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File: kaketatsuki.jpg -(550432 B, 1114x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
550432 No.23954  

I've started translating this. The manga gives an English title ("missing month"), but it's a mistranslation, so I wrote my own. It's in Yuri Hime.

>> No.23955  
File: donut1.txt -(15747 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's the first chapter. It's in the May, 2019 edition of Yuri Hime.

>> No.23956  

I'll edit this!

>> No.23968  

Here's chapter 1!

Any opinions regarding the font choices here are welcome and appreciated, including from any passersby who read it. I struggled with it at times, as the author tends to use quite a few different fonts, and it's hard to find english ones that convey the same mood.

For the colour page, I left the title in Japanese because it already had an english subtitle (and because it would've been a pain in the ass to redraw).


I think this was a good first chapter! Maybe a bit cliche, but the characters are pretty charming and distinct. A lot of series have a tendency to try to introduce too much right away and end up being hard to follow, but this didn't have that issue, so that's a plus.

>> No.23972  

I've talked about it with Martin, and it looks good to me.

>> No.23973  
File: donut2.txt -(15412 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's the translation for chapter 2. It's in July, 2019.

>> No.23977  
File: donut3.txt -(15437 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's the translation for chapter 3. It's in September, 2019.

>> No.23981  


>> No.23986  

Here we are, chapter 2!

>> No.23988  

anything i can help?

>> No.23990  

I think just QC. If you want to look it over for mistakes or anything that seems off, it'd be appreciated.

>> No.24000  

QC Chapter 2

>image_602: It says "Chapter 1" instead of Chapter 2.
>image_606: "You didn't need to wait for me."

This should be paraphrased with "You don't have to wait for me."

>image_607: "So I don't think I need to check it anymore."

Change it to "So I think I don't need to check it anymore."

>image_609: "take forever to mark off prices?"

change to "takes forever to mark off prices?"

>image_614: "You can't not go now, can you?" Redundant contradiction.

Paraphrase to "You can't miss it now, can you?"

>image_618: "My armor is fashioned from..."

should change the choice of words to "My armor is built/created from..." to avoid redundancy.

>image_626: "I think I'm about out of foundation."

I believe it would be better to change it to: "I think I'm about to run out of foundation."

>> No.24001  

Heya. I appreciate the QC, but I'm not sure about these suggestions.


Good catch, thanks.


This changes the meaning of the sentence.


The original sentence sounds more natural, and the meaning is the same in both cases.


This is a grammatically incorrect change.


It's not a redundant contradiction, it's a double negative. I really don't see the issue with the original sentence.


We thought about this as well, but typically armour is "fashioned," so it feels awkward to intentionally phrase it incorrectly just to avoid fashioned + fashion. I think the words in between help to separate the two words. Regardless, people will get the meaning.


There's nothing wrong with the current sentence.

>> No.24004  

Alright, I think everything looks good!

Thanks for looking it over, btw.

>> No.24005  
File: donut4.txt -(16161 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's the translation for chapter 4. It's in the November, 2019 edition of Yuri Hime.

>> No.24008  

Chapter 3!

Definitely my favourite of the three chapters thus far. Some pretty sad moments, plenty of pretty hilarious ones, heartwarming interactions from the main pair, and a smooth introduction of a very charming little sister! What more can you ask for?

>> No.24011  


>> No.24015  

Should read “Chapter 3: One Small Step” but currently reads Chapter 2

>> No.24016  

I swear I was pretty good with numbers as a kid. I swear.

>> No.24017  

I think it's good!

>> No.24018  

Your time and effort are greatly appreciated...I love love love this manga!

>> No.24020  

Thanks! When I first read the manga, I thought it was nice, but I wasn't sure if other people would find it all that interesting. The response has really surprised me, though. I'm happy to hear that you love it, and I'm happy to be able to translate and share it.

>> No.24021  


>> No.24023  

I really like this, especially the ending for the third chapter. can't wait to see where it goes

>> No.24024  

This is the first time I do this, I started reading manga online not long ago, but I made sure to track down those responsible for releasing this to say
Thank you.
this hit so many things for me it's scary, thanks a lot for your hard work.

>> No.24025  

Here we are, chapter 4!

We are going to be caught up in no time. Can't wait! ...And then bi monthly waiting. Not looking forward to that.

Glad you're all enjoying it so much! The kind words are much appreciated.

I think it's been pretty fantastic thus far, too. I'm a sucker for stories where the characters are working through emotional issues, especially when it's handled in a mature manner. Add on a main pair that's awkwardly crushing on each other, and it becomes even better.

