

I have been around. Just had to deal with a lot of very unpleasant things this month so doing any actual work wasn't an option.
I'll look into releasing that nsfw oneshot you worked on later today.

>> No.15644  

That's okay. Everybody hits snags. ^^ (I'm one to talk, really -_-) Just glad to see you're still around.

>> No.15652  

Hi, qt, you don't know me but I was wondering if you could drop me an e-mail. I want to ask you a question. I wasn't sure how else to contact you.

>> No.15655  

Hayashiya Shizuru's Yuri Shimai/Yuri Hime series Strawberry Shake Sweet will be reissued in a new tankoubon set through Shueisha. This will presumably contain some new material but it's as yet undecided precisely what. Expect it sometime Spring 2015 (simultaneous release with Nyaan vol. 2).

Buying Japanese books internationally is not especially difficult or expensive in most places, so purchasing the native editions of series/collections we or other groups work on is encouraged. If you're glad these works are being made available to read in English, this is a concrete way you can show appreciation.

>> No.15730  

Apologies if this is the wrong place but can anyone tell me what Yuri magazines are still running, please? I know there's Yuri Hime and Wildrose (somewhat) but I'm not sure if there's any additional magazines I've forgotten about or if there's an online source for Yuri publications.

I figure since I read so much of this stuff it's about time I start buying them...even if my reading isn't that great (it's getting better, though!). I'm thinking of buying the Hirari collection, but any other suggestions or publications to look for in the future would be appreciated.

Cheers me dears!

>> No.15737  

My favorite series is finally getting something I an put on a shelf? Hard sell. Thanks for giving me something to look forward to.

Mebae has a couple of former Hirari and Tsubomi authors, but is generally more smutty.

L is the successor to Aya Yuri and is straight up porn.

That's all currently running pure yuri anthologies I'm aware of. The Kirara line usually has a number of series that are more or less subtext and Comic High! seems to keep running 2-3 yuri series at all times.

>> No.15743  

Comic Birz is releasing 'Yuri Anthology Yuribon' on the 24th, this will be a tank collection of their 'Yuri special feature' one-shots over the past year. (See >>14979 for a few of the stories and http://pbs.twimg.com/media/B1Qco9-CcAAZ_tl.jpg for a few others.) Takahashi Mako, Hirao Auri, and Tsubana are some of the artists involved. The last is very interesting to me since Tsubana does Dainana Joshikai Houkou.

>> No.15755  

Ta much for the suggestions! I'll look into the Yuri Anthology Yuribon once it's released. Can't say I'm a huge fan of smut so it's a bit disappointing that there isn't much else in terms of magazines. Here's hoping something new appears.

>> No.15814  

Not project related. Just a question. Is there a reason why my comments are not showing up on the main website?

>> No.15815  

Spam filter most likely, I've found a false positive and approved it.

>> No.15816  


>> No.15828  

Following up on >>15655, the Strawberry Shake reissue is planned for May 2015. The series will be released as a single tankoubon volume of 400+ pages. The bonus comic of new material will be 16 pages.

>> No.15854  

Merry Christmas everyone!

(I'll delete this post if it's in the way, but there's hardly a better place.)

>> No.15858  

Mutilated myself with a kitchen knife, because Christmas. It's awkward (and painful) to edit stuff with a stitched and bandaged hand, so even if I find some time between the holiday mayhem, I won't be able to wrap up things I'm working on (and that still need a bit of work) until probably next year.

Happy Holidays, enjoy yourselves and be careful around the kitchen.

>> No.15859  

>>15858 I'm so sorry you went thru that. Rest and recover don't worry about finishing up in a hurry. Take your time.Just let us know how we can help. I can even help you upload the manga but that's your honor. I can help you keep the threads clean and thank you for the great work this year everyone thank you for the qc Kiena and the edits and translations guys thanks QT , Procyon, Gulf Standard, WeatheredPeach among others for the great work. Wouldn't have these releases without you. Thanks Phyis for the amazigg raws, edits and putting up with us.

>> No.15914  

Hello! My name's Sonia, but you call me Hinarii. I'm interested to traslate in Italian the most of your manga... Can I use your scanlations?
Thank you for everything!

>> No.15915  

That's fine as far as I'm concerned. Go ahead.

>> No.16027  

Hey guys, I have a request for raws or maybe the translated version on Butterfly Kiss Blade? The series was translated up to ch 6, it was getting to a really good part but was stopped! Please, help me and others who want to have this series continued! Thank you guys so much for your work!

>> No.16078  

For editing, would a laptop with touchscreen work or should I still get a tablet?

>> No.16081  

You can edit with keyboard-controlled mouse if you're dedicated enough, but a stylus-based interface (tablet, Cintiq, MS Surface etc) is recommended.

>> No.16116  

Cant access any page
"502 Bad Gateway


>> No.16119  

Fixed, thanks for letting me know.

>> No.16137  

Could we make a thread here for the scanlation of Korean webtoon, Fluttering Feelings? It's getting hard to look for the translation corrections in the /u/ thread.

>> No.16142  

Sure? Go ahead.

>> No.16183  

Revisions to my hosting company's terms of service now forbid the content on my websites. I am now searching for an alternative provider.

The website for Gridlane appears to provide no method to purchase service. Is Yuri Project still hosted on it, and are you aware of alternative VPS providers that permit adult content, preferably hosted outside North America?

>> No.16185  

Only the boards are gridlane, no idea what's up with them. And I don't want to recommend where the rest is hosted because my opinion on them is still up in the air.

http://lowendbox.com is a good resource to find vps offers aggregated by region; you'll still have to check yourself what content is permitted though.

>> No.16191  

I am considering a company with locations in Sweden and the Netherlands. Adult content is implicitly permitted. Do you believe one country would be more hospitable to my content than the other?

>> No.16201  

No, not to my knowledge.

>> No.16509  

Sorry about dragging my feet on this site for the past month and before. This year hasn't been nice to me and I had to deal with a lot of work and health issues.

I am working on things again but will focus on getting HXB done with everything else playing second fiddle. So if someone is interested in maybe taking over editing on one of the series I work on, raise your hand in the appropriate thread.

Furthermore, I'm looking for a project manager of sorts to take care of releasing things I didn't work on. It's fairly easy to do and all that's required are two working eyes to see if it fulfills the requirements listed in the wiki. If you want to help out mail at phyis at yuriproject.net.

>> No.16510  

I'm not qualified to release stuff but I could do some work on the Status page if you like

>> No.16539  

I mailed you the details, it has an attachment so it might've ended up in your spam folder.

>> No.17127  

grey, do you have an e-mail I can reach you at?

>> No.17132  

Could you just leave a comment on the last release(i.e voice of her fingertips)? I'll get your email there and message you back?

>> No.17134  

Yeah, that works. Thank you.

>> No.17540  

Hi Gulf Standard told me to post a thread as I have requested to edit Letter from an Unknown Sender (Yuri Hime 20).


>> No.17541  

Sorry, I should have been more specific. Please leave a comment on www.yuriproject.net (like on https://yuriproject.net/love_sign/) and just make sure to fill in the e-mail field. Also mention to Phyis that you're looking for my e-mail.

>> No.17542  

Done :)

>> No.17729  

Genre justified

>> No.17744  

This explains so much.

>> No.17812  

read this before and said I'd share it here (of course, muh procrastination)

Anyway, who has a zipped copy of FF chapters 7-17? YP's reader is missing the said chapters and I think I like the reader to have those.

>> No.17995  
File: Happy New Year.jpg -(791117 B, 2560x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Happy New Year, guys! \o/

To all the contributors last year,
a big thank you for all your hard work! m(_ _)m

>> No.18010  

Does anyone have a copy of CC Dave Gibbons? Recently formatted my drive so I lost all my fonts. Would really appreciate it.

>> No.18018  

Nevermind, got a copy from Warez-BB. If anyone's interested:


>> No.18261  

If there is a particular work that I'm interested in working on, under what circumstances should I refrain from creating a thread? The biggest issues I can think of are:

1) This work has already been translated, by Yuri Project or others.
2) All you can find are magazine scans some guy posted to a blogspot.

In each of these cases:
1) What is the best way to check if a work has or has not been translated yet? Is there a reliable database?
2) Are such scans acceptable? Do I create the thread with a link to the source and an archive of the relevant pages therefrom? Do I create the thread and pray for scans to descend from the heavens?

Are there any other conditions under which I should refrain from creating a thread? If so, how do I avoid violating them?

>> No.18263  

If you think a project could or should be worked on, you can create a thread for it. In case of redundancy, worst case scenario the thread can be removed. There's no prerequisite to have HQ scans or scans at all to make a thread, but if you don't have them another option would be to post it in the Request thread.

