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File: 00477.jpeg -(288400 B, 1114x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
288400 No.22204   [Reply]

One-shot, 32 pages.

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>> No.22526  

still translating.... this one is just a little long ha ha, but getting there!

>> No.22528  

okay, just take your time

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File: bosabosa.txt -(24614 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I posted it in a text file called bosabosa!

>> No.22658  

alright. will work now.

>> No.22667  

coolness, good luck!

File: 00331.jpeg -(510276 B, 1114x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
510276 No.21349   [Reply]

Oneshot, 24 pages.

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>> No.22635  

Yeah that'll do, but the editing is by Anonymous and the translation is by schuyguy.

>> No.22636  

So, do I have to change the raw section or just add the editing?

>> No.22637  
File: Delusion diary credits.JPG -(161262 B, 1337x802) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Like this?

>> No.22638  

Thanks. Released.

>> No.22639  

>>22638 glad to see this get released. Sorry I coudn’t continue editing this coz my computer broke. Thanks tsuki-chan

File: 995940553543.jpeg -(105948 B, 704x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
105948 No.18608   [Reply]

Raw by jhshrb.

Full volume, contains 5 stories.

>> No.22608  

I'll translate this if anyone wants to edit.

File: crimson_future.txt -(14201 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
No.18594   [Reply]

Published in YuriHime 46 (January 2015). 24 pages.

I've looked high and low, but failed to find any scans.

>> No.22591  

I'd like to work on this if someone posts the raws.

>> No.22596  

Try asking Lililicious?

File: hontono-kokoro-10-1.jpg -(1399063 B, 1856x2621) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1399063 No.22497   [Reply]

Raws: http://yurinavi.com/2018/07/31/hontono-kokoro-10/

Zip: http://www.mediafire.com/file/twgp1i35jba389u/Honto_no_Kokoro_ch10.rar/file

4 Pages

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>> No.22534  


Great work as always <3
I love the thing about the "mobu"s hahaha, we definitely have to find some way to convey that in English. There's a TV trope article on Generic Names, it could serve as inspiration, maybe:


Right now I think we could use "Someguy" and "Otherguy" for names? Then maybe when the names are written over their heads use "Someguy-san" and "Otherguy-san"? Just one suggestion, it'd be good to hear other ideas.

>> No.22535  


The complication is that -moto and -yama are common endings of family names in Japanese. Their names aren't litteraly "Someguy" and "Otherguy;" you get a taste of what that would be like with when Vita calls Nanoha "Takamachi Nantoka," litterally "Takamachi Something-or-other," or "Takamachi What's-her-face." An English equivalent might be something like "Somebodyson" or "Whatsisson."

But there's an additional complication in my mind, which is that in this context, Japanese is treated as a prestige language; Roland Bollos calls this "translating down," from Japanese into English in this case. What this means is that there's a tendency in translation to make features of the source language visible to the reader, as opposed to trying to erase them and make the text seem as though it could have been written in the source language originally. You see this in practices such as including Japanese honorifics, which don't exist in common English usage. Additionally, the target audience for these translations exists on the Internet, and is highly international. In this specific context, it's possible that substituting Anglophone naming practices for Japanese naming practices may be not only less desirable from the audience's perspective, but less comprehensible than using the original Japanese naming practices. For these reasons, I'm would favor retaining the -moto and -yama, even if we replace the "mobu" with English.

If we really want to crank the weeb dial up to 11, we could even use Japonized versions of English words as replacements of "mobu;" "Samugaiyama" and "samubodimoto," or "Noubadiyama" and "Nouwanmoto." While I think this is hilarious, I think it would probably be fairly impenetrable to the average reader, and certainly more impenetrable than "モブ山" and "モブ本" were to the original Japanese audience.

We also might use the Japanese name endings in combination with generic English name endings. This would give something like "Yamason" and "Motoson," though these fit into Japanese phonology well enough that it wouldn't be obvious that they were supposed to be English surname endings, and people would just assume that that was their name in the original. And honestly, besides -son, I don't know that English offers any decently generic endings for family names. Generic family names tend to be all of a piece, like "Smith" or "Jones."