>> No.24026  
File: donut5.txt -(14443 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's the translation for chapter 5. It's from January.

>> No.24027  

The only thing I found was possibly this:
page 146 may have went---> may have gone

and judging by page 132 Hinako really need to cut those nails

>> No.24028  

Thanks! We went with the change on 146, but I think we're going to pass on the nails.

I haven't found anything else. I think chapter 4 is good.

>> No.24029  

Here's ch 5!

This was a really sweet chapter. I'm hoping this doesn't mean it's going to end so quickly though. I think there's a lot more ground that could be covered with these two.

>> No.24030  

Could not find anything to change on this one on my part

>> No.24031  

Don't forget to add a credits page.

>> No.24032  

Chapter 4 has one and should be ready for release. I'd like to wait for the translator's reply as well regarding Chapter 5.

(posting on my phone, might have a different ID)

>> No.24033  

I think chapter 5 looks good, though I'd rather the chapters be released separately than all at once.

>> No.24034  

Thank you everyone for your hard work. I'm really enjoying this manga

>> No.24036  


after a second look I found a couple things

page 161
you did invide ---> did you invite (unless it is that way for enphasis or something)


Sakgami ---> Sakagami bottom middle panel

>> No.24037  

For 161, it's meant to be for emphasis, but it should probably end with "right!?" Well, to put it another way, Satou was supposed to invite Uno, and Subaru is questioning her to make sure she did what she was supposed to do.
You did invite her!? -> You did invite her, right!?

Nice catch on the Sakgami.

>> No.24039  

Updated and added credits page!

>> No.24040  

Released ch04 & ch05.

>> No.24041  
File: donuts6.txt -(13184 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's chapter 6 from March. This chapter was really great in a lot of ways. Plenty of cute moments and development, and it feels like the story is starting to take shape, though we'll have to see how it goes.

>> No.24046  

And here's chapter 6!

It's nice to be caught up. But also, I wish there was more to read.

I'm not super happy with the SFX - if anyone has alternate font suggestions, especially for the repeated "Ding" sound toward the end, please feel free. Hand drawing is out of the question unfortunately.


Fantastic chapter! Lots happening. Hinako has an inkling about her own feelings now. I really, really don't want to think that Subaru is blaming herself for Asahi throwing away her own happiness. But she probably is. That just makes me sad.

>> No.24048  

amazing chapter, and now the agonyzing wait for new releases! so sweet and so bitter at the same time.

onto the observations

page 351
Takoyaky part ----> Takoyaky party
don't know if it's something you eat in parts hehe but it felt like it should be party

page 354
let early ----> left early

>> No.24058  

I think everything is good. It's updated and has the credits page.

>> No.24059  

Yep, we should be good to go!

The QC is much appreciated, thanks!

>> No.24062  


>> No.24065  
File: donut1extras.txt -(4992 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's the translation for some extras from volume 1.

>> No.24066  

Here are the volume 1 extras!

The mega also includes the raws for the sake of QC.

>> No.24072  

Looks good to me.

>> No.24074  
File: donuttwitter1.txt -(2029 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Translation for a twitter thing https://twitter.com/siousuisio0057/status/1213831184624439299

>> No.24075  
File: donuttwitter2.txt -(1785 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

And another twitter extra https://twitter.com/siousuisio0057/status/1215572257449238528

>> No.24079  

Twitter thing 1

Twitter thing 2

These were cute!

>> No.24085  

Looks good to me!

>> No.24086  


>> No.24087  

Ah, I didn't realize you had missed the volume extras, I uploaded them on MD - I'll take it down.

>> No.24089  

Oh, I see, I'll go do that now then. And you do what you want on MD.

>> No.24090  


>> No.24104  


Here's a 1 page special that comes with purchasing the series from Animate. Someone on discord sent this to me. Since it's just one page, we just worked through discord to get this done in a few minutes. Hope that's okay.

>> No.24105  
File: raw.png -(450358 B, 1169x1749) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ah, and here is the original for the sake of QC.

>> No.24113  

Should be good! I hope. I mean, it's one page. If I somehow fucked that up I'm going to be pretty sad.

>> No.24114  


>> No.24118  
File: donuttwitter3.txt -(1721 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

More twitter extras https://twitter.com/siousuisio0057/status/1228158592773054464

>> No.24128  

Here we are!

>> No.24134  

Released. (sorry for the delay)

>> No.24188  


Are there raws for this chapter?