Most scanlated yuri works will be on the Dynasty Reader, probably the most complete and easily searchable database I know of. A small percentage of works will have been removed due to licensing, but if you know the scanlation title a Google search should bring it up elsewhere.

>> No.18264  

You're free to post scans of any quality, so long as they're actually Japanese raws, since they'll be useful to anyone in gauging interest in the project. Whether better scans might be needed for a release can be determined later.

>> No.18453  

Yes, the reader is down.

>> No.18492  

is yp home and wiki down?

>> No.18493  

homepage is up, wiki is down

>> No.18570  

>>18493 the project status page is also down (get a 502 bad gateaway error)
any idea when it will be up again?

>> No.18582  

i don't know

>> No.18590  

Everything should be up and running again, sorry for the delay.

>> No.18730  

Releases have decreased in numbers considerably this year - no doubt you've already noticed this, it's kinda hard not to. The reason behind this is several core staff members leaving to pursue other interests or dealing with real life priorities. This isn't unusual for a volunteer project such as this, there's always some significant turnover, but the timing and me being one of the people plagued with personal medical issues and general disinterest caused a lack of timely recruiting to the point where the site simply can't operate anymore.

While I do try to keep the lights on by dealing with technical issues as they occur, I simply have no interest on editing or handling releases anymore and neither does green. Now, what does that mean for YP? Until we've found someone capable to take over responsibility for releases there'll simply be no more releases on the home page. And if no one is willing by the end of the year, the site will cease operation entirely. If you're interested, please send a mail to phyis at yuriproject.net and we'll work something out.

>> No.18736  

Phyis I will always be graceful for what you have done for us. If you can't find anyone yet. I am happy to take over even if I have life things to take care of as well. Hope you get well man. First is your health and your priorities. Forever I will be thankful what you have done for this group and for the fans. I wish I could give you a warm hug but from here I will. Thank you. If you don't get someone for releases by the end of the year I'll help. I don't want this group and work you've done to cease.

>> No.18741  

The image boards and wiki are both hosted by k-zed from Lililicious, right? If those two things aren't going away (though maybe get moved to a new domain) then they could do for the future. The wiki would be the new homepage and what I can do is convert the current homepage's database to wiki format. Let me know if you want to do that.

>> No.18745  

Only the boards. But the hosting isn't that much of an issue, really. Just having someone who does final QC, packaging and release. And the need for someone like that doesn't go away if things get switched to the wiki unfortunately, and I'm still looking for that.

>> No.18833  

>>18745 Phyis please read your email I have someone who wants to do work for Yuri project.

>> No.18913  


>someone who does final QC, packaging and release

How about no final QC? So when an editor says something is to be released, an admin (like me) can make a release post.

>> No.18920  


Or like assign another admin?

>> No.18922  

I'm suggesting making the admin position low effort, because it's not getting any volunteers.

>> No.18924  


What does an admin do?

>> No.18926  

Originally, it's doing final QC for every release, which is a lot of work. I don't know what it entails exactly, but you can ask Phyis about it if you're interested (see her post above).

Since some projects are nearing completion and there is currently no admin I'm suggesting that any project's release be posted on the home page as soon as the respective editor says ready.

Anyway, I can write posts on the home page. (But not the YP Reader.) So if people agree with the above, I'll write release posts.

>> No.18927  


Okay, so I think I read the right post from Phyis. Final QC was/is supposed to be packaging and release. Release is kinda self-explanatory, but what is packaging? From what I gathered from the wiki guidelines, the pages are supposed to be renamed and zipped. Is that what packaging is? By making final qc easier, did you want to skip this step?

>> No.18928  

>>18926 I agree with you that way the page keep going so far all projects that are about to be release are good to go, no need for perfection just good enough to be read and understood.

>> No.18932  

Final QC:
QC-> repackage -> release

I think Procyon's proposal is to remove the QC part so it'll just be:
repackage -> release

>> No.18946  

Kari, could you make a generic credits page that just says "Visit YuriProject.net"?

>> No.18967  

sure like one in general for the page you mean?

>> No.18968  

>>18932 green we have a translator for citrus it not on stall anymore. Xing knows Japanese language pretty well learn in school she helping us right now shes half way thru 17. A group of editors from Italy are helping me clean the manga. We are currently cleaning chapter 18. chapter 17 and 17.5 are totally clean just typesetting is needed and shouldn't take long for that very fast.

>> No.18969  
File: credits.png -(3959 B, 400x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

No, like this image, in case an editor forgot one, like that happened here:
and also here:

>> No.18970  

>>18969 ok :)

>> No.18972  
File: another-kiss.png -(21224 B, 1003x622) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>18969 Another kiss chapter 8 credit page done.

>> No.18973  
File: Cousins-Credit-Page-2.png -(19579 B, 1003x622) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>18971 forgot the author, here you go

>> No.18974  

Thanks, was more than I intended, but that will do.
Could you check this:
I actually prefer the version by Kisatou (from 2014/11/12). The Anonymous edit (from 2016/04/03) is missing the first page and has no SFX.

>> No.18976  

>>18974 yep seeing by the release there is pages that needed to be crop we are caught up with releases, great job procyon, now it will be nice to leave the editors to finish their work and when its time to release and they feel its ready to go, we can release.

>> No.18979  

Sure, I'll keep an eye out.

>> No.19000  
File: candidates.txt -(2042 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Kari, I found around 15-20 projects to release in the archives and status page (see attachment).

As far as I can see only 4 are unreleasable: two broken links, Strange Babys ch3 needs previous chapters released and Hakuchou needs a little bit more editing.

And 8 need a credits page (5 in Manga no Tsukurikata series).

>> No.19003  

The thing is I don't know how the editors will feel if I do the credit page for them instead of them taking that previlenge. I can certainly do them a credit page each tho. If they ever come back and don't mind. I don't see why not.

>> No.19004  

>>19000 ready to release. I'll give each a check and scan soon if anything major needs to be change I'll let you know on each thread or here tho I think they're well made projects. If they are redeable and good I don't see why not release.

>> No.19067  

Just some observations on the releases...
-There's lot's of mistakes. You guys can do better in checking the sentence construction.
-Some doesn't seem to follow YP editing guide.
It's up to you how you take my comment, whether you react good or bad. Lots of releases are good but i'll choose quality over quantity anytime. :)

>> No.19068  

Many of these have been stuck in QC limbo for a long time, with editors disappearing and so on. I'd rather take these with few mistakes than nothing at all.

>> No.19075  

>>19067>>19068 we can certainly work on quality, but people are never happy some what quantity more than quality. But we can certainly work on mistakes from now one the reason some of the recent releases have mistakes its because they been on hold for a while so we wanted to get them out soon.

>> No.19076  

>>19067 we also need more grammar quality check experts, will make a credit page on my next upcoming edits to recruit more volunteers its up to the people if they want to volnteer and help the cause we always welcome editors and translators and everyone to join.

>> No.19077  


I can check for grammar. I feel I know the English grammar rules enough.

>> No.19078  

>>19077 sounds good then :)

>> No.19088  
File: anata_to_ireba.png -(416544 B, 1426x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I signed up as editor for a project called "Ice Skating" last summer, which I then cleaned right away - but ended out putting away due to
work on "Poolside", and later on due to work upon the sequel "Rainy Holiday". I thought it might be due time do some more with the "Ice
Skating" project now, i.e. to typeset it and then send in a version to QC.

I noticed that there were a few words/SFXs that had not been translated, and I thought it might be nice to have those translated too before I started the typesetting.

I am quite positive that the project tread was listed under "IN EDITING", but now I can't find it there or any other place either.

Did the uploader withdraw the offer, or has the thread disappeared for some other reason?

I have attached the first page from that project to this post, in case that might help trigger someones memory about this story. (I don't
want to upload all the files, in case this was an offer the original uploader withdraw.)

>> No.19089  


>朝丘みなぎ 「あなたといれば」 [Asaoka Minagi] Anata to Ireba Lililicious

The wiki says that Lililicious picked it up.

>> No.19090  


>> No.19091  

OK, thank you for the update Procyon.
Now I don't need to wonder about it any more.

>> No.19230  

Is there any continuation for projects like this? http://safe.yuriproject.net/res/3763.html

If anyone were to finish the typesetting for this, would anyone still be interested enough to do QC for it?

>> No.19256  

Any updates on the Kase-san series? Seems like the last one that was worked on was 11.5 but since then, nothing. Has this been abandoned?

>> No.19354  

I've converted and simplified the Project Status page and put it up on the wiki:
Not everything will be in the right column yet, but it's just a case of moving/deleting a text line now and anyone can edit it.
The links on both boards should be updated soon.