Here are some suggestions:
-Somebodyama and Somebodymoto
-Genericyama and Genericmoto
-Backgroundyama and Backgroundmoto
-Whats-his-yama and Whats-his-moto

>> No.22544  


Here it is. Let's go with the "somebodyama/somebodymoto" idea, I think it works well. In page 3 I simply moved the box a bit to the right, out of the balloon. In page 4 I didn't understand if you wanted me to add "each" or "all" so I added "each".


>> No.22549  


I think this is good for release.

>> No.22550  


File: DDV doujin.jpg -(179487 B, 680x482) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
179487 No.17601   [Reply]

Scans done by me. TL done by ralnic. Just need TS'd and QC'd. I want to look it over before it's archived and such.

Raws: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/b9zko1nyrz4fhc5/AAAt38TAmLtnHhnYbheZmUUQa?dl=0

Translation: http://pastebin.com/4ZaUfU0w

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>> No.22536  

Thanks, updated.



>> No.22541  

If no one minds, I'll rotate the cover to landscape.

>> No.22543  


>> No.22546  
File: pg 07.png -(25432 B, 466x332) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

why does it say "cuberty"?

>> No.22547  


She's stuttering. She mispronounces the word in the original, as well.

File: IMG_0052.png -(487705 B, 1356x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
487705 No.9522   [Reply]


Only a two chapter series.

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>> No.22510  

I wouldn't say it's unusual, it's common in internet forums.

>> No.22511  


>> No.22516  


>Ten's still a fragile maiden

Missing the "a"

>> No.22517  
File: IMG_0060.png -(704907 B, 1356x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.22518  


File: hontono-kokoro-9-2-768x1068.jpg -(256508 B, 768x1068) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
256508 No.22451   [Reply]

Raws: http://yurinavi.com/2018/07/24/hontono-kokoro-9/

Raws packed: http://www.mediafire.com/file/tr6ckakqg5fjo8b/Honto_no_Kokoro_ch09.rar/file

4 pages

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>> No.22460  


Just a few touch-ups:


that person is not your true friend. -> then they're not being a true friend to you.

it is more important to find someone -> it's best to find the ones

If they could read... -> If you can read...

>> No.22462  


Fixed. Same link:

>> No.22464  


Thanks, that is awesome.

>> No.22471  


I think we're good here.

>> No.22472  


File: hontono-kokoro-8-1-768x1068.jpg -(188900 B, 768x1068) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
188900 No.22358   [Reply]

Original raws: http://yurinavi.com/2018/07/16/hontono-kokoro-8/

Zip: http://www.mediafire.com/file/i2irpj2sw7l5nxr/Honto_no_Kokoro_ch08.rar/file

4 pages

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>> No.22428  

>>22426 I think both 6 & 7 was not upscaled.

>> No.22432  

The raws are all 768x1068, so I've always been exporting them in the original size (I'm not a fan of that blurry effect that happens when you scale up low-res images). I can export larger images, though that won't really affect resolution. What size should I do, then?

By the way, I noticed the ! problem before. I normally type ! in a different font to avoid it, but it seems I forgot to do so this time. Will fix it soon.

>> No.22434  

Updated: http://www.mediafire.com/file/knvmyzu5h792w5n/Honto_no_Kokoro_Ch8.zip/file

This is still in the same resolution as the raws (768x1068), tell me if you want me to export larger images (and if so please tell me also which dimension is preferred).

>> No.22435  


As long as the text is readable, I don't think we need to do any upscaling. I'm fine with the trick of using a different font for exclamation points only.

I think this is ready for release.

>> No.22444  


File: cover2.jpeg -(475724 B, 1359x1920) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
475724 No.21745   [Reply]

RAW: http://www.mediafire.com/file/n75aih8nwbav2yj

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>> No.22357  


Ohhhhhh, you meant that 'to'. I thought you meant 'too' but I didn't see it in your example (and I obviously didn't notice the small 'to'), so I was confused for that part. But I gotchu now.


>> No.22366  



How that hand and voice/touches me/and kisses me -> How that hand and voice/touch me/and kiss me (fix verb agreement)


But I won't tell her that no matter what. -> But I won't tell her that, no matter what. (add comma)

I think this is the last of them.

>> No.22388  



You know what they say. Fifth time's the charm.

>> No.22391  


I think so, in this case.

Thank you for your work.

>> No.22411  


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