>> No.24189  
File: donuts7.txt -(10808 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It's from the latest Yuri Hime. There's a link on /u/. I'd rather not post it on the off chance that it gets reported and taken down.

I forgot to post the script, but I guess it doesn't hurt to have it available, so here's the script for chapter 7.

>> No.24193  
File: donuts_7qc1.txt -(987 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


And for good reason. The focus was almost fetishistic.

Anyway, here are some comments. A typo, one comment on the text, and some miscellany.

>> No.24194  


>> No.24196  

Thanks, good work! It looks good to me, so it should be good unless someone spots something.

>> No.24202  


Agreed, lets ship it.

>> No.24203  



>> No.24278  
File: puddingenglish.jpg -(549746 B, 1028x2048) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's the latest twitter extra!


>> No.24285  

Looks good. I guess it just needs a credit page.

It's a little embarrassing since it's just a page and feels more like an advertisement than anything relevant to the manga, but what the hell, might as well translate everything.

>> No.24286  


Nit: the "soy milk" text looks like a darker black than the lines on the soy milk carton, though they're the same color in the original. If you feel like going for bonus points, try to even the color out to the same gray. Otherwise, I don't think anyone's reading experience will be ruined by slightly darker text.

Stir in about 2g of gellatin -> Stir in in about 2g of gelatin (One 'l' in "gelatin")

>> No.24293  

Ah yeah, I must've missed putting the pattern overlay on the upper "Soy Milk". Hopefully it looks right now.

Updated + credits page!

>> No.24326  



>> No.24390  
File: donuts8.txt -(14096 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Translation for chapter 8 from Yuri Hime July, 2020.

>> No.24395  

Chapter 8 for QC!

Another absolutely lovely chapter.

>> No.24400  

It looks good to me. Thank you for your diligent work.

>> No.24406  

Thanks too! Added credits page.

>> No.24427  

Amazing chapter, thank you guys. nothing to report.

>> No.24430  


>> No.24577  
File: EbbkRAiUwAMx1VS.png -(645378 B, 1546x2167) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's the most recent twitter extra!

>> No.24580  

Smug Subaru is smug. Looks good to me.
This is the twitter post, btw https://twitter.com/siousuisio0057/status/1276458545211273216

>> No.24597  


included credits page

>> No.24612  



>> No.24708  

are there any issues with this? seems like theres no movement since the release of the newest issue. i can provide raws if need be.

>> No.24709  

We're working on it. Plenty of time before the next chapter.

>> No.24710  

Sorry, I've been pretty out of it. I'm working on it now, though, so I'll try to have a translation up in the next couple of days.

>> No.24718  
File: donut9.txt -(15484 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's the much belated chapter 9 from the September, 2020 edition of Yuri Hime.

>> No.24723  

Heeeeeeeere we are!

Another fantastic chapter. So many great moments. Made me laugh and made me tear up. I have such a soft spot for Hinako and Asahi. Interested to see where the story goes from here, considering the last page.

>> No.24724  

Seems like a twist out of nowhere, and I'm a bit worried how it'll develop, but we'll see how it goes. Can't really say anything yet.

It all looks good to me. I don't mind waiting a bit longer for more input, but I'm hoping we can release this quickly.

>> No.24725  

Added credits page!

>> No.24732  

I went ahead and compiled the raws for everything we've worked on up until now, in the event that anyone needs them or just wants to look through them. I'll also update this link with future chapters and extras to help with the QCing process.


>> No.24733  


I looked over this. No errors that I can see, but a few minor suggestions. I think some small changes could improve things, but feel free to ignore these.

Page 672

Isn't it a good thing
that they think well of her?
Right? Is it really?

Just a small thing here. I think the 違う?本当に? is referring back to her own line in the previous panel. She says, "It's like I want to keep her for myself," then immediately denies it with 違う. So this box here in the next panel is her questioning her own denial, not questioning the line that came before it. Maybe change it to something like, "I didn't mean it like that, right?" or something to connect it back to that?

Page 683

I'd like
you to hold my hand.

Again really minor, but I think this would be more natural like "I'd like you/to hold my hand."

Page 684

Maybe "just kidding" instead of "I lied"? うそ is often used that way. "I lied" sounds kinda weird here, like it actually did hurt but she's pretending that it didn't to make Hinako feel better. Maybe that's just me.


Again, a small wording issue. "I wish it were love" implies that it isn't love, whereas to me the 恋なら sort of implies the opposite, or at least allows for the strong possibility that it is. I don't really know what to do with this, since the のに in 恋ならいいのに kind of tinges the statement with regret, which I think is what you were going for. Like, she hopes it is love, but is anxious about what that would mean. Maybe rewrite these lines a bit? "Is this love?" "I hope this is love. But..." I don't know, maybe that's not any better.