>> No.19355  
File: Screenshot_2.png -(46000 B, 1295x390) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Hmm it says read-only on my end though.

>> No.19356  

Spam was an issue in the past, but I can turn on guest edits for individual pages. It should work now.

>> No.19360  

Neat, it works now.

By the way, is there something like a IRC or PM for direct contact in Yuri Project?

>> No.19362  

Not exactly, but you can share your e-mail address here or, privately to an admin, by writing a comment on the home page.

>> No.19367  


I'd be down for an IRC channel. There have been a few times when I would have liked the ability to communicate synchronously.

>> No.19370  

Hmm maybe not by sharing my email here, might consider sending email through admin maybe.

I did notice that the wiki page allows registration, not sure if it allows PM and such though. Also, for some reason I keep failing the recaptcha no matter what.

Maybe an IRC at rizon with #Yuri-Project? The one that makes the channel should be an admin though. Or at least a respectable member

>> No.19372  


>Maybe an IRC at rizon with #Yuri-Project?

There was a #yuriproject on Rizon, but I'm not sure what became of it (I have no interest in IRC).

>not sure if it allows PM and such though.

No, the wiki doesn't have PM.

>Also, for some reason I keep failing the recaptcha no matter what.

There are two captchas installed, but recaptcha won't show if you have javascript off for recaptcha's server.

>> No.19376  


#yuriproject still exists on Rizon, with a topic three years old. It retains a bunch of users, but it doesn't seem very active. Still, it would allow direct, synchronous communication, if that's your object.

>> No.19455  

Is there someone willing to translate OPAPAGOTO?

>> No.19507  

Why aren't there yp hosted DDLs?

>> No.19509  

It's good enough like this, in my opinion.

>> No.19551  
File: Untitled-1.png -(524895 B, 1464x1902) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

To editors out there: is it normal to be losing sharpness after straightening an image?

I recently just realized this was happening, not sure if it already happened with my past edits. Now I'm kind of thinking not to straighten pages so they won't lose quality.

>> No.19570  
File: sbg.jpg -(206735 B, 984x1005) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Think so, after straightening one of my previous works it seems to get blurry. If that's the case then I'd rather leave the ones that are less obvious alone and straightened the ones I can see a difference.

>> No.19573  

Thanks for the confirmation. I was afraid it was just my Photoshop that was acting weird. I'll try asking around to see if there's any solution to this.

>> No.19574  

>>19573 Also do you happen to have them a them at a 300 dpi, non shape or RGB when they are grayscale you can barely so much for it. Make sure you click on the scan layer ctrl+t to transform and straighten the image. Use guides to guide you too they are located under rulers drag them from the ruler they are cian lines that can guide you in straighten up a page if you need too. There may be something slightly off.

>> No.19920  

Does YP have discord channel?

>> No.19980  
File: received_1217141904998079.jpeg -(119362 B, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Just passing by to say hello guys :) had to leave manga editing for ny dream let's just say I'm at NASA :)

>> No.19981  


Well, damn. That's amazing! I'm sure you'll be a great asset to NASA as you were here. Good luck, Kari!

>> No.19986  

>>19981 thanks Musicgod continue being a great editor! :) or Qc. Hopefully I come back soon if not when I'm up in space ill do this to not get bored and edit up there lol.

>> No.19987  

That's wonderful, good to hear it's going so well!

>> No.19988  


Thanks! But man, now I wanna grow to be an astronaut just so I can edit yuri manga in space XD

>> No.19995  
File: giphy.gif -(506430 B, 400x227) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>I guess you needed some...space...
>I guess I'll just...rocket... out of here.

You can kill me now.

>> No.20001  

You say that you are always in need of help. I don't know Japanese and have no photoshop skills, but what do you need to do as a quality checker? Is it just looking for typos and grammatical errors or is it more complex than that?

>> No.20012  


You can see what's expected of quality checkers at http://wiki.yuriproject.net/guidelines , under the "Quality Check" heading.

>> No.20016  

Thank you, that is very helpful!

>> No.20022  

Thank you guys I barely have time to do much with engineering only study and work on my life. Hopefully I can get back to yuri when I get a stable job. So far we are building stuff that is beyond me. I don't know how far it will take me but I try not to lose my mind that's why I had to leave some things I lovw the most. I am gonna miss you guys. Hope I can get back someday.

>> No.20027  

I just want to come by and thank everyone who work on citrus Procyon, Phyis, Keira, Musicgod, Hong and so many others if it wasnt for Yuri project continuing the series Seven seas wouldn't have notice the amount of support it had and wouldn't have publish it and now we got an anime! Citrus comimg out! I want to thank every single one of you for what you have done for me and every single girl and guy who wants a new fresh story of love between girls. A story they are able to connect with. I appreciate everything you do. Thanks can't be enough thank you Phyis for keeping this amazing thread. Thanks to anyone really who does yuri manga scanlation because we help projects like these get notice that is something we can take pride for.

>> No.20031  

anyone have this manga?

>> No.20556  

Is the guy from MakiMaki scanlations still around here or does anyone know how to contact them?
I've already tried their website.

Short of that, would anyone here be interested in re-typesetting Girlfriends if I provide high quality scans for the raws?
As it is right now, there is no consistent and good quality release as far as image quality goes.

>> No.20573  

Just wondering if Yuri Project is going to end this manga or if it's been dropped.
In any case, I'll just drop the link to the raws here, since I didn't find any thread to it.
Thanks to those who will help to end this series.

>> No.20598  

Fragtime was finished by someone else.

Ch. 16: http://my.mixtape.moe/kiycof.zip
Ch. 17: http://my.mixtape.moe/rsfarg.zip

>> No.20599  

those seemed pretty bad to me with the moritani name change, the hentais, the weird editor's note/commentary, and the minimal editing. id definitely prefer it if yuri project released a better version and do the series justice.

>> No.20604  

>>20599 I think that, too. Yuri Project's version is more accurate, so I trust them more.

>> No.20655  

Well, just recently I checked and the MakiMaki webpage domain has expired and up for renewal.

Guess that means they are pretty much gone for good.

So, with that said. Would anyone here be interested working with me and rescanlating Girl Friends and do it with much better scans?

>> No.20662  

What about Seven Seas' release?

>> No.20664  
File: gf-009.jpg -(365801 B, 1124x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

There are a good number of TL errors and very bad over localization. As well as vastly subpar editing and typesetting.

>> No.20666  

>>20664 Is this from 7seas?

>> No.20667  
File: raw 009.jpg -(283558 B, 982x1400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Yes, and that's why I would like to redo the series. It deserves better.

For comparison, here's the original version of the page.

>> No.20668  

That's not Seven Seas' release. Seven Seas' text for this page is:

A McDonald's?!

A small coke and Mc-Nuggets please!
What do you want, Mari-chan?
The same, I guess...

Thinking /always/ makes me hungry!!
/I thought you were thirsty...?/
(Munch Munch, Chomp Chomp)

Oh my gosh...
I hope we don't get caught hanging out instead of going straight home...

Is your hair naturally straight?

The typesetting is also much better than that example. The translation is also better than Makimaki's translation.

>> No.20669  

Oh, then this >>20664 must be the Jmanga release.

I can't seem to find any scans of the seven seas' version. Would you happen to be able to take a photo of a couple pages so I can see the quality of the typesetting and how the localization TLs are.

And if you don't mind answering one other question. Seven seas' has "The Complete Collection 1" and "The Complete Collection 2" is there any actual difference?

>> No.20670  
File: blurry.jpg -(301663 B, 1774x1224) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Collection 1 has the first 2.5 volumes and Collection 2 has the last 2.5 volumes.

I can't seem to get a picture that's anything but super blurry and it's a real pain. Maybe you can find it in a local book or manga store?

>> No.20671  

Well, that's kind of misleading to call it a complete collection.

"Laughing makes me thirsty, let's go to McDonald's" seems pretty liberal for " ねマックよってこ", but I guess it's better than rescanlating the whole series by hand.

Anyway, thank you. I can more or less tell what I need to know from that photo.
It's better than the jmanga at least. Though, I can see they use the same font for main text and side text.

I appreciate the help.

>> No.20673  


>"Laughing makes me thirsty, let's go to McDonald's" seems pretty liberal for " ねマックよってこ"

Does she say she's thirsty the line before it? At the McDonald's she does say "I thought you were thirsty".

>> No.20674  
File: 008.jpg -(541292 B, 983x1400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Yes, she does. But they also added and removed things, like Akko saying her name.

>> No.20675  
>Well, that's kind of misleading to call it a complete collection.

No it isn't. It is the complete collection, it's simply split up into two books because of course it is. That's common sense for omnibus releases because nobody wants to have a 1000+ page tankoubon in their hand. Don't imagine up slights and conspiracies because you couldn't make a simple connection.

>> No.20679  

You're not really smart, are you.
You're also hostile and belligerent for literally no reason.

>> No.20705  

musicgod96, do you have an e-mail address I can reach you at?

>> No.20707  


Yeah, just add @yahoo to the end of my name,

>> No.20708  


>> No.20737  

I keep getting HTTP Error 500 when trying to browse individual release pages (https://yuriproject.net/gypsophilas-short-lived-calculations/). I tried Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

>> No.20893  
File: 0004.png -(5021990 B, 2985x4200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Procyon, I've started scanning and cleaning that high res Girlfriends projects I was talking about.

Would you be interested in giving the series a quick once over to check for blatant mistranslations and over localizations?

>> No.20897  

That's what I did with Saluki when we ripped JManga's Morita-san wa Mukuchi releases.

The JManga release actually had some missing floating texts if I remember right and a couple of obvious mistranslations. I don't think you'll find anything like that in 7Seas's release (I don't remember anything bad at all when I read it).

And JManga was shutting down back then, with no way to get their releases anymore. Also, Saluki and I translated the volume specials that were missing, as well. The specials were released on YP separately and the volume archives including the specials I posted on /u/.

>> No.20898  

I didn't really look all that closely while I was scanning, but there seems to be a handful of things that could use fixing.

Like that one example of using "bitch" seems pretty harsh. Japanese doesn't really use curse words as far as I know.

And some other things like

>*TL note: kanpai means "cheers"

I can fix the handful of awkward localizations myself, but I don't trust my Japanese skills to catch all mistranslations.

>> No.20904  


>Like that one example of using "bitch" seems pretty harsh. Japanese doesn't really use curse words as far as I know.

Do you mean the Japanese original for this particular phrase, or Japanese in general? Because if you're speaking in general, then you're definitely wrong. Politeness and rudeness exist in cultural context. The job of a translator is to convey the original meaning to a new audience, not to simply replace phrases with dictionary equivalent ones. If something is very rude in Japanese, it's often best translated into English by using profanity.

Words like "bitch" have many different meanings and many different uses - the way it's used in this quote is clearly meant to convey strong self-disgust. I'm not sure if it's correct here, since I don't have the original in front of me, so I can't comment on this particular instance. However, if you attempt to "correct" a translation with the mindset that no matter what the Japanese says, it's never the right choice to translate it into profanity in English, then I think you've completely missed the point of what translators are supposed to do.

If you weren't talking about Japanese in general and meant simply that this section of text doesn't merit the use of a swear word, then I apologize.

>> No.20906  
File: itadakimasu.png -(878896 B, 1266x714) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Sorry, but you're just plain wrong about everything you've said.
You're like pic related. Crunchy Roll translating "itadakimasu" as "Through the Dark Lord Amen".
The whole "transnational equivalent" nonsense just means "inaccurate".

The job of a translator is to accurately covey what the original writer said. The job of a translator is not to interject their personal views and beliefs into the translation to make it appeal to the "new audience".

It's a well know fact that actual curse words and profanity are very rare in the Japanese language. You can convey something as being rude without using curse words. It's never "best" to use them. That's just your personal bias, not what the author is actually trying to say.

Anyway, the original text is "って... やだ私何まりに嫌み言ってんの!!"
No there really was no reason to use the word "bitch" for that. It was very liberal.

>> No.20907  

No translator equivalents is one hell of an ideal and not one I can find much sympathy for. Anyway in my opinion everything by Seven Seas is good or good enough, so I can't offer any help.

>> No.20986  
File: 2017-09-05_04-05-00.png -(485725 B, 1230x944) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Would yuri project consider requesting that all their work be taken off Dynasty. They are getting a really bad reputation for attacking both scanlators and artists.

The claim they respect scanlators, but they publicly attack anyone who requests their work not be honest on their site. And often even ignore the take down request.

This scanlator requested their work not be put on Dynasty.

They ignored that, and instead choose to start attacking the scanlator on their forums while uploading their work anyway.
The author of the doujin even requested that it be taken down, and they ignored that as well.

They say that have evidence that it was done by some boogieman they don't like, but whenever anyone asks them to show that evidence, they just ban the person instead.

This is not the first time Dynasty has attacked authors and scanlators, Phyis also knows about this.

>> No.20987  

I'm sorry you all got dragged into this thing.

>> No.20988  

So, I, as current admin, am against this. I like that Dynasty has everything in one place and I trust them. I won't budge on this and I won't go into discussion.

But if all the contributors of a certain chapter want that chapter not hosted on Dynasty, I will request that chapter removed from Dynasty.

>> No.20989  


Thank you Procyon. That really means a lot to me.

I suppose I should take the time to say that in the years since I've been helping with the site, I believe no-one other than Ack has ever had their request for a take-down rejected. Everyone else we have either agreed to do so, or managed to talk things out. Believe me when I say we respect scanlators and the work they do, and thanks to everyone here for their efforts.

>> No.20990  
File: 2017-09-07_15-27-35.png -(11061 B, 787x91) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You have proof right in front of that shows they are not trust worthy. Your not being reasonable at all.

Drpepperfan is a know liar who refuses to give proof for anything he says.

I will give you a first hand example right now. Watch.

Drpepperfan, ACK does not exist, it is something you made up along with Troid. Troid started attacking memembers of the scanlation community years ago. I have attached a file from the Dynasty IRC channel where Troid is openly attacking people from yuri project.

Troid also used his 4chan mod status to harass people anonymous. If you read the 4chan staff IRC logs Troid literally says he wants to "purge" people he doesn't like from the fan base.

If you have any proof at all supporting your claim that I or anyone else is "ack", post it now.

I will also note that Dynasty scans has multiple times in the past tried to steal credit for work other scanlators have done.
Here's logs and proof.

Those logs can be confirmed as true because the admin himself posted them in this thread https://dynasty-scans.com/forum/topics/6305-strike-that-reverse-it
Read the pastebin links he provided.

Also in those links he admits to harassing users and doesn't care about being fair, all he cares about is that people cow toe to him.
Note that Dynasty thread is also them attacking another scanlator for no reason

And Procyon, talk to Phyis about this. They have proof that Troid has been attacking scanlators for years, I'm sure you'll listen to them more than me.

>> No.20991  

Just to link the pastebin log shown in that image.

>T 1426554022 18<Casusby18> once he gives me some proof that it was him in PSDs or whatever
>T 1426554025 18<Casusby18> They will go down
>T 1426554042 18<Casusby18> But I highly encourage someone to reproduce them
>T 1426554235 18<Casusby18> Like I said, I highly encourage someone to redo them
>T 1426554243 18<Casusby18> They might... even have PSDs to work from

He requests proof that people are scanlators, then attempts to steal credit for said scanlations.

>> No.20992  

I think you should change your perspective. Anyone could take any comic you or I had worked on and host it somewhere without our permission. They could change the credit page and take credit for someone else's work. And there's nothing anyone could do to make them stop. This is because the usual recourse for IP theft - a lawsuit - is denied to us. And why is it denied to us? Because we are thieves. Not only legally, but morally as well, I don't think any scanlator is in a position to get angry about having our work stolen.

Dynasty is a great place to read yuri manga, because it's where (almost) all the yuri is. When I translate something, I'd like for it to be read - that's why I'm taking the time to translate it in the first place.

Basically, even if dynasty is stealing other people's work (I find that one hard to believe) and hosting stuff without permission (I'm actually amazed at the extent of their willingness to remove stuff when asked), it doesn't matter. Readers go there who will read the stuff I translate.

>> No.20993  

The point here is that Dynasty scans is run by hypocrites, lairs, thieves, who don't think twice about attacking and harassing people.

>I find that one hard to believe

Look at the posts above yours. They offer objective documented proof that they attempt to steal things.
They're just bad people. They shouldn't get to be in control of the most trafficked yuri reader where they can spread misinformation, as well as lie and slander people.

>> No.20994  

I agree with this. They claim that they respect scanlators but then make this one exception just because he's someone they don't like.

And it doesn't matter if Dynasty is right or wrong about disliking him, two wrongs don't make a right.

>> No.20995  

And what makes it even worse is that they're claim anyone is this supposed person, even though they have no proof that person ever existed in the first place, or is the person they're currently talking about.

Drpepperfan says he has proof, but he always refuses to post it or share it. The closest he's come in "these two things kinda look the same, so they must be the same person." And then he bans anyone who points out his proof is not even close to accurate.

He thinks he's the one who's getting attacked, well, it's actually the exact opposite. If they didn't attack other people, they wouldn't have the need to defend themselves.