>> No.24734  

Yeah, 672 threw me since I wasn't sure which lines it was referring to and just guessed. "I didn't? Really?" is what I'd go with.

For 683, maybe "I'd/like you to hold my hand" to fit the bubble sizes better? I'm fine with "I'd like you/to hold my hand" as well if that works.

I had "kidding" initially, but thought "I lied" fit her better. It's not a big deal either way, though, and I don't mind changing it if you think it sounds weird or ambiguous.

I believe "I wish it were love" is the correct translation. You can find a lot of example sentences for the pattern (mostly ばいいのに, but some for ならいいのに as well). In the context of the story, I take it she doesn't think their relationship can be romantic because Asahi told her she won't ever fall in love.

>> No.24735  


Oh, you're absolutely right about ならいいのに. I guess I got mixed up by thinking about the pieces separately instead of taking it together. That is definitely used for counterfactuals.

>> No.24736  

Everything's updated! Should be good to go.

>> No.24738  


Okay, released.

>> No.24742  

Oh, and thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it. You had me second guessing myself on the last part, but it's safer to double check and make sure it's accurate than regret it later, especially for such an important line.

>> No.24796  

Here's the latest twitter extra!

Original: https://twitter.com/siousuisio0057/status/1299315580688711680

I'll give you one pino, so give me one yukimi daifuku in return.
It's an even trade!


She doesn't know what to do

I'm joking!

I see.


>> No.24813  

This should be good to go.

>> No.24816  

Added credits page!

>> No.24818  



>> No.24826  
File: donut10.txt -(16169 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's the translation for chapter 10. I also uploaded the raws this time so QC is easier.

>> No.24833  

Here we are!

I'm not really sure how to feel about Fuuka yet. She's definitely here to push Hinako forward, which is good I think? Anyway, it was a good chapter. I'm always so drawn in by Hinako's anxieties and worrying.

>> No.24834  

I got a lot of snacks -> I got a lot of snacks here

Let's all eat together. -> Why don't we all eat together?

Missing "stare" sfx.

You didn't tell me... -> Were you going to keep her a secret?

There was no reason to. -> I had no reason to tell you.

seen in a while -> seen in so long

You mean after all this time... -> It's a bit late for that now...

You used to tell me when you were coming by. -> That's what you said the last time you came over.

Don't -> No

fwoosh -> reach

over her head -> by her

>> No.24839  


>> No.24845  

I think it looks good.

>> No.24848  



>> No.24905  
File: donut11.txt -(15094 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's the script for chapter 11. Here's the raws as well.

>> No.24921  

Here we are!

I love this series. I love it so, so much. Great chapter. See you in two months!

>> No.24923  

Thanks! Great job once again. Here are a few things to change:

colected -> collected

Missing sign translation, should be "Station (North Entrance)." It's not necessary, though.

The first two bubbles should be switched. The top one should be the "Hinako-chan" one.

Overe -> Over

>> No.24924  


>> No.24928  

Thanks, everything looks fine to me.

>> No.24931  



>> No.25015  
File: donut12.txt -(12390 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Script and raws for chapter 12.

>> No.25026  

Chapter 12!

I really enjoyed this one! It feels like we're moving in the right direction. Hinako kind of took a backseat to Subaru and Asahi this chapter, which was actually pretty cool. I love the development between the sisters.

>> No.25028  

Thank you once again! I didn't notice much, but if anyone else sees an issue, please let us know.

Text on the pamphlet should be upside down.

I know just how much you and Subaru-chan -> Because I know just how much you and Subaru-chan
Care about each other. -> Both care about each other.

>> No.25029  

Updated and added credits page!

>> No.25030  

On 468 "Summer Course" and "Course Details" should be swapped.

>> No.25032  


>> No.25033  

Thanks! I think it looks good.

>> No.25034  



>> No.25050  
File: donutvday2.txt -(870 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's the translation for a Valentine's Day twitter post: https://twitter.com/siousuisio0057/status/1360835935970103297

>> No.25064  

Here we are!

>> No.25068  


This just needs a credits page, then I can release.

>> No.25089  
File: donut13.txt -(10672 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Translation and raws for chapter 13. Sorry about taking so long on this. Not sure about the Valentine's Day thing since it's well past Valentine's Day. Guess we can stick it to the end of this chapter or else just skip it.