>> No.20996  

I'll repeat, if all contributors of a chapter want it not hosted on Dynasty, I will request Dynasty to remove it.

Regular contributors can look at the above and decide for themselves when next they work on a chapter.

You've had your say.

No more discussion on this topic or I will purge it. Yuri Project will support Dynasty for as long as I am admin.

>> No.20997  

Can you give me some way to contact you in private then?
I don't care where I discusses this, I just want to know your reasoning to why you are siding with them.

>> No.20998  


>> No.20999  

Are you intentionally trying to be unreasonable here?
Even Phyis knows that Dynasty scans attacks scanlators, why don't you just ask her about it?
You won't even say why you're siding with them.

>> No.21000  

I don't owe you or even Phyis an answer. And I think I've been reasonable leaving your above appeal and giving the option to request to remove something from Dynasty should all contributors of a chapter agree.

I will delete future messages on this topic.

>> No.21001  


>I think I've been reasonable

You haven't given a reason for ANYTHING you've said.
You are objectively not reasonable, by the very definition of the word.

>I don't owe you or even Phyis an answer.

How self important and self righteous. Even more so considering you're defending someone who attacks people. Guess you're one of them.

>I trust Dynasty
>is shown proof Dynasty lies, steals and attacks people (thus not trust worthy)
>refuses to listen and won't give a single reason he's defending Dynasty

Go ahead, delete my posts, prove you're just as bad as Dynasty, everyone already sees you are. It's no wonder you side with other bad people.

By the way, the quality of releases has taken a drastic drop since Phyis left. You don't even give releases a once over to check from edges and corners that haven't been cropped all the way. You don't even come close to following the standards listed on the wiki.

>> No.21002  


>I don't owe you or even Phyis an answer.

That's right, you don't. YP is supposed to be a collaborative platform, not a classic scanlation group where the current lead can just unilaterally decide where other people's work should be published based on some drama of the week. That's ultimately the collaborators' decision. Hence why I never actually acted against Dynasty when I had my own beef against them - which was ages ago, I might add.

Thank you for your hard work.

>> No.21008  


Why do you delete my post? If you don't want me talking about it here in the general thread, where you told me to talk about it, why don't you just give a way to contact you in private.

I fail to see how I'm not reasonable when all I ask is that you explain why you're siding with people who attack and harass me as well as others.

>> No.21009  


Dynasty can do whatever Dynasty wants. Procyon can do whatever Procyon wants. Nobody owes you anything.

>> No.21012  


>thieves, liars, murders, scumbags, rapists can do whatever they want, they don't owe you anything

Procyon made the claim "Dynasty is trust worthy". That is blatantly wrong and there is objective proof supporting as such. He made the claim, so he has to defend it.

>> No.21017  

No, I don't, and that's not even what I said. I said I trust them and contributors can choose on their own.

>I fail to see how I'm not reasonable when all I ask is that you explain why you're siding with people who attack and harass me as well as others.

Because I said from the start I don't want to share my reasons, and because the answer is just for your own benefit when I have no obligation to you, and it has absolutely no relevance to Yuri Project which this discussion should be about.

It has no relevance to YP because if Phyis or a lot of current contributors demand an admin who dislikes Dynasty, then I'll simply leave.

The discussion should also not be about "the wrongs of Dynasty" but "what should YP do about the wrongs of Dynasty". Which as it turns out, given the principals of YP, is nothing (though I gave the above option to request removal). And further posts to get some kind of reaction are just spam.

You've been banned for prolonging this discussion into futility and are ban-evading. Any more and I'm deleting this whole topic.

>> No.21018  

I've changed my IP nearly every single post, I had no idea you were banning me. Though, you really shouldn't be announcing you're banning people who do nothing wrong, only makes you look bad.

>I said I trust them

That amounts to the SAME exact thing.
That said, you have exactly ZERO reason to trust them, given the proof that has been shown in this thread.

You attack me, help them, Dynasty, attack other people (thus causing damage to the fan base as a whole), so yeah, you do kind of owe an explanation as to why you think what you think. This is obviously a case of you just lying because you have no actual reason. In criminal law, no innocent person ever takes the 5th, because they'd have no reason to. You've spent more time refusing to give your reasons than it would have taken you to give them.

The irony is that you say I'm prolonging this when you could have just ended it in a single reply by giving your reasons (which actually don't exist).

Feel free to delete these posts, I have the whole thread saved in a archive.is link. So I have all the proof I need of what a kind of person you are.

>> No.21319  

Could someone give me some Japanese sites where I could browse for doujins (and order them via a proxy service)? I only know of Mandarake so far.

>> No.21321  


Toranoana also has doujin. http://www.toranoana.jp/mailorder/

I'm not sure where else to browse.

If you need a proxy service, I've used https://www.goody-japan.com/ before. They process payments through PayPal, which is much more desirable than having to trust a site to build their own payment service.

>> No.21326  


Thanks! I do have a proxy service, but I'll check out the one you linked.

>> No.21397  

I might like to contribute to the completion of Holy Girl Paradigm? Might anyone be able to find wherever the thread for that effort went?

>> No.21402  

Did this continue past Hirari? I have raws for chapter 6 & 7 from Hirari 13 & 14. Not sure if threads were made for those.


>> No.21403  

I have no idea. I can do fair work cleaning and editing so I'd like to offer to do that.

>> No.21605  

Is WeatheredPeach still around?

>> No.21616  


Hello. I'm not really around (got so much work going for me nowadays ;__;) but I answer simple questions.

(And hello everyone. Glad to see YP still running :D)

>> No.21617  

Hey! Already talked to you on discord.

>> No.21651  

Does anyone know how to rip manga from bookwalker?

>> No.21655  


>> No.21686  

I'm aware of the SSL issue and will fix it later today once I have time.

>> No.21687  

Everything should be working again.

>> No.21688  

Can you do an update too or can I do that even?

>> No.21695  

>>21655 headache

>> No.21721  

Hahaha. Thought the same thing. I couldn’t understand a lick of whater the instruction was.

>> No.21817  

Sorry for the late reply. Before making any major updates I wanted to wait for the next billing cycle, which has now come and gone. I'll take a closer look this week, currently considering a full system upgrade, so that's a bit of a time commitment.

>> No.21833  


Hello. Procyon, I'd like to get in contact with you over mail, and your old email seems inactive. Would you please email me at (my nickname) at gmail dot com?

>> No.21895  

Some stuff is happening in the background as a result of Phyis's sudden passing. Her wife wasn't left with passwords and some e-mail addresses are unknown, so I'm currently working with her and NameCheap to get ownership of the yuriproject.net domain.

The hosting will stop at the next "billing cycle" (anywhere from April 18 (1 month) to March 18, 2019 (1 year), I'll try to find out when), which means the homepage and wiki will go down. The boards are hosted (webmastered) by K-zed and are fine.

Before the homepage goes down I'm thinking of switching to a smaller homepage that can be hosted on the server of the boards. At least until a new website is ready and run by a new webmaster.

For that I'll try to have a mini homepage done soon and have the domain point to that as soon as I have control.
(you can see progress here: http://status.yuriproject.net/mini/ )

Who will be next webmaster is not sure yet (maybe WeatheredPeach).

>> No.21933  

What are the settings for saving jpg? For webtoons and color pages, Photoshop.

>> No.21937  


File -> Save for Web -> choose "JPEG", "Quality" of 80% or greater

I usually do 100%, but there's hardly any difference in picture quality between 80% and 100%, at least with the pictures I use.

>> No.21948  

I'd like to translate some stuff, but I have no clue what people are interested in, what's been done, what people plan to do, etc. Please let me know what needs to be translated and I'll do what I can.

>> No.21949  


http://wiki.yuriproject.net/status provides a list of series awaiting translation. You can use that as a starting point, but entries in that list frequently do not reflect the actual state of the series in my experience, so be sure to double-check. Alternatively, you can trawl the history for threads containing raws, with a promise to edit if upon translation, if you're lucky.

I once previously asked what the best way is to find out what's been done. I was referred to https://dynasty-scans.com/ as the most comprehensive list of scanlated series available. This, coupled with the status page from above, should give a pretty good idea of whether or not a series you want to translate has already been worked on, in whole or in part.

Unless there's a thread listing stated intentions, I don't know how it's possible to divine what people plan to do. In general, creating a thread is the way to show interest. Promises to do work if others show interest are common, as well as proof of intent by way of initial work.

>> No.21950  

Thanks for the response, though I was sort of dreading that might be the answer. The status thing seems quite outdated, with the entries I checked being years old, so I'm skeptical whether anyone is still interested in them. The image board is a bit of a mess with a lot of old posts and dead links as well, but I guess I can just try picking some stuff. Preferably I'd like to translate something someone wants to work on, though, which is hard to judge. I'll try to find something, but let me know if anyone has a specific request.

>> No.21951  


If you want to translate something that you know somebody wants to edit, I'd recommend just going back through the post history until you find something where someone uploaded the raws, and someone said they'd be willing to edit.

Or you could go back and find some raws that were uploaded and just post saying you'd be willing to translate if anyone wants to edit. There are a lot of raw posted that apparently no one has worked on.

Also, there's this: http://safe.yuriproject.net/res/17059.html
Someone translated the first 6 chapters (and I checked the translation) but there are several more chapters available that need to be translated.

>> No.21953  

I'm a bit doubtful about posts from 4 or more months ago, but it's better than nothing.

I've translated one story I'll post after I've looked over it again. After that I'll read the thing you've linked, thanks.

>> No.21954  

You'd be surprised. Often bumping a thread with an offer to translate, even if it's ancient, will have good results.

>> No.22028  

I wasn't able to acquire the yuriproject.net domain. Phyis used a lot of security and Namecheap can't legally help me or Phyis's widow further.

The domain will point to the current homepage IP and the boards IP until March 18, 2019. The homepage will go down at an unknown time. I can't find out when.

So WeatheredPeach, as new webmaster, will buy a new domain and we'll have to transition to that. For instance, the yuriproject.net link in credit pages (of future releases) will have to change, as well as on other sites like Dynasty, or people's bookmarks.

The static homepage that I made doesn't have comments, so I'm thinking of making a thread on the boards for that, that has perma-sage. I'm also thinking of switching the boards to another image board software, like NPFchan. It may be possible to merge the nsfw in with the safe board. Let me know if anyone is opposed.

I don't have access to the yuri_project twitter account. Tweets are made by a Wordpress plugin and it just has some tokens and keys. The account seems to have almost 2000 followers, but I wonder if they rely on twitter to be informed of new releases.

>> No.22031  

I didn’t know YP was doing Morita-san wa Mukuchi. Will you continue the project without Phyis?

>> No.22032  

Yeah, I'm in for that, but it'll need a new editor. I'll upload all the raws I have.


>> No.22033  

Between work and vacation, WeatheredPeach and I will try to have a new homepage and domain around May 20.
The boards will stay the same, it wasn't really worth changing.

>> No.22043  

I was reading this yesterday and I didn’t even notice. If it’s okay with you I’d like to help out and edit...

>> No.22070  

I offered before to do editing for Holy Girl Paradigm >>21577.
I'd like to ask again if anyone desired to translate it.
If not, would I be allowed to take the raws and ask /u/ to translate it? I'd give YP credit for the raws.

>> No.22071  

Looks like Procyon translated the other chapters, but I can translate those two if Procyon doesn't want to.

>> No.22072  

Please go ahead.

>> No.22079  

In Save for Web PS, what does Convert to sRGB do? Is there an advantage for it?

>> No.22083  

Please do.
And if anyone knows what fonts were used in the previous chapters, that would be helpful too.

>> No.22085  

With the yuriproject.net domain and the host it points to no longer managed, I went and bought yuri-project.net. It's being hosted by K-zed who also hosts the boards. For future releases please update credits pages to the new domain.

>> No.22096  


I'm not sure how important it is (or maybe they just haven't been updated yet), but the links at the top of the boards lead to the old domains, as well as the links in the wiki.

>> No.22098  

The wiki is easy to do and should be good now. The board links will be changed by K-zed.

About the wiki, that's also disappearing someday. I backed it up and made it available here: http://yuri-project.net/wiki.html. I'm not really sure what to do about that.

>> No.22103  

If you need any help with the new page, from the looks, i.e. CSS, to more technical things, please let me know.

(Especially while the "old" page is up for reference.)

>> No.22104  

Thanks, I'll send you an e-mail.

>> No.22214  

Kiena made a new homepage that's closer in appearance to Phyis's Wordpress. Currently using a summer theme. Please check it out.

>> No.22223  


It looks great! Good job, Kiena and any others that helped.

>> No.22226  

Just wondering, is there some sort of release request thing where I should submit works approved by QC? Because so far all I've done is put the download link at the end of the discussion and wait. Should I do anything else?

>> No.22227  

Please bump any thread you feel I may have forgotten.

>> No.22228  

Thanks. n.n It's based on the WordPress site, as Procyon wrote in the announcement. So a big part of it is Phyis' work, and Procyon gave feedback while it was made, too.

Please write here if you have any ideas, problems, or just wishes for the site. Volunteers who'd help maintaining it wouldn't be turned away either. n.n;

The work is still ongoing, mainly to restore as much content as possible to how it was before. (All older posts are categorized as safe, please be careful. New posts have the correct category added, though. Shishunki Medical is proof of that. The others since the new homepage started are really safe.)

Before there was some form of project status tracking, though it wasn't used for a long time as I know. Maybe something similar could be created again...

>> No.22229  

I definitely would like to help keeping track of project status. However I'm a med student and even though I make time for hobbies like editing, I'm not sure I can find the time to take that first step and go through all of the projects on YP in order to index them.

If there was some way to split that work with multiple people, I'd love to contribute.

>> No.22231  

If we use something like the project status page on the wiki, I could try to help keep things more organized. It seems like it'd be fairly simple to keep track of things going forward just by checking the threads every few days. Though it'd quite a bit more work to go back and organize things retroactively.

>> No.22241  

status.yuriproject.net? (Or a wiki page I'm unable to find?)

>> No.22242  

The wiki status is here: http://wiki.yuriproject.net/status

(the link is called [Project Status] at the top of the boards)

But it's been outdated since probably early 2017.

http://status.yuriproject.net/ is more outdated.

Keep in mind that this wiki will go down at some point.

>> No.22377  

Tsuki-chan, in your post in Homepage comments you said you'd like to work on Hana ni Arashi. It seems that project is well staffed, though a translation/editing quality checker is always welcome, probably. You could ask if they need someone in that or other roles.

Your post in the Hana ni Arashi thread sounded like you'd like to work on other titles, too. That may have created a bit of a confusion, though if that is indeed the case, you're welcome to sign up for any role in any thread. http://wiki.yuriproject.net/status lists the projects by status. You may be interested in the "Translation posted in thread" (needs editor) and "No translation" (needs translation and mostly editing, too) categories as well.

This is the thread Cecile referred to. If you have any general questions, ask away here. n.n

>> No.22389  

RSS link is broken. It shows up as yuri-project.net/slug/slug

>> No.22392  

This one is broken? http://yuri-project.net/feed.xml

>> No.22397  

Can anyone recommend me a story they want to see edited?

I want to pick something up, but I don't know the other authors in the project status page, so I have no idea what the stories are like. I can edit anything that's SFW and has no rape in the plot, so if you have anything in mind, just say.

>> No.22401  

Only SFW? Too bad. Shuguy is looking for an editor for Kuragane Ken's new NSFW manga.

>> No.22403  

Yeah, sorry, I don't do NSFW.

>> No.22406  

Any chance we could get an actual Wiki in the new domain? Since the old wiki is bound to disappear at some point. I've got a bit of free time in my hands and I might use that to index the project status page.

>> No.22415  


>Any chance we could get an actual Wiki in the new domain?

There may be some. I was considering creating something else for the status tracking, though it's unclear when that'll be done. A wiki may serve other purposes, too, and would most likely be faster to set up, so I'm looking into the options.

>> No.22447  

Both the homepage and the boards work with HTTPS now. HTTP isn't redirected yet to HTTPS, though it may happen soon. Please write here if you run into any trouble while making use of HTTPS or due to any other reasons on these pages.

>> No.22463  

Procyon, please contact me in private.

>> No.22484  


Thanks to k-zed working a lot with me on the HTTPS and other server configurations since last week, there is now a new wiki at wiki.yuri-project.net.


  • The syntax isn't the same as it was on the old wiki, but helper pages are available. (A somewhat more similar syntax can be chosen, too, but there is no full feature parity in either case.) The links are mostly the same.
  • I moved (and adapted) only the pages that seemed the most important and useful: (updated) Start, Guidelines, Editing Tutorial, and Project Status.
  • New pages cannot be created, and the pages aren't editable, with one exception.
  • Logged in users can edit the Project Status page. Cecile and others who might be interested, please create a user to be able to edit it, no other steps are required after that.
  • https://wiki.yuri-project.net/wiki/Project%20Status has the most recent content from http://wiki.yuriproject.net/status. You may want to take a look at http://wiki.yuriproject.net/wiki:threads too, and may use old format as inspiration. (Currently it's hard to see what is SFW and what isn't.)
  • In the future, depending on people's initiatives some restrictions may be removed. E.g. to make it possible to add back some of the old pages without assistance.
  • There is a link on the start page to the non-formatted old wiki pages. The link on the homepage will navigate to the new wiki soon if it's satisfactory. (Otherwise another engine or other solution will be found.)