>> No.25101  


>> No.25104  

Good work! There were some things missing, and I wanted to change a few of lines.

For skin care alone -> So for skin care

Now -> Now then

but youre still my guest! -> but you're still my guest!

It's a little sweet. -> It's a little sweet,

Even though it's the same as I always use, -> Even though it's the same as I always use.

It made my heart flutter. -> My heart fluttered,

Kachak -> Rise

Missing "Kachak" in the bottom panel.

Missing "Err"

Missing "Geez"

Missing "Mitarashi Dango"

Missing "Whoosh" in the middle panel.

>> No.25110  


>> No.25111  

Thanks! I think everything looks fine.

>> No.25114  



>> No.25121  
File: 483 stoppit.png -(98942 B, 645x295) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

is this an error?

>> No.25122  

It's intentional.

>> No.25153  
File: donut14.txt -(12106 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's the translation and raws for chapter 14.

>> No.25185  


>> No.25194  

I think it's good! Just needs a credit page.

>> No.25195  


>> No.25202  



>> No.25225  
File: donut15.txt -(8614 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Translation and raws for chapter 15.

>> No.25260  


>> No.25262  

Not going to lie, I was starting to get a bit worried. I think it came out well, though. Good work!

A couple small changes:
See? That's what I mean. -> See? Just like that.

That's no fair... -> That's not fair...

>> No.25264  


>> No.25267  

Looks good to me!

>> No.25270  



>> No.25504  

Is this dropped?

>> No.25505  


Last I heard, the translator got busy with some stuff and we're just waiting on them.

>> No.25506  


Effectively, yeah. Unfortunately the translator hasn't been around for the last 6 months or so.

We'll happily pick it up again if we get a translator, but it'd also be totally fine with us if another groups picks it up instead.

>> No.25566  

Hi! I've been thinking about doing scanlation for a bit. My Japanese isn't amazing (it's a wip, probs around N4 level), but I can usually understand chapters before they're translated by researching words/grammar I don't understand and using Japanese OCR. I'd be willing to maybe help translate this manga (just the translation, and I doubt I could do it entirely on my own to a high standard though), though I would have to go back and find the raws which can be difficult (and I don't know if working on scans I got without paying would get me into (legal) trouble). I'm basically entirely new to scanlation, so I don't know how this works (if there's a team working on this, if there's quality checks etc.), so let me know!

>> No.25567  


Hello! For this series in particular, Martin (who's been doing all the image editing for this series) was talking with someone who was interested in translating it eventually, but that was a while ago so I'm not sure if they're available now. I think Martin will contact them and then get back to you about that situation.

If you're not confident in your abilities, I could read over your finished translation to check that it's accurate. I personally believe that once you have a basic command of the language, you can get pretty good results as long as you're willing to do some research on any unfamiliar grammar. But maybe I'm biased, since my Japanese was not great when I started translating, and even now I still have to look some things up. I find that having some good Japanese grammar dictionaries is very helpful.

If it turns out we already have a translator for this series, there are other series where people have volunteered to edit but we currently lack a translator, and we'd be glad to have you if you're willing to do those. I could point some out to you if you're interested.

As for the raws, I wouldn't worry about that. I personally like to buy the manga I work on, but many others do not, and there are unfortunately a lot of barriers to buying manga from outside Japan. Generally here at Yuri Project people provide links to the raws when they open a thread for a series.

>> No.25572  

Heya, I spoke to the translator I was talking to previously and they said they're not able to work on it right now, so it'd be great if you were willing to work on this series! Let us know what you think, and we can do our best to get things started.

Here's a link to the raws - it only has 16 in it for now, but I will add the rest of the series today or tomorrow.

Also, if you have any questions or anything along the way, you can also just message me on discord (Martin#4987).

>> No.25573  

Hi! Sounds good, I'll send you a discord friend request. My tag ends in #5712.

>> No.25585  

Are there any current plans on translating the last chapters? If the raws are available I would love to try, although my japanese also isnt that great.

>> No.25586  

Heya! The offer is greatly appreciated, but Lirigay is still on board for this project.

That said, if you're still wanting to read the raws, we typically pull them from /u/'s Yuri Hime Magazine mega folder.

>> No.25587  
File: missingmoon.png -(4866950 B, 2888x2048) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>25586 navigating the mega folder is troublesome for me at times. I opted to buy the fourth volume off bookwalker.

I was able to download the volume to a folder. I will share the folder for anyone looking to translate.