Some changes are yet expected to be made to the new wiki in the near future. I would've preferred it not to have "wiki" twice in the URLs, but we ran into some technical difficulties while trying to get rid of it. It's still safe to make changes to the Project Status page in the meantime, because they won't be lost, and I'll write a notification about the expected downtime here.

If you'd rather convey a request or issue directly, please send a mail to admin@yuri-project.net. (If you ask, I'll send a mail about when the wiki won't be in service.)

Sorry for the length and all the details. Kinda tired and annoyed after dealing with the mentioned technical issue for several hours...

The wiki's looks are very close to the default, though it's our own theme based on that and it already contains a few little changes. If someone would like to work on it, let me know. n.n

>> No.22488  

>>22484 Great news! Thanks for this. I'll try to get some of the projects in the project status page updated during the next few days/weeks (will depend on how much free time college allows me to have).

>> No.22489  

Re-adding it fixed it. *shrug (Waited for a new release to confirm.)

>> No.22495  

At the moment I upload the feed.xml separately. It could be that it had wrong permissions and was unreadable for a few hours.

(I hadn't given AXYPB an update on Mangagamer related work in a while.)

>> No.22500  
File: yuriproject error.JPG -(31904 B, 676x316) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Okay. I went through the whole Safe Board checking project status and I managed to update all of them, BUT... when I clicked "Save Changes" at the wiki I got this error.

>> No.22501  
File: YURIPROJECT.txt -(37977 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I can't seem to get to the wiki at all right now. If someone is able to access the project status page on the new wiki, could you replace the content of that page with the one on this file? Thank you very much.

>> No.22505  

It's working again after a restart. (It seems something went wrong when it tried to process when the change happened. I'll try figuring out what, but in the meantime let's see if it happens again, so feel free to keep working on it.) Sorry for the inconvenience. -.-

The (relatively) good news is that there was no need to replace the content because it was saved successfully. Thanks for the effort and sorry again.

Edit: I suspect that the error was the result of me sneakily changing a couple files without restarting the wiki. I won't do that again...

>> No.22506  

The earlier mentioned wiki maintenance is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, the 7th of August, from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. UTC.

Please don't use it from 3 p.m. and I'll post here once it's in full service again. If any problems come up until that time then I'll try to solve those as well.

Cecile, if you can think of something to do on the Project Status page, then please try changing it again to see if it has really been fixed. (I'll check before the maintenance, too.)

>> No.22512  

Everything is back and hopefully better than ever before (on the new domain). Now you can use the links at the top of the boards to get to the new wiki, too. The homepage will be updated soon (within 24 hours).

>> No.22514  


Seems to be working fine now. I'll make sure to keep the Safe Board projects on the Status page updated as often as possible. I haven't touched the NSFW board, though.

By the way, when going through the projects I found a couple of lost Multiball translations I'm quite interested in picking up later (though not for the near future since med school keeps me rather busy). :)

>> No.22519  

Thank you!

>> No.22529  

The wiki will be restarted at 7 p.m. UTC. Please refrain from using it until 7:10 p.m.

>> No.22530  

The wiki maintenance is over. Since it went live over a hundred users have been registered. While I'm optimistic they are all real, it's suspicious. For this reason a very simple (text) CAPTCHA has been added. You need to pass it to register or edit a page.

I'll either create a group in the future for known page editors or find a way to keep it only for new user registration, to spare you from having to deal with it all the time if it's too annoying.

Since most of those users may be fake, I plan to remove them at some point. Those who edited the Project Status page will obviously remain, as well as any I can recognize. If you didn't edit that page but would like to keep your wiki user, please send a mail to admin@yuri-project.net with your user name from the address you registered with, please! (Otherwise you'll just have to register again.)

The unidentified users will be removed a week from now.

>> No.22586  

The next wiki maintenance is scheduled to take place today (August 18), from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. UTC.

>> No.22588  

The wiki maintenance ended.

  • All unrecognized users have been removed. (If you can't log in, please either register again or ask for it to be restored.)
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>> No.22606  

Would you please consider adding a search feature to the website? It would be nice to search amongst the boards and homepage, not only for series but general keywords.

>> No.22618  

For the boards you'll have to use Google, for example with the "site:" operator like this:

"innocent noise" site:safe.yuri-project.net

For the website, actually the database is visible, maybe CTRL+F there:


>> No.22620  

>>22618 Thank you!

>> No.22624  

Markdown syntax of Wakaba (this image board):

(I only used a subset of what is listed there. If something isn't accurate, a YP wiki page could also be created. If someone would like to write it, let us know and it'll be created so that you can edit it.)

>> No.22631  

The RSS is back to showing yuri-project.net/slug/slug to me. During the Aug 20 releases, it was fine with "The Rain and the Other Side of You" and "Hana ni Arashi" but broken with "Innocent Noise". I tried re-adding it but still broken as of now. It's not really much of a problem but I'm curious what breaks it.

>> No.22671  

Procyon fixed the format of the RSS feed, so let's hope every program will like it now.

>> No.22880  

Did all of the anthology progress tables migrate to the new wiki? And if not, mind if I transfer them? And if you do mind, then mind if I steal the hell out of them?
I'm putting together a group (I mean, it's together at this point), to finish translating Tsubomi and this is a great project resource. Particularly if Hirari and Rakuen are in our future.

>> No.22883  

Those pages are not in the new wiki yet. They haven't been maintained for a long time, either, it seems. If you'd like to migrate — and maybe maintain — them, then I'll create the pages. (Is this what your second question meant?)

What does your 3rd question mean? Are the tables the resource?

>> No.22884  

Nice that's good to hear. I've converted the old wiki's magazine pages over to the new wiki format:


>> No.22887  

I could have worded that a little better, so Kiena and I worked together to bring the pages over. I wrote a conversion script and Kiena prepared the pages and categories, helped check my script's output and is finalizing background visuals.

>> No.22896  

Ah, sorry about the bit of confusion, I tend to operate entirely off of mobile so I'm not too articulate. The wiki pages are great resources for myself, both for Tsubomi and for getting a general feel of the magazines, so I was just making sure they weren't going to be lost to the ether when the old site closes down. I'll update and maintain the Tsubomi pages (I have an excel spreadsheet that's tracking a lot of the same information already) and then do the same for the others when I have some time.

I'd love to get some modern magazines up there at some point, like Galette, but that would be a bigger endeavor since I don't really know any Japanese.

Thanks so much to both of you! It means a lot!

Do you have any larger plans for the wiki? I've been collecting a lot of scanlation resources and guides for setting up the Tsubomi group if those are something you'd be interested in.

Also also, would you be interested, at some time in the future, in a Trello board to track your projects? I can send you ours if you want to see how it looks (though, there aren't many projects in process right now). Not that I have time to set one up right now >_>

>> No.22899  

The wiki will be down from 5:30 PM UTC for at most half an hour. Then I'll update the manga pages to make use of what will have gotten added during maintenance.

Losing them completely should never have been an option. We have copies of them, and the raw version of all the old wiki pages are also available through a link on the new wiki's start page.

They are certainly less accessible in that form, but the main focus before any of the wiki pages is to bring back all the old posts that aren't yet on the new homepage. Procyon and I don't have any larger plans for the wiki, but pages requested for any reasonable purpose will be created.


One of the reasons we don't have bigger plans for the wiki is that we're thinking about adding a new status page, that'd get some data from the boards, if possible. It'll take time we don't have too much of, though. I already mentioned Trello as an option after seeing it being used both by scanlation groups and others. I'd be interested in what yours is like and what it's capable of.

>> No.23002  

RSS doesn't update anymore

>> No.23004  

Oops, I was uploading the feed to the wrong directory. Should be fixed now.

>> No.23009  

Is there more to Holy Girl Paradigm past chapter 7?

>> No.23055  

Ack! It's been two months!? Sorry for the late reply. Our Trello board is still in early stages (not much in process), but the link is https://trello.com/b/M5sMwJ0g/aletheian-translation-factory-tsubomi

Other yuri endeavors are keeping me busy, but once I jump back into Tsubomi I'll start updating and sharing more!

And Procyon! TZdY has a fun release today! From a star in the summer triangle to one in the winter triangle, I think you'll like it.

>> No.23060  

Thanks! I checked it out. That was sweet.

>> No.23070  

Hello, I’m just wondering when Hana ni Arashi ch 29 is coming out? And where can I find the raw version of this manga?

>> No.23071  


The series is published here:

If you make an account, you can get free coins (or buy them) and use them to read the chapters. They're released weekly, chapter 52 came out last week. Also, there are volumes that you can buy. 3 are out so far, going up to chapter 36.

>> No.23093  

I can't for the life of me find the thread for this story, so I just post here. I finally got around to finishing cleaning this, for the most part.


>> No.23111  



Oof. I’ve been beat. All that cleaning have been for naught.

>> No.23112  

No, you got more skilled in editing.

>> No.23114  


I was actually most of the way through a translation of this one, and I still want to do it. That'll probably drop in a week or two, if you feel like putting out an alternate version.

>> No.23115  


Thanks, anon!


I'd be willing to put out an alternate version. But after reading what Zärtlichkeit released, I don't have the pages before the title page, where the two are fighting. So if someone could provide those, that would be much appreciated.

>> No.23121  


Here are the first five pages: https://www.mediafire.com/file/bo0zcxc48h6aquw/five_seconds_initial_pages.zip/file

Could I ask you to upload a complete set of raws?

>> No.23123  


Made a thread here with complete set of raws and clean PSDs >>23122

>> No.23149  

Does anyone have raws for Luminous Blue by Iwami Kiyoko (ルミナスブルー by 岩見樹代子)? It's a series I'd like to start working on.

>> No.23150  


>> No.23151  


Could I get some of those? If you could get a thread started with the raws, I'd be much obliged.

>> No.23152  

Also, please take a look at this one >>22786

>> No.23914  

Anyone knows of a translated one-shot in need of an editor? I've got some spare time, I could probably do a couple of those.

>> No.23915  


Maybe these?

>> No.23916  

>>23915 thanks, these are great. I even forgot that I had already commented in one of them, a long time ago. Will pick them up now.

>> No.23975  

Multiball, since you did QC, I have a question about the cat. I'm curious about the translation choice. Since mike is a common Japanese name for a cat, was it thought that it is its actual name being katakana (?)

>> No.23976  


The cat's original name was written ミケ in the original. I didn't try to change Piranhaplant's translation to "Mikay" because "Mike" is a common English name, often used as a nickname for "Micheal." Rendering ミケ as "Mike" might lead readers to read the cat's as though it were pronounced like the English name, when that doesn't match the cat's name in the original. (It wasn't マイク, the standard Japanese adaptation of the English "Mike" or "mic.") "Mikay" transliterates the pronunciation of the name more unambiguously than a rigid adherance to Hepburn would.
The fact that the name is surrounded by English, and not other transliterated Japanese words, would prime most readers to assume the マイク pronunciation, because that's what's most familiar in an Anglophone context. In my mind, this further justifies the non-standard transliteration "Mikay" for the purpose of preservation and disambiguation.

I assume that's why Piranhaplant did it in the first place, but I never asked, so I can't be certain. If you'd like to ask directly, there's contact information available on Piranhaplant's blog, https://piranhaplant1.blogspot.com/ .

>> No.24068  

Sorry, I wasn't online yesterday. I deleted it as soon as I saw it (a few minutes ago).

>> No.24141  


First of all, thank you all for your hard work just to bring us yuri!

I felt in love with Shizuru Hayashiya style and I want to help finishing her ''Hayate x Blade''. I only can help with edition, and I saw some chapters are already translated but no edited... I want to ask if maybe I could participate or with whom may I speak to.


>> No.24144  

That's great to hear! There's only 1 volume left. All is cleaned, only typesetting is needed. For the last 3 (?) chapters there is no English translate, but our team (Russian) is doing Russian translate for them, so if you can find someone, who can translate from Russian...
You can find clean pages and scrypt somewhere under "Project Status" button up here. If I get this system with boards right, you can just work and left result under N-chapter theme.

>> No.24149  

Thanks! I'll do my best.

>> No.24173  

I need more peace of mind, so I'm retiring as admin. It wasn't a hard job and I could do the procedures while I'm quite lazy. But I need change and to drop obligations.

Does anyone want to take over as admin?

>> No.24177  


Hey, sorry to hear that you're stepping down. If you don't want to do this anymore, then I've talked to Multiball and we think together we could take over.

What exactly do we need to do? Is there a better way to talk to you about this?

>> No.24178  

Thanks, guys. I suppose through Discord is fine, my nickname there is tameless#0105

>> No.24197  

Thanks for your hard work and good luck in the future.

>> No.24409  

Any chance to get the Project Status page more up-to-date?

>> No.24422  

Did some work on it. Anybody can make a Wiki account and do upkeep if you see missing/out of date information.

>> No.24564  

By any chance i want to ask you guys some advice for learning some Japanese, what must i do to achieve that ? I just want to read some Japanese, so in the future i can help the community even a little.

>> No.24565  


I'd recommend getting some Japanese language textbooks and going through them. If you're a native English speaker, I'd recommend the Genki series of books, since that's what I used. http://genki.japantimes.co.jp/index_en
Otherwise, it might be best to find textbooks for your native language. It's very important to learn the basics of the language, and language textbooks are good for that. At a bare minimum, you need to know:
1) all the kana
2) the basic particles: は、が、を、の、に、へ、から、より、と etc
3) verb forms: ichidan and godan forms for present, past, negatives, te-forms, causative, passive, potential, and combinations thereof. Basically everything on this chart https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/68/AMB_Japanese_Verbs.pdf
4) adjectives: i-adjectives and na-adjectives
5) quotation and discourse
6) attributive verbs and sentence order
7) some kanji. Because of handwriting recognition, multi-radical search, and OCR, it's not super critical to learn to recognize all the kanji on sight. But the more you know, the better.

Once you've mastered the fundamentals, you can improve your knowledge by practicing translating. I learned a lot by writing out translations for manga. At first I encountered a lot of grammatical forms I wasn't familiar with, so I had to check my Japanese-English grammar dictionary very frequently (note: find an actual dictionary of grammatical forms, don't just use a general-purpose dictionary for grammar). I think the most important thing at this stage is to force yourself to learn from your mistakes. Recognize when you don't know something, and put in the effort to find an answer. Never let yourself be satisfied with a guess, because then you'll just get in the habit of guessing. Since manga is a visual medium, it's often really easy to guess what the text means. That's not the same as translating, and if you rely on that too much then you'll end up making a lot of mistakes. I think we've all seen manga where the "translator" very obviously just recognized a few words in each line and extrapolated from there without actually understanding what was being said.

Anyways, I think there are enough resources available that anyone who solidly knows the basics of Japanese can put out a decent translation with enough time and effort, and you'll learn more through the process.

>> No.24569  

Schyguy thanks for your advice.... lets do this..... I've memorize all the kana, now i will be memorize some of verbs.

>> No.24965  

We're switching to a new host. The boards will need to be closed temporarily until they're relocated.

>> No.24966  

Everything should be good to go again.

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thumbnail test

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Testing custom captcha.

>> No.25257  

Testing more difficult captcha.

>> No.25295  

I'm one of the admins at Operas bl, a translation scan. I need to know if you translated the works "Very Little Angular Cotton Candy" into English.

If yes, please contact me
By: http://operasbl.tumblr.com/

>> No.25296  


I'm sorry, I couldn't find any way to contact you via your tumblr, so I'll just reply here.

I'm not sure what "Very Little Angular Cotton Candy" is. Do you mean the manga "Cotton Candy" by Hamano Ringo?

>> No.25501  

I just found this place via the Dynasty Scans forum. Is this pretty much just a free-for-all? I can go ahead and do the translation for any of these stories that no one has claimed yet?

>> No.25502  

Pretty much, yeah. You can translate whatever you want that's been posted here, or if there's something you're interested in that's not here yet, you can post it to look for people to collaborate with.

>> No.25516  

Good day, Yuri Project! I'm Sashi from an spanish scanlation, I'm interested to have your permission for retranslation one of your project to English - Spanish. We will definitely abide your rules and keep your credits.

Thank you for everything!

>> No.25569  

Idk if this is the right place to ask but is there a Search function for this board? I have no experience with sites like this and just can't seem to find it, if there is one.

>> No.25570  


Unfortunately not. Or if there is, I don't know about it. However, usually just searching "yuri project" followed by the name of whatever series you're looking for on google or whatever will turn up the thread. Also, we have a Project Status page on our wiki, though it may be somewhat out of date. https://wiki.yuri-project.net/Project%20Status

>> No.26191  

Hello, I am interested in helping with the editing of some projects, I was looking for ways to contact you but I did not find more than this, you can contact me at the following email: hachechristian01@gmail.com

>> No.26195  


Welcome Chofli!

There's no real central organization here. Just pick a project, edit it, and post the result on the project page. Other people will proof read and quality check as they have time.

It's helpful if you add a post on the project letting people know you've started to work on it.

>> No.26244  
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Test upload

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