>> No.25588  

Ah, if you're okay with sharing the volume raws, then we would definitely be very grateful! Thank you. They're definitely preferable to magazine raws. Would you be okay with allowing us to use them for editing as well?

>> No.25589  

I got you with volume 4.

Feel free to use this to translate.

>> No.25597  

That is much appreciated, thank you!

>> No.25686  

Heya! This is much appreciated, and I'd definitely be on board with you taking over as editor. That said, the main issue we're having right now is finding a translator who's able to sign on for this last volume.

>> No.25688  

How many chapters?

>> No.25689  

There are 5 chapters remaining.

>> No.25690  


I can finish up the last five if someone points me to the raws.

>> No.25693  

Raws are in that Mega link a couple of posts back

>> No.25701  
File: Kaketa Tsuki To Donatsu 16.txt -(29966 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here are the remaining chapters.

>> No.25731  

MSN-04 has generously done all of the cleaning and redrawing for the final volume! Now we're looking for a typesetter and we'll be good.

Here's chapter 16 for now, I still have to run the rest through waifu2x.

>> No.25735  

Just a heads up for anyone unaware, Cue has signed up to do the typesetting for this.

>> No.25736  

Hey, folks - here's the ch16 typeset:


I've included a text document containing wording/misc. changes, as well as a spoonful of questions.

For qc pr, I always prefer receiving feedback through Google Drive's commenting system - Since it's possible to highlight the area that needs changes/fixes, it's always real easy to know exactly what somebody's talking about. It also lets me keep track of my progress, since I can resolve comments as I implement fixes.

Anything works, though!

>> No.25737  
File: Crescent Moon and Doughnuts Ch 16 QC 1.txt -(12411 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here is the first round of QC! A mixed bag of general thoughts, font suggestions, wording concerns, and some miscellaneous suggestions.

Your work is greatly appreciated, and I'm so happy to be reading this series again. It's still as lovely as I remembered.

>> No.25741  

Changes made accordingly!

>> No.25742  

Looks good! Suggestions now are mainly just adjusting centering, and a few erroneous caps. Added them to the google drive.

My major concerns now are all script related. There are some listed on the typeset drive and the revisions doc, and there are also some wording changes from the original script that we've already implemented that I'd like to have reviewed by boke or a proofreader before we fully commit.

>> No.25744  


No issues with any suggestions.

>> No.25756  

Hey all, here's the ch18 typeset! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1tEHAJjA0BuZQyYheVi4XnYPvpVci74Wf?usp=sharing

>> No.25759  


There's a minor error in chapter 16 on page 6, chapter 17's and 18's titles are swapped.

>> No.25761  


Chapter 16 released.

>> No.25765  
File: 32.png -(997578 B, 1444x2048) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I fixed a minor error pointed out on ch16, p32

>> No.25768  


Updated the link with the new page.

>> No.25799  

Released 17. Good work everyone.

>> No.25818  

Heya - here's the typeset for ch18! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18bIZOT6d7JL7JMKFwQBnpFD_APnXwqDs?usp=sharing

>> No.25824  

And the typeset for ch19! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/178lKkqwHqODIRGSI6V9BcAHIeJuY_vVn?usp=sharing

>> No.25835  

I've made a handful of suggestions to each chapter. Mostly just centering text in bubbles. Good work!

>> No.25836  

All dealt with!

>> No.25837  


Sorry for the long delay. 18 looks fine to release right now. One problem with 19: in the folder page 101 is just a copy of page 100. Is there a page missing?

>> No.25839  


Released 18 and 19.

>> No.25841  

PR comments over on dynasty.


>> No.25843  
File: ch 19 pg 110.png -(43470 B, 1183x630) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

error in ch 19, pg 110
aknowledge ->acknowledge

>> No.25944  

Hey, folks! Apologies for the delay - here's the ch20 typeset! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Rcq_tCO6l9-a3f3P4QY5-LuJYW_2Ce8c?usp=share_link

>> No.25959  


Thanks everyone, glad we finished this. Good work!

>> No.26005  

Hi, all! Here's the vol 4 extras, as well as some misc. fixes for previous chapters: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1dL72Sd_9tI-eQX6kPyNCySBhv4vughHk?usp=sharing

It was a pleasure finishing this up with you all !

>> No.26006  

Just made a few minor suggestions.

Thank you very much for all the hard work you put into this! And thanks as well to Boke and MSN-04! I'm really glad to see this series fully finished, you all did great work.

>> No.26011  


Released. And I've updated the chapter 19 and 20 links with those new pages, thanks.

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